“Enjoy the Process!”

Obligatory hot girl picture.
Daygame is shit right now for me. They say you should “enjoy the process, man!”. Well, I call bull shit.

I don’t enjoy getting blown out 5 times in a row, getting numbers and them flaking, going on dates where the girl is knowingly tooling you, getting fucking cold sores from my herpes riddled regular. These things aren’t fun and if you enjoy them, then you’re probably not right in the head.

However, the optimist in me tells myself, it will get better, man. Keep plugging away, keep ‘er lit and your skill set will improve and you will ultimately slay more pussy.

We are at the end of February and I have endured another month of daygame misery, nothing is getting better yet…

Sets Number FB Flake idate Date Near Misses Lays
67 11.94% 4.48% 36.36% 0.00% 1.49% 0.00% 0.00%
Sets/session: 3.94 8 3 4 0 3 1 0

The month got off to a good-ish start, I had 3 dates in the first few days. I took out a nice Asian girl (rare for me), got kissing on the date, walked her back to my flat and she refused to come in at the front door. Fuck. I still haven’t seen her again, but we are still texting so it’s not a dead lead.

I went on a date with a hot Russian girl. This was a set I did at the beginning of January. It was a great set, and I remember thinking to myself at the time, “surely that won’t flake”. She flaked. Then pinged me out of the blue at the beginning of February saying “hi Roy )”. Got to love girl game.

I got her out and we were about half an hour into our date, she was half way down her glass of champagne, I was nearly finished my pint of beer (I drink fast). I asked her why it took her a month to respond, about 30 seconds later she stood up and said she really had to go. She has since gone back to radio silence over text.

I took out a very tall Hungarian girl. It was a strange date, she was happy to discuss sexual topics and I kissed her a few times. It was getting slightly late and I had work the next day so I suggested we have one more drink at mine. She agreed, got up to go to the bathroom before we left and when she returned from the bathroom said that she’d rather go straight home and would not be coming back to mine. Fuck. I tried to get her out again and she told me she wasn’t interested. Fair enough.

I had a few very fizzy sets throughout the month that sizzled with sexual tension, one in particular stands out in the memory. She was a short little English girl with red hair and massive tits that were bursting out of her top, she practically said “fuck me now” with her eyes as I laid on the patter. I was with RickyRoma at the time so I took her number and let her go. He said to me, “why didn’t you idate her, she was floppy as fuck!”. I didn’t and still don’t have a good answer.

So I got slightly closer to fresh pussy, but it is still just out of grasp. I went out 17 times in February and have thrown in the towel with a couple of days to go. I got 11 contact details from 67 sets. About half of those flaked straight away, the other half have responded and since dropped off or are in the process of dropping off.

Daygame doubt is beginning to creep in and I am beginning to question everything, “does this shit work any more?”, “am i getting worse?”, “Do i actually need to take a break like everyone keeps telling me?”.

I’m starting to change things up a bit due to this doubt. One cringeworthy change up I implemented was when I audio pinged a lead with a cheesy date request. The clip lasted 45 seconds of to me playing guitar and proposing a date. She didn’t respond. Maybe I shouldn’t change things up.

Luckily, or unluckily for me, i’m not sure which, I’m a stubborn bastard. I will not become part of the 90% that throw in the towel. I’ve already tasted the success that this past time serves up and it’s quite tasty, like a salmon rose, with extra caviar on top . I remember the good times, they were only a couple of months ago. Without these good reference experiences I’m not sure I would be so stubborn. I can understand why there is such a high drop out rate at this Daygame thing. We need to manage our vibe carefully, one way to do this is to have things to look forward too.

I have a euro-jaunt fast approaching, in 44 days to be precise, not that I’m counting. I cannot wait for this, however, I am conscious that I could burn myself out before I step foot on the plane so I will continue to take mini-breaks of 2-3 days from daygame until then.

I am not expecting to discover any pussy paradises, the places I am going have seen plenty of daygamers. I am expecting it to be tough, to get blown out, go on dates to nowhere and to encounter some LMR. However, the weather will be nicer, the cigarettes and alcohol will be cheaper and I’ll be on holiday, so it will be that bit easier to “enjoy the process” ūüôā


Keep ‘er lit

Before she hit the wall.

January was a month to forget. It was dry, not from alcohol, not from rain, but from fresh pussy. I saw a couple of my regulars throughout the month but they both bore me for different reasons and I didn’t even come close to getting a new girl into my bed.

I could blame it on the weather. I could blame it on burn out. I could blame it on shitty game. I could blame it on women’s attitude. I could blame it on the lack of women. I could blame it on my wardrobe. I could blame it on my diet. I could blame it on my sleeping patterns.

Here is one feasible hypothesis from Xants after he took a break from his hibernation one day in January;


I could blame all of those things¬†and it’s probably a combination of all of them. As frustrating as spells like these are, they are part of the game, a player must embrace them and not get too disheartened. There are all sorts of motivational¬†one liners to spur us on in times like these – “embrace the suck”, “grind it out”, “keep your chin up”.

Growing up in N. Ireland I went on many a drinking session, as we’d move from bar to bar we’d say to each other¬†“keep ‘er lit, hi” as we’d drink pint after pint after pint. We would keep this up until we would loose the ability to speak and/or walk, we’d still soldier on repeating the mantra “keep ‘er lit!” until the bouncers wouldn’t let us in to the next bar, at which stage we would get a “carry-out” and go to someone’s place to carry on the drinking. Obviously this behaviour is not good for your long term health, and i do not advise it, but you get the point.

This time of year is when most daygamers take a break or a hibernation period to recharge and work on their value. I can see that there would be benefits of doing so and have been advised to do so myself. But I’ve tried that and it’s fucking boring. I took a 4 day break over Christmas and I was bored shitless. Now I take a couple of ¬†days off each week and am always itching to get back on the streets for my next blow out. After a couple of days off I feel re-charged and I can’t think of anything better to do than talk to girls, I often wonder how I filled out¬†my spare time pre-game.

So here are my miserable statistics from the month of January 2017;


Sessions Sets Number FB Flake idate Date Near Misses Lays
18 73 16.44% 2.74% 57.14% 2.74% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00%
 Sets/Session 4.06 12 2 8 2 0 0 0

I¬†went out 18 times, the vast majority of them, solo. I didn’t approach a lot when I was out because most of the time there just weren’t that many girls about. Some days I’d do one set and call it a day, others I’d do seven.¬†I’m still texting a couple of the girls that didn’t flake, one of them replied to me a full month after the close, another told me she had a boyfriend which she forgot to mention during the set and I’m still pinging, a few of them I never bothered texting. I had a couple of idates to nowhere and that’s the closest I got.

I’ve looked back through my spreadsheet and this is easily the worst month I’ve had (where I have been actively daygaming) since I started. Is my game getting worse? Maybe. But lets compare myself to Wayne Rooney of Manchester United. He recently became the clubs all time top goalscorer. Throughout his career he has always performed at the top level. However, he has always scored goals in spurts scoring in every game for 10 or so matches, then nothing for a few months, no matter how much he would train hard, he just wouldn’t be able to find the net, but he’d always average around 20 goals per season.

I’m not saying that I am at the top level of the daygame sphere, but what I am saying is that¬†even though things aren’t going well right now, the best solution for me is not to take a break, but to keep on plugging away and trust that things will come good again. I will test this hypothesis at the end of 2017 when I compare my stats to 2016 (I’m already 2 notches behind 2016 me). Until then, I’ll keep ‘er lit, hi.