hot-girl-image-20The Beginning

It was July 2014, I’d just recently moved to Dublin and knew no-one in the City, except people from work who were all much older than me. I went on the internet to look for friends, that’s how it works nowadays right?

I was looking up some groups and stumbled across some thing called “Daygame”. A chap by the name of “Paddy Daygame” claimed that he could teach you how to approach women in the street, without any alcohol in your system, get their number and potentially even put your dick in them. Lovely.

I did a bit more googling on the subject and sure enough, there was this hole underground cultish community with youtube videos, lay reports, forums and all sorts. I was overwhelmed with the amount out there once I started digging a bit deeper. I quickly found out the names of the main players from and through that I found Krauser and Torero.

After reading up on it I was excited, I couldn’t wait to try it. I looked up when the main coaches were next in Dublin, if at all. None of them were going to be in town for at least another month. That’s too long thought me, I could just go out and try it for myself? Fuck that.

I went back to this Paddy Daygame chaps website. He was offering a full days training, half theory and half infield for €250 and promised to have you approaching by the end of it. I emailed him and he replied the next day asking for my phone number. He called me and we had a chat, he seemed like a nice, normal human being with manners and everything. Maybe these daygame people aren’t complete nutters after all?  At the end of the call we set up my bootcamp for 21 July 2014.

It was a Saturday (international daygame day) and fairly Sunny in Dublin. Strangely I wasn’t even hungover, well not that strange, I had no mates to go drinking with. I arrived at the meeting point and I was absolutely shitting myself. I was expecting to meet a white, average height, maybe ginger Irish man. Much to my surprise around the corner came a tall black man with dread locks and announced “What’s the story?.. you must be Roy” in a thick Dublin accent. That was my first surprise of the day. He continued to bamboozle me as he explained the theory and what he was going to show me. He practiced approaching on me down an alley way and then made me do the same to him. Then I watched as he approached some real girls. He got a number of the first one. “Oh my fuuuucking God, this shit is nuts!” I still remember those being my exact thoughts when seeing this unfold before my eyes.

He eventually made me approach and I can’t actually remember my first one, so it was probably shit. All in all I did 8 approaches on the first day and somehow I manage to get the number off the 8th. Some little Asian dude (Let’s call him Mr T) came over to me afterwards and asked me

“are you doing daygame?!”

“I think so?”

“You can be my wing!..”

“Wing?… Ok, yeah sure”

I had a wing. After that I daygamed every day after work (and full days on Weekends) with Mr T (and one or two other guys every now and then) for about 5 months. I was hooked.

So what’s happened since 21 July 2014? 

I’m still at this Daygame lark, and since Dublin I’ve tried it in Cape Town, Manchester, Bucharest, Prague and London.

Stat Attack

I’m a spreadsheet wanker. As well as that, I like to track my progress to be accountable and honest with myself. It’s good having wings for a bit of friendly rivalry when it comes to the notch count, but you are only competing with one person in game, yourself.

“Progress is not an illusion; it happens, but it is slow and invariably disappointing.”

― George Orwell

I don’t do tinder and I don’t do night game. Here’s the figures from daygame and daygame only.

Total (21 July 2014 – 20 July 2016)

No. of Approaches Number Closes Facebook Closes Dates Lays
1380 242 (17.54%) 64 (4.64%) 58 (4.20%) 16 (1.16%)

Now let’s compare year one to year two to see if I’m improving;

Year 1 (21 July 2014 – 20 July 2015)

No. of Approaches Number Closes Facebook Closes Dates Lays

84 (16.43%)

22 (4.31%)

19 (3.72%)

5 (1%)

Year 2 (21 July 2015 – 20 July 2016)

No. of Approaches Number Closes Facebook Closes Dates Lays

146 (18.72%)

35 (4.49%)

38 (4.87%)

11 (1.41%)

I always thought i approached a hell of a lot more in my first year than in my second, but the opposite is true.

As you can see, with more approaches came more notches. What’s more satisfying for me is the percentages. Each percentage increased slightly so I must be doing something right.

Previous to game I’d slept with maybe 15 women. In my first two years of game I  slept with 16 from daygame and another dozen or so that I met out in bars (see Oui Oui Marseille, Burrito Bar Bang ,  Lay Report – Black Tattoed GirlLay Report: Hungarian GirlLay Report – Cape Coloured Girl for the stories of these since I started this blog). These are NOT included in the notch count. I did have to use some game on all of these, and there was cold approach involved, however, there was also alcohol involved so it doesn’t count.

My Woeful Week of Daygame post got the most views of any of my posts. It’s obvious that people like to read about other peoples failure and misery, that’s why Bodi is so popular. However, this post is sending the opposite message and is clear evidence that daygame works and it is worth the slog. So get the fuck off the internet and go and approach 🙂


14 thoughts on “The Journey: Two Years In

  1. Good to see these stats. Its fascinating to see and compare to my own. Not many guys in the daygame community show these (esp. the conversion rates in later stages). One thing I would suggest doing is calculating the % of each stage to the previous stage (so for example number of dates leading to number of lays) instead of doing a % at a particular stage all measured back to the number of approaches that year. That way you can see the ‘success’ at each stage (doing it the way you have above gets distorted in several ways). No matter, data is all still there to do this calculation easily enough which I have summarised below.

    Close/Approach ~1/5
    Dates/Close (Tel & FB) ~1/5
    Lay/Date ~1/4

    Your stats to me show that

    1) If you approach enough you will get laid albeit with a LOT of work

    2) the results yr over yr are actually very stable. The differences each year aren’t statistically significant over the number of trials you have done (in other words you’d expect randomness to kick up at least this much discrepancy if not a whole lot more) …

    This tells me ….

    a) there has been no improvement in game between years, or it could perhaps be that you quickly picked up anything which was useful within the first year (anything learnt after this was redundant to your results)


    b) game improvement doesn’t necessarily translate to any improvement in tangible results

    I realise that this could be construed as game blasphemy but the data never lies. one interesting thing to do to discount what I said in a) would be to look at your results within the first year and break in down into months. We could then see if you had fast improvement within this early stage (if these are stable as well it would show that game hasn’t helped you beyond just approaching more).


  2. so you can see how I got the ratios of success at each stage I have put in a table for you here …

    Year Approach/Close Dates/Close Lay/Date

    0 0.22 0.19 0.28

    1 0.21 0.18 0.26

    2 0.23 0.21 0.29

    When you look at the exact figures in decimals in fact you performed incrementally better in every way in year 1 over year 0 (although year 2 was incrementally better than year 1). The differences are so negligible though that its not worth reading anything into this as its not significant statistically as I said above.


  3. sorry typo .. meant to say “When you look at the exact figures in decimals in fact you performed incrementally better in every way in year 0 over year 1” [got wrong way around]


  4. Ah sorry in my table I counted your average figures as a separate year (what I called year 0). Should be as follows:

    Year Approach/Close Dates/Close Lay/Date

    1 0.21 0.18 0.26

    2 0.23 0.21 0.29

    Its an incremental gain but not significant … it would be interesting to see your stats through that first year.

    It highlights the huge drop off rate of girls at every stage … you are dropping 80% (4/5) girls that you get a no from and around 75% (3/4) girls you go on a date with. This is the issue for normal guys doing daygame. There usually isn’t enough time to build that connection and bond in a street stop. I have the same issue despite having better conversion ratios at all stages bar the approach to number close (which is exactly the same as yours at 1/5).

    Ps apologies for multiple postings…just trying to chew over this info.


    1. Wow I think you’ve analysed the stats much more than me!… You are right about the monthly thing. I did have a couple of little spells where I didn’t go out at all for a few weeks at a time. It would be interesting to see your stats as well.


  5. LoL I work with statistics so for me this is fun to look at 🙂 … on my side the ratios are the same for number closes to approaches but slightly better from there onwards, but not by that much … like you I have to go through a lot of volume to get results. My results actually started out ok at the beginning of approaching (dates/lays) then as I got into Pickup they actually went down … then I took on just bits and pieces of pickup and the results went back to what they were when I first started (albeit I can now approach any girl I want / am able to progress interactions smoothly rather than be all over the place)!

    I think this drop off is the nature of daygame. We are stopping girls we don’t know in the street in order to try and date them. Many girls are just not conducive to this process, some may like you on the street but go home and have second thoughts about you as the connection hasn’t been solidified in 5-10 mins on the street leading to the drop off factor. My new philosophy is to still do daygame but as just one strategy amongst others, such as social circle and eco system [I actually think eco system game produces the best results in terms of being able to date high quality girls].


  6. Nice stats man. Good too see the stats. How long did it take to get the first lay from day game. And did you see major improvement in your inner game once it happened.

    Curious to know as I have been daygaming for 6 months now with no lays. Been doing it constantly for the past 3 months. I have started getting instant dates now but I have failed to convert any of it. But I’m not worried as even Krauser took 1 year to get any lay.


    1. Thanks man. It took me just under a month to get my first lay. I didn’t see a massive improvement, but it was a major motivator to go out and smash it more. I’m not sure if I could keep at it without good reference experiences.


      1. This is a great right up fellas. Zatara, great analysis, i like the way you think. I wish i knew guys like you. Most of my mates arent single and if they are have no game. It would be nice to wing with someone, but i do it solo at the moment and im doing ok. Based on your analysis Zatara, im about

        Close/Approach ~1/2
        Dates/Close (Tel only) ~1/5
        Lay/Date ~1/4

        My close/approach is pretty high because im a realtively good looking guy, 6’1″ and in good shape and my game is solid. But the flakes are staggering. My close/approach ratio isnt reflected in the other two ratios, but maybe thats just the way it is.

        Hopefully this thread is still alive and you guys get pinged when i post this. Would love to hear back from you and see how you’re all doing, ie. still running daygame or hitched?


  7. Thats very kind of you 🙂 I saw the reply ping. Wow I cant believe its been a year and a half since this was written. Time really flies. It shows you have to make the most of every day.

    Im day gaming after about 6 months in hibernation. Stopped due to bad weather, projects I had on and if Im honest a bit of daygame revulsion which kicked in. Ive found its hard to do a serious amount of game and get anything else of substance done because of the emotional rollercoaster that pickup takes you on.

    So your stats show your number closing half the girls you bump into. Thats amazingly high. It probably means you are closing girls a lot of girls who are unavailable. Id say more than half of girls out there are in a serious relationship of some kind or in a hibernation phase. Its interesting that the stats from there on in are essentially exactly the same. 20% of girls who are number closed come out on a date and 25% of the ones who come out on a date will sleep with you. Id be curious to know out of 10 what would you rate your SMV? What would you rate the SMV range of girls you approach? [some guys approach any women between 18-40, some approach only lower SMV girls & some approach only high SMV girls]. Also where are you doing most of your game?


  8. Hey Zatara, i’d rate myself an 8, i’m 40 yo (tell women im 35, if probed, and even theyre shocked), i target 18-25 mainly. I go higher in age bracket if they’re 9’s or if they have large natural breasts on a slim frame. I typically go for 8’s or higher. Will drop to 6-7’s (if theyre young and have the big natural titties). Most of my game is done on the fly. ie. when im out getting a coffee with a mate in acland street st kilda, shopping in bourke street mall, sittinh in a restaurent for dinner (technically not daygame, but still requires daygame skills IMO).


  9. Another thing I’d love is a spreadsheet template. Zatara or Roy, can you shoot something through to me? Thanks !!


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