Lay Report – My first proper Same Day Lay

She wasn’t as hot as this girl
She was only a 6, 6.5 at best. I’m not that proud of it but I’ll quickly tell the story anyway…

It was day 4 of the jaunt and I was starting to feel the burn. On days 3 and 4 I only approached 8 girls on each day, closing 4 of them on day 3 and none on day 4 until this girl.

The weather had turned, the fierce heat had subsided and was replaced by cloudy skies and cooler air, it was nice. I did 7 sets outside getting mostly blow-outs and generally hating it. I moved inside the Palladium mall and then it started pissing down with rain so I couldn’t leave. I had no umbrella and was in a t-shirt.

I was due to have a girl (the date 1 from day 2) around that evening for ‘dinner’. So even though I wasn’t getting anywhere with my approaches, I wasn’t really bothered as I was pretty sure I was gonna get the notch later with a hot local girl.

At 16.30 I got a text from her saying she ‘I won’t be able to make it, how about coffee another day?’.

Damnit! It’s gone from a sure thing to having to start all over again. I walked around the mall cursing about the situation to my wing (Mr T) before he disappeared to go and meet a girl for a date at around 16.45.

I started to walk towards Starbucks to get a coffee and a sandwich. I saw a ratty looking girl with a back-pack, a duffel bag, pale skin, dyed short red hair, little shorts and a long black t-shirt. It looked like an easy set. I ran in and it was. She had just arrived from Slovakia for a 3 day holiday, was 19, a student, spoke good English and was killing time until 8pm when she was due to meet up with her friend.

On another day, I wouldn’t even have bothered, but I was that pissed off about not getting laid with the hot Czech that evening so I decided I was going to try and fuck this girl instead.

I bounced the Slovak to Starbucks with me, I got us coffee (I didn’t bother with the Sandwich, I still don’t feel comfortable eating in front of girls) and we talked nonsense. As we sat there talking about nothing I kept looking up at the sky light section of the roof trying to figure out if it had stopped raining. Eventually, it did. At this point I said ‘let’s go and get a real drink’. She had no objections.

I walked her to the same Irish bar, she had a vodka, I had two Guinness as she was a really slow drinker and we smoked some cigarettes. I escalated using the questions game and things got sexual quite quickly.

It was almost 7pm now, I told her ‘I’ve got some wine back at mine, let’s go back and you can show me that weird music you’re into’ (During our bla bla she told me she likes Korean music).

She agreed to come back but said ‘ok, but just talking and I have to leave at 8pm as I have to meet up with my friend to go to the cinema’. OK.

We got into the apartment, she asked if she must take her shoes off, ‘oh shit yeah, of course you do, how could i forget’. I took my shoes off too.

She dropped her bags at the front door and I showed her around the apartment. She didn’t want any alcohol so I poured us some water.

I gave her the laptop and she put on the Korean music. It was fucking terrible, even worse than Japanese heavy metal. I looked at her and laughed in her face. ‘I can’t believe you listen to this shit, look at these guys, they’re basically girls’.

At this point I tried to kiss her (for the first time) and she pulled away. ‘It’s my job to try, yours to resist’. She looked perplexed. I excused myself to go to the toilet. I returned and she was frantically flicking through the terrible Korean music trying to find a song that I liked.

At this point I text Mr T  ‘this isn’t going anywhere, where you at? I’ll come join’.

I sat back down beside the her and decided to try one more time for the kiss. This time I took the laptop off her lap, grabbed her around the throat and pulled her in. She was all in.

She asked me to turn the lights off and close the blinds (it was still daylight and there was a building right across the way). No problem.

She checked her phone, ‘I have to leave in 15 minutes so we have to be quick’. I was and she left jut before 8pm.

All very underwhelming, next.




P(UA)rague Infestation


I’ve been here a few days and have been smashing it pretty hard despite the fierce heat and an infestation of (mostly shit) PUA’s.

I’m no stranger to blow-outs, they happen in every session in London. However, I didn’t get one blow-out last time I was here. I can’t help but feel that the place is burned as 50% of my approaches haven’t even got as far as the compliment.

A blow-out is never nice, how you respond to them is what separates the men from the boys. I try to laugh them off and get into the next set as quickly as possible.

Here are some stories of the ones that weren’t blowouts…

Day 1

I opened 20 girls closing 6 of them and had one idate. I set up dates for the next day with two of these girls (more on that below), I’m still texting two others and two flaked.

The idate was a strange one. I approached her, delivered the compliment, she eye spazzed, whipped out her phone, opened google translate, handed it to me and pointed as if to say type into that. After a few exchanges of google translate tennis I invited her for a coffee. We went to the nearest cafe and both ordered non-alcoholic drinks (it was 1pm). I tried my hardest to escalate over google translate, but it was hard. I found out she was 22, a local who worked in dentistry and was engaged to be married. I told her she was too young to be getting married, she agreed and said that ‘it’s complicated’. I set up another date to get ‘a real drink’  for the next evening at 8.30pm. She agreed. Jackpot, or so I thought.

Day 2

I started early as I had dates lined up for the evening, opening 10 girls and closing 2 of them. I was half way through my 10th set with a wog when a well known Geordie daygamer walked past and figuratively shot me down. I laughed, the girl wondered what was going on, ‘is that your friend?’, ‘I have no idea who that guy is’ said me. Anyway, she wasn’t interested and neither was I to be honest. I let her go and caught up with my would be assassin.

I introduced myself to him and his mate and he invited me to sit with them for a beer. It was cool to sit with the man himself and hear his thoughts on the city. He agreed that it was burned. I had to excuse myself to go and get ready for the dates.

Date 1  – 5.30pm

I’d approached her at around 8.30pm the previous evening. It was a good set, a local Czech girl, a solid 7. I arranged to met her outside the Palladium and she turned up looking even hotter than she did when I opened her (one of the many perks of daygame).

I walked her to an Irish bar for the first venue where we sat opposite one and other and got to know each other. I then took her to a lounge bar that was dark and had plenty of couches, it also had air-con which was amazing as it was now 6.30pm but still about 30 degrees outside. I escalated hard and got some passionate kissing and soon we were talking about sex. I excused myself to go to the bathroom at 7.30pm. I checked my phone and my second date was still on for 8.30pm.

Do I cancel the second one and carry on escalating all the way to sex? Or do I set up a date two and possibly get laid with the next girl. I was greedy and went with the latter.

When I returned from the bathroom I told her I would have to go and meet ‘friends’ at 8.30pm, she said that was fine as she was planning to leave at around 9pm anyway. I set up another date and we went our separate ways.

Date 2 – 8.30pm

After leaving the first girl I ran back to the flat, had a Portuguese wash and ran back out the door. I was 5 minutes late and when I got to the meeting point the girl wasn’t there. A few minutes later I saw her and again she looked much hotter than when I opened her. She was wearing a tight little black dress and her little boobs were bursting out of it. As I went over to greet her I saw her talking to a tall, blonde fat girl in a pink dress. She looked like Little Miss Piggy except she wasn’t little, and she definitely wasn’t a miss. She was grotesque.

This is a spitting image of her

I said hello to both of them with a perplexed look on my face. Piggy introduced herself and said ‘I’m going to be your translator for the evening, where is your friend?’

‘hi, hang on, Whaaaaat?’

I looked at my girl with a WTF face and she looked back very apologetically and almost looked embarrassed.

‘Your friend, we thought you were bringing a friend?’ said Piggy

‘I never said that, I invited your friend out for a drink, I never mentioned a friend’

‘Can’t you call him and tell him to join us?’

‘no, he’s busy’

‘Pleeeease, we want to go party!!’


I explained to Piggy that this was obviously a break-down in communication and I didn’t want to party, I wanted to take her friend for a drink and not the both of them. She pleaded for me to invite my friend. I relented and said ok, I’ll invite him and we can go for one drink. I tried to call him and he didn’t answer. It turned out he was on an idate with a girl I had also closed early that day.

I went for one drink with them anyway. We sat on a long couch and the pair of them ordered a bottle of white wine between them, I got a beer. I tried my hardest not to speak to the Pig but she kept butting in, I tried communicating with my girl but she was letting the fat heffer lead everything. I was well and truly cock-blocked. I quickly drank my beer and left.

I was absolutely fucking fuming. It was 9.30pm, if I wasn’t greedy I could have potentially been balls deep in the first girl by now.

I walked to one of the little stalls and bought a packet of cigarettes. I sparked one up when I saw a tall girl with black hair, a black boob tube, black hot pants and black heels storm past. I though ‘fuck it’. Ran in and opened, she enjoyed it but was clearly in a hurry. I enquired where she was off to, she said home, she’s exhausted and was still out from the night before. I teased her about being a bad bad girl and she laughed. I said something along the lines of ‘you’ve been out this long, what’s one more drink?’.

She agreed to join me for one drink, I pulled her to the nearest place which happened to be a burger bar. She had a cocktail and me a beer. I found out she was 17, a local Czech girl but had lived all over Europe. I tried to escalate but she could barely keep her eyes open, I took her number and let her go on her way. Hopefully I’ll get her out, I’ve never shagged a 17 year old.

It’s day 3 now and even though I’m surrounded by spammers, there’s still plenty to shoot at.




Konnichiwa – Same Day De-Lay with a cute Japanese 

It was an awful weekend of Daygame.

On Friday I went out after work with Rambo for a couple of hours. I did 5 approaches, none of which were memorable. I sacked it off and went to the pub to watch Man United beat Southampton. It was a great performance and it cheered me up. 

I was due to go out for a mates birthday drinks that night but he cancelled last minute so me and Rambo decided to try our hand at gutter game. It was horrible, i approached only 6 girls  in 3.5 hours and  my longest set was about 40 seconds long. So in total I did 5.5 hours Daygame walking almost 40,000 steps (according to my phone) and approached 11 girls. That’s 3,636 steps/30mins per approach. Pathetic.

For some reason I couldn’t sleep when I got home and nodded off around 5am then awoke at 9am and could not get back to sleep.

I said fuck it, got up and went about my day. 

I eventually made it to central London at around 4pm for a solo session. It was very windy and the rain kept starting and stopping. I walked around for about an hour in an absolutely foul mood. I did one approach and the poor girl looked scared of me. I sacked it off. I went home, cooked some food, stuck on Casablanca and drank a full bottle of red wine in the process. I remember the first time I watched that movie years ago and thinking how cool Humphrey Bogart’s character was, now when I watched it again I saw him for what he truly was, a cuck. The red wine ensured that I slept like a rock that night. 

On Sunday I awoke with a groggy head but was feeling much better as I’d slept for a good 8 hours. I potted about the flat before hitting the streets at around 5pm (again solo).

I started at Tottenham Court Road and made my way towards Oxford Circus. 


I jumped straight in when I saw an Asian girl dressed in all black leathers, with ear piercings and a great big hat. She was a 7.

I opened and after she got over me scaring the shit out of her (which I still do to all Asians) she started to get into it.

I found out she was 23, an actress, loved heavy metal, spontaneous adventures and was in London for two more days. 

It was my first approach of the day and I found myself in a dilemma of whether to suffer the opportunity cost of an idate or plod on. I dug a bit deeper into her logistics. She was on her way to have high tea and had planned to go to the theatre that night. She would be flying back to Tokyo on Tuesday but had planned to go to Oxford all day Monday. If it was going to happen, it had to be today. 

I suggested she go for her high tea and me and her go for a drink after. She agreed.

I went to close and she told me she doesn’t have a sim and can only message when on wifi. No problem, I added her on Facebook and sent her on her way. I didn’t really expect to hear from her again and I wasn’t that bothered if I didn’t.

I carried on with my session. Unfortunately it was down hill from there. I approached one other girl who was a ridiculously hot 40yr old Czech woman. She loved the attention but just wasn’t interested in me.

It started raining at around 7pm. I had no umbrella or jacket and it was getting cold. All the shops were closed on Oxford st apart from Schuh. I went in there to take shelter from the rain and before I knew it one of the hot shop assistants had gamed me into buying a new pair of shoes. As I was paying I got a stream of messages through from the Asian. She wanted to meet me at Big Ben in one hour.

I mulled over whether or not I could be arsed waiting around. The notch hyena quickly made my mind up for me. I agreed to meet her at Big Ben at 8.30.

She was 5 minutes late!


She turned up looking much hotter with her hair tied back, wearing torn jeans and a bit of make-up. I had an instant boner and she had now progressed to an 8.
I had no real date plan in mind. I started walking her along the Thames and stumbled upon a little boat bar called Tattershall Castle. This turned out to be a great venue 1, she loved being on the water. I built up plenty of comfort whilst spiking all the way through and she was complying to everything. I knew it was on.

We finished that drink and I started walking her towards more familiar territory. We stopped at another bar called Sherlock Holmes. It was almost 10pm and we were getting to the end of our drinks. I tried to be clever and say “I know a great place that has free wine, free food and great couches… My place!”. She looked at me dumbfounded, this had been lost in translation. So then I just came out and said, let’s have a drink at my place. She agreed straight away but only if I could get her on the last tube back. No problem.


I ordered an uber and it was there within 2minutes. We got back to my place and had a couple of sips of wine whilst she showed me some Japanese heavy metal on YouTube. It was shit.

I excused myself to go to the bathroom and when I returned I grabbed her hands and said “come with me”. She complied.

I got her on the bed and after a couple of minutes of “massage” all her clothes were off then mine, we fucked and she made cute little squeaks and squeals as I brought her to orgasm. She had a great little body, big breasts, big ass and a nice tight little vagina.

Squeaky time

It was around 11.30 when we finished, I ordered her an Uber and was asleep by midnight and up for work on time. 

Glad I decided to wait around, I was very close to heading home when she messaged. 

The Journey: Two Years In


hot-girl-image-20The Beginning

It was July 2014, I’d just recently moved to Dublin and knew no-one in the City, except people from work who were all much older than me. I went on the internet to look for friends, that’s how it works nowadays right?

I was looking up some groups and stumbled across some thing called “Daygame”. A chap by the name of “Paddy Daygame” claimed that he could teach you how to approach women in the street, without any alcohol in your system, get their number and potentially even put your dick in them. Lovely.

I did a bit more googling on the subject and sure enough, there was this hole underground cultish community with youtube videos, lay reports, forums and all sorts. I was overwhelmed with the amount out there once I started digging a bit deeper. I quickly found out the names of the main players from and through that I found Krauser and Torero.

After reading up on it I was excited, I couldn’t wait to try it. I looked up when the main coaches were next in Dublin, if at all. None of them were going to be in town for at least another month. That’s too long thought me, I could just go out and try it for myself? Fuck that.

I went back to this Paddy Daygame chaps website. He was offering a full days training, half theory and half infield for €250 and promised to have you approaching by the end of it. I emailed him and he replied the next day asking for my phone number. He called me and we had a chat, he seemed like a nice, normal human being with manners and everything. Maybe these daygame people aren’t complete nutters after all?  At the end of the call we set up my bootcamp for 21 July 2014.

It was a Saturday (international daygame day) and fairly Sunny in Dublin. Strangely I wasn’t even hungover, well not that strange, I had no mates to go drinking with. I arrived at the meeting point and I was absolutely shitting myself. I was expecting to meet a white, average height, maybe ginger Irish man. Much to my surprise around the corner came a tall black man with dread locks and announced “What’s the story?.. you must be Roy” in a thick Dublin accent. That was my first surprise of the day. He continued to bamboozle me as he explained the theory and what he was going to show me. He practiced approaching on me down an alley way and then made me do the same to him. Then I watched as he approached some real girls. He got a number of the first one. “Oh my fuuuucking God, this shit is nuts!” I still remember those being my exact thoughts when seeing this unfold before my eyes.

He eventually made me approach and I can’t actually remember my first one, so it was probably shit. All in all I did 8 approaches on the first day and somehow I manage to get the number off the 8th. Some little Asian dude (Let’s call him Mr T) came over to me afterwards and asked me

“are you doing daygame?!”

“I think so?”

“You can be my wing!..”

“Wing?… Ok, yeah sure”

I had a wing. After that I daygamed every day after work (and full days on Weekends) with Mr T (and one or two other guys every now and then) for about 5 months. I was hooked.

So what’s happened since 21 July 2014? 

I’m still at this Daygame lark, and since Dublin I’ve tried it in Cape Town, Manchester, Bucharest, Prague and London.

Stat Attack

I’m a spreadsheet wanker. As well as that, I like to track my progress to be accountable and honest with myself. It’s good having wings for a bit of friendly rivalry when it comes to the notch count, but you are only competing with one person in game, yourself.

“Progress is not an illusion; it happens, but it is slow and invariably disappointing.”

― George Orwell

I don’t do tinder and I don’t do night game. Here’s the figures from daygame and daygame only.

Total (21 July 2014 – 20 July 2016)

No. of Approaches Number Closes Facebook Closes Dates Lays
1380 242 (17.54%) 64 (4.64%) 58 (4.20%) 16 (1.16%)

Now let’s compare year one to year two to see if I’m improving;

Year 1 (21 July 2014 – 20 July 2015)

No. of Approaches Number Closes Facebook Closes Dates Lays

84 (16.43%)

22 (4.31%)

19 (3.72%)

5 (1%)

Year 2 (21 July 2015 – 20 July 2016)

No. of Approaches Number Closes Facebook Closes Dates Lays

146 (18.72%)

35 (4.49%)

38 (4.87%)

11 (1.41%)

I always thought i approached a hell of a lot more in my first year than in my second, but the opposite is true.

As you can see, with more approaches came more notches. What’s more satisfying for me is the percentages. Each percentage increased slightly so I must be doing something right.

Previous to game I’d slept with maybe 15 women. In my first two years of game I  slept with 16 from daygame and another dozen or so that I met out in bars (see Oui Oui Marseille, Burrito Bar Bang ,  Lay Report – Black Tattoed GirlLay Report: Hungarian GirlLay Report – Cape Coloured Girl for the stories of these since I started this blog). These are NOT included in the notch count. I did have to use some game on all of these, and there was cold approach involved, however, there was also alcohol involved so it doesn’t count.

My Woeful Week of Daygame post got the most views of any of my posts. It’s obvious that people like to read about other peoples failure and misery, that’s why Bodi is so popular. However, this post is sending the opposite message and is clear evidence that daygame works and it is worth the slog. So get the fuck off the internet and go and approach 🙂