Lay Report: 18 y/o Bulgarian Flag

Similar to this but with bigger breasts and ass.
I wrote most of this post last Monday, I’m getting lazy with this blogging lark…
Another weekend has passed where I did next to bugger all daygame, I did one set on Saturday afternoon but she had a boyfriend. Yet, other leads have been keeping me quite busy. On Friday I went on a second date with a hot Brazilian I closed a couple of Sundays back. I got her back to the flat but she repeatedly told me “you’re not getting any tonight”. She still seems keen so hopefully she will have her own blog post soon. On Saturday I planned to meet up with a Serbian long lead who had just moved to London, but she messed up her logistics and postponed to Sunday afternoon. We went for a walk around London before I bounced her to a bar and kissed her. Hopefully she too will get her own blog post soon. At around 6pm I said my goodbyes to the Serb before meeting up with the Bulgarian I mentioned briefly in my last post and she now has her own…
Lets pick up after I opened the black girl a couple of Sundays back. All the other lads had gone home but Xants and I were not quite ready to end the weekends festivities yet. It was around 8pm now and I turned to Xants;
I could do a cheeky beer
You know what? I was thinking the exact same thing!
Peas in a pod. We made our way to the Argyll arms, got a couple of beers in and watched the world go by. We tried our hardest to drown out the racket coming from the black man who bangs the buckets at the top of Argyll st. I found the perfect distraction in the form of a cute two-set sitting at the table behind us. Xants did the honours and walked straight over. I stayed put and when the time was right he waved me over to join the set. Both girls were Spanish, in town for a week and would be leaving the next morning. One of them was nineteen and the hotter one was only sixteen. Xants tried his best but it soon became evident that the girls only had one thing on their minds – meeting the members of One direction. The 16 year old was stalking their social media feeds whilst Xants tried in vein to spike some interest but to no avail, we were celebrity-mogged so we drank up and said our goodbyes.
We walked down the road to Kingly street and there were still quite a few people sat outside drinking. As we walked by one bar I spotted a cute little blondie throwing me an IOI. She was sat with another girl and there were no guys around them. It was my turn to open so I suggested to Xants that we get a drink and then I’d come out and open them, he agreed.
The girls were sitting at a table opposite each other so I walked straight up and stood to their side.
Javier Bardem ain’t got shit on me
Excuse me, I can see you are both in deep conversation, probably about boys… but my friend and I noticed you as we were walking by earlier. We thought you both looked cute so I had to come say hi… Hi!
They both gobbled the bait. Xants did a sterling job winging and soon after we bounced them inside the bar where we got a table upstairs. I sat beside my target and Xants distracted the other one.
The girls were colleagues at a clothes shop. My target, let’s call her Helen, was 18, from Bulgaria, arrived in London a couple of months ago and was now due to start her degree in fashion. The other girl was from Spain, in her mid-twenties and was Helens boss at the shop. Helen was a solid to high 7, unfortunately for Xants the other girl was a 6.
We all chatted together for about an hour and before we knew it the bar was closing. Xants took the number of the Spaniard and they both made their way home. The Bulgarian had to get a bus from Bond street which was on my way home so I walked with her. As we sat waiting for her bus she told me that she wasn’t ready to go home yet, it was now around 11pm. I tried to pull her back to my flat but she refused so we sat there talking for about an hour. I told Helen about my travels down the years and this led to her asking how old I was. For some reason I thought it would be better to lie…
How old do you think I am?
That’s it.
It was now around midnight and I told her I needed to get up early for work, I took her number and she jumped on the next bus.
The next day, Monday, went for a walk in regents park. She asked my date of birth as we were sat chatting on the bench. I couldn’t figure out the DOB of a 29 yr old fast enough – “You don’t know your own date of birth?!” So I told her the truth. She called me a liar for the rest of the date every 5 mins. The girl had banter.
We met again the following Friday. I took her for drinks around my area and got her back to the flat this time, but she said it was too soon as we’d only met a few days ago.
On Saturday I was out drinking with the lads and she was out with her girlfriends. She messaged me at around 10pm asking if they could join us. She turned up with the same Spanish colleague and another hot crazy Italian girl. Mr S did his best with her but she was so drunk that she ended up jumping in a taxi alone. Xants got nowhere with the Spanish, again. All the bars closed at around 1am so Helen, her Spanish friend and I jumped in an Uber back to my place. I thought the threesome was on. The three of us went straight to my bedroom and I poured us all some wine. I tried several times to get the two girls to kiss but Helen was not playing ball – despite the Spanish girl being keen. After about half an hour of chatting and the girls listening to me playing the guitar Helen got up to go to the toilet. The Spanish girl was sitting on my bed and gave me the eyes as if to say “take me”. So I did, we kissed until we heard footsteps coming back towards the room. I got off the Spanish girl and sat back at my desk, Helen didn’t suspect a thing. Spanish got a taxi home soon after and Helen decided to stay over. I escalated hard but was cock-blocked by her period, she had the manners to finish me off with her mouth though.
A week passed and I invited her out for a picnic in the park on Sunday. It was 7pm and getting dark, we had some wine and snacks in Regents park before the guard kicked us out at 8pm. I walked us in the direction of my place and straight to the bedroom. Before I’d even put any music on or poured wine she pounced on me, I threw her on the bed and soon all our clothes were off. The sex was amazing and I took great joy in pounding her tight little body.
I did the usual debrief. Helen told me that she wanted to have sex with me the moment she saw me walking by, she thought I was attractive. What a coincidence said me, I felt the same way about you. Mutual lust at first sight, how romantic.
I’ll be keeping her on as a regular for the winter months. She’s actually fun to be around which is sadly a quality I find very rare with most girls that I bang.

Lay Report: 22 y/o English black girl

Like this except with straight hair.

I’ve hit somewhat of a purple patch over the last week or so whilst doing hardly any sets. Last Sunday was probably my most productive day in London this summer. I did 6 sets, closed four of them and have been on dates with two of those since. I also did some bar game that same Sunday with Xants and closed a hot Bulgarian 18 year old who I have been on 3 dates with already. I had a near miss with her on Saturday night whilst her friend lay asleep next to us on my bed after I unsuccessfully negotiated a threesome – I clearly need to invest in a hot tub. Hopefully the Bulgarian will get her own blog post very soon.

Last night I banged a girl I closed that Sunday after a filthy set on the street. Here’s the story…

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon and I was riding the crest of a wave having got a few strong leads over the weekend and still in a celebratory mood after my SDL a couple of days previous. At around 6pm I met up with the lads to go for burgers. Afterwards the four of us (Xants, Mr White, RR and I) took a walk down Oxford st, Mr White was done for the day and RR wasn’t doing any sets either so it was only me and Xants in the mood to open. Xants popped off to open a cute little brunette so the rest of us stood in a huddle nearby discussing what we’d do for the rest of the evening. I was chatting to Mr White when my spider sense tingled, I just about saw beyond his biceps to catch a glimpse of a black girl approaching behind him.

Mr White, yesterday.

Nicky was slim, a little shorter than me with shoulder length black hair. Her fashion was very outlier with a black choker around her neck, a black boob tube and a short yellow mini-skirt which showed off a very nice pair of legs and a pair of black heels. Her skin was dark brown, not full African and her hips were swaying from side to side as she paraded down the street with a cigarette in her right hand. “Look at that filth there!” I announced to Mr White and RR as I interrupted whatever he was telling me. I let her pass “See you boys tomorrow” I said before making chase.

I got in front, I don’t remember anything I said, but I will probably never forget the electric vibe of the set. Our faces were around 15cm apart and Nicky was purring like a cat as we eye-fucked each other the hole way through, I was seriously considering kissing her on the street but I aired on the side of caution. I found out she was English, but her mum was German and her dad was of African decent hence the lighter skin. She had just finished her shift in Topshop and was on her way to meet some friends so an idate was not on the cards. I took her number and rejoined the lads announcing “I’m probably gonna bang her”.

The texting was fairly simple, I probed her to see when she would be available for a drink and she suggested the following Sunday. I pinged her on the day and it took her a few hours to confirm, but once she did I knew I’d probably be getting laid.

Nicky turned up at Baker st tube on time wearing a bright red leather jacket, a black choker, a tight black top which her nipples were piercing through (no bra!), tight black jeans and black boots. She had definitely come to fuck. She immediately fell into my frame, latching onto my arm as we walked and asked where we were going.

I took her to two venues near my apartment and it was easy peasy to get her home and bang her, I probably could have taken her home after one drink if I was in a hurry. Nicky was 22, a solid 7 for me but I know a lot of guys don’t like the darker girls. There were no real revelations on the date but here are some memorable parts;

Do you get approached by men in the street often?

OMG, almost every day I go to work. But you were so different, I couldn’t believe how close you were standing to me and how confident you were, it was hot

How many boyfriends have you had?

Two, but I’m not looking for a relationship any time soon

How many sexual partners have you had?


There was absolutely no LMR in the bedroom and she was just as dirty as I expected in the sack. I banged her three times, all rawdog as she told me she was on birth control but I really need to start being more careful as I doubt she’s only slept with eleven men.

When did you decided you were going to have sex with me?

I was already considering it when you spoke to me on the street, I knew I would definitely do it when we were having the first drink

Nicky missed her last train home so I let her stay over and she let herself out early the next morning. She was my 56th daygame notch and 18th (including 5 bargame lays) of the calendar year. This brings me level with Mr S who shot way ahead of the back in July banging 9 girls in a month – The competition is heating up.


Lay Report: SDL with an English student

brunette-with-fringe-iron-railingsAugust has been fruitful in London, I bagged my fourth notch of the month [1] on the last night and it was my first same day lay of the year; all I had to do was turn up. Here’s the story…

I’d been working from home all day and was eager to get out of the house and speak to real people. It was Friday evening so I text all the lads to see if anyone was up for winging and/or beers after. Xants had a date, Mr White was on a jaunt, Ricky Roma was boxing then staying in and Mr S was ill in bed. Solo it was then. My mantra was – fine, more sets for me, I’ll just have to go out and get my same day lay knowing full well that the odds of doing so were very low (0.37% or 1 for every 269.25 sets, to be precise).

I hit the streets at around 5.30pm and got my first set out of the way quick sharp – blowout. I saw another hot girl twenty minutes later – blowout. My third set was good but she had a boyfriend. I closed the fourth, which was a hot English girl with huge breasts and no bra. I did two more sets after this getting mild interest but boyfriend rejections. It was now almost 8pm and I decided to call it a day. As I was walking up Oxford Street in the direction of my apartment I spotted a cute longhaired brunette with a huge fringe walking slowly towards me. It was getting dark now so I waited until she got closer to get a better look. She was dressed like a tramp with a big baggy jumper over the top of a stripey shirt, black jeans and dirty trainers. But she did have a very pretty face with big blue eyes and prominent cheek bones, Melanie was a low 7 who could probably dress herself up to be a solid 7. I was about to let her go, then at the last second she threw a sly glance in my direction just as she assumed she was out of my peripheral vision. Fuck it.

I got in front and told her she looked cute in an alternative hippy sort of way, I guessed that she was probably listening to the Arctic Monkeys (She had headphones in before I opened). She giggled saying that she wasn’t but that she did in fact like the Artic Monkeys. Hook point. It was quite a long set in which I found out she was English, from a small town just outside of London and a philosophy student who had just finished her degree. She would be leaving London to go back to her hometown for good in two days. PERFECT!

Melanie told me that she had been out shopping all day and was now about to go home. Booooooring, come on it’s Friday night, let’s get a drink

Oh I don’t know, I need to get up early tomorrow and pack my life up… Where would we go?

I know a nice bar just back up that way

Well, I guess we can have one

I walked us in the direction of my apartment stopping off at the Lamb and Flag bar, just off Oxford Street. The bar was packed so we stood outside drinking a pint of beer each. The conversation was flowing and she was actually a very interesting girl. I suggested we go to another place where we could actually get a seat and she agreed. I walked us to a bar very close to my apartment and we sat at a table outside. Melanie asked for a gin and tonic this time, so I got her a double. I asked if she minded if I smoked and she said, “Only if I can have one”. If they smoke they poke.

I told her about all my travels and she asked how old I was. I told her my real age and Melanie told me she had just turned 22. She said that she didn’t care how old the guys were she dated, only how they behaved. It was refreshing to hear this from an English girl. The double gin was doing it’s job nicely as Melanie was getting a little tipsy now. I suggested one more drink at another bar just around the corner and she agreed.

We sat on a big couch and I got her another double gin and myself a beer. We started discussing what we like in the opposite sex, there was no need for the questions game. Then she escalated me;

Loaded question, but, what do you think of gay people?

Couldn’t give a shit, people can do whatever or whoever they want, as long as I don’t have to watch

Interesting, because I like girls

You’re a lesbian?!

Haha no, I like both

Oh, so do you like guys or girls more?

It’s not that simple

Have you had sex with both at the same time?


Have you had more girlfriends or boyfriends?

Only one of each

Do you enjoy sex with men or women more?


I mean how do girls even have sex? Scissoring?

Scissoring is boring, we just finger and lick each other out normally

Well that’s not real sex.

Image result for that escalated quickly gif

Soon after this I pulled her in for the kiss and she was all over me. I pushed her off after a minute or so telling her that I didn’t want her to get us thrown of my local pub. As we got to the end of the drinks I suggested that we go for a walk and she followed. We got to my front door and she was reluctant to come in at first. “Just one drink, you can leave whenever you want”. In she came.

The rest was easy, the clothes were soon off and we had some grotty sex. Melanie had a nice little body – small breasts with a big ass and a small waist. I took great pleasure in spanking this shit out of her pale white ass cheeks and admiring the warm red glow as I banged her doggy style. I let her stay over and then kicked her out in the morning before joining the lads for breakfast at our local café with a smug grin on my face.


[1] I banged a girl from night game on a stag do in Latvia. I don’t remember much about it to be honest.