Lay Report: Another Serb

Kinda like this except with a flat chest.

This is a rather short story about a long story… a lot of effort was expended on my part and it ended in a huge anti-climax…

Lets rewind to April this year. It was the start of daygame season and Belgrade was my first destination of the year (summarised here). It was a hot day and Xants and I had decided to go for a walk down towards the University area, one of our favourite hunting grounds. As I briefly mentioned here, I wasn’t going to do it, my calibration told me it was a bad set. She was dressed very formally, was stony faced and looked like she was in a hurry. “Just do it, trust me” – said Xants.

In I went and my calibration couldn’t have been further off. She was lovely, smiling instantly and cooing at almost everything I said. Sonja was very typically Serbian, my height, slim with dark skin, brunette hair, brown eyes and long legs, very greyhoundy. A high 7. She was dressed in formal business attire which made her look older than her 22 years. I found out she worked part-time at a law firm whilst doing her law degree and told me about her plans to do her erasmus year in London or Barcelona, she hadn’t decided which yet. Sonja was full of energy telling me that she had a passion for martial arts, reading and politics all of which gave her a very strong frame. I took her number and never got her out that trip as she was always busy.

I went back to Belgrade in May and got her out. It was only a coffee date and I never really escalated, she was trying her hardest to friend zone me, even introducing me to her brother at the end of the date and telling me I should come to her family home for dinner and meet her parents. It all felt very weird. I declined and tried to get her out for a glass of wine before I left but it never materialised. I assumed the lead was dead.

Fast forward to August and she pinged me out of the blue “Roy – I’m moving to London!! :D”. She moved to London mid-September and I thought “happy days, I’ll add her to my Winter harem”. I had a grand plan going into Winter, I’d have 3 regulars each with different qualities that I liked to prove to myself that I could hang out with girls – that plan failed spectacularly. I had a Bulgarian, a Brazilian and now a Serb. I kept the Bulgarian on for about a month before she got a boyfriend, I went on four dates with the Brazilian getting her back to the flat each time but she would always tell me “not tonight” and the Serb was proving equally difficult.

We went on 5 or 6 dates (I’ve lost count), some coffee dates, some drinks and I even took her to an expensive restaurant and didn’t get the lay. She was frustrating, I would go through periods of ignoring her messages as I was sure she was just tooling me for attention. Then the other day she messaged me saying “when are you taking me for coffee?” It was like she was using my own game against me.

I was supposed to be home in Ireland this weekend but my flight was cancelled so I had a free weekend in London. I told her we could meet Saturday afternoon at 1pm. We met at Bond Street station and went to a really good coffee shop called Flowcafe, got takeaway coffees and walked around the back streets. I walked her in the general direction of my apartment to another coffee shop. After another coffee I walked us to a shop where I bought a bottle of wine, it was now around 3pm.

Wine so early in the day, really? – Sonja offered up some futile resistance.

Come on, it’s Christmas!

My powers of persuasion proved too great and back she came for some wine. I got her into my room, dimmed the lights and soon the clothes were off and we had some pretty timid sex. I almost felt cheated, I’d invested so much time into this girl and the sex was boring at best. Is there and ideal investment/reward ratio which I had gotten very wrong with this girl? Had I become numb to banging hot girls? Or was I just “hollowed out”?

We got dressed and I told her I was going to the pub to watch the football, United were playing at 5.30pm. I thought this would scare her off but she asked if she could join and so we ended up spending the rest of the evening together and I even let her stay over. Over the course of the evening Sonja told me that I was the first non-Serbian guy that she’d had sex with and was her 6th ever partner.

I couldn’t wait to say goodbye to her the next morning but she took forever getting showered and doing her make-up. I helped pack up all her things and usher her out the door. I was a gentleman as ever and walked her back to the tube and the relief was huge when I eventually said goodbye to her – I’m clearly still terrible at hanging out with girls.



Lay Report: Best laid plans

Similar but my girl was flat chested.

In my last post I mentioned that I had went to Prague to relax and see an old flame. Well, said flame extinguished herself on my arrival. Before I got there she was texting me frequently and couldn’t wait to see me. We were supposed to meet the evening I arrived and spend the weekend together. As I got into Prague on Friday night I got a message saying that she had to work late and wasn’t sure what time she’d finish – that’s girl speak for “I’ve made other plans and I don’t want to feel like a bitch”. I told her not to worry. I pinged her the next morning and she ghosted – that’s girl speak for “stop texting me”. So I had two options; 1. I could sit around, learn a language and find my purpose in life or 2. I could go out and do what I do…

It was around 1pm on Saturday afternoon and I was just finishing up in that quaint little café where I wrote my previous post. I still hadn’t heard from the Russian, she was definitely flaking. Fuck it, I’ll go out for a walk and see what’s what. I dropped my laptop at the flat and hit the streets. If I saw a girl I liked, I’d open. I wasn’t SDL hunting but that would be my only avenue to get laid and I knew the odds of doing so were extremely low (1 in 267.84 for me).

I meandered down the main strip scanning for easy targets. There was a festive feel in the air, families and couples were everywhere, it was a pleasant vibe but it wasn’t good for daygame. After around half an hour I finally spotted a solo girl of sufficient quality. I got in front and delivered “I HHHHOPE YOU SPEAK ENGLISH” with all of the enthusiasm I could muster. She smiled without breaking stride and said “No, I’m sorry, I don’t” in perfect English. Good start.

I carried on walking then I saw a tall good looking dude walking towards me, he was a male 9 (no homo) but I noticed that he was staring to the left, my right and started off in that direction. I looked right and spotted what he was staring at. It was a hot girl. I followed him following her for a few minutes. Was he a daygamer? Was he going to open her??

This girl was a tallish brunette with black high heels, a black furry coat and a sexy walk – she looked horny. She was walking fast then she would break stride every so often to look in a shop window. Her assailant was matching her stop start stride and I was almost willing him on to open. Do it, Dooo it. I let him have 3 or 4 opportunities to open then I’d had enough. I ran around him, got in front of her and laid on the patter – I could see the other guy scuttle off in a huff out of the corner of my eye.

Sofija was from Slovakia and was relatively new to Prague, she’d moved there for a job in an embassy. She was very chatty and did most of the talking for me. I tried to idate her but she told me that she had some shopping to finish. She was disappointed to hear that I was leaving the next day. I proposed we meet for a glass of wine in the evening and she seemed very keen and even spoke about which places we could go to. I took her number.

I carried on for another hour without seeing much, the wind was starting to pick up and it was spitting rain. I decided I’d head back to the flat and watch the football before getting some food and hopefully meeting up with Sofija.

On my way back I spotted another hot solo girl, this one looked Persian. I opened and to my surprise she turned out to be Khazak, she didn’t look Asian at all. Anna was a finance student and was on her way to meet some friends for dinner before going to a concert that night. I took her number and told her to text me if she had some energy after the concert. She was very responsive over text (and still is) but I didn’t see her that night.

I lay on my bed in my boxer shorts whilst illegally streaming the football and eating some almonds, not quite bottom world. Sofija had read my feeler text and not responded. I watched Untied batter Fulham, freshened up and took myself out for some food. It was around 7pm when I finished eating so I decided to have one more roll of the dice.

There were lots of Christmas market stalls in Wenceslas square and I quite fancied a nice warm cup of mulled wine, but I didn’t want to stand there drinking on my own. Then out of the corner of my eye I spotted a tiny little thing walking very slowly through the markets. She was around 5’2” including her heels and was wearing tight dark denim jeans, a big furry jumper and a puffy eskimo style jacket. She looked Asian – but hot, easily a 7. I wandered over to her…

Excuuuuuse me, I saw you floating through the market and thought you looked very cute, you’re like a little eskimo with this big jacket. – Instant eye spazz.

Haha well thank you

Oh, you have an American accent? I was expecting a Russian one

Sorry to disappoint you, why would I have a Russian accent?

Well, you have the look of a Khazak girl

Noooo, I’m from Singapore

Ah, I’ve never been there but I have a friend from there. Apparently it’s just one big shopping mall and all the girls are crazy. Is this true?

Hahaha – no, well yes, kinda

I was in. Harriet was on a long holiday, she’d travelled to 4 other countries before this one and Prague was her last stop. It was her first ever trip to Europe and she was travelling alone. I asked her plans for the evening. “No plans, I’m just exploring the city”. I told her I fancied a glass of mulled wine at the market and she enthusiastically agreed to join.

We exchanged travel stories and Harriet told me that she loved adventure and being spontaneous. By the end of the drink Harriet was complaining that she was really cold so this was the perfect opportunity to bounce her to a little underground cocktail bar called Parlour, which coincidentally was right beside my apartment. It was almost the perfect seduction venue, very dark and quiet and she was impressed, but there were no couches so we had to sit opposite each other. We both had a cocktail and by the end of it I could see she was getting tipsy. It was now around 8:30 and I hadn’t escalated enough to invite her back to the flat. We went for a walk and she was struggling for balance, I asked her if she could handle another drink and she said “of course!” I didn’t believe her, her tiny frame and Asian heritage were not a good combination for drinking.

We completed our trip around block and Harriet was oblivious to the fact that we’d just walked in a circle. I took her into another bar called blah blah and we sat on stools at the bar. I ramped up the escalation, peppering her arms, legs and stomach with my hands as I spun my web around her. Harriet told me that she was only just out of her one and only relationship of 6 years, she was 23. I asked how recent and she said it was 6 months ago. Soon after this I leant in for the first kiss attempt and she turned her head in the opposite direction. I finished my beer and Harriet had barely touched her drink so I did the honours and polished that off too. I suggested another walk and we arrived at my front door. She refused to come up – “I think I should go home, I’m sleepy”.

I walked her back to the metro, she bought a ticket and I went to hug her goodye;

It was nice meeting you, text me when you get home

You’re not coming back with me?

Oh, you can’t make it back alone?

Just come, please.

Oooooooo K, if you insist.

I got a ticket and we got on the metro. At this point I still didn’t think the SDL was on, I hadn’t kissed her and I figured she just wanted me to walk her to her front door, which I would have done, I’m a nice guy, really.

We hardly said a word to each other on the way back as Harriet tried her hardest to stay awake. It wasn’t looking good. We got to her front door and Harriet asked me to wait outside whilst she tidied up. IT’S ON!

It was still a tip when I got inside – clothes and make-up scattered all over the place and she hadn’t even made her bed. I shudder to think what it must have looked like before she “tidied”.

Harriet downed a bottle of water and she seemed to snap out of her drowsy state. I lay on the bed beside her and played some music on my phone. The lighting in the room was almost florescent and there was no dimmer switch or lamps. I told her my apartment was way better than hers and that we should have went there.

I pulled her in for the kiss and this time there was no resistance. Soon her hand wandered to my dick and she rubbed it over the top of my jeans. I undid my fly and she started wanking me off vigorously. I went to finger her and she pushed me off and whispered in my ear “do you have a condom?”. Luckily I had put one in my wallet earlier that day. “Yes I do”.

Harriet excused herself to go to bathroom and I could hear the shower running. Good girl. I stripped down to my boxers expecting her to come out naked but when she emerged she was fully clothed. “Take off your clothes young lady!” I barked but she giggled and refused. I pulled her onto the bed and quickly went about removing all her clothes and we fucked.  I blew my load pretty quickly and she fell asleep about 3 seconds later. I got dressed, picked up wallet and keys from the table and let myself out.

On my way home I treated myself to a KFC zinger burger and as I went to open up back at my flat I found two sets of keys in my pocket. FUCK. I’d lifted my keys AND hers. I would have to see her again to give them back. Luckily I’d added her on Instagram earlier in the date. I met her the next day and we had a romantic afternoon at the sex museum before I got my Uber out to the airport.

So despite my best efforts to have a weekend off from daygame and try to spend time with a girl I’d already banged I ended up with a same day lay and a new flag. What other choice did I have?

Lay Report: NPC’s

Similar to this but not as tall.

I’m sitting in a quaint little café on a Saturday morning on a solo trip to Prague. There’s no particular plan, I came here to relax and see an old regular (this one). I took a walk around the city last night and couldn’t help but appreciate its beauty. I always think of this place as the Disney Land of Eastern Europe – it’s so picturesque that it almost feels fake. As I walked I couldn’t help but soak up the nostalgia. I walked from my apartment down Wenceslas square past the café where I had a date with a hot feminist – she walked out upon learning of my love for the Donald. I carried on to the bottom of the square where I recalled meeting a cute little thing for a date only to be ambushed by her little miss piggy lookalike friend. I walked down the main strip towards palladium mall passing the spot where I opened a 9 on my previous trip here. I idated her whilst she waited for her boyfriend to finish a meeting. As I walked further I passed the spot where I first properly met Krauser. He pretended to shoot me as I was mid-set, I binned it off and joined him for a coffee. As I passed TGI Fridays memories of the Russian I idated and SDL’d popped into my head. I learned after banging her that she was on her way to a date that day (you can read about that drama here). As I got to the entrance of the mall I remembered my first proper same day lay. I’d bounced a little Slovak for coffee, then a beer, back to mine and had sex, all in around 2 hours. I have a lot of good memories in this city and some bad ones. It’s funny how our brains work as I don’t think about the negatives much.

The other day was one that should go in the good memories box, it happened in London. Here’s the story…

A few Saturdays back I’d been out daygaming with my flatmate, Mr. S. It was my first all day session in a long time. Mr S was full of beans and telling stories aplenty in between sets. Despite my good vibe I didn’t get a single hook-point from 7 sets that day. Eagle eyed readers may say that that is not enough sets. Not to sound pompous – but it usually is for me. Long gone are the days where I “grind” out 10 sets a session. Meanwhile Mr S got around 4 numbers from roughly the same number of sets. We all say that the only competition should be with ourselves, but we all have a competitive edge, especially when winging with someone of equal competence. Mr S won that day and offered words of consolation as we went for a beer after our session. “Don’t worry about me mate. Tomorrow is another day”. And it was.

The following Sunday I woke up fairly early and hit the gym and followed it up with a big breakfast. I was ready to talk to some girls, this time solo. I enjoy both solo and winged daygame, but I always get more leads when solo, obviously because I don’t have to share sets. I did 5 sets in just under 2 hours, getting 3 numbers. One of them was a Canadian girl who was dressed head to toe in black with a big digital SLR around her neck. I teased Daria telling her that she was SUCH a stereotypical tourist. She protested vehemently, it was part of her masters degree, the pictures were for her latest project. Turned out she had moved to London a couple of months previous and was still finding her feet in the big smoke. We agreed to meet for a drink later in the week. It felt on.

We agreed to meet at Baker street station the following Thursday. Daria turned up a few minutes early and she looked hot, again in all black tight clothing which accentuated her nice curves. Here parents were Turkish which meant she had dark features and buxom lips, she looked very fuckable. I took her to a couple of bars and got her back to my place. “I don’t have sex on the first date”.

A couple of weeks passed by and I thought the lead was dead. I’d ping her and she would reply with one word answers a day or two later. I invited her out for Thursday past but she was busy and offered the weekend instead. I couldn’t as I was going away for the weekend. I didn’t counter offer, then she proposed Wednesday past.

We met at the same place at 7pm. I walked her straight to the speakeasy bar near mine, took her home a couple of hours later and banged her. No LMR and it all felt very transactional (no, I didn’t pay her). The sex wasn’t great, when I tried to do her doggy whilst pulling her hair and spanking her ass she would keep collapsing onto her stomach on the bed. I walked her back to the tube a few minutes later and I’ll probably never see her again. Whilst I was happy to bag my 16th daygame lay of the year, the next day all of the satisfaction was gone. If anything, I felt worse off as I yawned my way through a technically challenging meeting at work. “Roy, you look like shit, late night last night?!” asked my colleague. “Nah, just a bad nights sleep”. Back in the day I’d be in a euphoric state for a few days after a new notch.

I’ve been doing some introspection on this solo trip – what am I doing here? What is my plan? Is banging all these girls making me happy?

Anyone who has done game long enough knows that it is a Sisyphean sport. Yes, there are moments of extreme happiness, but there are equally, if not more unhappy extremes. I for one, love the chase and that’s what keeps me in the game. But with each new notch I get less and less gratification, this will probably be obvious if you compare one of my latest lay reports to one from a couple of years ago. I was listening to a Roosh podcast the other day and in it he compared girls and game to the NPC (Non-player character) meme craze. Girls are the NPC’s, always giving more or less the same responses no matter where in the world you are and gamers are the players. You can win as many games as you like but at the end of it all you will not feel any better off. All that you can gain is the red pill understanding of how the game is played. Roosh’s analogy struck a chord with me and from my own experience he is bang on the money.