Lay Report: First London notch of 2017

The closest I found when I typed half Chinese/Indian into google… She’s hotter than this.

I’ve been back in London for just under two weeks now, the daygame has been tough and my vibe has generally been shit as a result; I’ve done 86 sets, got 12 numbers, 9 of these did not respond to the feeler and I’ve had only one date (apart from the near miss). These stats are as thoroughly depressing as the quality on display compared to my jaunting days. However, it only takes one set to turn everything around…

Last Thursday I was walking down Oxford street at around 4pm. I saw a cute Asian girl on the other side of the road dressed all in black. Unlike GG, I very rarely open Asian girls, I just don’t find them that hot. This one looked a bit different though, maybe Kazakh said my pre-calibration.

Open – Thursday 20 July 

I ran across the road and opened her whilst I was slightly out of breath, she noticed this and giggled as soon as I opened. It was a very solid set, lasting around 15 minutes, I probably could have idated her but I decided against it as she lived in London and had plans later that evening. During the set I found out she was 23, had just finished a degree in ‘fashion history’, was born in Hong Kong but her Dad is from Nepal, hence her different look. She looks Asian, but her eyes are bigger and her hips and breasts are curvier than your typical Chinese girl, she was hot. A high 7 in my book.


There was some back and forth over the weekend, we both had plans so I set the date up for the following Monday. She agreed to it but tried to snatch the frame a few times over text. First she asked if I could come to her area as she was low on cash. I refused telling her that I don’t know her area, I was inviting her out so I would get the drinks. She agreed to meet me in from of Top Shop on Oxford street. A few hours before this she texted asking if we could go to a sushi place she knew which was half way across London from our agreed meeting point. I refused again telling her that we were just having a drink and that there was a nice place I wanted to take her to near Oxford street. She stopped with the shit tests.

D2 – Monday 24 July – 19:30

She turned up looking very hot in black shiny plimsolls, tight denim blue jeans, a racy black boob tube which had rips in it, almost like Wolverine had clawed at it, under this you could see her lacy black bra which was showing off her surprisingly perky breasts. Over this she wore a black lacy blazer and a leopard skin scarf. She had a bit of makeup on but not too much and had made a real effort, I really wanted to bang her.

The first venue was a Sam Smiths pub called the Cocks Tavern. We did the usual comfort fluff as I drank a beer and she had a double vodka and orange juice. She would mention a few times that she was working in the morning and could not have a late night. We spoke about her family, her work and her hobbies. As I was shifting from 1st into 2nd she decided to go straight to 4th asking “what type of girls do you normally date?”. Prior to this point I was thinking this girl would probably take a few dates to get the notch, now I decided to go for it on this one.

I walked her to the second venue which was another Sam Smiths pub called the Horse & Groom. It was now 20:30 and I was already planning the bounce to my apartment which was not even a stone’s throw away. The bar was empty so we got a couch at the back, perfect for escalating. As I ordered the drinks at the bar I pinged the guys telling them that I would be bouncing back to the flat after this drink.

I started the questions game and things got sexual very quickly, her first question was “have you ever had a one night stand?”. I told her I’d had a few and she told me that she had never had one. Yeah right. After a couple of sips of beer I went for the first kiss attempt. There was no resistance on her part, but she was a terrible kisser, she kept biting me.

Soon after this I invited her up for some wine and again, there was no resistance to this idea. I gave her a little tour of the flat, both the boys had their bedroom doors shut so I poured us some wine and took her straight to the bedroom. By 21:30 she was on my bed, just under 2 hours after meeting. I gave her about 15-20 minutes to feel more comfortable, I played a couple of tunes on the guitar and showed her some pictures. Before long all of our clothes were off and I was banging her raw-dog. I came on her stomach within about 2 minutes. She asked “we’re gonna go again, right?”. It was now around 22:00 and I was getting tired, she seemed to have forgotten about getting up early for work in the morning and wanted more.

I banged her again on the bed, against the wall, on the desk in my room and she also mounted me as I sat on the chair. As she was on top I leant back on the chair so that it went onto its hind legs. As I did this the hind legs buckled and we both ended up on the floor! This debauchery went on for quite a while, we finally finished banging at around 00:45 and I was exhausted and dripping with sweat.


She told me that she knew she wanted to fuck as soon as she agreed to come upstairs to the apartment. She asked me how many sexual partners I have had, I gave her an honest approximation (50-60). She told me she had less than 10, I don’t believe this for a second.

At around 01:00 she asked me if I could order her an uber as the last tubes had now gone. I’d already spent £20 on two rounds at the bar so I was reluctant to spend the same again on getting her home. I offered that she stay until the morning and get the tube home, she agreed and we banged again in the morning.
Will I see her again?

Maybe, she is hot and is great in bed. On the flipside, she is a bit princessy and doesn’t seem to have much going on in her life, I’d probably get bored of her very quickly. When she left this morning she didn’t mention seeing each other again so maybe I won’t get the choice.




Near Miss: Californian Girl

She was actually hotter than the girl in this pic and younger looking
This is a painful post to write as I got so so close, but now she has left the country and I’ll probably never see her again. However, I’m fairly certain I know where I fucked up…

I hit the streets on Saturday for my first proper session back in London and as expected, it was SHIT. I did 8 sets and got one number. I’d forgotten how bad the quality was, how unreceptive the girls were and how harsh the blowouts can be in London after 3 months in Eastern Europe. I had no enthusiasm to be on the streets at all and the quality drop was hitting me hard. I sacked off the daygame and went for beers with the lads that evening.

The next day I woke up late and in a shitty mood so I decided to get up, get showered and go walk off my hangover. My plan was to go out and enjoy the sunshine, I wasn’t going to throw myself in front of any buses. I left the flat at around 3pm,  walked to the bottom of my street and ordered a coffee at the Costa. I meandered down Regent street, it was Sunday so they had pedestrianised it. There was a carnival atmosphere, it was mainly families, but it was nice to be outside.

I took the first sip of my scorching hot Americano and I almost spat it straight back out when I saw a very tanned brunette with big pouty lips and MASSIVE tits, she was wearing a flowery dress attached to a black boob tube and walking in my direction. I let her pass me and I had a good look at her front behind, she had a big flowery tattoo on her back. I noticed that every mans head was turning in her direction as she strolled up the street. I had to do it.


I told her she looked pretty, she was very exotic and that she looked like she had just come from the beach. She just stood there looking me up and down.

“You’re definitely not from London, maybe you are from a caribbean Island..” I continued.

“HAHAHA, NOOO, IM FROM CALIFORNIA!!” she said in her loud, nasally, American accent. It irritates the shit out of me, but I decided I’d put up with it on this one occasion.

I found out she was a nurse in California, loved to travel and was only in London until Tuesday. I asked her what she was up to and she said;

“Actually, I’m looking for a bar, I WANNA DRINK!”

Ding, Ding, Ding went the SDL bell. I looked at her, looked at my full Americano and said “I know a nice bar just around the corner, let’s go”

V1 – 15:15

I walked her to a bar on Kingly street. We sat opposite each other at a table outside. I got us drinks, she had a double jack daniels and I a beer. We did the comfort fluff and I found out she loved to drink, exercise and travel. However, the most interesting piece of information was that her tits were fake, double D’s. They were impressive. We talked a lot about the plastic surgery culture and gym obsession in California, about her career and her family. She was 31 but she looks more like she’s in her mid-twenties due to going to the gym every day and the surgery. She’s a high 7, would have been and 8 a few years ago, I really wanted to bang her.

She offered to get the next round in but I suggested we go for a walk and she agreed. I walked her to a bar across the road from my new flat.

V2 – 16:00

She ordered us both double Laphroaig’s, we sat on a bench outside and I started the questions game. I asked her why she was single and she said that no man has been able to put up with her travelling. She travels solo a lot and often for two weeks at a time. I asked her to show me some pictures from her travels and at this point I sat beside her. I did my best to escalate both physically and verbally but it was difficult given that we were sitting outside in the broad daylight and there were a lot of people around. After another drink I decided to try and bounce her to the apartment

V2 – 17:30

As we were walking I asked her if she liked red wine and she said yes. I invited her to my apartment which just happened to be directly across the road. She agreed to come up without a fuss. I gave her a quick tour before taking her to my bedroom as Ricky and GG were also in the flat. I poured us red wine and I showed her some youtube videos. She guzzled the first glass down in about half a second, I refilled her glass and went for the first kiss. There was no resistance but she pulled away first. This happened a few times but she resisted further escalation.

I rolled off and then she said she wanted to go out. She got up to go to the toilet and bumped into Ricky in the hallway so we all had a brief chat before leaving. He would later text me this…

Ricky is slightly more generous with the HB rating
It was now around 18:30. I suggested we go to Camden market and she liked this idea. We finished the wine (she drank most of it!) and made our way out. As we were walking we decided we were hungry so went for burgers…

V4 – 18:45

Nice buns
After food I told her it was now too late to go to Camden so walked her to another bar at the top of my street. We had another drink each then started walking towards mine. I walked us into the supermarket and just assumed that she was keen to come back to mine. I bought a bottle of wine and walked back to the flat, she followed.

It was now somewhere between 20:30-21:00. I got her onto the bed again and poured the wine, again. We were both quite tipsy by now and she was very chatty. I put on Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona, we didn’t watch it much and the kissing got a lot more intense. I pulled her underwear aside and started fingering her hard. She was moaning loudly and I thought it was game, set and match. But then she pushed my hand away. I rolled off and tried again two more times. As I was fingering her the third time I tried to remove her top, but it was attached to her skirt, I’d never seen such a garment! I asked her how the hell do I remove it and she just laughed. Eventually her forebrain took full control and she said “I don’t have sex on the first date, this is too fast”. I rolled off completely hoping that she would reinitiate. But about 30 minutes later, at around 23:30, she ordered herself an Uber and was gone. Before she left she talked about hanging out the next day (Monday) as she would leave on Tuesday morning. Deal.

I pinged her the next morning, she was replying but I felt that the bubble had already burst and as suspected she ghosted after her last message at 11:54.

Where did it all go wrong?

I think I made the right call in trying to go for the SDL even though she had another day in town. I don’t think I escalated too fast, in fact, quite the opposite. The idate lasted 8 hours, 1 more than recommended by Mystery. When I had her in the bedroom the second time I should have got my dick out. Krauser probably would have done it in the first bar!

Oh well, I will know for next time…

Euro Jaunt Review

This girl has nothing to do with this post, other than the fact that she is a girl.

I’m back in London and the post jaunt depression is kicking in. I took a walk round the usual central London spots for about an hour yesterday and I did not see ONE set that I wanted to open. As ever, I will remain optimistic, I’m sure it will get better here. I have now moved into a nice new apartment with Ricky and GG and it is a 5 minute walk from Oxford circus. That means bouncebacks every Saturday, right?

Before I fix my focus on London, here are my final thoughts on the Euro Jaunt…

In mid-April I departed London for what would be my biggest jaunt to date. 88 days later I would finish the jaunt in Kiev having banged 14 girls in 4 different countries, that’s 1 every 6.29 days. This is way beyond what I expected from the trip, I would have been happy with half that.  This trip has given me a sneak peek into what it would be like to go full nomad and as each day passed I would ask myself if I could ever do this full time. The short answer to that is… YES, I would do it in a heartbeat. Here’s the longer answer…

I will start with the stats, as ever, these are daygame only.

Sets Number FB Flake Date Flake idate Date Near Miss Lays
381 32.81% 7.87% 34.19% 34.19% 2.89% 7.87% 2.10% 2.62%
5.95 125 30 53 19 11 30 8 10

If I take out the travel to, from and between locations then only 80 of the 88 days were available to daygame. Of these 80 days I went out 64 times giving an overall average of 5.95 sets per session. I had a total of 16 “days off”. 5 of these were in Belgrade, the rest interspersed sporadically throughout the trip.

I opened 381 girls in total, getting the contact details of 155, a close rate of 1 in 2.46. 53 of these did not respond to the feeler.

I only started tracking date flakes in Moscow as this is when it really began to annoy me! I Idated only 11 of these girls. This was a conscious decision, I only idated towards the end of my time in each location or if I decided that it was logistically the best option.

I dated 30 of the 155 girls, just under 1 in 5. This number does not include D3’s, D4’s, D5’s or even D6’s! The number of dates would roughly double if I included these.

I had 8 near misses, some of them were a lot closer to the line than others and my notch count would have almost doubled if I converted them all. All the near misses had one thing in common; I pulled too fast due to running out of time. Either I was leaving town or they were.

I banged 10 girls from daygame and 4 from night game. Here is a full rundown of the 14;

Girl – Date – HB Rating – Age

  1. Night Game Belgrade – 14/04/2017 – 7 – 23
  2. Girl outside Restaurant Belgrade – 20/04/2017 – 7 – 22
  3. 19 Year old Belgrade– 21/04/2017 – 7 – 19
  4. D4 Belgrade – 22/04/2017 – 7 – 29
  5. Night Game Warsaw – 30/04/2017 – 6 – 20
  6. Ukrainian in Warsaw – 02/05/2017 – 8 – 25
  7. Night Game Blondie in Warsaw – 12/05/2017 – 8 – 22
  8. The Witch in Warsaw – 16/05/2017 – 7 – 27
  9. J Cups Warsaw – 20/05/2017 – 6 – 24
  10. Night game in Moscow – 03/06/2017 – 6 – 26
  11. 17 Year old Moscow – 07/06/2017 – 7 – 17
  12. Violinist Kiev – 29/06/2017 – 7 – 20
  13. D6 Kiev – 06/07/2017 – 7 – 22
  14. Yes Girl Kiev – 08/07/2017 – 6 – 33

Averages: HB 6.86 –  Age 23.5

Of course, I would have liked the average HB rating to be higher. However, I am happy with this, I consider myself to be a male 6, I don’t get many IOI’s and I have to use game to make these girls attracted.

The average age was 23.5 (Before I banged the 33 yr old this was was 22.76) which is 10 years younger than me, again, I am happy with this.

What did I do well?


I was happy with my daygame. My sets were of a consistently high level and the results show this. I was beginning to question everything at times in Moscow, but a change of scenery seemed to fix everything. I must be getting the hang of this stuff.

Wing Selection

Everywhere I went I had at least one wing. There were only 2 days on the entire jaunt that I was solo. This was much better than expected. When I booked the trip I was expecting to be solo for most of it. But different wings joined up along the way and I met a few others for the first time. The daygame community is quite small and I saw the same faces in several locations. If you’re of a decent level of game and not a complete weirdo, then you shouldn’t find it hard to find travel buddies. Thanks to Xants, Mr R, Tomasz, The Chesire Cat, Krauser, Mr Arr (shotgun), Ricky, GG and Seven, it was a pleasure winging with you all.

Vibe Maintenance

Even when I wasn’t approaching, my mind was more or less constantly on game. However, I took days off, I went to the gym fairly regularly and I made sure to enjoy myself. You don’t have to approach every hot girl that walks by you and at times I was happy to walk around with the lads as they did the sets.


I think I chose the best three consecutive months you could for a jaunt. Most EE cities empty out in July and August and the weather is too hot anyway. You only have September and October to jaunt after this. I wanted to do 3 consecutive months so I went from mid April – mid July. If I had to book it again I would adjust this slightly to go at the beginning of April and come back end of June.

Avoided Revulsion/Meltdowns

This is due to the above.

What could I have done better?


I had a rough budget in mind before I went out, but when I was there this pretty much went out the window. If I was more careful with this I could have travelled for longer, but I was ready to come back anyway.


I booked all my flights and accommodation months in advance. If I hadn’t done this I probably would have stayed in Belgrade longer, left Moscow earlier and stayed in St. Petersburg longer. I know that Krauser only books his travel arrangements a week or so out. If I did this again, I would adapt a similar approach.

Alcohol consumption

I like a drink; in the 88 day period I had only 4 days without a drink. Most days I only had 1 or 2 beers at dinner. However, when I was travelling with Xants I drank a lot more. I don’t regret this but there were quite a few days when I was daygaming with a hangover, this didn’t effect my results too adversely but it does make it more of a slog. There is also the fact that alcohol is not good for your health in the long term and it also ate a significant portion of my budget. If I went full nomad this would have to change.


Before I departed I had grand ideas of how I would use my time when I wasn’t gaming. I would complete Jordan Petersons Self Authoring program, I’d figure out how I would create passive income, I’d read a million books, I’d watch philosophy videos on youtube. None of this happened.

I was and still am amazed at how easy it was for me to become a lazy slob. When I’m in the UK I manage to squeeze in work, gym, daygame, dating, reading and other hobbies into a typical day. When I was jaunting my typical day was waking up at mid-day, going for food, daygaming and then either going on a date with a girl or having dinner/beers with the lads. Rinse, repeat. I was never bored, but it’s not a sustainable lifestyle.

Could I go full nomad?

Yes I could. Is there anything better than swanning around the globe and meeting, dating and having sex (without paying for it) with hotter, younger women? All I have to do now is crack this passive income thing, tweak my budget control, cut down on the boozing and I’m laughing.

Final City Rankings

This is how I enjoyed the cities overall, as with everything on this blog, this is my opinion, based on my experiences;

  1. Belgrade
  2. Kiev
  3. St. Petersburg
  4. Warsaw
  5. Moscow

Kiev Review

I have departed Kiev, which brings my Euro Jaunting for 2017 to an end [1]. I am currently sweating my arse off in Cyprus visiting my Turkmen for what will probably be the last time I see her. Yes, I do see a tiny percentage of the girls I bang again. It has been a frantic three months and now it is time for me to take some time out from daygame. I will review the entire trip on a separate post; this post is my tuppence on Kiev…

First Impressions

Even though I did OK in Moscow, I felt like it had defeated me, I couldn’t wait to get out of there. So when I touched down in Kiev I was buzzing with enthusiasm and a renewed sense of vigour. I landed late on the evening of Thursday 22 June. I woke up the next day, the sun was shining and I was raring to go, like a coiled spring.

I was solo for my first day, at around 11am I took my maiden voyage down the main daygame strip, Khreschatyk street. My plan was to get food, buy a local sim then hit the streets. As I went about doing the mundane stuff I was highly encouraged by the skirt passing me by. Short shorts and skirts were everywhere and the bodies that they sat upon were generally young and tight.

Once I got food in my belly and a sim in my phone I popped off a few sets. The first one turned into a mini-idate, she asked me to walk with her whilst she bought a diary for her friend. We spoke for about 20 minutes before I took her number [2].

I opened another girl at the crossing at the bottom of Khreschatyk. She was a very tall brunette with bronze skin, easily an 8. She was IOIing me as we crossed the road in opposite directions. It was a great set, I took her number and I was absolutely buzzing [3].

I popped off another and got a polite blowout. After this the heavens opened and with that, the streets emptied which brought an end to the daygame for that day. This first day would turn out to represent the rest of the trip quite nicely; Lot’s of promise only to have it plundered by factors outside of my control.

The City

The cost of living is a LOT less than Moscow and the drop in quality is negligible, in fact, I think it may even be better than Moscow in that regard. You don’t have to fart about getting a visa and then registering it when you get there. There is undoubtedly a lot of poverty and this even had an impact on several of my sets as I was interrupted multiple times by beggars. Despite this, there is a pleasant vibe about the place and most people can speak English. There are a lot of parks around, a nice river and there seems to be plenty of non-game things to do, I didn’t do any of these of course, apart from when walking with girls. They have also realised that eggs can be cooked after 12pm, a very significant factor when considering a Euro Jaunt destination.

The Girls

If London is a sea of 6’s [4] and Warsaw a seas of 7’s then I would say Kiev is a sea of 7.5’s. There are a lot of hot girls but you need to have your wits about you to figure out their angle. I touched upon this in one of my lay reports, but you do need to be careful when you’re opening on Khreschatyk, especially during gutter game hours. This is when the “turkroaches” and sex workers are on the prowl. That said the vast majority of the girls I opened seemed to be genuinely nice girls who didn’t want anything in exchange. The worst cases I suffered of girls on the take were;

  1. A girl asked me to buy her a £100 bouquet of flowers before she would consider coming out on a date. I sent her emoticon flowers on whatsapp, she didn’t like them and I never got her out.
  2. The violin girl insisted that I feed her every time. She only ate salad, it was worth it.
  3. Night game girl – see below

Even though the students were no longer around there seemed to be plenty to shoot at every day. I rarely saw the same girls again so I didn’t get the feeling that the city was too small. I never once had a girl say that she had heard it all before even though there were a lot of other gamers around, the city is not burned.


I was uncertain whether I would have the finances or the gumption to carry on jaunting after Moscow, but around mid-June I decided to go for it. Xants and I booked our Kiev flights and accommodation. Having followed me all the way to Moscow, Krauser also ended up following me to Kiev arriving a few days after us. Even though we were an odd number it worked out quite well in that we rarely daygamed as a 3-set and I thoroughly enjoyed the camaraderie. I dragged them both to the gym, we would frequently fish at a Belgian restaurant on Khreschatyk, drinking coffees, beers and whiskey whilst discussing all things game, sports and politics and Krauser would also tell us about his video games. It was fun.

Enough of the pre-amble, let’s analyse the stats;


Sets Number FB Flake Date Flake idate Date Near Miss Lays
77 44.16% 3.90% 37.84% 8.11% 3.90% 10.39% 2.60% 3.90%
34 3 14 3 3 8 2 3

I opened 77 girls over 13 sessions averaging 5.92 girls a day. Of the 17 days available to daygame, I had 4 days off. I certainly wasn’t spamming and was quite conscious of vibe protection. I was starting to feel a little bit of burnout, especially after a frustrating month in Moscow.

I got the contact details of 37 of these girls; a close rate of 1 in 2.08, number closing is definitely not the problem in this city.

Of these 37 contact details 14 did not respond to the feeler, this is quite normal. Only three girls flaked on agreed dates. Two of these were girls that I had already been on a first date with, so date flaking seems to be almost non-existent compared to Moscow.

I had 3 idates, one of which I would convert to a notch, the other two I got out on proper first dates. One of them sent me a long message saying that she knew that I was only after sex and that is not something that she was interested in. Fair enough. The other girl left town for the rest of Summer after a double date as well as a proper first date.

I had 8 proper first dates in total. 3 of these are discussed above, I banged another two. The other 3 dates went as follows;

A date to nowhere with a cute economics student

We did coffee then an alcoholic drink but she resisted all forms of escalation. I didn’t get the kiss. We set up a D3 for my last evening in Kiev but she flaked only to text me the day I left saying “I’m sorry, I left my phone at my grandma yesterday”. This is despite her viber status being almost constantly online throughout that day.

Near Miss with a “Photo-Model”

This was quite a milestone for me. She didn’t drink so we went for coffee. I escalated hard in the coffee shop, kissed her a lot and bounced her back to the apartment. Kissed her some more but she resisted further escalation. That would have been my first ever notch without any alcohol involved. Unfortunately she left town the next day and I never got her out again. She is still texting me so this goes in the long lead bin.

Near Miss with a Whore

This was technically a night game set and was to be my only one of the trip, we didn’t find any good places conducive to night/bar game. I opened her as Xants and I were waiting for an uber to Coyote Ugly on his first night in town. I saw a short busty girl crossing the road in my direction. I can’t quite remember what I said but I recall going caveman and demanding that she stopped. She responded enthusiastically, I went for her number as she was about to get into a separate taxi. She asked where we were going, I told her and she invited herself along. Xants and I exchanged a puzzled look as she walked over to her cab, cancelled it and jumped in the Uber with us. We got to the venue and I ended up buying her a few drinks. Xants left us alone for a while and I kissed her a few times. I took her home in an uber, I was quite certain I would get laid but I had some reservations as to whether she would ask me to pay for it. As we ascended the stairs to our apartment she started banging on one of the other apartment doors. Now shit was getting really weird. I asked her if she knew who lived in there. She wouldn’t answer me and kept banging on the door. My best guess is that it was either a whorehouse or a drug dealer. I eventually got her into our flat, the vibe was weird, she didn’t seem interested in me and lay on the couch for a few minutes. I got her up and we started kissing, she got her massive tits out, even though she was 20, they had stretch marks on them. I looked at them a bit funny, a few moments later she announced, “I’m leaving, my car is outside”. I didn’t object and off she went into the night. I’m fairly certain she was a drug addict or a whore, or both.

I got 3 notches from 77 sets, that’s 1 in 25.67. Not quite Belgrade levels but I’m more than happy with that.


  • Much better results than Moscow
  • Good weather
  • Lower cost of Living
  • Hanging out with the lads


  • False positives – girls will happily give you their number and text back and forth. Getting them out on a date is a little bit harder, not much. But actually getting them to open their legs is a lot harder.


I like Kiev. You have a full spectrum of girls from full-blown whore all the way down to super K. The quality is high and cost of living is low. I will definitely return in the future, but probably during term time when there is even more to shoot at.


[1] – there is a slim possibility I may do another in October

[2] – She never responded to the feeler

[3] – We messaged back and forth but she made an excuse every time I invited her out.

[4] – I’ve been told this is now downgraded to 5’s, can’t wait to get back to London!


Lay Report: Yes girl with dreads

She wasn’t this hot, in fact, she looked nothing like this.

This one is completely opposite to the last girl in every way, this is the unpredictability of daygame.

It was Friday night, around 10.30pm. I was walking around with Krauser and hadn’t done a set all day. I was quite content with my lot for the trip and was now taking it easy. Khreschatyk was eerily quiet and frankly, I was bored of it. I suggested to Krauser that the Postal Area might be worth a crack. We jumped on the metro and after one stop on the red line, we alighted. There were more people around and the vibe was significantly more pleasant, this was mainly due to the absence of what Krauser had affectionately coined “turkroaches” and sex workers.

As we started our first lap down the street a short girl with dreadlocks and a white dress displaying an impressive cleavage threw me a glance. I was happy to let it go, she was a 6. Krauser said something like “she gave you a BIG look”. I reluctantly made chase.

Open – Friday 7 July – 10.50pm

I got in front of her and said “Excuuuuse me”. She put out her hand and said “My name is Mila”. It was definitely an IOI then. I told her that her dreadlocks were interesting and asked her if she was from Jamaica. She looked confused, I dropped it and went into normal chit chat. You don’t need to game them if they’re already complying. I went for the idate but she told me that she had to get home. I explained that I was only here for two more days but I would like to take her for a drink before I leave. She gave me her number and off she went.

Epic Text Game

D2 – Saturday 8 July – 8pm
She arrived in what looked like the same outfit but with big black platform high heels and a bit more make-up. She looked very bangable, but not a girl I would gladly parade in front of my wings.

I walked her to Roast and Brew. We did the usual comfort fluff and this is where I found out that she was bonkers, just how I like them. She was the same age as me (Eeeeeuw), had two daughters and was divorced. She had 3 jobs. 1 – a dog groomer, 2- a psychologist and 3 – a sexologoist as well as being a single parent. She told me she liked to dabble in witchcraft, I asked her if I should be scared and she said “no, I can see that your soul is good”. OK.

I bounced her to the Chillout Cafe. We sat on a couch, I had a beer and she a cocktail. I started the questions game and she didn’t waste any time getting sexual. I went for the kiss and she rebuffed my first 3 attempts. Eventually, at around 11pm I got the kiss.

We left at around 11.30pm and I suggested we have some wine at my place which just so happened to be upstairs. She resisted a little but I took her hand and walked her towards the apartment and she followed.

When we got into the flat we sat on the couch for around an hour drinking wine and she was showing me pictures of her kids on her facebook. It felt weird.

Eventually I got her into the bedroom, there was about an hour of LMR before I banged her at around 1.30am. The sex was good but I could see the signs of age on her body. Her large breasts had lines on them when she lay on her back, she explained that this was from breast feeding. She had scars on her hips, this is from when they did surgery to remove her stretch marks. She was still in great shape, but I’ll stick to YHT in future.

She was in an uber by 2.20am and I was eating a kebab in my boxers whilst watching Trump meet Putin on Youtube by 02.40am. This is what happens when you’re above game.

Lay Report – D6 (!!!) Victory


The Thursday before last at around 10.30pm, I was walking with Krauser and Xants on what were turning into perpetual laps of Kreschatyk street. I would soon be meeting violin girl for a first date.

I saw a pretty little brunette pass me by in a blue dress with tied back hair and blue sandals. She reminded me of Penelope Cruz, she was a solid, if not high 7.

Open – Thursday 29 June

I told her she looked like a ballerina and she hooked instantly. Her English was great, she is actually an English teacher and was on her way home from teaching an evening class. She’s 24 and from a small city a few hours away from Kiev. I took her number and made my way to meet the violinist.

I pinged her the next day and she seemed quite keen, there was some back and forth and eventually we decided to meet the following Sunday.

D2 – Sunday 2 July 

Over text she had expressed a wish to take me to a different part of Kiev. I agreed to meet her at 8pm at the Postal Area, it was nice to get away from Kreschatyk. We walked up and down the river front before crossing over the suspension bridge to buy a couple of drinks and smoke hookah by the river whilst watching the sunset.

I didn’t try any “gamey” stuff, I just talked to her like a normal person whilst weaving in little DHV’s about myself and teasing her every now and then.

At around 10.30pm I took her to bar on the waterfront where I sat beside her on a couch. I got the first kiss on the first attempt at around 11pm before we both got the metro home at around mid-night.

I enjoyed this first date, she seemed like a smart girl and had some banter. However, the shit tests just poured out of her. E.g. she would question my every decision from meeting point, choice of table, choice of drink etc. Most men would probably give up or lose patience with such a girl. This led me to place her firmly in the K selected box, I was assuming her notch count was less than 5.

At the end of the date she told me she would be going away on Friday for a long weekend. When she would return I would have already left Kiev. I made a mental note to try and cram in as many dates between now and then as possible.

I pinged her the next day and suggested coffee. She suggested a walk instead. I conceded the frame. Again.

D3 – Tuesday 4 July – 3.30pm

I met her between her classes for two hours. We went for a walk through a park up to the rainbow looking thing at the top of Kreschatyk. We talked about boring stuff whilst I got a spike in every few minutes or so. We had a few kisses and she went back to work at 5.30pm.

D4 – Wednesday 5 July – 3.30pm

She wanted to show me some monument that was just out of the centre. I took a metro and met her there. We went for another long walk to this big monument before getting an uber back to Kreschatyk where we had a coffee before she went to work at 6pm. We agreed to meet the next evening for alcohol before she would leave on Friday afternoon.

D5 – Wednesday 6 July – 10.30pm

She had just finished her lesson and pinged me asking what I was up to. I just so happened to be gutter gaming on Kreschatyk, where she wanted to meet. I walked her straight back to mine, a glass of wine, lots of kissing but she stopped my attempts to escalate further and left after around half an hour.

D6 – Thursday 6 July – 10.15pm

Last chance saloon. I met her on Kreschatyk and she looked great considering she had just finished work. She wore a little black dress and black trainers. The dress was showing off a little bit of cleavage. I really wanted to bang her.

I started walking her in the direction of my apartment. As we walked past the chillout cafe next to my apartment I meekly suggested we go for a drink in there. She ignored this so I walked her straight up to the apartment.

She made herself comfortable by removing her shoes and taking a seat on a chair (not the couch where I could sit beside her). I poured the wine and she started showing me music she liked on youtube, it was actually good.

I sat on the couch adjacent to her chair. It took me about 30 minutes to get her to sit beside me. Once she did we were kissing quite heavily. She would pull away first every time which frustrated the shit out of me. She complained a few times that I was rushing things. Inside I was thinking, “Rushing?!!!, this is a D6, D fucking 6, do you know how many girls I have had on a D6? Zero, that’s how many, ZERO!”. But I didn’t say this.

At around midnight I eventually got her into the bedroom. I gave her a massage and soon her clothes were off and we were fucking. The sex was great, there’s no way her notch count was less than 5 in hindsight.


She told me she knew from the first date that she wanted to have sex with me, she just wanted to make me wait as long as possible.

I banged her two more times and then suggested she get an uber home at around 3am. She was not happy at all with this. She got up and threw her clothes on in a huff. I walked her down to the Uber and she didn’t say a word to me as she got in the car. I pinged her afterwards, she’s read it and not replied. I explained this to Krauser and he said “she know’s she lost and you won, I wouldn’t worry about it”.

I got a question on twitter “If you could do it all over again, would you?”. I think I would. Most of the dates were low opportunity cost, I didn’t have anything else on and half of them were during the day when the daygame typically isn’t as good. She was hot, even though I had to put up with her princessy behaviour, the sex was definitely worth it.









Lay Report: 20yr Old Violinist

Her eyes weren’t as big as this but everything else is about right

I’ve been in Kiev for 10 days now, it’s been eventful and I like this city more than Moscow by a country mile. I’ve done a fair bit of daygame, some night game and have had two near misses. I got my first lay a week in, here’s the story…

It was quite late on Tuesday evening past, around 11pm. Xants was on a date which would lead to the first notch of the trip. I was gutter gaming with Krauser and was waiting for him to finish a set at the top of Khreschatyk street. A cute brunette drifted past me in a white blouse, green skirt and green plimsolls, she looked very K. Lets call her Kera, she’s a bog standard 7.


She looked dreamy. I told her this and challenged her as to why she was wandering around on her own on a Tuesday night looking so happy with herself. Kera told me that she had just received her results from her University and that she had done very well in her exams. This seemed like a great cause to celebrate so I suggested we grab a drink right there and then. There weren’t many sets around, Krauser was talking about going home soon and I had to stay out of the flat while Xants got his notch, it seemed like a win-win. She agreed so I walked us to the nearest bar where we could sit outside which happened to be a place called Casta.


Kera told me she doesn’t normally drink alcohol but today was a special occasion. She perused the cocktail menu like it was the first time she’d ever seen a cocktail menu. I ordered a beer, she eeny-meeny-miney-moed and landed on a long Island Ice tea.

We did the comfort fluff. I found out she was 20 years old, played classical violin, was from a small city and moved to Kiev 2 years ago to study music. I asked her why she wasn’t celebrating with her friends if it was such a big occasion. She told me she had just been walking all afternoon with her friend and now her friend had gone home.

I have heard of this “walking” past-time from several girls in Kiev now, please do not confuse it with the Walker Walk. There seem to be a few different types of girls that do the “walking”…

  1. Whores looking to solicit greasy, fat Turkish men
  2. Girls looking to attract attention from normal men
  3. Girls who genuinely have nothing better to do or more importantly can’t afford to do so
  4. Girls who are genuinely trying to get from A to B

I put Kera firmly in category 3.

We had one drink, I suggested going back to mine but she made excuses and I ordered her an uber and as we waited I got a proper kiss with a little bit of tongue.

The next day I pinged her to suggest we meet on Thursday evening at 9pm. She responded saying yes, but would only be available at 11pm. I took this late meeting as a good sign so I agreed.

At around 10.30 I pinged her to confirm, she messaged back a 10.40 saying she could meet now.


I bumped into her at the top of Kreschatyk as I was walking with Krauser and Xants.

She looked cute in a blue flowery dress and a white cardigan. I walked her to the Irish bar and walked us straight to the booths at the back. We sat down and she expressed her desire to sit in the main bar so that she could watch the band. I said “no, I didn’t bring you here to watch music, I brought you here so I could speak to you, it will be too loud in there”.

She looked unimpressed. The waitress came and spoke in Ukrainian to Kera asking us if we would go to the main bar. I told her, obviously in English, that we would be sitting here.

We ordered drinks, she ordered food, only a salad so it didn’t break the bank. She asked again if we could go to the other side, she really wanted to watch the band. I relented due to the fact that she was a musician so I told her I would go look for a table, she should wait in our seats. I took a wander and there were no good seats, the band was really loud and really shit. I walked back to tell her this and she had already gathered all her things and was walking towards me.

I told her to sit back down, she said no, lets go to the main bar. I told her

“you can go to the main bar, I will go home. I came here to speak to you, if you don’t want that I will leave now”.

She hurried back to our seats. There were a few moments of awkward silence, I think she was scared of me at this point but also massively attracted by the dominance and my willingness to walk away.

We had one drink each, she ate her salad and I suggested we go for a walk. We walked in the direction of my apartment, as we got closer I pointed to the flat and said “I live just there, let’s go up for a glass of wine and you can show me some of your favourite classical music on youtube”. She hesitated and I said “you can leave if you feel uncomfortable at any moment”. She followed me up.

We got inside, I showed her around and poured us some wine and she chose a Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto on Youtube, it was really fucking good. We kissed a lot and I tried to pull her to the bedroom 3 or 4 times but she kept resisting.

It was now pushing 3am, I got up, took her hand and pulled her towards the bedroom, she followed. I put her on the bed, went back and fetched the laptop and the wine. We watched some more Youtube and fooled around. It took me about an hour, but by around 4am I finally beat the LMR and banged her whilst Tchaikovsky played in the background. Culture.


She told me she had only ever had sex with one person before, her boyfriend of three years. She said the sex with him was terrible and that it was so much better with me. We only did missionary and I lasted 5 minutes. That guy must have been really bad in bed.

We’re still in contact so I may get her round for seconds… if I get bored of trying to get fresh notches. So probably not.

Learning Points

  1. Even if you put her in the k box, it doesn’t mean she won’t bang
  2. A lot of girls in Kiev are very poor
  3. Frame is everything – I’m pretty sure the moment I threatened to walk out got me the notch
  4. Classical music is great to have sex to