Same Day Delay with a Mauritian Beauty


I thought I wasn’t going to make it, but with one day to spare I got my notch for the month. Here’s the full story…

I spent most of the afternoon working and had planned to go out and try my hand at gutter game that evening with a wing in Shoreditch. I decided to go central for an hour of daygame before the gutter game session.

I approached as soon as I got off the tube at Oxford circus and closed a cute English girl who was on her way to meet a guy for a second date. She has since flaked.

I met up with Rambo and we did some daygame. I’ve winged with him a few times now, he’s a cool guy and I find that he always lifts my vibe.

I did one or two sets and as we were walking towards Selfridges I saw her walking on the other side of the road in the opposite direction. I jogged across the road in pursuit. As I walked behind her I noticed how her ass was moving from side to side like a pendulum, I was certain she was ovulating.

She was 5′ 4″, Asian looking (but hot, I don’t normally go for the Asian girls), slim but with a larger ass than a typical Asian girl and wearing tight jeans and a tight jumper that showed off her mid-rif. I’d say she’s an 8.


I front stopped her and scared the shit out of her. This is a very common reaction for me when I open Asian girls. I smiled, delivered the opener and told her I liked how she moved from side to side when she walked. She relaxed, smiled and asked if I mind if I walk with her. I hate walking sets, but this girl was hot and it was the second last day of July, I was desperate for a notch so I walked.

We chatted for about 3 minutes and it was all very logical. I’ve just listened back to the set. I didn’t do any attraction apart from the opener, the rest was comfort and logistics. I found out she was from Mauritius, studied Law and would be leaving London the next day.I asked her what she was doing that night, she said nothing as all her friends lived out of town. Green. Green. Green.

She wanted to carry on shopping and I was with a wing so I suggested meeting for a drink at 9pm, she was keen so we exchanged numbers.

I got some food with Rambo and called my other wing to cancel on the gutter game session, I felt like a cunt for that but he didn’t seem to mind.


When I met up with her she looked even hotter, she’d taken her jumper off to reveal a small black lacy top which showed off her tits and had put a little bit of make-up on.

I didn’t have a solid plan for date venues so I winged it. I walked her down Kingly street and all the bars there looked rammed. As we got to the end of the street there was one bar called two floors which looked quite chilled so I pulled her in there.

I got the first round and told her to get us a seat. She did so. As we sat down a DJ started playing and it got noisy. This was a good excuse for me to sit beside her so I could “hear her better”.

As we got chatting she told me she was a smoker so I took her out the back where it was a bit quieter for a smoke. I got the boring comfort stuff out of the way and then we went back in to find our seats were gone and the only seats available were right by the DJ booth.

I needed to escalate so I started the questions game to speed things up. Her first question to me was “where is the craziest place you’ve had sex?” She wasn’t wasting any time.

We played this for about 10 minutes before I excused myself to go to the toilet. The toilets were downstairs and when I was there I noticed there was another bar which was a lot quieter and had some couches free.

I went back up put out my hand, she grabbed it and I took her down stairs. I realise we are about an hour into the date at this point and I haven’t tried to kiss her yet. I try and she resists. No problem. The downstairs bar announces that it’s closing and we’d have to go back up stairs.

She tells me she wants to see some of the famous parts of Soho. I decide it’s a great idea to take her to a place called Freedom thinking that it’s a strip club, maybe all the strippers will make her hornier.

We pay our £5 entry each and the place is rammed. It’s full of gays and it’s NOT a strip club. Fuck.

Gay Bar

It’s her round so I send her off to fight her way through the hordes of homos to get us a drink. I grab a booth and sit and wait for her.

While I’m waiting a group of four men (one dressed as a woman) plonk themselves down beside me on both sides. The drag queen leans in close to me and starts chatting me up, badly. I politely tell them I’m here with a girl and that they can’t sit here. They don’t care, they aren’t moving. My date comes back with two jäger bombs looking very confused. One of the guys gets up and let’s her sit beside me. I’m sitting there wondering how I let things get to this.

We make polite chit chat with the homos. She thinks it’s hilarious that the he-she is hitting on me. We sink our drinks and I tell her “let’s get outta here”.

Logistics Problems

It’s now around 11pm. She tells me she is staying at a friends house and she has the only key, so she has to be back before her friend to let her in.

I tell her ok, let’s have one more drink at my place.

She had no objections so I order an uber (my place is about 10 minutes away), we get in and her friend calls her whilst we’re on our way to my place to say she’s coming home. Fuck.

We rerouted towards her place which  was 30 minutes away in the opposite direction. When we got there we went inside and her friend wasn’t home yet. We drank some wine and I pulled her in for the kiss. No objections.

We were sitting on her bed and she tells me “I don’t know what you expected from me tonight, but I am not going to sleep with you”.

“OK” I responded and changed the subject.

Her friend got home (who was also quite hot) and the three of us sat there chatting for while. I asked if there was anywhere good to go around the area that was still open and she said our best bet was to head back central.

I ordered an uber for myself and told my girl to come with me. She offered some token resistance saying she had to be up early, I told her its her last night in London, live a little. She looked at her friend who was encouraging her to join me.

It was a long uber back to mine however, there were no awkward silences.

When we got back I stopped at the shop to pick up a couple of beers. We got to mine, watched some youtube videos and drank the beers.

We started kissing again and I told her I was an expert masseuse. I took her through to the bedroom and she insisted that she wasn’t taking off her clothes. I said fine and gave her a massage over the top of her clothes. I then took out the baby oil and told her it was much better on flesh.

She said she couldn’t take her top off as it was a one piece which unbuttoned underneath, I rolled off and told her to choose some music she liked on the laptop. We started kissing again and I started rubbing her pussy over the top of her jeans, she pushed my hand away, got up and said she needed the bathroom. When she returned her jeans were off and it was just the one piece.

I started massaging her again, I unbuttoned the one-piece and pushed it up to reveal her bra and panties. I squirted some oil on and she really started to get into it. I undid her bra and started rubbing her full back and she started to moan. At this point I turned her over, pulled her bra away and started massaging her tits. I wiped the oil off my hands before I started fingering her, she was gyrating like crazy. I pushed her head back and went down on her (no spots or cold sore on my mouth this time). She had fantastic little vagina, barely a hair on it, nice and juicy and it was quite tight.

Within minutes we were fucking and she was quite wild even though she told me earlier in the date that she doesn’t like hard or dirty sex.

Post-coital Debrief

I asked her when she decided she was going to have sex and she said as soon as she got into my flat. She also said she was impressed how I handled the homos and how nice I was to her friend, in fact she said she was starting to get jealous and thought that I liked her friend more than her.

Woeful Week of Daygame

This is a long post.

Most of my posts are lay reports which probably make everything seem rosy. Any experienced daygamer will know this is not reality. Here’s a dose of the cold hard truth from the past week of my daygame exploits.

Wednesday 06 July

Post work session, only did 2 sets getting one number, a cute girl from Finland who was only in town for a few days. She told me over text that she had a boyfriend but would still like to meet up. I didn’t bother.

Later that evening I met up with a cute English girl (of Malaysian descent) that I’d closed the previous weekend  for a first date. It was good, I got plenty of kissing but she wouldn’t come back to mine. I’ll see her again.

Thursday 07 July

Approached a very hot girl on my lunch break. She told me she was in a hurry to get back to work and excused herself. Meh.

I went out again after work, approached 8 girls getting mostly blow-outs and no closes. Meh.

Friday 08 July

I went out for 2 hours approaching only two girls. This was down to a combination of shit vibe and low quality girls. I got one number which I am still texting however she’s only a 6, the only thing that’s driving me is the notch hyena. Meh.


Saturday 09 July

3 hour session in which I approached 5 girls getting only one number. The girl I closed was very bizarre. She gave me nothing but shit tests, the best one being when she told me her female boss (who was also from Ireland) sounded tougher than me. As she excused herself she told me to take her number. She responded to the feeler, I left it a few days before sending a ping to which she hasn’t replied. Meh.

Saturday Evening

I arranged to meet up with the 21 year old who’s virginity I had stolen the previous week, I fancied another go.

When I met her we exchanged pleasantries.

Me: How are you?

Her: Not good.

Me: Why?

Her: I’ll tell you when we sit down.

I didn’t let it rest at this point.

Me: Are you pregnant?

Her: No!

Me: Has someone died?

Her: No!

Me: Do you have an STD?

Her: How did you guess?

Me: Well it can’t be me, I’m clean

When we sat down she proceeded to tell me how her vagina was covered in blisters and it was painful to walk, sit, stand, piss or do anything.

“I guess I’m not getting laid tonight then” Said me. She didn’t laugh and proceeded to tell me that she’d been for a check-up and that it was herpes. I am the only person she’s ever had sex with so I was the only culprit.

The cogs in my brain started turning. I thought…

“I’ve shagged quite a few birds and none of them have ever cried STD”

“I went for a check-up just over a month ago and I was given the all clear”

“Oh shit, I popped that spot in the corner of my mouth just before our date, that’s how it happened, fuck!”

I tried to comfort her, “most sexually active men have herpes in their mouth, for me I get a cold sore once a year and I didn’t have one when I was with you so I don’t know how this could happen”.  It had to be the fact that I popped that spot.

“well now I have it for life and it’s really painful” said her.

This poor girl, she’s only had sex once and this is what happens. I felt bad.

Amazingly she didn’t hate me and we still spent the rest of the evening together. I took her for dinner, we went for drinks after and she even came back to mine to watch a movie and stay the night. Most of the evening I was making jokes about it to try and take the edge off. As she left the next morning I told her to text me when her vagina was better. She laughed. I was being serious.

Sunday 10 July

I’d had my first decent nights sleep in a few days so my vibe was good. I potted about the flat and eventually hit town at 4pm.

It was a warm day and Regent street was closed to traffic for the “Summer Streets” event. Apparently this will happen every Sunday for the month of July. I approached 4 girls getting 3 numbers in just under two hours. I weaselled one or two sets, the quality was genuinely low and had been every day I was out since Wednesday.

Out of the 3 closes one of them was a keen Thai girl who was leaving the next day so that was a no go. The other was a very hot Russian who has since flaked. The other was a hot French girl who also flaked. Meh

Sunday evening

I met up with a Turkish girl I’d closed two weeks previously for a first date. She lives in Cambridge and came into London for the day to do some shopping and sight seeing. She wanted to meet me at 1pm but I told her I was working until 6pm. This was partly true, I worked til 4 then daygamed for 2 hours before meeting her.

Upon meeting her I was pleasantly surprised by how hot she looked compared to when I closed her. She was wearing tight black jeans to show off her ass, a tight red boob tube which showed off her surprisingly large breasts and accentuated her small waist.

I took her straight to the usual tea venue in Seven Dials. We had one drink before I asked her if she wanted to see another part of London. She was keen so we made our way to Old Street on the tube.

I took her to two bars first, both of which were both showing the Euro 2016 Final so we walked straight back out of them.

I knew a speakeasy near my place that definitely wouldn’t show the football. We had one drink there where I escalated quite hard. I went for the kiss once and she pulled away.

It got to 10pm and I knew she had to be on a train back to Cambridge at 11ish. We got outside and I said “Let’s go back to mine and chill for a while, I’ll make you a cup of tea”

She said no. I was slightly pissed off, I’d assumed when she got on the tube back to Old Street with me that the deal was closed. Apparently not.

We went to one more bar, had a drink and I sent her on her way.

She ended up missing her train back to Cambridge and didn’t get home til almost 3am. I was sound asleep by midnight.

She sent me some moody messages the next day saying how alone she felt at the tube station late at night. I felt a little bad but I didn’t apologise, I just said “I had to be up at 06:00 for work, you could have stayed at my place but you chose not to”.

After this she sent me another message telling me how much fun she had and that she wanted to come visit again next weekend. I will see her again as she is a genuinely nice girl and I enjoyed her company.

Monday 11 July

I went out after work and only did 2 sets. The second one was a set I was more or less pushed into by a wing. I wasn’t that attracted and only opened due to the fact that I’d only done one approach.

She hooked straight away. She was Romanian and was only in London until Wednesday. She had a nice ass and was wearing one of those dog collars that a lot of girls seem to be wearing nowadays.

I asked her what she was doing now, she said nothing, she was going to go home soon. I told her I was with a friend and would text her when I was done. I ejected to catch up with my wing only to discover that he had gone home. I should have idated her.

I text her 30mins later and suggested a drink if she was still in town. She replied instantly saying that she’d just got home and proposed that we meet tomorrow night. I agreed.

Tuesday 12 July

I pinged her whilst on my lunch break at work. She was still keen to meet but couldn’t confirm until 8pm.

I’d just gotten home from work at around 8.30pm when she text saying she would still like to meet. I was just about to make dinner and relax for the evening when the notch hyena struck again. I thought “fuck it, this will be an easy lay”.


I quickly got changed (didn’t even bother showering) and made my way to the tube station. I met her at O’Neills in Carnaby street at around 9.15pm. I was tired and it was getting late so my game plan was one drink and bounce her home.

I did comfort for the first few minutes then dove straight into escalation.

Before long I found myself arguing with this girl about society, how it was being ruined by feminism and SJW’s. We got talking about sex, she told me she doesn’t do casual sex and asked if I did.

“Of course I fucking do, why do you think I’m here?!”… I said with a cheeky grin, but she knew I meant it.

I carried on, “why do you think men and women go on dates?”

“to see if they like each other and to meet new friends”

“Do you think men actually come on dates to make friends?”

“Of course, I’m still friends with lots of guys I’ve been on dates with”

“well no offence, but all your ‘friends’ are pussys”.

I don’t know why my temper was so short. It was probably a combination of the fact that I was tired, she wasn’t that hot and she was playing silly buggers.

I finished my drink, she finished hers and I told her I was going home.

As we were walking out she said “Oh I am sorry this was probably a waste of your time” whilst giggling.

I told her straight “It was, goodbye”.

So what’s the point of all this? 

It’s not all rainbows and unicorns, Daygame is hard. If you want to get good at it, you need to endure the woe.


Is it worth it?

I don’t know if it is for you. For me, it definitely is.


June Review

maxresdefaultSessions: 8

Approaches: 73

Closes: 11

idates: 0

Dates: 2

Lays: 1…. plus 2 from “night game”

I didn’t do a lot of daygame, averaging only two sessions per week, but I have some excuses for this.

I spent a week of the month on holiday in Marseille. Another excuse is the bloody gays. One of the weekends was gay pride in London where I approached 16 girls that Saturday without a single close. This was obviously because they were all lesbians and had nothing to do with my shitty daygame.

On a brighter note, I did lay two new girls from “night game”. I’ve put the inverted commas here because there wasn’t any game involved from my side for either the Burrito Bar Bang or the girl in Marseille. I was just in the right place, at the right time. The night game gods were kind to me.

Out of the 11 closes 5 flaked, I went on a date with two, out of the two dates I slept with one of them.  The other 4 are still on my radar as I am still texting them and have a dates set up with two of them for the week ahead.

The first date that I went on in June was difficult for me. I’ve been daygaming for almost two years now but I still have a lot to learn when it comes to date game. In hindsight the girl was very R select and if I encounter a similar girl in the future I will escalate much faster. During the date she was telling me some crazy stories about how she’s had several threesomes, likes meeting new people, likes living spontaneously and in the now etc. I did try and get her home at the end of the date, but it was a feeble effort and she fell off the radar after that.

I’m much better when the girl is more feminine and innocent, it’s easier for me to play the bad boy in these situations and that’s exactly what I did with the 21 yr old virgin.

July hasn’t started great, I went out for 2 hours on Friday after work and didn’t do a single approach. I could try and blame the low quality on display (it was low) but there were plenty of fuckable girls about. I just had a bad day. From my experience, any daygamer who says they don’t have such dips is lying.

So what can you learn from my ramblings?

  • Don’t daygame when the the city is infested with gays
  • Be in the right place at the right time
  • Approach more, even English girls
  • It’s ok to have a bad day