Cape Town Experience


The Purpose

I was going to visit friends and decided to turn it into an extended winter escape. A good wing of mine got wind of this and asked if he could join, to which I said yes, as long as he knew that I wasn’t going to be gaming everyday.

The City

Cape Town is a stunning place. Bang in the middle of the city centre is a big mountain with a flat top – Table Mountain, you have the Indian Ocean on the East Coast, Pacific on the West. There is a buzzing nightlife, friendly people and most importantly – hot women.

The most common gripe about Cape Town and South Africa in general is that it’s dangerous. This is bullshit. If you have an ounce of intelligence about you, you will quickly figure out how to stay safe.

There is a massive disparity in wealth. There are some areas of where you have black people living in informal settlements (tin houses with no legal water or electricity supply) right next to a huge mansion with one or two rich white folk inside it. There’s definitely still a race stigma, which we won’t get into here.

The official population is just under 1 million, however, they don’t count the majority of people living in the informal settlement when carrying out the census.

The Women

I’ve never seen a more diverse range of women anywhere; admittedly, I haven’t seen most of the world. In Cape Town you have Whites of English, French, Italian and Dutch descent, Blacks, Cape coloureds (The result of the blacks and whites interloping), Portuguese, Chinese and Indian. This melting pot of cultures has resulted in some truly stunning women; it is common to see a petit white girl with big lips, ass and boobs. The vast majority of the women are obviously black because, well, it’s Africa. Of these black women about 2% of them are hot in my opinion.

Here are some more images of hot ones;


The Cost

I spent £700 on the flights, £400 on accommodation and £800 on spending money, so all in it was roughly £2,000 for a two-week trip. You could go anywhere on the world for that money. However, once you are there you get a lot of bang for your buck (not that type of bang). The Rand is very weak to the pound at the moment so you could get a beer in most places for £1-1.50 and a really good steak in a posh restaurant for £8-10. This is what I did pretty much every day and night, I could have easily spent less money if I cooked at the apartment, but I couldn’t be arsed with that.

The Daygame

There are not a lot of locations for a decent daygame session. The best spot is the V&A waterfront. If it’s not too hot outside you can walk around the harbour, the mall is quite big and this is where I did the majority of my daygame.

If beach game is your thing, there are plenty of beaches to try, there is also Long street which I have tried a few times. However, you get a lot of beggars here, especially at night time and it’s not always safe. Camps Bay is another area I’ve tried with no success.

In the Waterfront you a mix of foreign and local girls. It was model season (most of these are from overseas) when I was there. I think I approached four models and my wing approached more.

There were a LOT of cougars walking around this mall. I approached one of these and she seemed a bit shocked, I don’t think they’re used to this.

My main issue with the daygaming there was the lack in both quality and quantity.

I went daygaming 7 times. Overall I approached 28 girls, got 1 number to nowhere (she replied to every message but would never commit to meeting) and 1 instant date to nowhere (she had a bf). My average session lasted 3 hours – 1 approach every 1 hour 20 mins. Pathetic.

In my defence I was hung over for most of these sessions so my vibe was generally shit. My wing did at least double the approaches and got loads of numbers.

The Night Game

I am not a night gamer as I have mentioned in a previous post. I’m not against night game, I’d actually like to learn how to go out and approach women at night without a drop of alcohol. But for now it’s all about the daygame.

I think Cape Town is much better for night game than daygame. At night there are lots of girls in one place and the majority of them are hot. The only problem is that there is lots of competition. One night I went out and opened a two-set with a buddy. We got chatting and persuaded them to come to another bar with us. They did and even bought us a drink when we got there. I was standing talking to my one at the bar trying to figure out how I was going to isolate and then a massive black dude strolled over, stood between me and her, shook her hand and introduced himself. I could see she was attracted to him straight away. I stood there for a minute and awkwardly started talking to my friend and his girl. I felt like a tool. I didn’t know what to do so I just walked off with my tail between my legs. That was my first ever AMOG experience, feck night game.

Would I recommend it?

As a daygame destination – No, as a holiday destination, yes. There’s just not enough girls there, I think I have been spoiled by the sheer quantity of girls in London lately.

Belated 2016 Goals

I’d be very happy if Manchester United remembered how to score goals in 2016. But that’s unlikely, so I’ll focus more on my personal goal.


mata 45

Juan Mata scored an excellent goal against Southampton last year.

My Goal: Have sex with at least two new girls that I have met through Daygame per month.

This is quite ambitious as I only got five lays in 2015 and four in 2014.

Assist/Build-up Play

Juan Mata scored the goal after a 45 touch passage of play, every player in the United team had a part to play in the lead up to the goal.

Daygame (Depay) – at least 3 sessions per week. I’m averaging this so far. It has definitely been a slog in these winter months but Spring is almost upon us. I will probably Daygame almost every day in Summer amongst the droves of fair weather daygamers in London. I expect the lay count to rise faster during this time.

Gym (Rooney) – I told myself I’d go 4 times a week. The reality so far has been 2-3 times a week but it’s still better than nothing.

Read (Schneiderlin) – at least 30 minutes before bed, preferably fiction. I’ve been pretty good at this although Season 4 of House of Cards just came out so I’ve been watching that instead of my reading.

Sleep (Schweinsteiger) – I usually only average 5 or 6 hours per night. I still haven’t managed to increase this and my vibe has suffered on many occasions as a result… I have found that I sleep better when I read before bed.

Alcohol (Valencia) – I’ve always been a big drinker. I’m still struggling to cut this out and it too has effected my vibe in set. I use Krausers’ line “excuse me, I have a hangover” way too much.

Travel (Smalling) – I intend to do a couple of long weekends throughout Europe in the Summer as well as a 10 day trip somewhere. All trips will be purely for Daygame, but I’ll take a couple of touristy pics along the way for Facebook likes/DHV’s.

Work (De Gea)- I am in the office for much longer hours than I am paid. I don’t actually mind this as I find my job quite rewarding. However, I’m half way through Tim Ferris’ “4 Hour Work Week”, this is forcing me to contemplate if/how I could work remotely in my profession.

Performance so far 

It started well, I slept with two new girls in January and one in February after a few near misses. I am yet to get a Daygame lay in March but I do have 2 “night game” notches (see Lay Report – Black Tattoed Girl and Lay Report – Cape Coloured Girl). The chances of  getting one this month are slim as I have a pretty hectic work and social schedule for the rest of the month.

Overall, I’d say I’m performing like Manchester City (in a good position but could be better). By the end of the year I want to be performing like Leicester City!


Lay Report – Black Tattoed Girl

This was another lay from “night game” so I won’t be adding it to the notch count, but I’ll tell the story anyway. She was black, covered in tattoos and piercings and looked dirty as fuck, I found out later that she was a “model”.  I’d say she’s a 7. Let’s call her B.

It was a Wednesday night, I was out with the same two friends as the last lay report. By this stage I had pretty much thrown in the towel with Daygame as we only had a few days left of the trip. More on that in another blog post.

I’d already had a few drinks, we went to watch South Africa vs Australia in the T20 cricket, a sport I know nothing about. Australia won apparently. After this we went back into town to see what was happening. We went to one bar called “Orphanage” which is quite upmarket but arrived just as it was closing so we went to an Irish bar called “The Dubliner” on Long street. 

This is not like a typical pub in Ireland, it’s popular as it has a big dance floor, plays pop music and is open late. You get all sorts in there.

We walked to the smoking section as the bar was less busy there. We got a drink then I saw a cute blonde girl sitting beside B on the couches, I went over and used my standard Daygame opener for two-sets. The Blondie was my initial target but wasn’t really interested. B was all over me as soon as she figured out I was Irish.

Within 5 minutes she jumped on top of me and we were kissing. I found out later that these girls were in a group of 7 other guys. None of them cock-blocked me, one actually came over and asked me where I was from etc. 

It was so on that I just said to B;

“let’s get  out of here”

“where to?” She asked

 “my place”

“but where do you live?”

“a 5 min drive away”

I grabbed her hand and walked her out of the bar and hailed the first cab I saw.

We got back and went straight to the bedroom. No LMR whatsoever. 

No Condom!!

Stupidly I only brought 3 condoms with me on the trip which I used all of on the previous girl.  I’d been meaning to buy more but forgot. Luckily, B had one in her handbag. I’d been fucking her for about an hour (I struggle to cum when I’ve been drinking). She had squirted all over the bed twice, I was actually quite disgusted. Then the condom came off. B said “it’s fine I’ll put it back on”.

She put it back on, we carried on fucking until I eventually came and she squirted all over the bed. Again. I was exhausted as I rolled over onto the squirt juice soaked bed. I looked down and saw that the condom had ripped. Fuuuuuck!

We lay there both quizzing each other;

“Do you have anything?” Said B

“No” said me

“When was the last time you got checked?” She carried on.

“About 6 months ago, but I always wear a condom” I said, which is true.

“Are you on the pill?” I continued

“No, I don’t believe in that” says B.

Inside I’m freaking the fuck out but I remain cool.

“Ok, you’re staying here and I’m taking you to the pharmacy in the morning and you’re taking the morning after pill”  said me

“Nooooo, I’ve already taken it once and you’re only supposed to take it once in your lifetime, I’m not taking it again” said B.

At this point I’m starting to think this girl might be genuinely crazy. 

“Don’t be silly, you will be pregnant if you don’t take it and that will be the end of your modelling” I said. 

She’s 24 and still got a few years ahead of her. When I said this she agreed.

Walk of shame

The next morning we fucked again with no condom. The damage was already done, right?

We both showered, got dressed and I walked her to the pharmacy which is a 10 minute walk away. She was in a short black skirt and black high heels. It was about 1pm, the sun was at its apex  so we were both sweating profusely, every head turning as we walked down a busy street. We get to the pharmacy and B didn’t want to go in, I approached the kiosk and the lady didn’t want to sell it to me, “we can only sell it to women”, I grabbed B and brought her to the kiosk and we got the pill plus two bottles of water. We went outside and she took the pill. I ordered an uber and dropped her off at her place.

What did I learn from this experience?

Always have condoms! 

I’m quite worried I may have caught something so I’ll be going straight to the clinic when I get back to Blighty. Hopefully I will live to tell more tales. 

Lay Report – Cape Coloured Girl

This girl was actually a “night game” close so I won’t be adding it to my notch count. I’m terrible at night game. Most of the time I go out, I get too drunk and I can’t dance for shit so I don’t find night game so easy. The girl is hotter than the one in the picture but it’s the closest I could find on google images. If I had to score her I’d say shes a 6.5 or a 7 depending on if she’s done up or not. So here goes…

Setting the Scene

I was out with a couple of friends at a street party they have here in Cape Town on the first Thursday of the month. You can drink on the streets and wander around looking at arty things. I went solely for the girls. And there were lots of them, drunk and scantily clothed.


We walked into one bar that was very busy and noisy inside so we went out the back to the smoking section. This is when I saw her stood talking to her friend who wasn’t as hot. I walked straight over and delivered my normal Daygame opener for 2-sets; “I just saw you guys and you both look very nice tonight, so I thought I would come say hi”. Standard stuff. She hooked straight away, asking where I was from. Her friend was less enthusiastic. So I tried to get her involved by asking; “so how do you crazy girls know each other?”. Again standard stuff. Then she immediately asked if I was alone, I said no, and motioned to my friends to come in who were standing nearby.


We all chatted in a group for a while. Eventually her friend had to leave for some reason I don’t remember. I said “don’t worry I’ll look after your friend” and winked. She gave her friend (my target) a hug and kiss, I said “where’s mine?” and she rolled her eyes. As she was leaving I said “love you, hurry back” and she rolled her eyes again. So I lucked out and got her isolated completely by chance. My friends were still lurking around and after about 15mins of me chatting to her I eventually had to go over and tell my friends to go away so I could go for the kiss. They quickly left.

So I had her alone, built more comfort and decided I needed to bounce her somewhere more secluded so I could go for the kiss. We went inside but it was too busy, then we went back out to the street. Unfortunately she bumped into a group of her work colleagues at this point so I had to play he social guy for 20 mins. Eventually I said to her “let’s go somewhere else for one more drink”, I led, she followed. I found an empty bar with couches, ordered a couple of drinks, sat down and started the questions game. This got sexual pretty quickly and I just pulled her in and went  for the kiss. She didn’t resist. I then pushed her away and resumed the questions game. I asked where she lived and she told me she driving and its 15 minutes away. I say “let’s go back to mine first for a coffee” and she said no. She’d rather go to her place and that I could come with her. Jackpot! But then when we finished her drink and we went to leave, she said it was too late for me to come back as she had work in the morning. I took her number and said “another time then”.

The Day 2 

I text her the next morning to see when she was free. She had plans on Friday night but proposed meeting for lunch on Saturday. I never do dates during the day and I NEVER do food on a date. But I agreed as I’d already kissed her and I thought it was on. I asked her to come to a restaurant around the corner from my place. She arrived looking down to fuck, long heels, tight torn jeans and a loose top. We ate burgers and talked boring chit chat. I tried to spike it where I could but I felt out of my comfort zone during the day. She commented a few times about being too hot in her jeans, I then made a ballsy spike; “my place is just around the corner, let’s get you out of them” said with a cheeky smile… She blushed massively and then I went back into boring chit chat while we paid the bill which we split down the middle.

Leap of Faith

I went to the bathroom, told her not to look at my ass (thanks Tom Torero) when I got back I grabbed her hand and said let’s go for a walk. She asked where we were going and I said “Paris to see the Eifel Tower!” (Thanks Tom again!) and I carried on walking. I was laughing to myself as it was 30 degrees outside,  she was in long heels and I walked her up a steep hill to my place. When we got inside we sat in the lounge, it was hot in my place as it was the middle of the afternoon on a hot Summers day. I poured us both a glass of water and sat at the kitchen table with her for five minutes building more comfort. She then asked if I had a fan. I said sure, got up and went to set the fan up in the bedroom. I came back to the kitchen, grabbed her hand and said “the fan is in here” and walked her to the bedroom.
Pulling the Trigger 

I sat down on the bed beside her, she said this was too fast. I agreed then grabbed her around the chin pulled her in and kissed her. She was all over me at this point. Clothes came off and fucking happened. We lay there for half an hour afterwards and I interviewed. She told me she had only a handful of sexual partners before. Then it was time for round 2. I was pounding her so hard from behind that the fan stopped working (the plug socket had a dodgy connection), I carried on whilst pulling her hair and spanking her big ass. I told her “this is the best view I’ve seen in Cape Town” and she was in hysterics. Before long we were both sweating profusely, in a hot, sticky mess.

First time I’ve ever had an afternoon date and it didn’t go too badly 😉

5 things to do to get laid

If you think I am going to tell you five things that will get you laid then stop reading. The title is a reference to a blog post of Krausers’ a while back. Here is that blog post.

I read Krausers blog regularly and when I first read this I thought it was a good idea but that I didn’t have time/ couldn’t be arsed. So I created a Twitter account instead (@Roywalkerpua if you’re on Twitter), then I got lazy and didn’t tweet much. I don’t think a Twitter account encourages you to reflect on you progress hence me starting this. 

I have been daygaming for just over a year and a half. I have done over 1000 approaches (1038 to be precise, yes I keep count) at present and have had sex with 12 different women out of these 1038. You might think that a 1% success rate is not a great return for all that effort but trust me when I say that it has been worth it!

Why should you bother reading this?

If you’re a beginner you might learn a thing or two. If you’re intermediate/advanced then you may have similar stories and it would be great to bounce ideas around in the comments section.

I’m in Cape Town at the moment where they are having their last blast of Summer. It’s model season and there are a lot of hot women around. I have been approaching as many of these as possible (with minimal success) in between drinking copious amounts of alcohol. I will post a proper report on this city when I head back to London. Hopefully that report will have some lay reports within it!