Pussy Paradise?


A week has passed and I have been ruminating the last leg of my euro-jaunt. I got laid 4 times in the space of 9 days there*. Does this make it pussy paradise?

The short answer is; NO.

Here’s the longer answer…

Daygame in Belgrade is difficult and if you go there unprepared you will come back with your tail between your legs. Im sure Garzero and Xants, who were both there at the same time as me will both agree as they have explained on their own blogs.

Let’s start with a more detailed look at my stats.

Sets Number FB Flake idate Date Near Misses Lays
36 33.33% 13.89% 35.29% 0.00% 11.11% 0.00% 8.33%
12 5 6 0 4 0 3

Ridiculous, right? I agree. But let’s dive a bit deeper.

I did 36 sets over the first 5 days of the trip. Starting with a higher number of sets on day 1 and doing progressively less each day. I closed just under half of the girls and pretty much all the rest of them were blowouts except a couple of girls who had boyfriends. I had 4 dates and managed to lay 3 of them, the other girl turned out to be a gold digger who kept spamming me with stupid viber emoticons so much so that I had to block her. I also got laid on day 1 from “night game”. I haven’t included that in my stats as they are solely for daygame. After the first 5 days I didn’t need to do any more game, I had more solid leads than nights left so I started spinning the plates.

Now before you all start booking your flights and burning the city to the ground (I would accept a small amount of blame for this), I’d like to explain how I think I achieved this and why it is not likely this will ever happen again for me and it’s even less likely to happen for a beginner.

I got lucky

The weather forecast was terrible before we set off from London and our first few days would be Easter weekend when the city was supposed to clear out. However, I got 90% of my sets done over that Easter weekend while the weather was still relatively nice, it rained the rest of the trip but I had accumulated all my leads by then so it didn’t matter. Had it been the other way round I probably wouldn’t have gotten laid at all.

Any experienced player will know that there are an unlimited number of outside factors that can happen on dates that will derail you in your efforts of banging YHT. E.g. they could receive a phone call, fat chubby dudes can interrupt you, she may need to catch a last bus home, she may not feel well all of a sudden, the sound of your wing banging a chick senseless in the room next door may freak her out etc. etc. etc. Any of these things can easily prevent you from getting laid.

I did a lot of daygame

Prior to this trip I had done a lot of daygame in my journey, 2157 sets, to be precise. In 2017 alone I had done 252 sets through the slog of winter in London without even getting a whiff of pussy. I firmly believe that every set counts towards your trajectory of the daygame summit, especially if it’s a blowout. I endured around 170 of these on the cold, dark streets of London in the winter of 2017.

Over time, it all averages out

Here are my stats for all of 2017 so far, you will see that it doesn’t look so impressive any more.

Sets Number FB Flake idate Date Near Misses Lays
301 17.28% 5.98% 41.43% 1.33% 2.66% 0.33% 1.00%
52 18 29 4 8 1 3

I’d been to the city before

I wasted no time faffing around trying to figure out the best daygame areas and other inane things and jumped straight into the daygame. Knowing the city also helped me lead on dates, something pretty much all of my notches commented on saying things like “you know this city better than me and I’ve lived here all my life”. Little did they know, I only knew the well trodden daygame path.

I worked on my SMV

It may have seemed like I was wasting a lot of time in the winter months by doing so much daygame. However I also made time for the gym 3 or 4 times a week, most people could probably not tell the difference, but I could and that’s all that matters.

I had my teeth whitened, again, most people didn’t notice, but I did.

I updated my wardrobe buying new daygame boots with height increasing heels, a more fitted (not black) leather jacket and a few fitted t-shirts to try and emphasise my more toned appearance.

I read some philosophy books which I casually dropped into my dates, the latest being Atlas Shrugged. I gave up about 1/8th of the way through War and Peace.

I’m shiny there

I’ve been to a few euro jaunt destinations, but this is where I got the most IOI’s so far and hence the return trip. Two of my notches (one from a previous trip) even said I was more attractive than Tom Hardy, I tried hard to hold back my laughter on both occasions.

So in case you still haven’t got the message, please, please, PLEASE do not go to Belgrade, I really don’t think you would like it. Thanks.







* Believe it or not, I don’t like to brag. If you met me in person you would probably think I’m a relatively quiet, introverted guy who is more interested in your journey than my own. I wouldn’t tell you about this blog unless you explicitly asked me. I’d like to think my wings would back up my self-assessment of my character, but they’d probably just say “he’s a daft Irish git who bangs yes girls”.



Near Miss: Maria Elena

She’s not as hot as Penelope Cruz, but she’s as equally if not more crazy than her character in VCB.
After getting over the initial depression caused by the steep drop in quality, I was starting to enjoy Warsaw and all its miserable, sopping wet charm.

I have now lost all track of which euro jaunt day number this was, but it was yesterday. I think I am going through a melt-UP, which I will define as the opposite of a melt-down. I’m really enjoying this, there really is nothing better than having nothing better to do but hit on pretty girls. Anyway, I digress…

I was prowling up and down Marszalkowska street taking advantage of the canopy to protect me from the rain.

It was about 3pm when I saw a girl walking quite slowly and dressed formally, with a long blue coat and a big popped collar. I opened her, told her she looked pretty, like a wizard, all she needed now was a pointy beard and hat. She laughed hysterically at my shit opener.

She was short, brunette, with brown eyes and was showing a little bit of cleavage beneath her black blouse. She was 21 and had a French accent, this is my favourite accent on a girl and I told her so. She hooked almost instantly and told me she was having a bad day, she was looking for a bar to drink some wine but none of her friends wanted to join her. Ding, ding, DING, went my SDL radar. DING!

“well, it just so happens my friend is about to go home for the afternoon, so how about me and you go get a glass of wine together?”. She enthusiastically agreed.

I bounced her to a place called Loik which is just behind Marszalkowska street and coincidentally, about a 3min walk from my apartment. We sat opposite each other, I ordered a beer and she, a glass of wine. We went through the normal comfort fluff, I got the bill and said “let’s go to one more place”. Luckily I had done some scouting previous to this and found a dingy little 24hr “club” which is dark all day, has couches, you can smoke inside (she’s a smoker) and is coincidentally even closer to my apartment.

It was all going swimmingly, I had to use very little game, I’m pretty sure it’s all internalised now and I was carrying her through the motions. We sat opposite each other first, then I went to the toilet, came back and sat beside her. We played the questions game and her answers were filthy, this girl was a real outlier and I have never been more certain of a SDL. We had a couple of drinks, followed by shots and I suggested we get a bottle of wine and watch a movie at my place which just so happens to be directly across the street. What a coincidence!

We went to the nearest supermarket and got a bottle of wine, as we were walking back to mine her phone started beeping frantically. I asked her what’s up, she said “oh it’s just my sister she is telling me I need to leave soon”. FUCK.

It was now around 6.30pm, I got her into the apartment and told her not to worry about her sister, she’d be fine. I put on some music and poured us the wine, I didn’t mention the movie. We had one sip each and she pounced on me, kissing with heavy tongue, and teeth. I told her to cut out the teeth and she obliged. I threw her on the bed and starting removing her clothes. There was absolutely no LMR. I got her down to just her panties, I took off my top and fingered her hard, she was wetter than Warsaw itself. I was sucking on her surprisingly large titties when her phone started RINGING. She answered and started screaming frantically down the phone in what was some form of Frolish (French/Polish). This girl was proper bat-shit crazy.

She hung up the phone, jumped up off the bed and started putting her clothes back on whilst having what can only be described as a hissy-fit. She proclaimed her hate for her sister for always fucking shit up for her. I was dumbfounded… “what’s going on?” I asked. She said “that was my sister, I was supposed to be home at 7pm for a family dinner, I need to leave right now”. It was now 7pm.

She asked me if I had facebook, I added her and away she went. I wasn’t sure if I’d ever even hear from her again due to the degree of her complete bonkersness. But she accepted the friend request a short time later and we are now messaging. Hopefully I will get her out again but it seems every girl in Warsaw is away for a full week now. All my leads are on hold because of this.

I went out drinking that evening with an old wing from Manchester, we watched the football and attempted some game in the bars afterwards. I got a little blondie back to my apartment and she wouldn’t even kiss me. I told her she was stupid, opened the door and said “get the fuck out”. It was around 3.30am. What is game turning me into?

Anyway, two near misses in one day. I love daygame, this shit just doesn’t happen to normals.



Lay Report: D4 with a 29yr old Serb

She looks slightly older than this but with prettier face

This was by no means an easy feat, I put a lot of work in and I actually really like this girl, so much so that I will probably see her again. Strap yourselves in, this is a long one…

It was day 1 of the jaunt and this would be my third set of the day. We were walking down one of the side streets off Knez when I saw a short girl with long black hair wearing white converse, tight ripped denim jeans, a black blouse and a denim jacket hugging her friend goodbye as she left a restaurant. As I walked by I turned to check her ass out as she reached up to hug her friend, it was very peachy. She was a high 7, I had to go in.


As she left her friend she started walking very fast so I ran to catch her. I opened and delivered the compliment, she immediately told me she was in a hurry. I ignored this and continued with my stack for about 30 seconds before she hooked asking “where are you from?”. I challenged her to guess and she said “no, I am bad at that”. I just told her as she had already told me she was in a hurry (calibrate). I asked what she was doing and she told me she was leaving the town at this very moment for the Easter weekend. All of this was done in the first minute of the set. I made sure to get in some stock teases of her living in a little village with no internet or running water and this got a laugh.

At 1m30s I said “I forgot your name”, and she rightly said “I didn’t say”. She told me her name, but lets call her Nyssa.

At 1m40s I went for the close asking for her number and she said facebook is better as she had a bad experience giving out her number in the past.

We exchanged pleasantries and went our separate ways. I walked away thinking that she wouldn’t even accept the friend request as the interaction was so short (it was 2mins 34s).


I sent her a stock feeler as there was nothing to go off. To my surprise, I got a long reply from her the next day where she actually used callback humour. Good sign.

We text a couple of times over the Easter break before I set up a date with her the following Tuesday. Nyssa would be my second date after the D2 with the 19yr old.


We met at 8pm on Republic Square. She arrived about 5 minutes late, but when she did, she did so in style giving me an instant boner. She was wearing heels, tight white pants, a black laced top and a black leather jacket. She would have been an 8 but I would later find out she was 29.

I fucked up a bit next as I didn’t have any proper date venues in mind, I winged it. I took us to the closest place which happened to be Boutique on the corner of the square. We walked inside and almost everyone was eating, it stunk. I should have turned and walked out, but I was stubborn and I insisted we stay after she gave me a funny look. We sat at a small table between a couple to my left and chubby dude eating alone to my right. She sat opposite me and I could barely hear her. We struggled through the normal comfort fluff as the annoying fat chubby dude kept butting into our conversation every 2 minutes. I kept my cool, being nice to him but giving him short, closed answers to his questions. I think she was impressed. Amongst the comfort fluff, Nyssa told me she was driving that evening and couldn’t drink much or stay out late. I started to drink my beer quicker, asked to taste hers and proceeded to drink most of it ensuring to leave her a sip. I got the bill and told her we were going to one more place. She asked where and I said “you ask too many questions” with a cheeky smile.

I started walking her to the Irish Bar, on the way I told her “you can’t go on a date with an Irish man and not go to an Irish bar”. She giggled and started to relax as she knew where we were going.

We walked in and there was a loud band playing shit Serbian music, how very Irish. She asked me “don’t you want to go somewhere quieter?”. I said “no, it’ll be fine”. We got a couch downstairs and sat beside each other. We ordered drinks and as I started the questions game she began shit testing me “you only want to play this sort of game so you can ask me hard questions”. I just laughed and said “and?”. She giggled and played along. We had to lean right into each other as the music was so loud (the reason I persisted). After about another hour of this I leaned in and kissed her, she responded with full tongues. Afterwards she said “I’m surprised, I thought you weren’t going to do it”.

The shitty band finally stopped, we chatted some more and I invited her back to my place about 10 times, not in a row. She laughed each time and said she admired my persistence but she doesn’t do this type of thing on a first date. Amongst our chit chat she told me she was good at pool. I challenged her to a game on our next date and if she lost she would have to do whatever I wanted. She said “No, you will say I have to come to your place!”. I said “no, if you lose, you have to cook for me”. She agreed and we arranged to meet the next day. It got to midnight and she had to be up for work in the morning so I walked her back to her car in the rain. I’m such a chode!


We met at the same time and place and I walked her to the sports bar across the square. We played pool almost straight away and I beat her easily. She said “I didn’t tell you when I would cook for you!”. I didn’t react.

We took a seat on a couch near the pool table and the waiter came over and told us in Serbian that it was reserved. Nyssa talked back to him for a few seconds and he walked away. I asked her what she said to him “he said it’s normally reserved for VIP’s, I asked who and he said never mind, you can stay”.

She was all over me and didn’t seem to mind that a lot of people were looking as she was practically riding me on the couch. After the second drink, I paid the bill and said lets go. She offered up the same resistance and I, the same answer.

As we were walking down the steps out of the venue she was behind me so I grabbed her legs, pulled her onto my back and gave her a piggy back down the steps, across the square to the entrance of my apartment. Location is everything. She said she wasn’t coming in. I said “let’s just have one glass of wine, you can leave as soon as you feel uncomfortable”.

I led her in, gave her a tour of the apartment and then we sat in the lounge and drank wine. After a while I led her to the bedroom and threw her on the the bed. I got on top of her and started kissing her, she pulled away and said “how did you do this!?”. I said “let’s just blame it on the alcohol”.

She giggled and we kissed passionately. I was groping her and dry humping her for about an hour whilst trying to get her clothes off. Every time I undid her buttons or bra she would re-do it.  She eventually told me she was on her period. I told her we could put a towel down and she did not like this idea one little bit. No sexy time tonight.

I walked her back to her car (she drove on both dates so far so couldn’t drink a lot) and set up the D4.


It was Saturday, my last day and she insisted I do something touristy with her (I told her previously that i’m crap at being touristy). Due to my line of work, she thought it would be nice for me to see the Tesla Museum. She bought the tickets in advance and was quite excited to take me, I was even excited to go.

We met at the usual spot at 5.30pm and hopped in a cab to the museum. I decided to switch off all game whilst there and appreciate all of Teslas fine achievements in Engineering history, he was quite the lad.

After the museum we took a slow stroll back towards the city and she told me she wasn’t driving tonight and wanted to get a little bit drunk. Good sign. We had a drink in the craft beer place, then another in the Boutique just across the road from it. From there we went to another bar behind it that I can’t remember the name of. It was quite a fancy place and when the waiter came to serve us I asked for a beer, obviously in English. He then started speaking in Serbian to her, she started blushing and giggling and then ordered a drink. I asked her what that was all about. She said “he just told me that I am very beautiful and asked what I was doing with an English man”. What a wanker, calling me English!!

From here I bounced her to my place and there was no resistance this time. We had a glass of wine in the kitchen and as we sat there Xants and his girl came in. They all introduced each other and all got on fine. Shortly after I bounced her to the bedroom and there was no LMR whatsoever, the sex was fantastic. This was the first girl of the trip that insisted I wore condoms, I ended up using 5 of them as we went at it through the night and again in the morning.

I left Belgrade later that morning with my ball sack completely drained. I doubt I will ever have that much sex with different girls over three days again. My love for Daygame is fully restored.

Lay Report: Big Booty 19yr Old Serb

She didn’t have a nose piercing and looked younger than this and her ass was bigger than this.

It was Saturday, day 2 of the jaunt and the number-farming was still in full swing. Xants and I had just finished our breakfast and we decided to take a walk up towards the University area and do some sets. We were walking towards Hotel Moskva from Knez when I spotted a fairly tall girl with long brunette hair in converse shoes, tight denim jeans, a tight black boob tube and a denim jacket. She was slim but had a huge ass, I reckon her A/W ratio is about 0.6 and it is the first thing that caught my eye. She was a solid 7.

I front stopped her and she smiled before I even opened. Good sign. I found out she was 19, from a local village and was a Law student. She was about to leave Belgrade for the Easter weekend but was keen to meet me when she got back.

The texting was effortless and we agreed to meet the following Tuesday for coffee. By the time Tuesday rolled around I had completed my number farm and had a phone full of leads so I scheduled in 3 girls for that evening and this girl would be the first. The second would be the girl in my next lay report and the third flaked. They were booked in for 6.30, 8.00 and 10.00pm respectively.


We met by Hotel Moskva, she arrived a couple of minutes late looking hotter than when I opened as is usual in daygame. She was wearing more or less the same clothes but had put a bit of make-up on. I walked us to a coffee shop nearby and we sat opposite each other at a small table.

I was sizing up the odds of bouncing her back to the flat, banging her and still meeting my second date. I quickly decided this was not an option as she seemed to be quite K selected.

We talked about her upbringing, her family, her hopes for the future and all that usual fluff for about 45mins. I asked her what her plans were for the rest of the evening, she blushed and said “well, this”. Fuck. I quickly considered bailing on my second date, but she was hotter than this girl so I told her I had to go and meet my friend at 8pm. She said that’s not a problem as she should probably go home and study anyway.

I needed to spike things up a bit, something I always struggle with on coffee dates.

I asked her what the craziest thing she’s done is and she said she once swam in the sea fully clothed when drunk. I also asked her if she’d ever kissed a girl and she said that she had and that she really enjoyed it. I did an exaggerated fist pump and said “yes!”.

We spoke about alcohol and to my surprise she sounded like she enjoyed a drink. I suggested we meet another day for a real drink and she agreed.

We left the coffee shop and I walked her to the bus stop. When I was at the top of the hill near the bus stop I said “you see there at the bottom of this hill? That’s where I will kiss you”. She giggled and said “do you always announce it?” “No, only when I’m sure”.

We kissed with a little bit of tongue and I sent her on her way and ran off to meet my next date.

I pinged her the next day and suggested we meet again on Friday for the real drink. She said she was supposed to be going away for the weekend with her girl friends. I told her that she could see her friends any weekend, it’s not often that she would get the opportunity to go on a date with a handsome Irish man. She said she’d let me know. The next day she text me saying “I’m not going away this weekend :)”.

It got to Friday and I’d just had a notch the night before. I only had two nights left and 4 or 5 girls I was still trying to get out. I decided I couldn’t be bothered with the hassle of scheduling multiple dates on the same evening. I’d choose the two that I had the highest odds of notching and convert the rest to long leads.


I decided to copy the exact same date plan as the night before (if it ain’t broke and all that) meeting her at Hotel Moskva  at 7pm, bouncing her to the craft beer place and then onto the Irish Bar before bouncing to mine.

At the craft beer place we sat at the bar on stools making sure I got my knees right up against hers. We had one drink here and smoked a couple of cigarettes before I walked us to the Irish bar.

We got a couch upstairs, ordered a dark and a light beer and two types of Rakia and shared them. This girl liked to drink and smoke and if they smoke, they poke. This is a well know fact.

We talked and kissed a lot and before I knew it was almost 11pm. I suggested a glass of wine at my place and there were no objections from her. At this point I knew that Xants was attempting a threesome with his banshee and another girl. I text him “COMING BACK NOW, please be quiet!”. You don’t think of these sorts of logistical issues when agreeing to shack up with another gamer for a jaunt.

I walked us back to the apartment praying that the coast was clear, I soon got a text from Xants saying that he was bringing his girl back but there would be no threesome and they would be quiet.

I got my girl inside and we had a quick glass of wine in the lounge before I suggested I put a movie on in my room before Xants and his banshee got back. We did so and watched the first 10 minutes and then we started kissing and groping each other. I tried to slide my hand down her crotch so that I could finger her, she pulled it away and said “No!”. I rolled off, paused the movie and told her to play me some typical Serbian music. She did and it was crap. After a while I escalated again and she resisted all of my attempts to get her clothes off. I gave her a massage and after a few minutes pulled up her top and undid her bra so that I could give her a “proper massage”. She didn’t seem to mind. Around about this point, true to form, Xants’ girl started screaming her head off in the next room and this made the LMR battle even more frustrating. Very fucking quiet, Xants.

After 4 attempts of me trying to get my hand down there she finally relented on the 5th attempt. I actually think the sounds coming from the next room got my girl in the mood. As soon as my fingers were inside her vagina it was all over. I battled around two hours of LMR, but it was more than worth it.  I never thought that hearing sex in the next room would be an effective LMR destroyer, but there you have it and you heard it here first.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget the image of smashing her from behind as I spanked her big juicy 19 year old ass whilst pull her hair hard with my other hand. I came all over her ass and she rolled over onto it and said “Wow!”. Moments like this are what it is all about and make all of the misery worth it.

We banged a few more times before I kicked her out around lunch time the next day so that Xants and I could go eat steak, drink beer, smoke cigarettes and watch Father Ted before my next date that evening. This would be a D4 with a different girl and my first ever attempt at laying 3 different girls from daygame on 3 consecutive nights…


Lay Report: All I did was open

This is Ander Hererra. He is great at football.
Ander Herrera’s through ball to little Marcus Rashford was the sexiest thing I’d seen that day. But I did open a girl who was about half as sexy and I ended up banging her a few days later…


It was Sunday, day 3 of the Euro jaunt. It was cold out and raining heavily. Myself and Xants decided to sack the daygame and go the sports bar to watch football and drink beer all day, it was a great decision.

After that we went for dinner in a fancy Italian restaurant. We sat at the window, drank wine and ate fancy food, because we could. A girl walked past the window. I announced “she looks hot” and proceeded to run out of the restaurant and down the street after her like a monkey. One of those ones that dances.

I was quite drunk at this point so I don’t even remember how I opened her, but i do remember being out of breath. I’m assuming I hid my drunkenness well as I got her number and she was very keen over text in the subsequent days. We arranged to meet the following Thursday, day 7 of the jaunt.

The Following Thursday

It was another wet day. I’d awoken still quite frustrated from the blue blood soaked balls of a D3* the night before. The sounds of Xants’ girl screaming like a banshee in the room next door exacerbated this frustration somewhat more. I got out of the apartment and went to Snezanna for what was to be the best omelette of the trip so far, things would get better. I pinged the girl from the monkey set to confirm the date for that same evening and we agreed to meet at 7pm.

I met her at Hotel Moskva, I was ten minutes early so I went inside and had a tiny coffee (it’s harder to get a decent sized coffee in Belgrade than an omelette after 1pm) and text her to meet me inside. She came in and I was pleasantly surprised that she was hot. A 7 with greeny brown eyes, brunette hair and a slim figure with nice curves. I wanted to bang her.

It was plain sailing from this point onwards, I drank my coffee, she asked me a million questions, I asked her if I was on a job interview.

From here I let her lead me to a bar nearby which serves lots of international craft beers. She really wanted me to try all the English and American beers. I ordered us two Serbian beers. We drank them and her eyes seemed to be in a permanent spazz, this girl fancied the fuck out of me and she didn’t hide it very well.

After this I suggested we go for a walk to the Irish Bar which just so happened to be closer to my apartment. We sat on the couches upstairs and she ordered us Rakias and some weird nuts that weren’t quite nuts, they were very tasty, and we kissed a lot. It was on.

Shortly after this I suggested we go back to mine for a glass of wine. She said that sounds like a great idea. We did so, I got us two cans of beer (didn’t need to open the wine, Xants and I would drink this later whilst watching Stefan Molyneux) from the fridge and we sat on the couch in the lounge for about 30 seconds before I carried her to the bedroom, took her clothes off and we had sex.







* – This will hopefully be another post


Lay Report: An Alcoholic Alpha

She was not this hot…
The Euro Jaunt started with a bang but it didn’t seem likely at the beginning of a very long day…

Myself and Xants touched down late the previous evening and went to directly to Wurtz place for our obligatory Euro Jaunt kick-off beers, after dropping our bags at our centrally located apartment.

I got deja vu as we stood at the bar, turning to Xants and saying “So, how do you night game again?”. We tried to get some social proof so I opened a male two-set, they were nice chaps and they told us that we had come to Belgrade at the wrong time as the city would be empty due to the Easter holidays. Fuck. We drank our beers and got a relatively early night so we could be fresh for our first full day on the streets which would be Good Friday.

We started the day with a late breakfast at around mid-day. There were no omelettes at this eating establishment, as usual in Belgrade. It was a warm day and there seemed to be plenty of sets about. After breakfast we started rolling some off and after about an hour I had collected a few leads and was highly optimistic for the coming days. Xants’ vibe started very high and seemed to drop with each set he did. After around two hours he proclaimed “i think the girls here just don’t like me” and flirted with the idea of fleeing Belgrade to join Nick Krauser at another euro jaunt location. I didn’t try and dissuade him, I just told him it would be fine and things would get better. Sure enough, they did and he started closing lots of girls, they seemed to like him after all and I was right. I’m such a gamma.

I finished the first day having done 12 sets and closing 5 of them. I was happy enough with this so we started drinking at around 8pm. We met up with Garzero later that evening for food and hit some bars to attempt night game. We went to a little square with lots of bars and they seemed busy, not all the girls had gone back to their villages it seemed. We took turns opening up sets. I opened one 3-set and it was going quite well, Garzero and Xants both came and went during the set but all three of the girls seemed to be into me and didn’t really talk back to my wings. I was in this set for about 20 minutes before eventually going to number close my target which was a tall blond wearing a choker. She seemed keen when i suggested we meet another time for a coffee, i pulled out my phone and as I did this her friend leaned in and whispered something in Serbian into my targets ear. The target then turned to me and said “I can’t, I’m actually engaged”. I tried to hide the rage from my face before looking at her friend with what must have looked like a death stare and said “OK, no problem, you ladies have a nice evening”. All three of them said it was really nice to meet me and they were sure I would meet a nice girl in Belgrade. They didn’t know the half of it.

I ejected and went to find the lads, they were in another set and when they finished we went to another bar.

We were about 4 or 5 beers in now before I opened another 3-set. The lads joined me after a minute or so after I had introduced myself to all 3 of them. My target was a curly haired brunette in a black and white striped top with tight white jeans, she had a very nice back side. I teased her saying that she must have just escaped from prison. She bantered back and seemed keen. The lads talked to the other two and we all got on well. All 3 of them had gotten a bus from Macedonia for an Easter holiday. I now really wanted the notch as I did a mental check of the flag tick list, I hadn’t got the Macedonia flag, in fact I didn’t even know what it looked like.

We bounced the 3 of them to Wurtz place and had one more drink. We all stood near the bar and I moved my target across the bar a little and we sat beside each other on stools. It was around about this point that the girl which was Garzeros’ target started complaining that she had a sore leg and started suggesting that all 3 of the girls go home. It seemed my attempts to get laid were about to be foiled by another cock block! I then suggested to my target that her friends should go home and that she should stay and have a drink with me. She liked this idea and went over and had a little team talk with her friends as I did the same with mine. Xants said that they would leave me and my target to it and they would go to another bar having done a sterling job as wings. They did so and her two friends departed the bar closely followed by Xants and Garzero. I had my target isolated and all I had to do now was not fuck it up.

I ordered us both beers and shots, she joked “you know you don’t have to get me wasted to seduce me”. I replied “Its not you love, I’m Irish, I just like drinking”. This is and was genuinely true.

We finished the drinks and I bounced her to my place. She put up some token LMR as I moved her from the lounge to the bedroom. But before long our clothes were off and I was riding her bare back. In hindsight I’m a little disturbed that this didn’t seem to bother her.

She didn’t want to stay over so we got dressed and I walked her back to her hostel. I’m a nice bad boy.

The next day we bumped into them again and arranged to meet all three of them that evening. We did so and I banged her again on the Satruday night. Sunday would be her last night and was day 3 of our euro jaunt. It was raining all day so me and Xants decided to sack the daygame and watch football and drink beer. By about 10pm that evening she was texting me wanting to meet up. I attempted some bar game with Garzero in a very inebriated state before we joined up with the girls again in Wurtz place. My girl looked very annoyed at me for being drunk. I didn’t give a shit and proceeded to tease her for the next hour or so before bouncing her back to the apartment. I was very, very drunk by this point. I woke up the next morning, fully clothed on top of my bed. The girl was gone. I text her “I’m guessing you’ve gone back to Macedonia?!”. She said “Yes, and I’m very mad at you, you got so drunk on my last night.”. I said “Oops, alcohol does that to me sometimes”. She replied “You are such a bad boy, but I like it, nice guys are boring”. And there you have it kids, just be yourself.

I got her HB rating adjudicated on my whatsapp wing group. They mostly said 6, Xants agrees with me that she looked like a 7 on the night I closed her. For me, she is a low 7, but I was tipsy when I met her so that could easily knock a point off. However, a notch is a notch and it was my first fresh one in 3 months. Hopefully that damn has now burst.



Is Daygame Getting Harder in London?


March statistics

Sessions Sets Number FB Flake idate Date Near Misses Lays
20 100 15.00% 5.00% 50.00% 1.00% 1.00% 0.00% 0.00%
Sets p/ session 5.00 15 5 10 1 1 0 0

Shite, right? These are embarrassingly bad statistics but there is no fake news on this blog. This is the reality of pick up, there are good times, and there are very, very bad times.

I closed at more or less the same rate as usual in March. Half of the girls flaked, the other half responded but were either “too busy” to come out or left town. I had one idate with an Asian which was going well but as we went to leave the bar she told me she just wanted to be friends. I lost the plot at this point and stormed off in a huff without even taking her number. I really need to stop bothering with Asian girls, I only open them because I think they’ll be easy and they always end up frustrating the shit out of me. Fools gold.

The date I went on was with a Lithuanian time waster who turned up, had a cup of tea and left after 45 minutes of her talking a lot about herself whilst rebutting all of my escalation and frame grab attempts. As hot as girls are, they can be very annoying if they don’t participate in the seduction dance.

Now, on to the topic of the click bait title.

I have been analysing my game a fair bit and I’m pretty sure it’s not gotten as bad as the statistics suggest. This leaves a few possibilities;

  1. My game has become stagnant
  2. I’ve been unlucky
  3. I’m opening hotter girls
  4. I’m not opening enough
  5. Daygame is getting harder in London

All of these are probably true. I game a lot, but I don’t spam. As you can see from the stats, I average 5 sets per session. I would have opened more if there were enough 7’s about, but there weren’t. Out of the 240 girls I opened in the first quarter of 2017, about 3 of them were 6’s, the rest were 7’s and up. I still closed 20% of these girls but getting them out proved difficult.

I’ve been discussing the situation in London amongst our little daygame rat pack. Xants is very smug, he’s done about 2 sets all year and gotten 2 notches. Ricky Roma also has two under his belt, one in Russia and one in London. I congratulated both at the time whilst inwardly swearing at them. Mr W is in the same boat as me as well as Gollum the Gamma (another wing with an Norn Irish accent but is actually looks Indian).

A daygamer by the pseudonym of Rafael Deangelo contacted me through the blog and told me of similar struggles, I haven’t met the guy yet but he seems genuine and I can definitely relate.

I gamed throughout winter last year and got a few notches in the process. I expected the same this year but all of my efforts were in vain. Why was it different this year?

I had more excitement at the beginning of last year, I hadn’t moved to London at this point but I was spending 3 or 4 days a week here, staying in Air BnB’s very centrally which made bouncing back a lot easier than my current situation. I think both of these factors made a massive difference, if you have enthusiasm and good logistics it’s a lot easier to get laid.

Despite that, gaming on the streets of London has felt a bit off lately. I get the feeling that most girls have heard it all before and they’re just a bit tired of it. Maybe they have all contracted feminism, maybe they have all been opened twenty million times, maybe they are all simultaneously actually busy.

I am a big believer in that no matter how burnt a place is, you can still get laid, my experience in Prague last year proved this. However, it wasn’t the case in London this winter.

This leads me to the lazy conclusion that my game is still amazing and that London is indeed fucked*. The best thing for me will be to get away. Good job I’m going on a big Euro Jaunt in a few days, hopefully, this will be my last misery post for a few months.

* If you’re an active daygamer in London let me know if you’ve had similar struggles, or even better, if you’ve been slaying it, if so, teach me, I pay top dollar.