Flags – 22



  1. N. Ireland (my first girlfriend)
  2. England (about 10 girls, of different nationalities in 6 months of drunken singleness at uni, plus a 5 year relationship)
  3. South Africa (2 serious girlfriends, about 10 random hook-ups)
  4. France (my flat mate – big mistake, she moved out shortly afterwards)


  1. Spain – August 2014, December 2016
  2. Scotland – August 2014
  3. Ireland – October 2014
  4. South Africa – December 2014
  5. England – May 2015, January 2016, June 2016
  6. Poland – June 2015
  7. Brazil – August 2015
  8. Romania – September 2015
  9. Italy – November 2015
  10. Australia – January 2016
  11. Canada – February 2016
  12. Thailand – April 2016
  13. Turkey – May 2016
  14. Germany – May 2016
  15. Mauritius – July 2016
  16. Japan – August 2016
  17. Slovakia – August 2016
  18. Russia – September 2016
  19. Turkmenistan – September 2016
  20. China – October 2016
  21. Serbia – 2 in October 2016
  22. Greece – November 2016



Lay Report: Hungarian Girl

 Not that proud of this one so I’ll keep it relatively short. 
The Open

I was having dinner with friends (a couple) in Manchester on Saturday night. We were sat at a table not far from the bar. I’d had a couple of beers with the meal so it wasn’t a cold/Daygame approach. She was a 7 at this point. 
I saw her sitting at the bar alone. She was occasionally sharing a joke with the bar man. Then she was sat on her phone for a few minutes. This was my opportunity. I told my friends I’d be right back.

I strolled over, “excuse me, I know you’re probably waiting on friends, but I saw you from over there and I thought you looked interesting so I had to say hi”.. She loved it and hooked instantly. I spoke to her for about 10 minutes, she’s Hungarian, a bit crazy and works in the same restaurant in London. She’s come up to Manchester to visit friends. I took her number, told her “see you in London” and rejoined my friends.


I text her the next day as I was on my way down to London. This girl has great text game. I set up the date for Monday night.

The Date

I meet her in Piccadilly Circus, by the tall man outside Ripleys. I’ve used this location a few times, I text her a pic of that and tell her “that’s where I’m meeting you tonight”. She was dolled up and a bit taller than I expected (she was sat down for all of our interaction). However, she wasn’t quite as hot as I’d remembered. 6.5.

The frame battle commenced. This girl is Very chatty, most of the time her banter is good but it’s hard to get a word in edge ways. She frequently tells me to tell her to shut up. I tell her to sssh a few times but it’s exhausting. I’m still tired from the night before and I’m losing patience with this girl. 

The Bounce Back

I took her to Grace first then to the Hippodrome, both were pretty shit. When we leave Hippodrome I ask her if she likes wine, she says yes. I say lets go back to mine and drink some. She says ok. Then she is completely silent. I tease her saying “so all I had to do was invite you back to my place to get you to shut up?! “. This relieves any tension that was starting to build.

When I get her into the flat I pour the wine. She resumes chatterbox mode and i get fed up, grab her chin, pull her in and start kissing her. No resistance whatsoever. Within minutes we’re both naked and fucking. She was probably one of my weirdest lays. She was very smiley in bed and would occasionally giggle as I was fucking her. This killed my boner. I came eventually but it wasn’t great.

Good things/Bad things


I was going to call this post peaks and troughs, but there haven’t been many peaks since my last post and not too many troughs either. Just some good things and some bad things.

Good things


I’m clean. 

Nothing kills your vibe like thinking you have AIDs or some other STI/D. I genuinely thought I caught something as a result of my stupidity in Cape Town. I waited 4 weeks, (which is how long it takes AIDs to show up in your blood stream) before going for the check-up. It was a very long 4 weeks. I was still approaching (and sleeping with) girls whilst I had this little niggle in the back of my brain. I was frequently having thoughts such as “what’s the point in all this chasing women if I’ve got AIDs?”… “No more daygame if I’ve got AIDs”. I went to the clinic, told them I had symptoms to make sure they took a proper look down there and tested me for everything. It was horrible. To make things worse, I got a woman doctor and she was quite fit. She looked all around my ball sweaty ball sack (I’d been at work all day), scrunched up her nose and told me everything looks fine, I’m imagining the symptoms. She then did all the tests, 6 days later I was found out I was completely clean. YES!


I went on a date

I approached a Hungarian 7 in Manchester a couple of weeks back. It was a warm approach, she IOI’d me as I was standing talking to a couple of mates in Piccadilly gardens. I opened, talked for 10 minutes, bounced her to a bar just off Market street then another bar. I told her there are three things that I really like in a woman; 1. nice smelling hair, 2. not too much make-up and 3. nice high heels (I stole that one from Torero’s Badass Buddha, I use most of his stuff from this seminar on my dates). Before she left I set up a day 2 for a few days later.

Low and behold, she turned up with nicer hair, not too much make-up and sexy  heels. I took her to two venues. The first one was busy and quite trendy, the second was dark, quiet and a bit seedy. This is where I escalated hard. I got lots of making out and groping of her very nice ass, but she refused to come back to my place. However, she has agreed to come round to my place next week for “dinner”.


I met up with Xants from Citydaygame.com

I’ve been a follower of Citydaygame since Krauser put me on to them at the beginning of the year, it’s a great blog with a few different contributors. They all seem to be getting laid left, right and centre at the moment all over the world.  Frankly, I’m jealous.

I met up with Xants at the weekend and winged with him for an hour or so. He seems to be a very good daygamer and more importantly a nice, normal person. I’ve met quite a few weirdos on this journey!

5 in  a row

I just did a quick session after work today and closed every girl in my first 5 approaches. They were all solid sets apart from one which lasted about 3o seconds. I still went for the number, she was happy to give it and now after lots of back and forth texting, she seems to be the most solid lead.

I then approached a 6th girl who was clearly standing waiting for someone. She was dressed in black high heels, tight, ripped black leather pants, a black boob tube and a tight black leather jacket… “I know you’re probably waiting for someone, but you caught my eye, you look very pretty in this outfit. You remind me of…. catwoman, where are your pointy ears?”… She loved it, was hooking strongly until her friend arrived to cock-block and whisk her away. I should have went for the close but I just said hi to her friend, told her it was nice to meet her, and walked off with my tail between my legs. There went my 100% record. I did one more which resulted in a blowout, the daygame rollercoaster is relentless.

Bad Things


Russian Flaker

I’ve yet to capture the Russian flag. I opened this one in Covent Garden, she was standing looking amazed at one of the floating Yodas. She was an 8, maybe a 7 for not understanding floating Yodas… I opened, but I didn’t spoil it for her and explain how it actually worked. It was a solid set, she’d only arrived in London three hours earlier, didn’t have great English, but I got very close to her, gave her a lot of eye contact and she was purring like a cat, not resisting any of my advances. I took the number as she was on her way to do some touristy shit and I didn’t want to be her tour guide.

Numbers flake all the time, it’s part of the game. I’m usually sad about this for about 30 seconds and then I get over it. However, when you have a good set followed by solid enough texting, the least you can expect is the girl to turn up or if she isn’t going to turn up, have the decency to tell you before the time of the date! I arranged to meet up with her the other day at 8.15, she messaged me at 8.25 saying her battery had died and that it was now too late to come out. I was fuming at the time and sent a douchebag message which I now regret. Thats that one dead.

I’m not on track

I’m nowhere near achieving 200 lays this month. I’ll be happy with one!






March Review


Daygame Statistics

Sessions: 16

Approaches: 76

Closes: 11

idates: 3

Dates: 0

Lays: 0

Disappointing. That’s how I would sum up my March in terms of daygame.


I spent most of the month either on holiday, drinking, being hungover or a combination of all three. I genuinely only felt “on” once and that was the last day of the month, I may do another blog post about that, if it comes to fruition. My vibe* was way off maaaan.




Less Sex

I got laid twice from night game, which reminds me, I still need to go for a check-up. I’ve also been shagging a couple of my regulars since I returned. I am not bragging, but I think this negatively affected my libido when on the street. I wasn’t hungry enough.

Say no

For the month of April I’m going to say no to all social invitations. My social life took too much of a front seat in March and I didn’t do enough game. There needs to be a balance, but this month I will tip the scale more towards maximising my time on the street.

Go to bed earlier

I think I averaged 5 hours sleep per night and half of those were boozed up. Not good.

Get to the gym more

I hate going to the gym. I like walking out of it. I averaged 2 days per week in the gym, after each session I’d get a little endorphin buzz and felt all nice. I’m going to try and do more of that this month.

Go to London

There’s no better place for daygame. Manchester can be good, but I’ve accidentally re-opened two different girls in Manchester this month (I didn’t remember either of them, awkward). I’m hoping to be in London full time very soon. Surely this won’t happen there?

More Daygame

I’ve kinda already covered this, but the days are getting longer. Most of my sessions in March were after work, in the dark. I can now finish work and still get a good 2 to 3 hour session in during the actual daylight. Happy days.

More Solo

Half of my sessions this month were solo. On reflection, I did better when I was solo. If i’m honest I still find the solo missions harder. When I did my initial boot camp back in July 2014 I met my wing at the end of the session and daygamed with him pretty much every day for 6 months straight. When he wasn’t there I felt like Oscar Pistorius without the prosthetics (no, not a murderer). But these days I am doing more and more solo and I am starting to enjoy it more. I can walk at my own pace, I don’t have to call dibs on a girl or run in without my assumption/opener in the fear that my wing will beat me to it.

More approaches per session

I normally do 5 or 6 approaches in 2 to 3 hour session. I know that’s not enough, but I am a fussy weasely bastard. Then I watched this infield by Tom Torero, it was inspirational. I went out and did 10 in two hours twice after this. My results weren’t much better but I could definitely feel more of a buzz. I’m going to try for at least 10 in every session this month.

hank moody

Goals for April

Sessions: 20

Approaches: 200

Closes: 200

idates: 0

Dates: 200

Lays: 200

Should be easy enough, eh?


*I used to despise the word vibe. There was a really annoying fat girl that used to hang out in my social circle. I didn’t like her, She said the word vibe or vibes in almost every sentence and it irritated the shit out of me. E.g. “Let’s go to the beach for some good vibes”, “Hey, I totally love your vibe”, “This place is vibing”… SHUT UP!!!

I promised never to use the word. But the more I have immersed myself into daygame, the more I have come to appreciate the word and its importance. Hell, I’ve even started saying it.