This was another lay from “night game” so I won’t be adding it to the notch count, but I’ll tell the story anyway. She was black, covered in tattoos and piercings and looked dirty as fuck, I found out later that she was a “model”.  I’d say she’s a 7. Let’s call her B.

It was a Wednesday night, I was out with the same two friends as the last lay report. By this stage I had pretty much thrown in the towel with Daygame as we only had a few days left of the trip. More on that in another blog post.

I’d already had a few drinks, we went to watch South Africa vs Australia in the T20 cricket, a sport I know nothing about. Australia won apparently. After this we went back into town to see what was happening. We went to one bar called “Orphanage” which is quite upmarket but arrived just as it was closing so we went to an Irish bar called “The Dubliner” on Long street. 

This is not like a typical pub in Ireland, it’s popular as it has a big dance floor, plays pop music and is open late. You get all sorts in there.

We walked to the smoking section as the bar was less busy there. We got a drink then I saw a cute blonde girl sitting beside B on the couches, I went over and used my standard Daygame opener for two-sets. The Blondie was my initial target but wasn’t really interested. B was all over me as soon as she figured out I was Irish.

Within 5 minutes she jumped on top of me and we were kissing. I found out later that these girls were in a group of 7 other guys. None of them cock-blocked me, one actually came over and asked me where I was from etc. 

It was so on that I just said to B;

“let’s get  out of here”

“where to?” She asked

 “my place”

“but where do you live?”

“a 5 min drive away”

I grabbed her hand and walked her out of the bar and hailed the first cab I saw.

We got back and went straight to the bedroom. No LMR whatsoever. 

No Condom!!

Stupidly I only brought 3 condoms with me on the trip which I used all of on the previous girl.  I’d been meaning to buy more but forgot. Luckily, B had one in her handbag. I’d been fucking her for about an hour (I struggle to cum when I’ve been drinking). She had squirted all over the bed twice, I was actually quite disgusted. Then the condom came off. B said “it’s fine I’ll put it back on”.

She put it back on, we carried on fucking until I eventually came and she squirted all over the bed. Again. I was exhausted as I rolled over onto the squirt juice soaked bed. I looked down and saw that the condom had ripped. Fuuuuuck!

We lay there both quizzing each other;

“Do you have anything?” Said B

“No” said me

“When was the last time you got checked?” She carried on.

“About 6 months ago, but I always wear a condom” I said, which is true.

“Are you on the pill?” I continued

“No, I don’t believe in that” says B.

Inside I’m freaking the fuck out but I remain cool.

“Ok, you’re staying here and I’m taking you to the pharmacy in the morning and you’re taking the morning after pill”  said me

“Nooooo, I’ve already taken it once and you’re only supposed to take it once in your lifetime, I’m not taking it again” said B.

At this point I’m starting to think this girl might be genuinely crazy. 

“Don’t be silly, you will be pregnant if you don’t take it and that will be the end of your modelling” I said. 

She’s 24 and still got a few years ahead of her. When I said this she agreed.

Walk of shame

The next morning we fucked again with no condom. The damage was already done, right?

We both showered, got dressed and I walked her to the pharmacy which is a 10 minute walk away. She was in a short black skirt and black high heels. It was about 1pm, the sun was at its apex  so we were both sweating profusely, every head turning as we walked down a busy street. We get to the pharmacy and B didn’t want to go in, I approached the kiosk and the lady didn’t want to sell it to me, “we can only sell it to women”, I grabbed B and brought her to the kiosk and we got the pill plus two bottles of water. We went outside and she took the pill. I ordered an uber and dropped her off at her place.

What did I learn from this experience?

Always have condoms! 

I’m quite worried I may have caught something so I’ll be going straight to the clinic when I get back to Blighty. Hopefully I will live to tell more tales. 

10 thoughts on “Lay Report – Black Tattoed Girl

  1. Dude … be fucking careful. You fucked a black girl in S Africa who said she was a ‘model’ (could be an escort or in porn) with no condom twice! The HIV rate is ridiculous anyway and with those specifics even higher … don’t be a silly boy, wear a condom for gods sake!


    1. No, it was in Cape Town. I know, not the first time I’ve done such stupid things. Going for the check-up today, it’s been 4 weeks, that’s how long it takes for HIV to show up in your blood.


      1. Eeeek! My god you are taking on insane risk dude … the adult HIV rate is 19.1% (2011) in S Africa! The highest in the world. So one in 5 adults is walking around with HIV.

        But .. its much higher in women and amongst the black population (the white population with HIV is negligible). So .. guesstimating its probably closer to 30 or 40% which is insane if you think about it. DO NOT DO THIS AGAIN BRO.

        I hope your test goes ok. Bear in mind you may be ok even if she is HIV as you need fluid transfer into your body which is difficult (but don’t take this as an excuse next time).



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