Saint Petersburg 2018 Review


I’ve been back in sunny London for a couple of weeks now and it has felt good to plug back in and get some routine into my life. I become a total rabbit on Euro Jaunts – smoking, drinking, eating crap, daygaming and going on dates is all I do and I never make time to do anything productive. It’s not a healthy lifestyle and each one of these trips knocks a year of two off my life expectancy, but I have bloody good fun whilst doing so.

I enjoyed last years three day reccy so much that I decided to go back to Saint Petersburg this time for three WEEKS. It was a thoroughly enjoyable trip full of ups, downs, PUA handbags politics, steaks, burgers, piss-ups, hangovers, babushkas, multiple flat moves, dates, a mini-relationship and a couple of bangs. Here’s the story…

After a fruitless week in Krakow my enthusiasm was high as I boarded the plane to Saint Petersburg. Nick arrived at the airport from Newcastle slightly after me. We got our local sim cards and after some pissing about eventually jumped in an uber to the city centre. There was a sense of excitement in the air; Nick had never been to the city before and I was eager to see if it would live up to the promise showed on the previous years trip.

We both checked into our respective accommodation, showered and met for food in a little restaurant just off Nevsky prospect. Nick was talking loudly and telling tall tales (I can’t remember what about – it was probably about the 1,056,323rd book of the year he was reading), but I noticed that the girl to his right kept looking at him and smiling as he did so. I sent him a message to tell him this. A few minutes later he opened her indirectly(!) Before we left the restaurant he took her instagram, so he’d already got a lead before any daygame was done. Bastard.

We hit the streets but the sky was grey and it started to rain so went to Galleria mall and got a few sets done in there, soon after this we gave up and hit the bar.

This is where the latest motely crew assembled. Seven, Nick, Mr Arr, his friend and I drank 7% ale as we waited for Ricky Roma to arrive later that evening. Things got quite lively to say the least and when Ricky did eventually turn up we were all pretty wasted. We carried on late into the night/morning and this would set the tone for the rest of the trip.

The next morning I woke up with the worst hangover I’ve had in years. I recall walking for breakfast with Ricky, he was walking at his usual brisk pace and I could barely put one foot in the other – I couldn’t even do the Walker Walk! I felt really hot but could feel cold sweat rolling down my forehead, I was starting to get dizzy and thought that I was going to pass out. The place Ricky wanted to go was still a fair distance away.

Ricky, can we please just go somewhere closer, I don’t feel well

Are you serious?


The expression on Ricky’s face morphed from confused and irritated to almost empathic once he realised I wasn’t trying any frame control bollox.

Ok, Ok

We went to the nearest restaurant and as soon as I ate I started to feel human again. After this we hit the streets and I did my first set of the day outside the Galleria mall, somehow I made a miraculous recovery and was full of energy as I took my first number, which would eventually lead to my first notch and a mini holiday romance. Things were looking up.

I won’t bore you with a play by play of the trip. As usual I’ll let the (daygame only) stats do most of the talking …

SPB – ’18 Moscow- ’17
Sets 72 128
Sessions 16 19
Sets per session 4.5 6.74
Number 29 40.28% 47 36.7%
FB/Insta 5 6.94% 3 1.6%
Flake 4 11.76% 14 28.6%
Date Flake 0 0.00% 14 10.9%
idate 4 5.56% 3 2.3%
D1 6 8.33% 6 4.7%
D2 4 5.56% ?
D3 5 6.94% ?
D4 0 0.00% ?
Near Miss 3 4.17% 1 0.8%
Lays 1 1.39% 1 0.8%
Approach to Number / Social Media… 1 in … 2.12 2.61
Approach to Lay… 1 in… 72 128

Nick mentioned to me towards the end of the trip that he didn’t know why I preferred SPB so much compared to Moscow, especially considering that I had the same results in both – one daygame bang and one nightgame. Whilst this is true, the stats tell a different story. Despite winging and hanging out with me a lot, Nick was clearly oblivious to the fact that I was getting a lot of numbers and going on dates almost every night whilst he watched the football or played computer games.

I did 72 sets over 16 sessions, an average of 4.5 a day. I only did one proper number farm, which was on my third day, doing 13 sets, other days I did none, but on most I did 4 or 5. I closed 34 of these giving an approach to close rate of just above 1 in 2. This is not quite Belgrade levels (1 in 1.5) but it’s still bloody good. These numbers are significantly better than my Moscow performance but the biggest difference was on the dating. Unfortunately I didn’t record the number of D2’, D3’s and D4’s last year so I can’t do a direct correlation. But I clearly remember being frustrated for most of my time there and not having very many dates. I never had this feeling in SPB.

Why the difference?

Saint Petersburg is very centralised with all the main daygame split between the main high street, Nevsky Prospect and Galleria mall. You can walk everywhere and there are not really any “dead zones” along the way, there’s always a set to be had.

Moscow is the opposite, although the population is bigger, its spread out across different areas with many dead zones between them. It can be very hit and miss and if the weather is bad, you may as well stay home. This is not the case with SPB, the Galleria mall is huge and you could probably do sets in there all day.

In terms of quality I think it comes down to your personal preference but for me SPB is miles better. I was VERY underwhelmed by Moscow after hearing such positive reports from all and sundry. Belgrade is still number 1 for me in terms of quality and SPB is a distant second.

Don’t get me wrong, there are very hot girls in Moscow, but when I was there I was walking around for an hour or two before I saw one. In SPB it was rare for me to walk more than 30mins without seeing a solid 8.

One very big difference between the two cities is the r/K balance. The SPB girls APPEAR to be more r. You will see many girls with stupid coloured hair and covered in tattoos and piercings. This is very rare in Moscow. However, the reason I say “APPEAR” to be more r is that I closed my fair share of these ratbags, 6 in total I believe (see photos below). I only opened them because I thought they would be easy to get out but this was not the case. Most of them were happy to give the number but I only got one of them out. When I did get her out she told me she had a boyfriend within three minutes of my arrival. I downed my pint quickly before excusing myself and wishing her a nice life. Later that day I declared to Nick that I was “done with ratbags” as they were nothing but timewasters. All of my other dates were with K girls and these understood the seduction process much better. I think the ratbags were just after the attention and validation hence doing such stupid things to their otherwise attractive bodies.

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Another thing in SPBs favour is the nightlife and its proximity to the daygame strip. We quickly developed a routine of meeting in Dead Poets and making our way towards a bar called Union – this is where I got nightgame lay from. I didn’t enjoy nightlife in Moscow and most of it was nowhere near the daygame areas.

The Dates

I went on a total of 23 dates [1] and it could easily have been more if I had the patience to keep trying with a few girls who wouldn’t put out.

Three of these were with the 18 y/o and I even saw here three more times AFTER the lay. I actually enjoyed her company (we even still text!.. this is mostly her sending me semi-nude selfies); she had banter and even took joy in AMOGing me in front of my friends one evening. She left the city when I still had one week left which freed my up to refocus my efforts on new notches.
Victoria’s Secret Girl

I went on three dates with a girl who worked in Victoria’s secret, lets call her Victoria. I opened her on her way to work early in the trip. She was my height with black hair, dark drown eyes and tanned skin, she almost looked Serbian, a high 7/low 8. Victoria was very slim and I would later find out this was because she was bulimic. On the first date I thought I was getting the lay for sure. At the first venue she drank the same Irish beer as me and was chain-smoking cigarettes. I bounced her to a wine bar and she drunk her glass in minutes complaining that they never pour enough. I bounced her back to the flat expecting no resistance. I pulled her in for the kiss and she was all-in, when I tried to put my hands on her boobs and/or vagina she would immediately pull away. This pattern continued all evening and she told me she would not have sex.

The second time I met her in the afternoon and she joined me whilst I ate steak for breakfast at a nearby meat place. I took her straight back to the apartment and got her down to just her underwear this time. Again the LMR kicked in. To my surprise Victoria was a virgin (she was 19), she told me that many men had tried before me and she still hadn’t given it up. Challenge accepted thought me.

The third date was after I had been to a World Cup game and then had met the silly ratbag (mentioned above) who had a boyfriend. I was quite tipsy by the time I went to meet Victoria and ended up being 30 minutes late for our meeting but she didn’t complain. She took great pleasure in telling me that 3 men had approached her while she waited for me. One of them was an older English man with a bald head, I checked with Nick and he didn’t recognise her. I took her to a dark cocktail bar where we kissed and cuddled. The alcohol in my system made me more direct than usual – I told her something along the lines of;

Look, if you are not going to have sex with me then I think we are wasting each other’s time

I understand, I’m not saying I’ll never do it, I just need more time

Well I am here for another 10 days or so

I don’t think it will be enough

With that we finished our drinks and went our separate ways. I didn’t see her again, which is a shame, in hindsight I should have carried on dating her and turned her into a long lead if necessary. We are still texting and she is considering coming to visit me in London in January.
Two dates with a long lead I had idated on my last night in Moscow

This was a very cute girl who I had pinged every now and then once I had decided to go back to Russia. I told her to come visit me in SPB, she had since moved back to her home city of Kazan and to my surprise she took a 22hr overnight train to come visit for 4 days. Initially I thought that she did this just to see me but the reality turned out to be somewhat different. I met her the evening she arrived and we went to a hookah bar near my apartment. She was all over me like a rash, big puppy dog eyes and lots of hugs and kisses. She had to leave at midnight as she was staying at her brothers and he would be picking her up. As we departed she suggested we do a daytrip to Peterhof Gardens to next day. I agreed – I allow myself to do tourism if it’s with a girl – otherwise I’m a full on philistine.

We got the boat out there and I was a little pissed that she insisted I pay for most things, the boat there and back, the coffee and cake on the island and a couple of very expensive bottles of water. She did pay for her own park entrance. The park itself was very pleasant, it was a sunny day, there was nice bands playing, the architecture was very pretty. But after an hour I was bored out of my skull. She wanted to carry on walking in the gardens for another couple of hours and I cut it short and suggested we get back on the boat to the city. She reluctantly agreed.

When we got back she said that she would meet her friends for a couple of hours and that we should meet again later that evening. I agreed.

We never met again and a couple of days later she left the city. I could probably keep her on as a long lead but I’m not sure I can be arsed – she’d already dropped a full point in the space of a year and she’s still only 23.
Three dates (including a near miss) with a girl form a two-set

I opened a two-set late one evening whilst I was winging with Seven. One of them was a tall-ish black haired grey-houndy girl in a green dress (a high 7, possibly an 8) and the other was a short dirty blond hamster girl (low/mid 7) – they were total opposites of each other which is exactly what I would stack on. Before I went in Seven said something along the lines of;

Damn, the one in the green is hot

Agreed, that’s why I’m going to open the pair of them

Seven had clearly misunderstood that I was telling him I liked her too, and whoever opens the set gets to take his pick. I opened; they hooked and were both very into it. Eventually I introduced Seven and he immediately started talking directly to my target as if he was doing his own daygame set. I was furious and I should have told him at this point.

I would interrupt Seven a couple of times so that I could talk to both girls at once. Eventually I invited them both to join us for a drink and they agreed. As we walked Seven resumed hitting on the hot one and I begrudgingly decided to stick with the other girl. This is how NOT to run a two set.

After the drink both girls left, Seven took the hot girls details, I took the cute girls and I explained why I was furious to him. Somehow he had no idea that I would prefer to have the hotter girl and seemed to genuinely think that the cute one was my target. “Don’t worry about it, they’re only girls, there will be more” I told him.

I ended up taking the cute girl out on 3 dates. She was nice if a little dull and her English wasn’t great. On the third date I got her back to my flat and we were kissing passionately. I had my hand down her top and as I went for the crotch she announced that she was on her period and would be until after I had left SPB. I never saw her again, despite her wanting to hang out. I mean, what’s the point if you can’t bang them?!
Idate/Near Miss with a Silly Chilean

After my first date with the cute girl from the two set it was midnight and I wasn’t ready to go home. I’d only had a couple of drinks, and the night was still young by SPB standards. All the other guys were at home so I decided to do some solo gutter game.

I opened my first set outside a bar in Nevsky and it turned out to my only non-Russian set of the trip. She was from Chile, had curly hair and a fiery personality. She reminded me a little of Penelope Cruz in VCB, but not as hot, this girl was a 6. She told me her friends had just gone home and that she wanted to go for a drink. Perfect, thought me.

We sat on stools at a bar and went through the comfort fluff, we both drank whiskey on the rocks and quickly got a second round in. I decided to bounce her to the hookah bar next to my place after this. As we got closer to the second venue we decided to have a cigarette. As we stood outside the second venue a group of American chodes started talking to us (when I say us, I mean directly at her and ignoring me).

They ran classic chode game asking her where she was from, how long she was in town for and saying “AWESOME!…. COOOL!…. OH HAHAHA THAT’s SO RAD!” every time she opened her mouth. I stood back and leant against the wall with a sly grin on my face.

Every now and then I would stick my ore in to troll the guys and at one point one of them turned and said to me “You know, I don’t feel like you’re adding anything to this conversation, maybe you should just be quiet”.

At this point I grabbed my girl by the hand…

“It was nice meeting you lads, we’re off inside now, have a nice night, yeah”.

I could see the chode rage in their eyes as I led her away from them.

We sat beside each other on a couch and were kissing passionately within minutes. As I bounced her home I remembered that I had no booze in the flat. I took us on a wine detour and eventually got her back to the flat. We had one sip of wine each and I moved her to the bedroom. I thought it was in the bag, a formality. But…. She had other ideas.

Every time I tried to remove an item of clothing she would push my hand away. I lost patience very quickly…

What’s wrong?

Nothing, this is just a bit fast, don’t you think

Maybe you’re right.

I rolled off before trying again a few minutes later, and she pushed me away again. I really couldn’t be bothered with the LMR so I went for a hail mary push.

Look, if you’re not interested, then maybe you should leave

Are you being serious?!

Uuuhhhm, yeah, I think so

She was furious and started rambling under her breath in Spanish, I definitely heard a few “putas” and I couldn’t help but start laughing at her. This only made the ramblings louder. Up she got, threw her shoes back on and stormed out of the flat and into the night.
Coffee date with a time-waster

This was a girl I’d opened in the mall one rainy afternoon. She seemed into me but didn’t drink alcohol and was resisting anything more than a peck on the lips. I never invited her out again as I ran out of time and willpower to blast through her defences.
Cute engineer

I opened this girl as I sat fishing with GG at the top end of Nevsky. The World Cup was on and it was Scarlet Sails day – a big graduation ceremony in which they close off the streets and put on fireworks. There was a carnival atmosphere but I was very hungover as usual, however this did not affect the set, she as very chatty and happy to give the number. I got her out the next day, kissed her but then never got her out again. I ran out of time but she’s still a decent long lead.
Idate with a stunner

Later that same day I found myself daygaming solo, GG excused himself as he was about to faint – his latest obsession was “getting shredded” which involves going to the gym a lot and eating next to nothing. Not good for daygame kids, I’d advise against it.

I’d actually seen this girl when I was with GG earlier in the day but I let her go as I thought she was with a friend. This time around she was definitely alone.

She was tiny, maybe 5’ 5” with long fair hair almost down to her knees. She wore a black leather jacket with a white blouse that showed off a pert little set of titties and black tight jeans. This girl was a solid to high 8.

As I opened her bright blue eyes went into a permanent spass…. She spoke next to no English but it didn’t matter, she hooked hard. I got out google translate and invited her for a coffee then and there. She told me she had 20 minutes before she would meet a friend. We sat on a bench with our coffees and her ASD receptors started to kick in asking questions such as;

Do you do this to every girl?

Are you a womanizer?

As we finished the coffee I told her that I wanted to take her for a real drink another day, she seemed keen and proposed the next day (Sunday). I agreed.

The next day she text me telling me that she wasn’t feeling well and wouldn’t make it, she offered Monday instead. I already had two other dates scheduled for the Monday but I could feel her slipping away so I said OK anyway. On Monday she ghosted and I never got her out for the rest of the trip. Now that I’ve left she seems keen again, sending me lots of selfies and is always the top viewer on my instagram stories. I guess I will have to go back for her.


Saint Petersburg is a fantastic daygame destination and I will definitely be going back.

[1] 19 from as shown on the stats, another 3 with the 18 y/o post bang and my date with the girl from bar game – night game data is not included.