I have been in Marseille for the past week to watch football, drink beer and catch up with old mates. So I haven’t done any game as such. 

However, I just can’t stop myself when I see an opportunity…

We arrived first thing in the morning last Thursday. I met my mates at the airport and we jumped in a cab to the Old Port in the city centre where our accommodation was.

My initial impressions of the place were that it was quite grubby and in need of a good scrub. But once you get into the Old Port area it’s quite nice. There are big open, pedestrianised streets  surrounding the port which I imagine would be fine for Daygame in normal situations. The streets were full of drunken Polish, Hungarian and Iceland fans for the majority of my stay.

I got chatting to the cab driver on the way in. He was a young, good looking guy. I’d give him an 8. I asked him all about the best bars, touristy activities etc. Then I asked him about the girls, are they hot and are they available? I said this jokingly as I was really only here for the beer. However, his response tickled me. He said “it’s very difficult, you have no chance with the girls here, they don’t like foreign, drunk men”. Fast forward 10 hours and I am balls deep in a local French girl. How did that happen?

I’d been out drinking with my mates, we were exploring the pubs. There was one bar with an outside section full of Iceland fans chanting “hooooof, hooooof, hooooof”. My mate thought this was hilarious so ran over to join in the craic. I saw a pretty girl sitting on her own watching the lads and laughing. I went over to her and announced in my finest Frenglish “excuse moi, I hope you speak anglais”, “I do” she said whilst giggling. “Supeeeeer” said me.  I could see that she was interested straight away, you could even say she hooked. “Tu Es beau” I continued (which is apparently the masculine version of you are beautiful). I then switched to English, “what the hell are you doing here alone in a bar full of drunken football fans”. 

“My friend has just left and I was enjoying the atmosphere so I thought I would stay”, Green light. 

I left my friend to hoof and he quickly got bored before heading home and leaving me with the girl. 

The girl was an olive skinned  local whose parents descended from Algeria. 

We had a couple of drinks together before I invited her back to my place. She was more than happy to come back. The only trouble was that there was 4 lads in an apartment with only two beds. My mates were already in bed when I got back, however one of them obviously heard a female voice and promptly vacated the room to move to the couch. Good friend. I fucked her all night and was raw dogging her for most of the time. It’s just better. 

I ended up having a mini relationship with this girl for the rest of my stay in Marseille. She often joined me and my mates to watch football and drink beer. She is a smart, funny and very good looking girl with great big fake titties. I couldn’t get enough of them. I fucked her 3 or 4 times each night/morning. It was the closest thing I had to a relationship in about 3 years and it felt a bit alien to me.

On the last couple of days I was getting bored and she seemed to be getting more and more attached. I remembered why I don’t do relationships any more, monogamy is definitely not for me. I remember hearing a quote which sums this subject up nicely…

Ro: [on hearing Mr Hill is cheating on his wife] I don’t get it. Mrs Hill is pretty. I mean, she’s really pretty. 

Gina: Show me a beautiful woman, I’ll show you a man who’s tired of fucking her.

Perfect Stranger 2007

The clingyness of the girl and sameness of the vagina catches up after a while. In the 6 nights I fucked her about 20 times, in different positions, places and oriphises. It was great but I was looking forward to getting back to London and chatting up some new girls on the street.

I got an email from British Airways telling me that my flight was cancelled roughly 24 hours prior to my planned departure time. They told me I would have to fly on another day due to the lazy frogs going on strike. I called them up and they offered me a flight on Saturday which would mean a two day extension to my trip. I really couldn’t be bothered to stay, my body was exhausted from all the booze and sex. I said no, I had to get back to London. They put me on a Thursday morning flight instead of my intended Thursday evening flight. I’m currently sat in the airport writing this as my flight is delayed. I’ve noticed that there is no sense of urgency with the majority of the French, they close their shops for no reason, walk very slowly and service in restaurants is generally terrible. 

Aside from shit/non-existent service, I have enjoyed this trip more than I expected to. I like the vibe in the city and the locals are generally more friendly than what i experienced in Paris. Nearly all of them giggled at my shit French instead of turning their noses up and grunting back at me in English like the Parisians did. 

I really like the sound of the French language,  especially when spoken by a hot girl. There seems to be a lot hot girls around. I found myself repeatedly saying  to my mates “look at that piece of shit!” As the girls walked by. This is a catch phrase I stole from a fellow daygamer in London, it makes me chuckle. 

I would definitely come back here and try some Daygame. I might even see the girl again if she doesn’t get too clingy.

Au Revoir Marseille and hello London, I’m looking forward to the Daygame grind. 

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