The Walker Walk

Still nothing to report on the daygame front and I haven’t done a blog post in a while so I have resorted to trolling. This is what happens when you aren’t getting laid kids…

I was walking down Regent street a while back on the perpetual pussy slaying crusade.

I was talking with Ricky Roma, as we weaved our way through the sea of 6s. We started to discuss blind approaches and I told him about a guy I knew in Manchester that would spam approach every girl without even seeing their faces. He would run around from behind, get in front and open. If he didn’t like their face he would ask them for the time. That was his thing.

At this point Ricky demonstrated what he does in this situation. My explanation may not be doing this justice, but I will try. He walks fast (doesn’t run) from behind, gets a metre or two in front, turns 90 degrees,  looks at the unsuspecting victim, if he decides he doesn’t like her he carries his walk on before turning another 90 degrees to start walking past her in the other direction, before turning another 90 degrees and another 90 degrees to return to the original direction in which he was walking. This way, he hasn’t had to waste any energy opening a girl who isn’t worth a squirt. Now when I say 90 degrees, it’s more like 90 degrees with chamfered edges so that it’s a smooth walk around the girl. This he proclaimed, was called the Ricky Swing. That was his thing.

I said to him, ‘wow, you actually have a thing?’

‘I’ve actually got two things, that, and when I see a hot girl I say to my wing “well, will you look at that piece of shit?!”‘

Two things. This guy has two things. I’ve been in this game for more than two years now and I don’t have a thing.

Doing actual Daygame, getting numbers, getting dates and adventure sexing doesn’t matter a fuck unless you have, a thing. It started to dominate my thinking. I actually couldn’t sleep most of last night as I lay in bed thinking to myself, ‘what’s my thing?’

As I lay there I started to think about the things our illustrious Daygame pioneers had invented.

Starting with the ground breaking Yad stop. This is where you run, from behind, turn around and stop the girl from the front. It is similar to the Ricky Swing, except you stop if you like the girl. It’s also exactly the same as similar to Torero’s wheel of fortune.

I also thought about Torero’s Maradona Move. This is where you shake a girls hand, not make the English cry.

Torero also has the Torero Toe which is also exactly the same as similar to the what I first saw Nick Krauser do in Daygame Overkill.

Anyway, these are all examples of things. The point is, I need to give something back to the daygame community like all my peers who have invented (or rebranded/stole)  things of their own.

Then the eureka moment came to me, like Einstein must have felt when he cracked the theory of relativity. I got so excited that I started writing this blog post immediately.

Without further ado, I’d like to introduce to you my esteemed readers……

The Walker Walk ©.

I’ll try to explain this in Lay mans terms;

  1. Stand erect and upright (you, not your penis)
  2. Use your calves, hamstrings, and quadriceps to place one foot in front of the other.I normally put my right foot first, I move it forward through the air for about half a metre. I place the right foot on the ground and I lift my now trailing left foot, lift it forwards through the air for about 0.8m and land it safely on the ground. Rinse and repeat with the right, then left, then right, then left.
  3. Keep your shoulders pulled back, but relaxed
  4. Swing your arms as you walk, think Vince McMahon walking into the WWE arena
  5. Start out at a reduced warm-up pace, once you’re in state you can speed up or slow down as you wish

Well done, pat yourself on the back, you’ve just done the Walker Walk ©

Please try the Walker Walk © when you are next out daygaming, I invented it specifically for this purpose. It is absolutely free and can also be used at various stages of the model e.g.

  • Getting to your next date
  • Bouncing between venues
  • Taking her to the bedroom
  • Showing her to your front door after sex, on the same night, obviously

An added bonus of the Walker Walk © is that you can also use it in every day situations such as getting to and from work, going to the shops or getting to a whore house if you are going through a period of daygame revulsion.

Unlike Krauser, I genuinely care about my readers, so please, before you try the Walker Walk © keep these pointers in mind;

  1. Watch out for dog shit – girls don’t like the smell of this
  2. Wear comfortable daygame boots – trainers are gay
  3. Do NOT re-route your Walker Walk ©  for anyone coming towards you, even old ladies. Girls like this, it makes you look like you own the street.
  4. Only Walker Walk © at a pace that suits the length of your legs, it makes no sense to tire yourself out too quickly, this will vastly reduce your pussy slaying capabilities.

Try the Walker Walk © on a street near you today, it’s free!