Date Report: Crushing a Slavic Princess

This is actually quite close.

I didn’t get laid, but this was one of my more memorable dates. Lena was definitely not a yes girl and called for a dust down of all the weapons in the Walker War chest. At the beginning of the date she was a stroppy entitled little princess and at the end she was like a puppy dog bending to her masters every will. Here’s how I did it…

I opened her a few Saturdays ago in London. It was an odd day in that I did 9 sets (almost double my usual haul this year) and had only closed one (a third of my usual). That’s daygame – completely random in microcosm, but it evens out over the macrocosm of the year giving you a fair reflection of where your game is at.

The set itself was nothing special. She had dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, was around 165 cm tall and had a great body – slim with hour glass curves – very slavic looking. I told her she must be Russian and she said she was. I pressed further to find out she was actually from Latvia. Apparently a lot of people from Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine and the surrounds all consider themselves Russian. Whatever. Lena was a lawyer and in her mid-twenties who had been living in London for 7 years. I took her number and we went our separate ways.

The texting was lazy on my part, and yes, I used lots of emoticons, feel free to report me to the PUA adjudication police.

Lena told me she was busy so I rolled off for two weeks and it was pretty easy to set up the date after that. I got her out last night – Friday at 19:30. She turned up 25 minutes late but text ahead telling me she wouldn’t be on time. When she arrived at the meeting point she looked very hot. Navy blue high heels, tight blue almost spray-on nylon pants, a white blouse which revealed a small amount a cleavage and a black leather jacket. Her make-up was modest with a little bit of lipstick and she had done her hair, it was long almost touching her ass. Lena was a high 7 but tonight she’d dolled herself up to look like an 8.

We greeted, I told her she looked nice and then walked her in the direction of my usual first venue. Then it started.

How was your trip?

It was great thanks.

Come on I want more information, what did you do, where did you go, why did you go there?

Have you ever heard of a stag do? – she looked confused.

Why are you talking about that? just tell me what happened.

I’m getting to that, this is part of the explanation.

I knew most slavic girls have never heard of a stag do. As I tried to explain to her what it was she would repeatedly cut me off. This all happened on the five minute walk to the first venue. I was getting irritated. I smashed through my story all the while motioning for her to shut up by hushing her mouth with my index finger. I had a princess on my hands, but she was hot so I decided to persevere. For now.

The first venue I usually take them to was closed, so I walked her to a nearby restaurant and we each had a glass of wine on stools at the bar.

I attempted to go through the comfort fluff, but she kept pressing me asking what I did in Riga. I told her that was boring and I wanted to know about her. I changed the subject and every time I’d ask her a question she would give me one word answers then flip it back on to me. I’d start answering and just as I’d get into my answer she would interrupt telling me I took too long to answer.

Are you in a hurry or something?

No, you can just be more to the point.

I changed the topic.

I like your hair, what’s the longest it’s ever been? – She pointed to beneath her ass and I touched the same area.

Here?! Really? That’s great, I love long hair.

Why don’t you have long hair then?

I’m a man, men should have short hair.

But your hair isn’t short.

I have a number one back and sides (almost as short as you can get). I still couldn’t figure out if this girl was socially retarded or shit-testing me on purpose.

I ploughed on…

Your accent is weird, it’s a strange mix of Russian and Queens English. I like it.

No, my accent is foreign it’s not English.

Well my ears tell me otherwise. My Irish accent has also changed since I left home, whenever I go back my family tell me I sound like a foreigner.

No, you sound as Irish as can be.

I was getting frustrated and fast, everything I said she would either cut me off or disagree for no rhyme or reason. I sighed, took a big sip of my wine and leaned back into my high stool (the stools had backs). I switched off, I believe they call this a vacuum. After around twenty seconds she bit…

What’s wrong?

I sat up and stared her dead on in the eyes…

Well you’re not very good at this, are you?

Good at what?

Having a conversation.

What do you mean?

Well the key to a good conversation is; one person speaks, the other one listens and responds when the first person stops speaking.

I disagree, I think I’m good at conversation.

Oh, and disagreeing with everything the other person says is also bad conversation etiquette. – She was silent and I could see she was shook, she could no longer hold eye contact.

Look, would you like me to leave? If it carries on like this then we are both wasting our time.

Are you being serious? It’s taken me over an hour to get ready and I’ve travelled all the way across London.

Well play nice, I don’t tolerate bullshit.

She almost melted in front of me, her eyes grew soft, her chin dropped and her shoulders drooped. She touched my forearm…

Please, don’t leave.

OK, drink up, we have to be at the next place in 5 minutes.

I bounced her to the same basement bar as usual and we got a couch. I didn’t dare attempt the questions game, I find it’s best only to play this when the girls frame is weak. Lena’s was like steel but as I turned up the heat it slowly became more malleable.

She asked me about my travels and each time I would launch into a story she would keep trying to interrupt and I would playfully slap her on the back of the hand “now, now, I told you play nice” and she would giggle. This happened several times.

I’ve noticed you like to touch me a lot, it feels like you’re not being real

My hands have a mind of their own I don’t control them.

I clasped my hands together and put them between my knees and clenched them together simulating my hands being tied.

I will try to stop touching you, but it will be difficult and I will not be myself this way.

She giggled and bit her lip before slapping my hands and saying “OK”.

We spoke about the usual stuff without actually playing the questions game, how many times do you do this to girls on the street? Why are you single? bla bla. They all ask the same things. I had my arm around her now and she was collapsing into my chest. I grabbed her by the back of the neck and pulled her in for the kiss. She gave me a peck.

You’re too direct, you should be more nice.

Are you giving ME dating advice?

Yes, you clearly don’t do this a lot.

Shit, maybe you’re right. What else should I do? – I LOL’d inwardly

You should compliment a woman more, you shouldn’t touch her so much and you most definitely shouldn’t tell her you’re going to walk out at the start of the date.

Well you brought that upon yourself.

This time she pulled me in and the levees had burst, we kissed with full tongue and she was groping me all over. It was now around 10pm and we had to vacate the table we were sat at.

I walked her to another bar close to my apartment, she was fully supplicating, we had arms around each others waists as we walked and had more pleasant conversation. We got to the bar and sat on a couch again. We spoke about what we each looked for in a partner and I reeled off a massive list. She told me I would be single forever. The vibe was good now and we were bantering back and forth. Lena told me I was much nicer when I smiled.

It was now 11pm, I asked her curfew and she told me she would get the last tube at 1am. I suggested we go for a walk, she agreed and I walked her straight to my front door. I gave her the usual line “one drink, you can leave whenever you want”.

I poured the wine and I sat on the couch playing my guitar, she sat on the floor facing me, her legs were crossed in a yoga pose as she gazed up at me in awe. After a few minutes of that I put my guitar to one side and pushed her back onto the floor, we kissed heavily and I undid her blouse as we rolled around on the carpet. I pulled her surprisingly large breasts out of her bra and began sucking on them. She moaned with pleasure for a few seconds before pushing me off and saying “NO! This is too fast, I’m not that type of girl”. I rolled off and put some music on Youtube, she chose some Russian stuff and we lay on the bed chatting for bit. We kissed a few more times and then I walked her back for the last tube.

Hopefully this is not the end of this story.



D3 Date Report: K girl is getting attached

Spank the monkey every two days or you will turn into one.

Mary came around to my place for dinner on Saturday evening. I’d been out drinking heavily on Friday night with Steve attempting night game, it wasn’t as successful as the previous week and I was paying for my excesses all day Saturday.

She messaged me one hour before she was due to come over saying that she wanted to drive and would be going home early. I immediately downgraded my odds of getting the notch from bang on to slim to none, I was close to telling her not to bother coming as I was feeling quite rough.

She parked up at my place just before 18:30 and I greeted her as she got out of her car. She’d made quite the effort, this time in a purple dress which showed off her long legs again and some very nice black stiletto style high heels. “How the hell did you drive in those?” was my opener. “Practice” retorted Mary with a smile. We walked to my local supermarket. I picked up an old el paso fajita kit, some chicken to cook and the cheapest bottle of red wine. No expense spared.

There’s a cute girl at the check-out desk that talks to me every day, I always assumed she was just very friendly. As I went to pay with Mary in tow the check-out girl said “aaah, so you’re having a fajita night in, that’s nice”. As we departed the store Mary said to me “are you aware that the check-out girl has the hots for you?” Maybe she’s not just very friendly then.

I gave Mary a brief tour of the apartment before telling her to take off her high heels. She sat down at the dinner table and I poured us both a glass of the fancy wine before beginning the complex process of putting the pre-diced chicken in a frying pan and adding the contents of the fajita kit. Mary told me about her week and I told her about mine. It all felt very nice, like what normal people do that have dates and relationships and stuff.

I plated up the food and we had some interesting conversation, one particular point she made sticks out in memory;

Did you know that you should masturbate every two days?

What?! – as I almost choked on my chicken

Yeah, if you leave it any longer than that, it turns into proteins that are harmful and can make you crazy. Lot’s of Lebanese boys are like this, they abstain from masturbating and they’re all weird.

I never believed in that no fap stuff anyway. The topic of conversation soon returned to whether I would be extending my stay in Melbourne. Again I told her that I wouldn’t be staying but there was a slim chance I may have to return in the future. She gave me the puppy dog disappointed face. I quickly changed the subject by grabbing my guitar, sitting on the couch and starting my chick crack medley. She rushed over to sit beside me and said “wooooow, you’re really good!” I’m not. She pawed at my arm as I played and practically mounted me as I strummed away. I put the guitar down and she mounted me properly. We kissed very passionately as I grabbed her juicy ass. The balcony door was open and there was a rowdy group of drunk Aussy girls on the balcony opposite cheering us on. I pushed Mary off me and got up to close the balcony door and lower the blinds.  The drunken aussies booed in disapproval before I returned to the couch saying “as you were” to Mary.

We fooled around for 20 minutes or so before she announced;

Roy, I’m still on my period

Still?! It’s been a full week

Yeah, it’s lasting longer than normal.

She wasn’t lying as I could see a little white patch through her lacy red underwear. I took her to the bedroom anyway, we kissed a lot, she was kind enough to finish me off with her mouth. She wasn’t very good at BJ’s and I had to give her little bit of advice, her low notch count was showing. After this she gave me an amazing face massage as she lay on top of me naked.

Normally people pay a lot of money for this massage… and I normally have clothes on.

It must be my lucky day

We put our clothes back on before returning to the couch and cuddling.

If you weren’t leaving, would you keep me around?

Mary was getting attached and I hadn’t even banged her. Honesty is always the best policy in these situations…

As I’ve told you I’m not looking for a relationship, but yeah, I like you, you’re a very nice girl. You’re the type of girl I’d gladly take home to meet my parents or take down the pub to show off to my friends.

She is that type of girl and I would keep her on as a regular if I was staying in Melbourne. Mary is not what I imagine a typical Australian girl to be like. Yes she obviously has the Aussy accent, but she’s incredibly feminine, very sweet and very sensual in the bedroom.

It was now pushing 10pm, Mary reminded me that she had to be up early so I walked her back to her car. I know, I’m SUCH a chode. I asked if her if she was ok to drive and she told me that she’d only had two sips of wine, I didn’t even notice. One of these days I’ll get that sober notch.

Date Report: The Power of Instagram

image-lilacIt was a Friday afternoon at the beginning of February and I was out for a lunchtime stroll on another hot day in Melbourne. I’ve been going out most lunch times for a walk lately to clear my head, most of the time I don’t bother opening, but if an opportunity presents itself I do not let it pass and this was one such occasion.

I was strolling down Swanston street appreciating the shade afforded by the shop canopies when I saw a dreamy looking brunette walking slowly in front of me. She looked good from behind with long brown hair down to just above her ass, she wore a white flowy blouse, brown baggy satin trousers and brown sandals. She proceeded at a snail’s pace so I picked up my speed to get a look from the front. She had a very pretty face with big dark brown eyes, tanned skin, big red lips and lots of little moles around her cheek bones. Her frame was slender and her legs were long, she seemed to be looking at every shop window as she ambled her way through the crowds without any urgency.

Excuuuse me, I saw you from back there and I thought you looked very cute, you seem to be very relaxed, very zen, without a care for anything in the world whilst everyone else is storming up and down the street in a hurry, it’s very refreshing

Oh, thank you

She wasn’t hooking so I carried on…

I’m guessing you are not from Melbourne, you seem to be looking around like you’ve never been here before and you don’t look typically Australian.

oh haha, I’ve lived in Melbourne my whole life but I’m from Lebanon originally. I’m not often in the CBD though, I’m here for a training course and just on lunch break at the moment

Ah, what do you do?

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine

Let me get this right, you stab people for a living?

Hahaha, yeah I guess you could say that

Well that explains why you seem to be so relaxed

She hooked and we exchanged stories for about 5 minutes before I brought the set to a close as I had to get back to work.

Mary, it’s been lovely chatting to you but I have to get back to the office

Yes, it’s been lovely talking to you too, I never do this

What, you mean talk to strangers in the street?

Yes, well no, I mean lots of guys try and talk to me when I come to the city centre but they’re always so creepy! You’re different.

Oh, thanks I guess. Well like I said, I think you’re very cute so I would like to take you out another time

Oh that would be nice

You have whatsapp?

No and I don’t feel comfortable giving out my number

Oh ok

Do you have instagram?

I do, you want to stalk me before agreeing to meet?

haha yes

I added her on instagram as we stood there and she immediately followed me back. Mary was very sweet and the fact that she wouldn’t give out her number led me to believe that she was very K. She was a maybe girl and it would take some coaxing to get her out.

I used to think getting a girl on instagram was pretty useless, but as Krauser spoke about on a recent interview he did with the lads from street attraction, it can be a very powerful DHV and can actually take a girl off the fence from not being sure about coming out on a date, to getting her out.

We text back and forth for a couple of weeks, I invited her out a few days later but she wasn’t available. I went to Bali for a holiday and this is where Instagram did the DHVing for me. I was posting pictures with friends and adding cool things to my instagram story. She was always top of my story views which means that she watched my story more than once. Mary was intrigued.

When I got back from Bali we got into a long text chat about books one evening. It was just before she went to bed and I did not invite her for a date. A couple of days later, the Thursday, I invited her out for Saturday. She was hesitant to commit so I pressed forward with logistics…

I ended up being 25 minutes late for the date due to a festival that was going on in city and all the transport links were in chaos. I told her to meet me at Flinders street station as I do with all my dates. She got there at 7.10 and I around 7.25.

She waited inside the station and would not come out until I got there, she didn’t want to stand at the common meeting point at the front of the station. Very K behaviour.

When I eventually got there I text her to come outside and my jaw almost hit the floor as she came through the turnstiles to greet me. She had put on makeup, wore a small black dress which accentuated her long tanned legs and a pair of white heels. Despite the short dress, she did not look slutty, she looked very elegant and had really made an effort. Before the date she was a solid 7, now she was pushing an 8.

Wow, you look fantastic

Thanks, you don’t look bad yourself

Sorry I’m late, I’m normally very punctual but the trams are all over the place with this White Night festival

I walked us to the same island bar on the river that I have taken all my dates to. We got a table and I got her a glass of wine and myself a beer. Straight away she told me how this was very weird for her, this was the first time she’d ever agreed to come out and meet someone that she didn’t know. She then joked that maybe that’s why she was still single.

We did the comfort fluff and I found out she was 28, still lived at home with her family and was not actually born in Lebanon, she was born in Melbourne, her dad was from Lebanon. I was disappointed as the opportunity for a new flag disappeared. However, I pressed ahead as she was still smoking hot.

She started quizzing me on how long I would be in Melbourne. I told her that I would probably only be here for another month and she was visibly disappointed. We finished our drinks and went for a walk further down the river.

Everywhere was packed due to the festival in the city, as we walked I grabbed her hand and pulled her along behind me through the crowds of people. She squeezed my hand back as I did so.

I found us another bar on the river, we sat at a high table with stools facing each other. She got a cocktail and I another beer. I started the questions game and her first question was;

Do you want to stay in Melbourne?

Haha haven’t you already asked me that?

No, I asked you when you were staying until

I was as honest as I could be and told her that I missed living in the UK, I witheld the main reason i.e. there are more hot women. I told her about how I missed watching Manchester United, I missed being able to jump on a flight for a weekend trip to Europe, I missed my friends.

As we spoke I dropped spikes every few minutes as I stroked her legs, she had put moisturizer on them so they were very soft and she didn’t seem to mind this, in fact she told me it felt nice.

I asked her why she was single and she told me that she was very indecisive when it came to men. She had only ever had one serious boyfriend and had been on a couple of tinder dates but they never went anywhere. This was her first date in over a year. Her notch count must have been very low.

Mary told me how she wasn’t sure if she wanted to boyfriend or just to have some fun before finding a relationship. I had her firmly in the K-box but could be persuaded to have one last adventure before settling with a chode, I had a window.

It was now almost 9.30pm and we could hear fireworks going off down the river. I paid up the bill and we walked arm in arm back up towards the fireworks. As we walked I found a gap in the stream of people, pulled her to one side and pulled her in for the kiss. She was surprisingly all in, with tongues and kissing very passionately and fast.


We watched the fireworks and I joked how this was the cheesiest possible first date, kissing as fireworks went off by a river. As we stood there her vagina was pressed against my hard dick, she clearly felt it and said;

We can’t do anything tonight

Why, you have your period, or is it a rule?

It’s both

It was now around 10pm and she told me that she would get the 10.30pm train home. She asked me if I was disappointed and I told her that I didn’t expect anything more. We walked around the city looking at the White Night exhibitions until it was time for her to catch her train.

I tried to seed the next date by suggesting I cook her dinner at my place, she seemed keen but told me that she was a vegetarian. I joked that it wasn’t going to work out between us.

Well, you don’t have to cook for me, I’m sure we can think of other things to do

Hopefully there will be a part 2 to this story.

Near Miss: Indian Dwarf

She’s not quite this hot, but very similar with longer, less curly hair.

It was a balmy Sunday afternoon. I was strolling down Flinders street in my converse, black shorts, white linen shirt and aviators on, I’ve opted against R selection in Melbourne, it’s already ratty enough. My headphones were in and I was listening to Billy Corgan tell Joe Rogan about how he became the owner of NWA wrestling. I liked the pumpkins when I was a lad and I had no idea that the lead singer was mad about wrestling. It had been about an hour since I’d done a set which is par for the course here.

As I’m giggling to myself listening to Billy telling Joe about how they made a meme out of him when he went to disneyland (google it) a tiny little brown girl shoots me a glance just as she is leaving my line of sight, I almost missed it. I looked back as she walked away from me. She was wearing flip flops, tight grey jeans accentuating a peachy little ass and a tight white vest. Her long black hair went all the way down her back to just above her ass. It was worth the chase.

I get in front and give her the pre-opener, she’s immediately on guard. On closer inspection she has a nice face, massive brown eyes with high cheek bones and no make up on. A solid 7. I move onto the compliment.

You look very cute, I really like how tall you are.  Whilst hovering my hand above her head. You remind me of a giraffe.

hahaha thank you

I think I caught you looking at me, it’s rude not to say high where I come from

Oh, and where would that be?

She’s hooked and we chat for 10 minutes or so. I tease her again about her height, I guess that she’s 142cm high and she seems annoyed at this and corrects me telling me she is 151cm. I tell her I’m 5’10”, she challenges me and says no way, you look more like 5’8″ and asks me my height in cm. I tell her I think it’s 175cm.

I get towards the end of what I think is a solid set and go for the number.

I don’t give my number out like this

Why, does “this” happen a lot?

This is like the 7th time

Well the other 6 were definitely not as charming or as handsome as me

They were actually more charming

I pull out my phone and she reluctantly starts calling out her digits as if she was in a hurry.

Wow, wow, wow, slow down. Let’s make sure I spell your name correctly first. 

I type her name in and get her to repeat her number slowly. I send her a text with my name while she’s in front of me. She receives it.

So what happens now, do I have to text you first?

Well, there is no set rules as to who sends the first text (except for countless texting guides), but I will probably text you in a couple of hours.


We go our separate ways and minutes later she pings me first…


As you can see, she was very keen over text so I got her out the next day, Monday.

Date 1 (D2)

I went straight from work, she turned up looking great with a grey dress on which ended just above her knees and showed off a surprisingly large cleavage for a girl of such a small and slender frame. She still wasn’t wearing any make-up and also had aviators on. I told her she looked nice and teased her for copying my sunglasses.

I walked her down Flinders street towards the river and took her to a bar on the waterfront. We sat at high stools beside each other overlooking the river, it was around 7.30pm but it was still about 30 degrees outside and the sun was just about to set, it was the perfect setting.

I got the drinks in and the conversation flowed. I could tell she was nervous but I didn’t mention it.

She commented a couple of times on my intense eye contact and how she couldn’t normally hold eye contact with people as she was very shy. I dismissed this and said shy girls don’t talk to men on the street.

I excused myself to go to the toilet and when i came back she told me “this is going to sound crazy but, I think we would have amazing looking kids!”.

“Wow, wow, wow, lets slow this thing down, I’m not that easy!”

Even though she was joking she was obviously already sizing me up as a potential partner. I found at that she was 27 and had recently come out of a 9 year relationship and I was the first guy she had been on a date with since her one and only boyfriend. Her small stature makes her look much younger than 27.

It was now around 9pm, it was still too early to try and bounce her to my place so I took her for another drink at a nearby rooftop bar. We sat beside each other on a couch and I tried to kiss her a few times. She resisted every attempt and told me that she didn’t like to kiss in public.

We left the bar and I told her that we could go back to mine for a night cap. I hailed a cab and she did not object. I got her into the flat and poured us both a glass of water, she is not a big drinker and I had work the next morning so this was fine by me. I played a few songs on the guitar and she started singing along with a surprisingly loud voice. She then took the guitar and played a few tunes of her own, she was just as good at me and I was genuinely impressed.

I took the guitar back off her and we started kissing quite passionately. She stopped me and said “how have you done this? This isn’t even supposed to be a date!”

I picked her up, which was very easy as she weighs about 40 kilos, and carried her to the bedroom. I thought it was a one deal but she put up strong LMR for about 45mins. I got my dick out and I also fingered her, but she pushed me away every time I tried to get my D in the V.

It was midnight now and I had to be up for work in the morning so I threw in the towel and she ordered an uber for herself to go home. She texted me when she got home and thanked me for a great evening. It looks good for a second date.

We text back and forth over the next day or so and I set up a second date for the next Friday.

Date 2 (D3)

We meet at the same place at 7pm. I met her straight from work again and I had already had a couple of post work drinks. She turns up looking even hotter in a white shirt and red mini-skirt. She quickly notices that I’ve already been drinking but I reassure her that it takes quite a few drinks for me to get drunk and she relaxes. I take her for a couple of drinks in the CBD before catching a cab back to mine, again.

This time I get all her clothes off except her underwear. She is wearing lacy white underpants and a bra and I get a closer look at her breasts. As I’m fondling her I put my hand up her bra and squeeze her left breast. She moans loudly with pleasure. It feels a bit too firm to be natural, she’s obviously had a boob job and I do not complain. I tell her I like them and she thanks me.

We play around for another hour or so and she is not letting me fuck her. I respect the fact that she’s only ever slept with one man before and that it will probably take a few more attempts. I suggest that she sleeps over but she insists on going home. I do not object as I much prefer having the bed to myself. She gets herself an uber once again and is on her merry way.

We are still in contact and I will definitely see her again. Hopefully the next post will be a long overdue lay report and a new flag. Jai Ho!