D3 Date Report: K girl is getting attached

Spank the monkey every two days or you will turn into one.

Mary came around to my place for dinner on Saturday evening. I’d been out drinking heavily on Friday night with Steve attempting night game, it wasn’t as successful as the previous week and I was paying for my excesses all day Saturday.

She messaged me one hour before she was due to come over saying that she wanted to drive and would be going home early. I immediately downgraded my odds of getting the notch from bang on to slim to none, I was close to telling her not to bother coming as I was feeling quite rough.

She parked up at my place just before 18:30 and I greeted her as she got out of her car. She’d made quite the effort, this time in a purple dress which showed off her long legs again and some very nice black stiletto style high heels. “How the hell did you drive in those?” was my opener. “Practice” retorted Mary with a smile. We walked to my local supermarket. I picked up an old el paso fajita kit, some chicken to cook and the cheapest bottle of red wine. No expense spared.

There’s a cute girl at the check-out desk that talks to me every day, I always assumed she was just very friendly. As I went to pay with Mary in tow the check-out girl said “aaah, so you’re having a fajita night in, that’s nice”. As we departed the store Mary said to me “are you aware that the check-out girl has the hots for you?” Maybe she’s not just very friendly then.

I gave Mary a brief tour of the apartment before telling her to take off her high heels. She sat down at the dinner table and I poured us both a glass of the fancy wine before beginning the complex process of putting the pre-diced chicken in a frying pan and adding the contents of the fajita kit. Mary told me about her week and I told her about mine. It all felt very nice, like what normal people do that have dates and relationships and stuff.

I plated up the food and we had some interesting conversation, one particular point she made sticks out in memory;

Did you know that you should masturbate every two days?

What?! – as I almost choked on my chicken

Yeah, if you leave it any longer than that, it turns into proteins that are harmful and can make you crazy. Lot’s of Lebanese boys are like this, they abstain from masturbating and they’re all weird.

I never believed in that no fap stuff anyway. The topic of conversation soon returned to whether I would be extending my stay in Melbourne. Again I told her that I wouldn’t be staying but there was a slim chance I may have to return in the future. She gave me the puppy dog disappointed face. I quickly changed the subject by grabbing my guitar, sitting on the couch and starting my chick crack medley. She rushed over to sit beside me and said “wooooow, you’re really good!” I’m not. She pawed at my arm as I played and practically mounted me as I strummed away. I put the guitar down and she mounted me properly. We kissed very passionately as I grabbed her juicy ass. The balcony door was open and there was a rowdy group of drunk Aussy girls on the balcony opposite cheering us on. I pushed Mary off me and got up to close the balcony door and lower the blinds.  The drunken aussies booed in disapproval before I returned to the couch saying “as you were” to Mary.

We fooled around for 20 minutes or so before she announced;

Roy, I’m still on my period

Still?! It’s been a full week

Yeah, it’s lasting longer than normal.

She wasn’t lying as I could see a little white patch through her lacy red underwear. I took her to the bedroom anyway, we kissed a lot, she was kind enough to finish me off with her mouth. She wasn’t very good at BJ’s and I had to give her little bit of advice, her low notch count was showing. After this she gave me an amazing face massage as she lay on top of me naked.

Normally people pay a lot of money for this massage… and I normally have clothes on.

It must be my lucky day

We put our clothes back on before returning to the couch and cuddling.

If you weren’t leaving, would you keep me around?

Mary was getting attached and I hadn’t even banged her. Honesty is always the best policy in these situations…

As I’ve told you I’m not looking for a relationship, but yeah, I like you, you’re a very nice girl. You’re the type of girl I’d gladly take home to meet my parents or take down the pub to show off to my friends.

She is that type of girl and I would keep her on as a regular if I was staying in Melbourne. Mary is not what I imagine a typical Australian girl to be like. Yes she obviously has the Aussy accent, but she’s incredibly feminine, very sweet and very sensual in the bedroom.

It was now pushing 10pm, Mary reminded me that she had to be up early so I walked her back to her car. I know, I’m SUCH a chode. I asked if her if she was ok to drive and she told me that she’d only had two sips of wine, I didn’t even notice. One of these days I’ll get that sober notch.

Learning to Read and Write

A girl reading, yesterday.

I was really bad at English in my school days – I just wasn’t interested. We read a lot of books and did comprehension tests, I hated it. We read and wrote about Shakespeare. I couldn’t understand the funny way he worded things, “why don’t they talk properly?!” I would protest to my English teacher. She was a middle aged Scottish woman (she’s dead now) who was quite possibly the ugliest woman I’ve ever seen. She had brown sideshow bob hair on top of a long but chubby sunbed wrinkled body. She always wore a grey suit and her teeth seemed to defy gravity, protruding towards you at 90 degrees from her gums. She wore bright red lipstick which would always end up smudged onto her cantilevered teeth. Despite her appearance, she was very likeable and had a vicious sense of humour. I recall her frequently roasting misbehaving students with a tirade of slurred Scottish gibberish – “Rrrrrrrrroy, will ye sshtop that the nuuuu before ah cum over there and sshmack ya!” In hindsight, she was probably an alcoholic. A Scottish alco, teaching English in Northern Ireland. There’s a joke in there somewhere.

There was only one book that I clearly remember reading and enjoying whilst I was at school; George Orwell – Animal Farm. As a 13 year old lad I remember reading that and thinking, this all sounds a bit mad, imagine living in a world run by pigs. Yet here I am as an adult abounded by madness.

I dropped English as soon as I could, at 16 years of age whilst attaining the minimum possible grade to pass GCSE level and progress to A-Levels. Then I did proper, practical subjects – Maths, Physics and Business before proceeding to University to study Engineering where I got much better grades.

I never looked back and was never much of a reader, never mind a writer. Yet here I am, on a Saturday afternoon, instead of being outside talking to girls, choosing to write about reading and writing.

So what changed?

I started talking to girls, lots of them. After talking to these girls in the street who didn’t know me from Adam, at 30 years of age I realised I was missing something. I wasn’t interesting, I didn’t have a story to tell. Since starting pick-up that has changed somewhat. I’ve travelled to more countries, met more good friends, got rid of bad friends, read more good books and had sex with many beautiful (and one or two not so beautiful) women in some crazy situations. When you do things like this you soon find that you have a story to tell, you become interesting.

As I’ve made my way down this garden path of pick-up I’ve been inspired by many modern casanovas – in chronological order – Neil Strauss, Mystery, Daygame.com, Tom Torero and Nick Krauser. He recommended one book that I am currently reading…

Stephen King – On writing

I’m only one third of the way through the book but I don’t want it to end. He has a unique style of writing – short sentences – lots of hyphens – short chapters and he uses brackets (which I thought was frowned upon in the writing community). So far he’s told his story from childhood to a 26 year old father of two who just closed his first major book deal for Carrie. Whilst telling his story he drops nuggets of gold;

Good story ideas seem to come quite literally from nowhere… Your job isn’t to find these ideas but to recognise them when they show up.

When you write a story, you’re telling yourself the story. When you rewrite, your main job is taking out all the things that are not the story.

Get rid of all unnecessary words.

It’s a great book so far and I highly recommend it. Another good one is…

Nick Krauser – Daygame Infinite

I’m four fifths of the way through and it’s my second time reading it after being a test reader. I’ll post a full review when I’m done, but it’s good. It’s taking me a long time to read as it is quite technical and doesn’t flow like a novel. As with daygame mastery, it’s designed as a reference book, keep it on your shelf, introspect on your experiences with girls and then consult uncle Nick. He’s probably the most original, in-depth thinker of our time when it comes to game, finding new concepts and explaining the nuances like no-one else can. This is a not so tedious link to another book I’m reading…

Carl Jung – Modern Man in Search of a Soul

I went into a bookshop here in Melbourne and asked the shop owner if he had a book called The Archetypes and The Collective Unconscious after listening to Jordan Peterson wax lyrical about how great it was. The shop owner didn’t have it, instead he had this much shorter book. It’s been on my bedside locker for almost 3 months, it’s only 250 pages long but I still find myself a mere 97 pages in. So far he’s explained how he thinks that dream-analysis is key to understanding the subconscious, how it’s important to consider all opinions (Freud and Adler) and approaches when it comes to analysing neuroses, how no-one really knows how the brain works and that there is a whole new sector of science to be explored – he’s named it the collective unconscious. It’s quite heavy reading for a psychology layman such as myself.

As mentioned, amongst all this reading I’m doing some writing. I find it easy to bash out blog posts (especially when I get laid) explaining what’s happened in my journey. What I find more difficult is the how it happened. After some encouragement I have started this process and am roughly 8,000 words into a daygame memoir…

Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 15.11.42
Everyone loves an origin story.

At this rate, I’ll reach my 80,000 word target by February 2019. I’m struggling to hit a flow state, when I’ve written something I find myself frequently deleting hundreds of words at a time. It’s my first attempt at a book and I’m attempting to make it perfect, reading about how to write then writing about writing but not actually writing. Talking to girls is a walk in the park compared to this writing stuff, which reminds me, I have to go and get ready for date 2 with this girl.

Hopefully the next blog post will be tomorrow, and I’ll be telling you about another notch, that’s much easier.



Date Report: The Power of Instagram

image-lilacIt was a Friday afternoon at the beginning of February and I was out for a lunchtime stroll on another hot day in Melbourne. I’ve been going out most lunch times for a walk lately to clear my head, most of the time I don’t bother opening, but if an opportunity presents itself I do not let it pass and this was one such occasion.

I was strolling down Swanston street appreciating the shade afforded by the shop canopies when I saw a dreamy looking brunette walking slowly in front of me. She looked good from behind with long brown hair down to just above her ass, she wore a white flowy blouse, brown baggy satin trousers and brown sandals. She proceeded at a snail’s pace so I picked up my speed to get a look from the front. She had a very pretty face with big dark brown eyes, tanned skin, big red lips and lots of little moles around her cheek bones. Her frame was slender and her legs were long, she seemed to be looking at every shop window as she ambled her way through the crowds without any urgency.

Excuuuse me, I saw you from back there and I thought you looked very cute, you seem to be very relaxed, very zen, without a care for anything in the world whilst everyone else is storming up and down the street in a hurry, it’s very refreshing

Oh, thank you

She wasn’t hooking so I carried on…

I’m guessing you are not from Melbourne, you seem to be looking around like you’ve never been here before and you don’t look typically Australian.

oh haha, I’ve lived in Melbourne my whole life but I’m from Lebanon originally. I’m not often in the CBD though, I’m here for a training course and just on lunch break at the moment

Ah, what do you do?

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine

Let me get this right, you stab people for a living?

Hahaha, yeah I guess you could say that

Well that explains why you seem to be so relaxed

She hooked and we exchanged stories for about 5 minutes before I brought the set to a close as I had to get back to work.

Mary, it’s been lovely chatting to you but I have to get back to the office

Yes, it’s been lovely talking to you too, I never do this

What, you mean talk to strangers in the street?

Yes, well no, I mean lots of guys try and talk to me when I come to the city centre but they’re always so creepy! You’re different.

Oh, thanks I guess. Well like I said, I think you’re very cute so I would like to take you out another time

Oh that would be nice

You have whatsapp?

No and I don’t feel comfortable giving out my number

Oh ok

Do you have instagram?

I do, you want to stalk me before agreeing to meet?

haha yes

I added her on instagram as we stood there and she immediately followed me back. Mary was very sweet and the fact that she wouldn’t give out her number led me to believe that she was very K. She was a maybe girl and it would take some coaxing to get her out.

I used to think getting a girl on instagram was pretty useless, but as Krauser spoke about on a recent interview he did with the lads from street attraction, it can be a very powerful DHV and can actually take a girl off the fence from not being sure about coming out on a date, to getting her out.

We text back and forth for a couple of weeks, I invited her out a few days later but she wasn’t available. I went to Bali for a holiday and this is where Instagram did the DHVing for me. I was posting pictures with friends and adding cool things to my instagram story. She was always top of my story views which means that she watched my story more than once. Mary was intrigued.

When I got back from Bali we got into a long text chat about books one evening. It was just before she went to bed and I did not invite her for a date. A couple of days later, the Thursday, I invited her out for Saturday. She was hesitant to commit so I pressed forward with logistics…

I ended up being 25 minutes late for the date due to a festival that was going on in city and all the transport links were in chaos. I told her to meet me at Flinders street station as I do with all my dates. She got there at 7.10 and I around 7.25.

She waited inside the station and would not come out until I got there, she didn’t want to stand at the common meeting point at the front of the station. Very K behaviour.

When I eventually got there I text her to come outside and my jaw almost hit the floor as she came through the turnstiles to greet me. She had put on makeup, wore a small black dress which accentuated her long tanned legs and a pair of white heels. Despite the short dress, she did not look slutty, she looked very elegant and had really made an effort. Before the date she was a solid 7, now she was pushing an 8.

Wow, you look fantastic

Thanks, you don’t look bad yourself

Sorry I’m late, I’m normally very punctual but the trams are all over the place with this White Night festival

I walked us to the same island bar on the river that I have taken all my dates to. We got a table and I got her a glass of wine and myself a beer. Straight away she told me how this was very weird for her, this was the first time she’d ever agreed to come out and meet someone that she didn’t know. She then joked that maybe that’s why she was still single.

We did the comfort fluff and I found out she was 28, still lived at home with her family and was not actually born in Lebanon, she was born in Melbourne, her dad was from Lebanon. I was disappointed as the opportunity for a new flag disappeared. However, I pressed ahead as she was still smoking hot.

She started quizzing me on how long I would be in Melbourne. I told her that I would probably only be here for another month and she was visibly disappointed. We finished our drinks and went for a walk further down the river.

Everywhere was packed due to the festival in the city, as we walked I grabbed her hand and pulled her along behind me through the crowds of people. She squeezed my hand back as I did so.

I found us another bar on the river, we sat at a high table with stools facing each other. She got a cocktail and I another beer. I started the questions game and her first question was;

Do you want to stay in Melbourne?

Haha haven’t you already asked me that?

No, I asked you when you were staying until

I was as honest as I could be and told her that I missed living in the UK, I witheld the main reason i.e. there are more hot women. I told her about how I missed watching Manchester United, I missed being able to jump on a flight for a weekend trip to Europe, I missed my friends.

As we spoke I dropped spikes every few minutes as I stroked her legs, she had put moisturizer on them so they were very soft and she didn’t seem to mind this, in fact she told me it felt nice.

I asked her why she was single and she told me that she was very indecisive when it came to men. She had only ever had one serious boyfriend and had been on a couple of tinder dates but they never went anywhere. This was her first date in over a year. Her notch count must have been very low.

Mary told me how she wasn’t sure if she wanted to boyfriend or just to have some fun before finding a relationship. I had her firmly in the K-box but could be persuaded to have one last adventure before settling with a chode, I had a window.

It was now almost 9.30pm and we could hear fireworks going off down the river. I paid up the bill and we walked arm in arm back up towards the fireworks. As we walked I found a gap in the stream of people, pulled her to one side and pulled her in for the kiss. She was surprisingly all in, with tongues and kissing very passionately and fast.


We watched the fireworks and I joked how this was the cheesiest possible first date, kissing as fireworks went off by a river. As we stood there her vagina was pressed against my hard dick, she clearly felt it and said;

We can’t do anything tonight

Why, you have your period, or is it a rule?

It’s both

It was now around 10pm and she told me that she would get the 10.30pm train home. She asked me if I was disappointed and I told her that I didn’t expect anything more. We walked around the city looking at the White Night exhibitions until it was time for her to catch her train.

I tried to seed the next date by suggesting I cook her dinner at my place, she seemed keen but told me that she was a vegetarian. I joked that it wasn’t going to work out between us.

Well, you don’t have to cook for me, I’m sure we can think of other things to do

Hopefully there will be a part 2 to this story.

Lay Report: Fijian Flag

Not this hot, but I got bored googling.

I don’t usually write up night game lays as there’s normally not much game involved, I’m usually pretty drunk and the quality of the girls I pull at night time is significantly lower than what I get from daygame. This story is different…

It was Friday at around 5:30pm as I departed the office without much planned for the weekend. I declined invitations from colleagues to go for beers in the sun and instead opted to join an old friend from my hometown who has been living in Melbourne for the last 8 years.

This friend, let’s call him Steve, is someone I used to get on really well with at school but we drifted our separate ways as the years have passed. He’s a salesman and has what us gamers would call “natural game”, he’s funny, jacked, always has a hot girlfriend (he’s currently dating a Lebanese 8) and has no idea about game, in other words, he’s a wanker. I frequently call him this. I went out for drinks with him a few weeks back and he did a stellar job of winging me as I gamed a 5 and he laughed his head off as I left him at the bar to go back to her place. Not one of my proudest moments as a man of game.

I met up with Steve at around 6pm and we went to a rooftop bar and drank a few beers as I filled him in on the debauchery I got up to on a recent trip to Bali [1] . We bumped into a couple of his male ex-colleagues and I got to know them quite well. They started telling me stories about their love lives and I felt genuinely sorry for them, despite being funny, good looking guys, they reeked of pussy repellent.

After an hour or so Steve’s friends departed and Steve told me he had to go to a friends birthday party in another part of town. It was now around 8pm and I told Steve that I would just go home and have an early night. He told me to come with him and I wasn’t keen at all. Then he said;

Roy, my friend is gay, all his friends are girls and they’re all pretty hot


We jumped on a train to the other side of town and went to a fairly upmarket bar/club. As we arrived Steve greeted the birthday boy as well as lots and lots of girls, he wasn’t lying. Steve introduced me to them all and as I went to the bar to get us both a drink he leaned into me and said;

Roy, the blondie in the black heels is single and I think she likes you

I know Steve, she’s been IOIing me since we got here


Never mind

I proceeded to talk to the blondie as Steve held court with the rest of the group, this must be what they call social circle game. The blondie was nice, a solid 7 but I found her a little boring. She excused herself to go to the bathroom and I stood there alone leaning against a wall opposite the bar. I noticed a black girl and a cute little Indian looking girl standing at the bar laughing quite loudly. The short Indian looked in my direction and I had no hesitation in walking straight over to the pair of them and announcing;

Excuse me young ladies, I’m a member of the fun police and you girls look like you’re having waaaaay too much fun!

oooooh hahahaha we’re sorry

The cheesy old school lines still have their place in a players repertoire. I was in and both girls seemed to like me. I found out fairly quickly that the Indian looking girl, let’s call her Kerry, was single and the black girl had a boyfriend. This was perfect as Kerry was my target.

The black girl excused herself to go to the toilet and I was alone with Kerry, we laughed and giggled as the blondie stood across the bar in a huddle with her friends glancing over every now and then wondering what was going on.

Why do those girls keep looking over?

Ah, they’re just my friends colleagues, he knows everyone in this bar it seems, I thought you were one of them.

No, I don’t know anyone here except my friend that went to the toilet.

I don’t remember much of what I prattled on about but the vibe was electric, she looked at me with fuck me eyes for the entire conversation and it didn’t take me long to get a boner. I glanced over Kerry’s shoulder and saw her friend coming back, her friend looked at me, smiled and walked in the other direction to give me and Kerry more time together. Good girl.

I chatted some more with Kerry finding out that she was born in Fiji, was in her late 20’s, a lawyer and had a passion for travelling. In my tipsy state I thought she was an 8 [2]. We shared some travel stories and before long she started to wonder where her friend went. I told her not to worry, maybe she was tired and went home. All of this happened in about 10 minutes from when I opened her, then she announced;

I don’t normally do this, but I want you to come back to my place

Oh, where do you live?

It’s about 10 minutes away in an uber

Let’s go

I ordered us an uber and as we departed I said goodbye to Steve who was now stood with the blondie. He looked at me with a wry smile and said “see you later, dick head.”

As we travelled towards Kerry’s place in the uber my mind wandered to an episode of Black Mirror [3] that I watched recently where a nerdy guy had a dating coach giving him advice in his ear as he opened girls in a bar. He opened a two set and one of the girls looked fucking crazy, a man after my own heart. This girl invited the nerd back to her place and the dating coach thought his work was done. The nerd lay on the bed while the girl poured the drinks. She mounted him on the bed and forced him to down the drink. It killed him. I told her this story and she told me not to worry, she wouldn’t kill me, at least straight away.

Luckily I am still alive to tell the tale and my dalliances with crazy bitches has not killed me, yet.

Kerry had a very nice apartment and was clearly financially comfortable. She poured me a whiskey and I made sure to have a look at the bottle, it was Johnny Walker Blue, didn’t look poisonous. She had a vodka.

We sat on the couch chatting and before long we were kissing and down to our underwear. I tried to fuck her on the couch but she insisted that we go to the bedroom. I threw on a condom and fucked her very hard, this girl liked it rough. Her bed was possibly the comfiest I have ever slept on so I invited myself to stay the night as I gave her the debrief.

I asked her when she decided she wanted to have sex with me “as soon as you came over to us, it showed so much confidence, I wish more guys would do it.”

I banged her raw dog a few more times in the morning (I only carry one condom in my wallet) before we went for breakfast. I might actually see this girl again.

We are just over 6 weeks into the new year and I have now collected the Kiwi, Sudanese, Balinese [4] and now Fijian flags. Melbourne may not have the best quality, but at least it has some exotic flags.


[1] I went there to catch up with some friends, but with a couple of days to go I downloaded Tinder. I got lots of matches and the quality was strangely high. I banged two of em’, one of which I paid for and it was worth it. The other one acted as a tour guide for me showing me around the island as I rode shotgun on her scooter. Alpha.

[2] I downgraded her to a 7 when I woke up in the morning.

[3] It’s called White Christmas, I recommend it.

[4] I’m counting the one I didn’t pay for.

Lay Report: Sultry Sudanese

Body very similar, face not so much.

I banged my first black girl since March 2016 last night. Most guys I know aren’t a fan of the black booty but I get the jungle fever every once in a while. I’ve slept with quite a few black girls now, most of them pre-game when I lived in South Africa and they all had one thing in common; they were great in the sack. They all had big lips, big asses and were great at blow-jobs. They all seemed to be sweet and innocent (except this one) until I got them into the bedroom where they would turn into filthy animals. Here is the latest story…

It was 6pm on Friday evening as I departed the office having resisted the urge to go for beers with colleagues. It was a perfect evening for daygame, around 22 degrees, no wind and the Sun would not set until 8.30pm.

As I walked towards Swanston street I spotted a very hot little Vietnamese looking girl walking in my direction, she was short but had a body like an hourglass and a very pretty face. I opened, had a great set only for her to tell me she was actually on her way to meet her boyfriend who she lives with. I was disappointed but as I departed she thanked me for having the balls to talk to her, it’s always good to hear this.

I carried on and was opening every 10 minutes, it was the most quality I had seen in Melbourne to date. I didn’t close any of them as they all seemed to have boyfriends, or at least they said they did. That was until I saw the black girl.

I spotted her as I waited for some pedestrian crossing lights to turn green, she was at the other side of the road. She was relatively tall, probably the same height as me, had long black hair, a black tank top, skin tight white pants and black plimsoles. From the other side of the road she looked like an 8 to me.

The lights went green to cross and I examined her face as she got closer, it was young but not the best, her teeth looked a little crooked so I dropped her a couple of points as I let her pass me by. I turned my head to check her out from behind and then I saw the big booty, I could see the outline of what looked like a red thong through the white fabric of her spray on pants. She went back up a point and I instantly got a boner, it wasn’t a DNA tug but I really wanted to bang her so I turned about and made chase.

I got in front of her and I don’t actually recall what I said to her. I just remember that she had a very nervous smile and took a step back as I was rattling through my stack. When she eventually spoke I was surprised to hear that she had an Australian accent. We spoke for 5 minutes and she never really seemed to relax.

She was born in Sudan and moved to Australia with her family when she was 12. I complimented her on her physique and told her that she must be a gym freak as I poked her bicep. She returned the compliment and told me that I looked like I’d been working out as well, finally someone noticed! Despite all this, each time I tried to inch inwards she would back off. I asked her what she was up to and she told me that she was on her way to meet her friend for dinner. I told her I’d like to take her out another time and we exchanged numbers.

As I walked away I was certain it was going to go only one of two ways; she would block me OR I would bang her, nothing in between. I carried on my merry way and put her to the back of my mind as I carried on opening other girls. Then at just before 8pm, she text me first…

It was clearly going to be the latter and as you can see from my texting, I wasted no time in nudging things in that direction.

It was almost 9pm before she turned up as she got a little lost. As we walked back up Swanston street lots of male heads would turn in our direction, I clearly wasn’t the only one who noticed her ass.

I walked us to the same rooftop bar I took the kiwi to and we sat opposite each other on a small table. I asked for a pint of beer and the soy boy waiter informed me that they only served “pots”, these are half pints. I begrudgingly got one and she ordered a cocktail.

We did the comfort fluff, I found out she was 25, the eldest of 7 siblings and was doing a part time finance course whilst working as a waitress. Her family had left Sudan due to a war between the Muslims and the Christians, she was a Christian. I let her tell me her sob story before telling her that my mother told me never to talk about politics, religion or exes on a first date. She giggled and finally seemed like she was starting to relax.

We finished our drinks and tried a couple of other venues nearby but they were all packed and noisy due to it being Friday night. I walked us to an old mans pub and it was perfectly quiet and there was a booth free at the back. I got the drinks in again and we sat beside each other in the booth. I started the questions game and her first question was “what do you want from this?”.

I told her that I hadn’t set out with any particular goal in mind (I had), but that I wanted to take it as it went, live life in the moment and if something happens it happens, if not, so be it, blah blah blah. She lapped it up.

I kissed her shortly after this and her big juicy lips were ravenous. We had one more drink as we carried on with questions and kissed a few more times. She started complaining of back pain and I suggested that we go back to mine, she could stretch out on the couch as I played the guitar.

She initially said no before changing her mind 5 minutes later. As we departed the bar I hailed a cab and we were in my apartment within 10 minutes.

As she came in she took her shoes off voluntarily and plonked herself down on the couch and lay on her back. I got us another drink before playing a couple of tunes on the guitar as she lay there.

I put the guitar down and grabbed her hand “I can sort your back pain out”. She followed and lay face down on my bed as I gave her a back massage. I lifted her top to put some lube on her back and she undid her own bra as it opened from the front and took it off at the same time as her tank top. I carried on with the massage for a couple of minutes before rolling her over and kissing her.

Soon afterwards all our clothes were off and she proceeded to give me one of the best blow-jobs I’ve ever had. I made sure to put on a condom before I banged her doggy style and took great pleasure in spanking that great big ass as I did so.

She was pretty keen to get home straight after this as she still lives with her parents and it was now after 2am. I ordered her an uber and off she went into the night.

The second month of the New Year has just begun and I’ve captured two new flags so far. Melbourne is still shit.