Not that proud of this one so I’ll keep it relatively short. 
The Open

I was having dinner with friends (a couple) in Manchester on Saturday night. We were sat at a table not far from the bar. I’d had a couple of beers with the meal so it wasn’t a cold/Daygame approach. She was a 7 at this point. 
I saw her sitting at the bar alone. She was occasionally sharing a joke with the bar man. Then she was sat on her phone for a few minutes. This was my opportunity. I told my friends I’d be right back.

I strolled over, “excuse me, I know you’re probably waiting on friends, but I saw you from over there and I thought you looked interesting so I had to say hi”.. She loved it and hooked instantly. I spoke to her for about 10 minutes, she’s Hungarian, a bit crazy and works in the same restaurant in London. She’s come up to Manchester to visit friends. I took her number, told her “see you in London” and rejoined my friends.


I text her the next day as I was on my way down to London. This girl has great text game. I set up the date for Monday night.

The Date

I meet her in Piccadilly Circus, by the tall man outside Ripleys. I’ve used this location a few times, I text her a pic of that and tell her “that’s where I’m meeting you tonight”. She was dolled up and a bit taller than I expected (she was sat down for all of our interaction). However, she wasn’t quite as hot as I’d remembered. 6.5.

The frame battle commenced. This girl is Very chatty, most of the time her banter is good but it’s hard to get a word in edge ways. She frequently tells me to tell her to shut up. I tell her to sssh a few times but it’s exhausting. I’m still tired from the night before and I’m losing patience with this girl. 

The Bounce Back

I took her to Grace first then to the Hippodrome, both were pretty shit. When we leave Hippodrome I ask her if she likes wine, she says yes. I say lets go back to mine and drink some. She says ok. Then she is completely silent. I tease her saying “so all I had to do was invite you back to my place to get you to shut up?! “. This relieves any tension that was starting to build.

When I get her into the flat I pour the wine. She resumes chatterbox mode and i get fed up, grab her chin, pull her in and start kissing her. No resistance whatsoever. Within minutes we’re both naked and fucking. She was probably one of my weirdest lays. She was very smiley in bed and would occasionally giggle as I was fucking her. This killed my boner. I came eventually but it wasn’t great.

3 thoughts on “Lay Report: Hungarian Girl

  1. Fuck man, I had this chick giggling the other night because my bed is so loud. And yeah, totally killed my boner. Anyway, found your blog through Rivelino. I dig it.


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