Bottle game – no, I don’t.

I flew out to Belgrade at the end of April to properly kick-off the 2018 Euro-jaunt season. What better place to start? I would spend just over two weeks there after which I would take my pick of EE destinations, I intentionally kept my schedule flexible after regretting booking everything in advance in 2017. I’ll try to recap the main events – most of them are a bit hazy due to the copious amounts of alcohol consumed…

Xants and I touched down in the late afternoon after being delayed in Munich airport, we of course used this time to drink more beer in the airport bar. We were in good spirits and full of optimism for the trip ahead. This would be our third time returning, you can read about the others here and here.

Upon arrival we dropped our bags, had a quick freshen up and hit the streets. As I mentioned here, my first set ended up being my first notch of the trip. After the session we went for dinner with a motley crew of daygamers who happened to be in the city at the same time. These included Krauser, Oscar, juggernaut and Krausers’ Resi student who turned out to be a good guy from London. After this we did some bar game with an American fella who was living there and who also dabbles at daygame. It was a fun first day.

A few days later most of the motley crew had departed and Mr S arrived to lift both our spirits and our alcohol intake levels (Mr S is also Irish). We were having a laugh, the street game was not easy but we spurred each other on and in the end all three of us got laid. Maybe if the lads at citydaygame ever pull their fingers out, you could read about their triumphs as well.

Which brings me to the topic of failures – Someone tweeted at me recently that I never write about them. This is not intentional, I just tend not to dwell on them. If we all wallowed in our failure then there would never be any time for success. But believe me, I fail, a LOT. Now, if only I had some sort of real life statistical summary to assist in the analysis of my failures, Oh, hold on – here’s one I made earlier;

Sets 62
Number 16 25.81%
FB/Insta 9 14.52%
Flake 6 24.00%
Date Flake 0 0.00%
idate 2 3.23%
D1 5 8.06%
D2 1 1.61%
Near Miss 1 1.61%
Lays 2 3.23%
Approach to Number / Social Media… 1 in … 2.48
Approach to Lay… 1 in… 31

I opened 62 girls over the space of two weeks – banging two of them, so that’s 60 failures right away.

Even though I get more IOI’s in Belgrade than anywhere else I have been, I still get my fair share of blow-outs. Most of these were low-probability girls that were just too hot not to open. I don’t keep a count of the exact number of blowouts but I’d say about 1/3 of my sets were blow-outs. Either they weren’t into me or really were in a hurry.

Some of the girls had boyfriends and the rest gave contact details. This is where a lot of them dropped off. 6 of them didn’t reply to my feeler, a lot of girls were simply too busy with exams and the rest of I got out. I had 9 dates in total (including idates and one from night game) and all but two of them went nowhere…

Date Fails

idate with girl with boyfriend

I had an idate with a cute little blondie – we had one beer and I never saw her again. Most of her instagram stories show her cuddling a guy. So I’m assuming she was at the beginning of a relationship when I idated her.

Blonde balerina

I closed this girl on my 3rd day there and got her out shortly afterwards. She seemed very keen over messaging and I thought my odds of getting laid were high before the date. When she turned up I did not downgrade this assessment – she’d really made an effort. It was all down hill from there. She didn’t drink alcohol for health reasons – but assured me she loved getting drunk, she just couldn’t. We did two venues and she resisted all escalation. I lost patience after about 3 hours of this and sent her on her way. I pinged her the next day and she ghosted.

Two dates with a cute K girl

This girl had one of the best little bottoms I’d seen in Belgrade. She was 20 years old and I actually really liked hanging out with her. I took her out twice on the trip and she would not let me kiss her despite about 30 attempts over two dates. It was strange because she was accepting all kino and even reciprocating – she seemed really into me. I did have a persistent cold sore for most of the trip and she was a nurse so this may have been the reason she didn’t want to kiss. I kept her on as a long lead hoping to close her next time.

Near miss with a long lead 

Yes, you read that correctly, a long lead. This was a girl I closed on my first trip to Belgrade. I added her on instagram and never got her out, most of her pics were of her and a man who I assumed was her boyfriend. I pinged her upon arrival on the off chance that she’d reply. She was keen to come out. We got quite drunk together – I’d already been drinking during the day with the boys and turned up to the date half cut. This didn’t seem to matter so much. After a couple of drinks she was on my bed and we were very close to sex. I had her jeans off and was fingering her. But she freaked out and said she couldn’t do it. The next day she left the city for the rest of the summer. Maybe next time.

A double date from bar game

On the first night Xants and I did a two-set in a bar (not included in the stats above). His girl was a 6 at best, mine was cute, a low 7. They agreed to come out on a double date one evening. They met us at 7pm and despite drinking two beers each announced that they were going to the gym at 9pm. Serbian logic. We all had a nice chit chat, tried to escalate every now and then, but it went nowhere.

Cluster fuck of a date with a 9 – and her entourage

One afternoon early on in the trip Xants and I were fishing at Boutique. I saw a short young little fair haired girl walking very quickly towards Knez Mihailova and it was my turn to open. I got in front and she eye-spazzed as I delivered my opener. She touched me on both forearms and babbled something in Serbian. I assumed it was “I don’t speak English”. I got google translate out on my phone and we managed to have a short chat. She was in a hurry to meet friends so I took her number. It was an absolute pain in the ass to get her out. I would text her and she would reply days later. Eventually I got her out on my last night in Belgrade. A couple of hours before the date she text me to say that she would be bringing a friend. I wasn’t happy about it – but I thought “hot girls have hot friends, surely”. Xants agreed with my hypothesis and agreed to come along to keep her friend distracted.

Unfortunately for him, her friend was a heffer. We went to a swanky restaurant and eat steaks and drank red wine. I sat beside my girl and spoke to her mostly on google translate. Xants’ girl couldn’t speak much english either. So me and him would frequently confer in English right in front of the pair of them – mostly we were saying things like “this is going nowhere, need to isolate”. Then an hour or so in my girl tells me she needs to go outside. I asked why and she said her sister was coming with another friend. FFS.

I walked out with her and greeted her sister and her friend. She was almost as hot as my girl, I’d say a solid 8. There was also a young bloke with them – he looked about 18 – so, their age. I invited them both inside for a glass of wine (I’d ordered a litre of the house red). The young fella spoke good English so he sat to my right and the sister sat to Xant’s left. From this point onwards it was a complete cluster fuck. In hindsight I’m pretty sure the young fella was an orbiter chode working his hardest to prevent me from getting anywhere with my girl. Soon after the glass of wine we all finished up and off the four of them went leaving me and Xants wondering what the hell had just happened. We sat on and drank the remainder of the litre of wine before going outside – it was now around 11pm – and opening another two-set of 16 year old sisters. My target had riduclously large breasts for her tender years. We idated them and it too went nowhere. Afterwards we hit up the dive bar and got smashed with Mr S to top off what had been a successful trip despite all the failures.

The next morning I woke up late for my bus to Budapest which my airbnb landlord had organised. He let himself into our flat waking me one hour after I was supposed to be on the bus already.

Roy – you’ve missed the bus! Get your shit together and I’ll drive you to the airport, the bus is waiting there for you

I woke up, still in the clothes from the night before and quickly threw my shit in a bag and jumped in his car. I would realise upon arrival to Budapest that I had forgotten most of my belongings – i’m pretty sure I was still drunk when I packed. I frantically text the landlord upon realising my fuck up and he reassured me he would hang onto my stuff. It gave me a very good excuse to travel back after Budapest, not that I really needed one.











3 thoughts on “Belgrade – Part 1

  1. What is your daygame like sober and solo? I know you post reports and stats but anonymous audio of you infield would be appreciated as there’s so many grandiose tales online now


    1. 99% of my daygame is sober and solo… It’s only on a jaunt where I have a wing and I’ll sometimes open after I’ve had a drink.

      I have hundreds of audio and video inflields from down the years which I have shown to friends that I trust. And many top gamers have seen me do it live. If I was a coach (or if I ever decide to do some coaching) with something to sell you, I might start posting infields.

      But I’m not and I don’t intend to coach any time soon.


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