Lay Report: Another SDL

Identical – they all look the same, right?

Let’s get one thing straight – I’m not in daygame to bang Asians. But if a hot enough one makes it this easy, I will oblige. This was a quick and easy lay and the report will follow suit…

It was the last Saturday of March and I’d been out daygaming all day. It was my best session of the year so far in terms of quality of sets – from 12 approaches I got 7 contact details, this is despite being horribly hungover from the previous evenings’ debauchery [1]. Xants and I were on our last lap of Oxford street headed in the direction of the pub for a well-earned beer.

As we were walking East down Oxford street a tallish Asian girl was headed in our direction. She wore a black leather jacket, black top and a black flowy dress – a high 6/low 7. As she got closer she glanced in my direction but the glance soon turned into a stare. Xants noticed it as well and said “Mate, that’s a huge IOI!”. I reluctantly made chase given that I was really looking forward to a pint with the lads.

I opened and she hooked instantly, almost as if she was relieved that I spoke to her. Vicky was only in London for the weekend and was from Shanghai, I asked what she was up to for the evening and she told me that she had no plans, just exploring London. The same day lay was on and I wasn’t that excited about it – she was Asian and I wanted a beer. I decided to push for it as fast as possible…

OK, let’s go for a drink now, I know a nice place just up here

Oh ok

It was just before 8pm when I opened and we sat down for a drink in the lamb and flag at around 8.15pm. I got a glass of red wine and Vicky had a G&T. We sat beside each other on stools. I did comfort for about 5 mins before asking why she was single. I started talking about my career as a failed rock star (true-ish story) and Vicky was very interested. She loved rock music and asked if she could hear me play guitar. I told her I didn’t live far away so she could come back and see.

But weren’t you on your way to meet friends?

I was, but I can meet them later.

This is crazy, we just met!

Life is short Vicky, sometimes you need to live a little.

OK, let’s go.

I finished my glass of wine and drank most of her G&T before leading her out the door. I walked her in the direction of my apartment and we were at the front door by around 9pm.

Come in, you can leave if you feel uncomfortable

Oh ok

As she took her shoes off I could hear noise from the living room (adjacent to my bedroom), it was Ricky and his girlfriend. I did quick awkward introductions…

This is Vicky… she’s uuuuhm, aaaaah, friend.

And moved her to the bedroom before any questions were asked. As Vicky made herself comfortable on my bed I could hear Ricky and his girl switching the TV off and vacating the living room – they knew what was coming.

I strummed the guitar for a song or two just to give Vicky some plausible deniability – even though she had zero, this little slut knew exactly what she was doing.

I put the guitar down and she pushed me away at the first kiss attempt. Surprising.

I stood her up and we did a slow dance to the music I’d put on. I went for the kiss again, this time she was all in. The clothes came off to reveal that she had a spectacularly big pair of titties for an Asian girl. I queried their authenticity and Vicky confirmed that they were indeed real, I didn’t believe her, so I buried my face in them to see for myself – they were real.

Vicky insisted I wore a condom and the sex was fast. As I rolled over onto my back after smashing her from behind I glanced at my watch – 9.24pm. Approach to lay in under 90 minutes, I think that’s my fastest yet.

I let her rest for 6 minutes before announcing that I had to go back to meet my friends. We both got dressed and jumped in the tube at Baker street and went separate directions. I was back in the pub with the lads by 10pm. I never heard from Vicky again.



1 – Banged a two set with Xants in their hotel room. I’ll probably write a post on this.