2019 – The Year of Meh

Example of the type of girl I couldn’t be bothered opening in the last few months of 2019.

This year was a strange one, I went full throttle until early September, when I returned from Moscow. In this period, I averaged just shy of 3 daygame lays a month and a handful from “bar game” [1], just under one a week total. Then BOOM – I descended into an abyss of nothingness, and I didn’t really mind.

There was never an intention on my part to take a break or hibernate. I still went out once or twice a week for the remaining months of the year for “a walk” but my heart was never in it. I’d leave the house purely just to get out of the house, and if I didn’t do a set, I didn’t give a shit, at least I’d still been for a nice walk. If I had to put my finger on what caused this, it could be one or all of the following;

  • I was travelling for work – a LOT. I spent roughly a third of the year on the road and not in places conducive to game. This was both mentally and physically draining due to the nature of my job. I was doing this when I was getting laid, but it ramped up towards the end of the year.
  • I’d banged enough birds.
  • I had some health problems – this genuinely shook me, so much so that I even quit drinking for a whole month. [2]
  • I dabbled in trying to convince myself that I could have regulars and/or a girlfriend [3] – and failed. This shifted my focus from getting new leads.
  • I tried to set up an online business – and failed. Admittedly, I didn’t spend very much time on this, so it’s not really an excuse.

For whatever reason, I just couldn’t be arsed anymore. It was like my fore-brain would see a pretty girl and think “Oh, I’d quite like to have sexual relations with that girl” and then my hind-brain would say “go home, you’ve had your fair share, you greedy little runt!”

I never really had a goal at the beginning of the year apart from “I’ll try and beat last year”. For me, goals and game don’t mix well and may even be counterproductive. It’s like you are trying to force something out of nothing. I am by no means a “go with the flow and see what happens” kind of guy, but I don’t think it’s good for your mental health to beat yourself up because you didn’t get x number of notches from y number of sets. There are many external factors outside of your control when it comes to banging birds consistently which make most statistics largely irrelevant. Now that we’ve established the irrelevance of statistics, let’s talk about my statistics.

July 2019 marked my 5th anniversary as “a daygamer”. However, I still do stats by the calendar year. So, this was my 6th year of logging statistics, and I have to say, I’m getting rather bored of it all. But I will keep doing it for the sake of science. As always, I will do a comparison to the previous year, and these stats are daygame only.


Sets Number FB/Insta Flake Date Flake idate D1 D2 D3 D4 Near Miss SDL Lays
566 22.44% 15.02% 20.75% 1.89% 3.53% 6.89% 2.83% 1.59% 0.71% 1.41% 0.53% 3.18%
4.01 127 85 44 4 20 39 16 9 4 8 3 18


Sets Number FB/Insta Flake Date Flake idate D1 D2 D3 D4 Near Miss SDL Lays
650 21.08% 11.38% 22.75% 1.90% 4.77% 5.69% 1.69% 0.31% 0.15% 1.08% 1.38% 3.38%
4.71 137 74 48 4 31 37 11 2 1 7 9 22

I ended 2019 (In September) with a total notch count of 27 (including bar game), up 2 from last year. 22 of these were from 650 daygame approaches – 1 in 29.55. A slight improvement on last years ratio of 1 in 31.44, the rest of the numbers were also very close to 2018’s apart from one – SDL’s.

This may lead the reader to believe that I was pulling harder or going out hunting for SDL’s. I wasn’t. I can’t decide if I got better at making decisions or if it was pure luck, but if I had to decide, I’d say the biggest improvement in my game in 2019 was making decisions. Maybe.

In 2019 I started following a bodybuilding program in the gym, although you couldn’t tell that from looking at me. This led me to start doing more research on the old lifting of the weights and I now follow a few bodybuilding personalities on youtube. There is a consensus amongst them that in the first 6 months of lifting you will get “newbie gains”. After this you need to eat well and continually put your body into “progressive overload” in the gym to see any further gains. And so it is with daygame, except the newbie gains phase probably lasts longer, for me this was about two years. To look jacked (naturally), it takes four or five years of consistent gym work and if you slack off you will lose those gains quickly. This is also true in daygame. I put in slightly more work (number of sets) and got slightly more gains (notches). Any improvement in my game last year was very incremental so much so that I struggled to notice any difference.

The increase in SDL’s probably means I got better at reading the signals that normal men don’t see when they’ve got a pretty girl sat in front of them. These signals can come in many forms – she may agree to a glass of wine after saying she doesn’t drink, she may just follow you to your place, or she might keep saying no before jumping on top of you. Whatever it is, you need to be vigilant, like a meerkat, or a lion… (yes, let’s go with lion, that’s more alpha) to spot the signal and have the balls to follow through, she’ll usually thank you for it.

Now for the run-down…

# Date Nationality HB Rating Location
1 01-06-2019 Philippines 7 London
2 02-08-2019 Turkey 7 London
3 02-17-2019 Taiwan 7 London
4 02-22-2019 Eritrea 8 London
5 03-23-2019 Azerbaijan 6 New York
6 03-30-2019 China 7 London
7 05-10-2019 Russia 8.5 London
8 06-02-2019 America 7 London
9 06-09-2019 England 7 London
10 06-09-2019 Brazil 7 London
11 06-22-2019 Iran 7.5 Belgrade
12 06-27-2019 Argentina 7 London
13 07-04-2019 Bosnia 7 London
14 07-05-2019 Russia 7 London
15 07-20-2019 Colombia 7 London
16 08-03-2019 France 7.5 London
17 08-09-2019 Serbia 8 Belgrade
18 08-23-2019 Russia 7 Moscow
19 08-23-2019 Russia 6 Moscow
20 09-04-2019 Russia 8 Moscow
21 09-07-2019 Russia 7 Moscow
22 09-27-2019 France 7 London
  Average 7.16  

The dates quoted above are when I opened them, 9 of these were closed the same day, the rest within a week, apart from the English girl. As mentioned above there were also 5 girls from bar game which I kept no notes on. You may have noticed that there are two daygame girls that I didn’t even do a blog post on. One was a cute little Brazilian girl with a huge mouth, nothing about her or the lay inspired me to write. Another was a 6 in Moscow, again nothing of note happened, apart from me coming after 2 strokes and spraying it all over her face and kicking her out a couple of minutes later so I could go for beers with the boys. Perhaps that was another learning point for the year – get your priorities straight.

So, what about 2020?

Despite my poo-pooing of goal setting, I do have one goal for this year, and by damn will I go all out to achieve it. 100 daygame lays (17 to go). Based on previous performance I think it’s achievable, but I won’t be hanging myself if I don’t hit it. These days I am more interested in finding a girl that I won’t be bored of after the first bang, which could potentially lead to a regular, then a pregnant regular, then a girlfriend, then a wife. If I find said girl before the magic number 100, I’ll gladly check out and all of this will be a fond memory.

Happy New Year to you all and thank you for reading my ramblings. All the best on your own journey in 2020.




[1] There is no nuance to my bar game, hence the “ “. I get a bit tipsy, talk to girls and sometimes I bang them, most times I don’t.

[2] I lasted two weeks.

[3] I even took one of the girls near the top of my list on a romantic getaway – and royally fucked that up.