Lay Report: 21 yr old English virgin

emma watson.jpgI approached this girl on a Sunday evening two weeks ago on Oxford Street.

She made fleeting eye contact as she passed which I took as a definite IOI.

I opened with “excuse me, I saw you back there and thought you looked cute. You do know it’s rude to stare and not say hello, right?”

She looked about 18 years old. When we got chatting I found out she was 21, English (with one Malaysian and one Swiss parent) and a recent graduate in photography. She had a piercing beneath her bottom lip and lots on her ears. She was an outlier, if a shy one.

It was a quickish set (5mins) as she was in a hurry to go meet friends for drinks. I teased her for drinking on a school night. I also teased her for looking like Hermione (grown up!) from the Harry Potter movies, she is almost a spitting image. She giggled, in fact she giggled at nearly everything I said.

I took the number.


The texting was slow. Initially she was taking over a day to reply but, she was replying. I invited her out, she said she couldn’t make it. I said ok, I’ll be in touch when I’m back from holidays.

I ping her a nice photo of the scenery whilst on holiday. She loves it.

I set up a date for the day after I get back from Marseille.

First date

She lives quite far out of London so I told her to meet me outside Covent Garden tube station at 8pm on the Friday night.

I text her on the day to tell her I’ll be late, can we make it 8.30pm instead. She agrees (this also confirms the date is still on).

She turns up at 8.45, I tell her she’s buying the first drinks for being late. She giggles. She is a very giggly girl, I’m really not that funny.

She is wearing doc Martin boots, a skirt which shows of plenty of her surprisingly long legs (shes 5′ 4″) and a tight fitting top. She looks hot despite the doc martins. Solid 7, maybe even a 7.5.

I took her to a pub in Covent Garden for the first venue. We sat opposite each other and spoke about family, our current situation, hobbies etc. All that boring but essential comfort stuff.

I then took her to a darker quieter venue in 7 dials. We sat beside each other on a couch this time. I ran a bit more comfort whilst drawing diagrams of the things I was describing on her thighs. After this I break the 4th wall and say “you do know that was just and excuse to touch your leg, right?” She giggles and says “at least you’re honest”.

We then proceeded to the questions game. I’ve stopped playing this on recent dates for fear of being too gamey, but I knew this girl wouldn’t mind. She was accepting all of my advances, if not reciprocating them yet.

Before long we were kissing. She wasn’t a great kisser. During the questions game I pegged her as half R and half K (most girls). She told me she’d only ever had one serious boyfriend of four months but that she definitely wasn’t a virgin. I was sceptical.

Before I new it, it was 11pm and she said she had to go so as not to miss the last train home. I  told her she could crash on my couch, she declined. As she was getting ready to leave I asked her if she could cook, she said no, I said I was a great cook, how about dinner and a movie at my place for the next date. She said “we’ll have to see about that”.

Second Date

It was a Monday, I pinged her in the afternoon to see if she’d behaved the rest of the weekend. She replied as all girls do saying “I always behave 😇”. I told her I’d like to see her again and that I was free Monday (that night) and Tuesday. She chose the Monday. I was a bit worried as a massive spot had developed in the corner of my mouth which may put her of me kissing her on the lips (either pair).

I told her to meet me at Old Street tube station, the nearest tube to my place, at 8pm. She responded saying the earliest she could do is 8.30pm. Ok.

I then got stuck at work until after 7pm. I text her telling her I wouldn’t have time to cook, we could get a takeaway and some wine. She responded “aha, sounds good”. This is when I knew I was probably going to get laid. I got home, popped the humungous spot and figured I could just tell her I cut myself shaving, had a shower and got ready.

I got to the station at 8.30pm, again she was 15 minutes late. I playfully spanked her on the ass when she arrived for being late. This time she turned up in jeans and a jumper and hadn’t made as much effort as the first date. I asked her “where’s the mini-skirt? How am I supposed to see your legs?!”. She said “I’m sure you can figure it out”.

We picked up a pizza, some salad and a bottle of wine. When we got to my place I showed her around, we ate and after that we sat on the couch, listened to music and chatted more shit.

I then resumed the questions game going sexual straight away (basically picking up where we left off on the last date). We started kissing and she was making little moaning noises as we kissed. She was very horny.

I started rubbing her pussy over the top of her jeans and I could feel she was wet. I pulled off poured more wine, went back to kissing. I did this a couple of times before finally picking her up and carrying her to the bedroom. She didn’t have any complaints.

When we get to the bedroom I tell her “I’m an expert masseuse, I learnt everything I know from youtube”. She giggled, I whip out the baby oil and start massaging her back. I start removing the layers and getting her oiled up as I go. She is moaning quite a lot now and complains that I haven’t taken any clothes off and she’s practically naked (She was down to her matching bra and panties by this stage). I throw off all my clothes, she then tells me “I’m sorry”, “What are you sorry for?” says me.

“I’ve never done this before” says her.

I don’t rib her for lying to me in the first place. I just say “Don’t worry, I’ll take it easy”.

I start fingering her, I can barely fit my index finger in there!

I go down on her to get things moving a bit more freely. Soon we are fucking pretty hard and her tiny little vagina is bleeding all over my dick. Daygame rocks.

Post-coital Debrief

I ask her why she lied about the virginity. She said she found it embarrassing that she was still a virgin at 21. I told her there is no shame in it, what I didn’t tell her that I have fucked a 25 year old virgin (this was also from daygame, but pre-blogging days).

I asked her when she knew she was going to have sex with me, and as I suspected, she said “when I agreed to come to your place”.

She then started telling me a lot of very personal things about her past. We cuddled and watched Vicky Christina Barcelona before fucking some more. I reckon I got about 2hours sleep before I had to get up and go to work, but I didn’t care. It was definitely worth it.



Oui Oui Marseille

I have been in Marseille for the past week to watch football, drink beer and catch up with old mates. So I haven’t done any game as such. 

However, I just can’t stop myself when I see an opportunity…

We arrived first thing in the morning last Thursday. I met my mates at the airport and we jumped in a cab to the Old Port in the city centre where our accommodation was.

My initial impressions of the place were that it was quite grubby and in need of a good scrub. But once you get into the Old Port area it’s quite nice. There are big open, pedestrianised streets  surrounding the port which I imagine would be fine for Daygame in normal situations. The streets were full of drunken Polish, Hungarian and Iceland fans for the majority of my stay.

I got chatting to the cab driver on the way in. He was a young, good looking guy. I’d give him an 8. I asked him all about the best bars, touristy activities etc. Then I asked him about the girls, are they hot and are they available? I said this jokingly as I was really only here for the beer. However, his response tickled me. He said “it’s very difficult, you have no chance with the girls here, they don’t like foreign, drunk men”. Fast forward 10 hours and I am balls deep in a local French girl. How did that happen?

I’d been out drinking with my mates, we were exploring the pubs. There was one bar with an outside section full of Iceland fans chanting “hooooof, hooooof, hooooof”. My mate thought this was hilarious so ran over to join in the craic. I saw a pretty girl sitting on her own watching the lads and laughing. I went over to her and announced in my finest Frenglish “excuse moi, I hope you speak anglais”, “I do” she said whilst giggling. “Supeeeeer” said me.  I could see that she was interested straight away, you could even say she hooked. “Tu Es beau” I continued (which is apparently the masculine version of you are beautiful). I then switched to English, “what the hell are you doing here alone in a bar full of drunken football fans”. 

“My friend has just left and I was enjoying the atmosphere so I thought I would stay”, Green light. 

I left my friend to hoof and he quickly got bored before heading home and leaving me with the girl. 

The girl was an olive skinned  local whose parents descended from Algeria. 

We had a couple of drinks together before I invited her back to my place. She was more than happy to come back. The only trouble was that there was 4 lads in an apartment with only two beds. My mates were already in bed when I got back, however one of them obviously heard a female voice and promptly vacated the room to move to the couch. Good friend. I fucked her all night and was raw dogging her for most of the time. It’s just better. 

I ended up having a mini relationship with this girl for the rest of my stay in Marseille. She often joined me and my mates to watch football and drink beer. She is a smart, funny and very good looking girl with great big fake titties. I couldn’t get enough of them. I fucked her 3 or 4 times each night/morning. It was the closest thing I had to a relationship in about 3 years and it felt a bit alien to me.

On the last couple of days I was getting bored and she seemed to be getting more and more attached. I remembered why I don’t do relationships any more, monogamy is definitely not for me. I remember hearing a quote which sums this subject up nicely…

Ro: [on hearing Mr Hill is cheating on his wife] I don’t get it. Mrs Hill is pretty. I mean, she’s really pretty. 

Gina: Show me a beautiful woman, I’ll show you a man who’s tired of fucking her.

Perfect Stranger 2007

The clingyness of the girl and sameness of the vagina catches up after a while. In the 6 nights I fucked her about 20 times, in different positions, places and oriphises. It was great but I was looking forward to getting back to London and chatting up some new girls on the street.

I got an email from British Airways telling me that my flight was cancelled roughly 24 hours prior to my planned departure time. They told me I would have to fly on another day due to the lazy frogs going on strike. I called them up and they offered me a flight on Saturday which would mean a two day extension to my trip. I really couldn’t be bothered to stay, my body was exhausted from all the booze and sex. I said no, I had to get back to London. They put me on a Thursday morning flight instead of my intended Thursday evening flight. I’m currently sat in the airport writing this as my flight is delayed. I’ve noticed that there is no sense of urgency with the majority of the French, they close their shops for no reason, walk very slowly and service in restaurants is generally terrible. 

Aside from shit/non-existent service, I have enjoyed this trip more than I expected to. I like the vibe in the city and the locals are generally more friendly than what i experienced in Paris. Nearly all of them giggled at my shit French instead of turning their noses up and grunting back at me in English like the Parisians did. 

I really like the sound of the French language,  especially when spoken by a hot girl. There seems to be a lot hot girls around. I found myself repeatedly saying  to my mates “look at that piece of shit!” As the girls walked by. This is a catch phrase I stole from a fellow daygamer in London, it makes me chuckle. 

I would definitely come back here and try some Daygame. I might even see the girl again if she doesn’t get too clingy.

Au Revoir Marseille and hello London, I’m looking forward to the Daygame grind. 

Burrito Bar Bang

blonde-114842.jpgI didn’t bang her in a burrito bar, I just wanted to do some alliteration. Here’s the story.

It’s Friday evening. I worked late and didn’t hit the streets until around 7pm. I daygamed for 2 hours and only did 4 approaches. The quality was low and my vibe was off after a long day in the office.

I was exhausted so I sat down on a bench outside Wasabi on Oxford street (the one towards Bond Street) feeling sorry for myself. I don’t eat cream cakes ala Bodi but if I did, I would have been scoffing them down.

I text a fellow daygamer to see if he fancied a pint, he tells me he’s already gone home. I say to myself, “fuck it, one more set!”

Then out of McDonalds walks a stunning little Asian girl. She’s walking very slowly, sipping on a big coke. Thank you Daygame Gods!

I open and it’s the first one of the day that it’s on. She eye spazzes, crosses her legs as if to say, show me what you got. It’s a good set. She tells me she’s from Russia. I say no you’re not, you’re from Khasakstan. She’s impressed. I ask what she’s up to and she tells me she’s off to work, she’s a singer at some club.

“Another time I’d like to take you for a drink” me.

“I don’t give out my number on the street” her

“I’ll text you once, if you don’t reply I’ll never text you again” me

Lies, I’ll ping her 48hours later. Then I’ll give up. She gives me the number.

My vibe is instantly up and I’m in a good mood. It still amazes me how Daygame fucks with your emotions.

I text another mate to see if he fancied a pint. He does I meet him and I drink 4 beers with him.

We go our separate ways around midnight.

I get the tube back to Old Street, I’m starving and remember I haven’t eaten since lunch. I pop into a takeaway called the Mexican Express on my way home.

I see two girls laughing at the seats in the shop front window as I walk in, they’re both 7’s (neither as hot as the girl in the picture above) and had clearly been drinking. I place my order and sit down at a table just behind them as I wait to listen into their conversation. I figure our one is Polish and the other French. I get up and walk over to them, I can’t even remember what I opened with, it was fairly indirect, something along the lines of “you ladies seem to be enjoying yourself, this is clearly where the party is”

We chat for a little while. My burrito is ready and the guy calls me to the til to pay. I collect my burrito turn to walk out and as I am on my way I say my goodbyes to the girls. The Polish asks where I’m going, I say home. She says nooooo, stay with us. So I sit while the polish eats a burrito with a fork and knife (who does that?). I tease her on this. All three of us are sitting at the window stools. It’s me, then Polish then French in a row. There’s a joke in there somewhere.

As we chat the Polish is eyeballing me, I return long eye contact in between talking to the French girl about Marseille, where she is from. I tell her I’m going there in a couple of weeks for the football. She’s telling me it’s not safe, I tell her I lived in South Africa, bring it on. I didn’t realise it at the time, but I was DHVing and the Polish was lapping it up.

Polish finishes her food and French starts talking about the two of them getting a cab home together. Polish says she wants to go for another drink.

I tell Polish “let me take you for a drink, we can put your friend in a cab”

They confer with whispers for a little while before they agree to my plan. French girl is on her way.

I take Polish to a bar across the road called Lovers Company. Its a trendy basement bar and quite noisy. I’d never been here before as it’s still my first week in the area. We get a G&T each and sit down at a table. It’s a small table surrounded by noisy drunken English girls. I tell her I’m going to look around the venue and find the toilet, I’ll be back. I walk around and find a private little room at the back which is wall to wall couches, no tables and the music is a lot quiter. Perfect! I go for a piss, go back the table, pick up both our coats and my drink and take her hand. “where are we going?!”, “just follow me”.

We get to the couch room and take a seat. There is no-one in there but us. Before long we are kissing and she jumps on top of me. A couple of guys come to walk in and shout “get a room” and walk out.

She hops off me feeling slightly embarrassed, I tell her she’s a bad girl and return to boring chat until we’re almost finished the G&T’s.

“I live just around the corner, let’s grab a bottle of wine and go back to mine, it’s quieter there”.

Her ASD kicks in… “I’m not going to sleep with you” her

“Who said anything about that??” me

We leave and walk to the shop across the road, buy cigarettes and a bottle of white wine. We start walking towards my place and she asks to sit down on the steps to have a smoke. I agree and run some more comfort. She starts showing me some pictures of art she had done and I’m genuinely impressed so I tell her this. After a while I stand up and say “let’s go back to, it’s getting cold”. She agrees but tells me she is definitely having sex with me.

We get to the lift in my apartment block, as soon as the doors close we start kissing and I’m thinking it’s on.

We get into my place, all the lights are off, but I can tell my flatmate is sleeping as his bedroom door is closed.

We go into the lounge, I get the laptop out, put on some music softly and pour the wine. We talk for little while, she tells me how nice the place is etc. I grab her around the throat and start kissing her. Then I pull away and tell her I need to pee (again). When I return she asks if she can have a smoke on the balcony. I agree and join her for one, I don’t want to wake my flatmate so I pull the balcony door closed behind me. We have our cigarettes, kiss a bit and I say “let’s go back in”. I go the the balcony door and discover that there’s no handle on the outside. Fuck.

It was my first time on the balcony as I had only moved in the previous weekend. She asks me how are you going to open it? Good question says me. It’s around 2.30am and we are trapped on my balcony. I try to ring my flatmate to ask him to open but his phone is off. I text him, no reply. We both laugh at the hilarity of the situation and sit there for a while, kissing and cuddling. I ask her if she’s ever had sex on a balcony? She reminds me that we are not having sex tonight.

The clock ticks, it gets to 4am and we’re both freezing. I sit there thinking how royally I have fucked this up. Randomly, there a big storage cupboard full of suitcases on the balcony. I pull out two of the suitcases and say “lets’s climb in one of these each, it’ll keep us warm. She laughs, but I’m being serious. I try to climb in one and surprisingly, I don’t fit.

I then have another bright idea, the cupboard is now empty. Let’s get in the cupboard. So we did that for a while but it wasn’t very comfortable. It gets to around 5am and Polish hears people walking by on the street beneath us. It’s her idea to shout down to them and ask them to ring my flat number on the intercom. Good citizens as they, they do so about 4 or 5 times. They tell me someone answered. Yes!

My flatmate comes out to the balcony pissing himself laughing, opens the door and runs back to bed without saying a word.

She tells me she’s going home, she’s freezing. I tell her “no you’re not, there’s no tubes, let’s get in bed”. She agrees on the premise that I give her one of my T-shirts to wear and reminds me… “we’re not having sex”.

We get into bed and within 5 minutes we are fucking.

Daygame is for losers, burrito bars are where it’s at.





May Review

Sessions: 15

Approaches: 83

Closes: 25

idates: 2

Dates: 6

Lays: 2

May was a strange month. There was only one really good sunny weekend, I think it was the first weekend of may. I did 20 odd approaches and closed 12 of them. That’s half of my total for the month. The rest of the month was pretty shit weather wise, not that I’m using that as an excuse.

I moved into a new place in London at the beginning of May which turned out to be a shit hole. It was in a great location and I had the place to myself for the month while the other tenant was away travelling, but I just couldn’t put up with the state of the place. One of the girls I brought back was so disgusted by the place she wanted to leave and asked me “how can you live in this?!”… several times.

So now I’m in a much nicer place that I am sharing with a gay guy who seems cool so far. Location isn’t quite as good but I’ll make a plan.

Back to May.

I did 15 sessions, this isn’t as much as it sounds. A few of those were when I went out after work, with shit vibe and did one or two approaches, got nowhere, and went home. At least I tried though, eh?

I didn’t manage 4 proper sessions per week and I am still not finding (making) the time to do so. I did a few long sessions at the weekends, some solo, some winging with some of the citydaygame crew. I enjoy the winged sessions, especially when my vibe is down. Just last weekend I was extremely hungover, if it hadn’t have been for Mr S keeping me chatting between sets, I’d probably have sacked it off earlier.

I had two idates to nowhere, I closed both of them. One was a Spanish girl I tried to kiss after 20 minutes. Surprisingly, I never heard from her again. The other was a cute Lithuanian girl who I never even bothered following up on because she was leaving the country the next day.

I had 6 dates. I got laid from 2 of them, lots of kissing on one (i’ll see her again) and a peck on the lips from the other 3. Not bad, but as I mentioned in another post, I need to improve on two key areas on dates;

  1. Escalating
  2. Dealing with Princess behaviour

I’m happy enough with the month over all. My target was “4 sessions per week, 2 lays”, I got the 2 lays and that’s the most important stat of them all.

The weather must surely get better in June, therefore I will be slightly more ambitious for the month of June.

Target for his month – 4 sessions per week, 3 lays.


Date with an Iranian Princess

Last night I had a first date in my new area – Shoreditch.

This is a girl I met a few weeks back in London. She cancelled on me once already (I replaced her with the German that same night and got laid, see Lay report: German Teacher).

She’s a blonde Iranian with deep brown eyes and is very much a girly girl with designer clothing and lots of make up (she would fail the too much make-up test miserably). Id say she’s a 7, maybe a 6.5 without all the make-up.

I opened her inside Oxford Circus tube station, it was a solid set and I’d kept the momentum going with some pings texts over the last week  or two until the date. 

I asked her to come to Shoreditch. When she arrived at the meeting place (Old Street tube station) she looked hot. Tight black leather pants, black heels and a tight top with a big jacket due to the cold. When she opened her mouth she immediately started complaining.

I’m cold, I’m tired, I don’t like this area. Where are we going?

This is going to fun, thought me.

I was winging it slightly as I had never been to any of the venues. I’d gotten some local advice from some of the citydaygame lads and did five minutes of google maps search about an hour before the date. Not the greatest planning, I know.
The first place I took her was called the bridge, it didn’t go to plan as the upstairs section I intended taking her to was closed and so we sat downstairs. She literally turned her nose up at this and I teased her for it.

The second venue, Hapinnes Forgets, was cooler but way too noisy. We sat at the bar on stools and I pulled her stool closer to me with her on it using the excuse that I couldn’t hear her.

The date lasted just over two hours. Most of the time I was sinking in comfort and I struggled to escalate this girl. She was quite masculine and shared some interesting opinions e.g. “I don’t like black people”, “I don’t like gays”. I did get a lot of kino in and made good, deep eye contact. The eye contact made her giggle with excitement and I could tell she was attracted. 

She kept telling me how funny I was. I said I thought it was my dashing good looks that made her come out, she quickly corrected me with “Nooo!”. I just laughed, she was obviously lying. 

I tried to kiss her a couple of  times but she kept saying “not on the first date”. 

This girl does seem genuinely interested in me and she even text me when she got home and has said she will bring me back a gift from her upcoming holiday. I’m just not sure I can be arsed seeing her again as it seems it may take a few dates to get anywhere with her.

I’ve had 5 or 6 dates very similar to this in the last month where I haven’t escalated enough and only got a peck on the lips at the end of the date. This could be down to their upbringing and nationality but it is happening too often for my liking. I think I need to go back to the drawing board on my date game. Time to dust off mastery.