I am not Roy Walker.

For those of you who don’t know who the real Roy Walker is, he hosted an 80’s TV show called ‘Catchphrase’ *. On this show contestants try to guess well known catch phrases or sayings from animated picture puzzles. In an effort to assist the contestants Roy would shout “Say what you see!” in his Norn Irish accent. This advice is also very valuable when daygaming.

This is not a tribute to Roy Walker, I am using his name to maintain anonymity. If I put out my real identity I’m fairly certain I would be sacked from my 9 to 5 job.

Aside from my name, I can tell you that I’m Northern Irish, average height, slim and in my early 30s.

I was a serial monogamist before I discovered daygame,  jumping from relationship to relationship (sometimes before the previous one had finished) starting from when I was 16 right up to the age of 29. When I was 30 I found out about daygame. Through this I stumbled upon the perfect way to meet and sleep with a variety of women without any of the commitment. I only wish I’d discovered this sooner.

*Catchphrase is still going now but it has a new presenter and it’s terrible.

3 thoughts on “Who’s Roy?

  1. Hi Roy
    Why is london so hard to day game ?. Fucking women blow me out or give me numbers but nothing happens is this normal ?. I did 15 approaches 2 numbers nothing. I think white women are racist because muslims are seen as terrorists if they see me they slot me in a group.

    How can i change this ? I cannot change my fucking skin colour.


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