Euro Jaunting – Update

Exercise is important.

There hasn’t been much to report on the daygame front, I’m still plugging away but with no success, I’ll do another post as to why I think that is. My Euro Jaunt plans on the other hand have developed significantly, and it’s giving me something to look forward to as I stalk the streets of London in the cold.

In my previous post I talked about whether I would do 10 day or 1 month stints. I have heeded the advice of Seven who was jaunting for 6 months more or less non-stop last year.

Flights and accommodation are booked for the following;

Belgrade – 10 days

Warsaw – 1 month

Moscow – 1 month

Warsaw and Moscow are both a bit risky for a month each for different reasons.

Warsaw has a population of less than 2 million and I don’t find Polish girls THAT attractive. However, I do find Ukranian girls attractive, and I’ve heard there are lots of them there, especially when it is still University term time.

I chose to do a month here for a few reasons;

  1. It’s reasonably Westernised
  2. I know of a few daygamers there
  3. I can develop a routine, join a gym etc.
  4. A wing is planning on joining me for 10 days or so
  5. It’s central – If I get bored I can do a few reccy’s

One of my main concerns is that it may be too small. I’m accustomed to gaming in London, and although the quality may not be great at times, there’s plenty to shoot at pretty much all year round. I’ve encountered this problem before when I gamed in both Dublin and Manchester. I found myself opening the same girls repeatedly, I would just laugh it off and it was never normally awkward, but it was still annoying.

So hopefully I will be able to strike the right balance of smashing the daygame whilst not doing too many re-opens, not getting too lonely and developing some sort of routine.

Moscow has a population of 12 million and like any other man with a pulse, I find Russian girls STUNNING. I could leave it at that but I’ll give you some more reasons why I chose a month here;

  1. I’ve always wanted to go to Moscow, even before game
  2. The women are actually women – high heels, good fashion, feminine and proud of it
  3. I’ve got a wing in St. Petersburg so I may take the express train up and do a reccy
  4. A wing will be joining me for more than half of the month so I won’t be too lonely
  5. Doing a month again allows me to develop a routine, join a gym etc.
  6. Did I mention the women are STUNNING?

I’ve been reading Tom Torero’s Cold Calling Serialisations. He talks about how it’s easy to become lonely/depressed if things aren’t going well.

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” I’ve had some of my favourite memories with the hottest girls in Moscow, and I’ve also had some of the bleakest travel moments of my life there. It seems to be one or the other, with very little in between. Either I’m having a great time, or I’m desperate to get the next plane out of the city.

However, I’m more than 2.5 years into my journey now, I’ve approached almost 2000 girls, there’s no excuses, I need to man up, go there and see what it’s like for myself.

This will take me up to the end of June. I’m hoping by this point that I haven’t spent all my rubels/pounds and that I won’t have burned out or melted down. If I have avoided both of these scenarios then I will carry on, most likely to Kiev and/or Minsk.

However, I’m conscious that it will be going into July at this point. It will probably be too hot to daygame outside and it will be holiday season, most of the girls will be out of town.

Looking back to last year, July and August in London were actually good. Girls were happy to be outside, the weather was nice and I got 4 notches in that period. Yes, there were lots of fair weather daygamers and spammers stinking up the vibe, but London is big, it has a higher refresh rate at this time of year and most of the part-timers can’t reach hook point, so they’re not really competition.

The only problem with returning to London is that I will have to plug back into the matrix to keep myself off the streets (not in the daygame sense). Once I do that I will probably not be able to go jaunting until the following season. I quite fancy another month or so in September/October, so I have to figure out how I will manage both my finances and vibe in the intervening months.

Euro Jaunting


I wasn’t going to talk about this too much, but apparently it’s good to talk about it, and it is sure to play a big part in my players journey. 

As I mentioned towards the end of my last post, planning has commenced in earnest for my longest Euro Jaunt to date. I’ve already been to Bucharest, Prague (twice) and Belgrade and the longest I stayed in any of those places was 10 days.

This spring I will do at least five destinations over a time-span of at least three months, or until my money runs out, or whichever comes first. I am not planning to return home between trips as I will be quitting work (or going on sabbatical – still to be negotiated), selling up all my stuff and moving out of my apartment in London with just my carry-on luggage. Those gamma minimalist blokes off that documentary would be proud.

I am fast discovering that there are a lot of things to consider when trying to plan such a trip. Here is a list of some of those things in no particular order;

How hot are the birds in each location?

How will I travel between locations?

How likely is it that I’ll get laid in each location?

How long should I stay in each location?

What’s the best time of year to go?

Should I book the flights and accommodation in advance or leave it to the last minute and have a more flexible schedule?

Where are the best daygame areas in each location?

What is the cost of living in each location?

Will they have omelettes in each location?

Do they speak English?

Are there other things to do there in case I get a meltdown (whatever that is)?

Will I get lonely?

Will I go insane without work or a project other than picking up girls?

I have considered all of these things and could probably do a blog post on each question. However, I won’t bore you with all of those details, instead I’ll just fill you in with what I have decided so far.

My first attempt at a travel itinerary included 9 destinations with 10 days in each. From my vast Euro Jaunting experience, I found 10 days to be a good number. I sent this itinerary to my original wing and he told me I was a madman to do so many locations, my other wings approved of my itinerary and were quite jealous, but what Seven said got me thinking.  I may end up being frustrated by leaving each place with lots of leads and not enough time to convert them. The shorter stints may put a lot of pressure on me to get laid and could lead to me pulling too much on dates and crashing the car.

I then considered doing only 3 places and a month in each. This approach has several advantages e.g. cheaper rent, routine, breathing space as there would be more time to convert. The danger with this approach is that the girls could despise me and I may hate the city and be stuck there for a month.

Now I’m leaning towards hedging my bets and doing a mixture of the two. I’ve managed to get two notches on each of my last 10 day jaunts. However, I’ve heard this is not so easy the further East you travel into the FSU.

I have booked the first leg of the trip and I will be easing myself in by returning to Belgrade for 10 days. I enjoyed it there last time, they have omelettes if you know where to look, I’m still texting the hot girl I laid last time and I have a few other leads to follow up on, as well as obviously trying to bang some new girls.

After that I want to see Zagreb, Warsaw, Kiev and Moscow. I’ve never been to any of these places and I have heard very good reports on all of them. I’m thinking of doing two to three weeks in the first three and a month in Moscow. If I still have time and/or money I wouldn’t mind throwing Minsk into the mix as well. This plan may change radically going forward but that’s what I’m going with for now.

Two wings have already agreed to join me for two of the trips, if you’re are planning on visiting any of these places for some daygame then let me know and maybe we can co-ordinate dates.

Shit’s getting real.






2016 – The Year of 1000 Sets


1000 sets, 23 notches, a couple of eurojaunts, no meltdowns, a little bit of burnout, swallowing the red pill, it’s been an eventful year and definitely my most progressive year in game.

I moved to London this year and that was the single biggest push forward in my game. Anyone who is complaining about living in a small city, start saving and get yourself to London. Not only are there a lot of girls (even if most of them are 6’s) but if you’re not a weirdo, you can meet some like minded guys who are on a similar journey as I have done this year.

I more than doubled my total approach count this year (its now at 1905). In 2014 I did 364 sets, notching 4, in 2015 I did 541 sets, notching 5. It was never my goal to do 1000 sets in 2016, I was quite close to it with a few days of the year remaining and decided to push through and go for it. I really don’t see how people find it difficult to track their sets. I don’t tear a train ticket, I don’t transfer a coin from one pocket to another, I finish a set and I add them up in my head, I’ve never got it wrong and I’ve never lost track.

If you are not tracking your progress, how do you know if you’re getting better? Feelz?

Here’s a rundown of the lucky ladies broken down by city approached, Nationality and (conservative) HB rating, and the * means “night/bargame” notch;


  1. Black beauty -English – 8
  2. Aussie Sheila – Australian – 7
  3. Thai fake titties – Thai – 7
  4. Naughty Teacher – German – 7 
  5. English Virgin – English – 7 
  6. Mauritian Beauty – Mauritian – 8
  7. Turkmenistan Girlfriend Material – Turkmen – 8, almost a 9
  8. English Paki – English – 7
  9. Japanese Outlier – Japanese – 7
  10. Greek cougar – Greek – 6
  11. Silly Spanish – Spanish – 6/7
  12. Burrito Bar Bang – Polish – 7*
  13. Hungarian Restaurant worker – Hungary – 6*
  14. French Racoon – French – 6/7*


  1. Canadian Challenger – Canada – 7
  2. Turkish Delight – Turkish – 7 


  1. Slovak SDL  – Slovakian – 6
  2. Russian SDL – Russia – high 7


  1. Filthy stairwell girl – Serbian – 6
  2. Girl next door cheats on her bf – Serbian – High 7 

Cape Town

  1. Cute coloured girl – South African – 6 *
  2. Crazy tattooed girl – South African – 7 *


  1. Holiday Romance – French – high 7 *

I don’t really like adding the bargame notches to the tally, but several of my wings have told me I’m mad not to count them. Those included, that’s almost two new women a month for 2016, if you had told me that at the beginning of the year, I’d have bitten your hand off. However, it was a grind to there.

I honestly don’t think my game is any better than that of the peers I wing with. I’ve listened back to my sets, watched theirs and if anything, they’re better than me. Maybe my sub-communication is better than I give myself credit for, but I think the biggest difference this year is that I have been out there consistently when perhaps some of the time I should have been at home with my feet up.

Let’s look a bit more closely at the stats…

Sets Numbers FB’s Flakes idates Dates Near Misses Lays
1000 18.80% 3.80% 10.70% 0.90% 4.30% 0.40% 1.70%
188 38 107 9 43 4 17

I’m still averaging a number close for just over 1 in 5 of my sets.

Of the number closes I’m getting 1 in 4 out onto a date.

Of the dates I am converting every 2.5 girls to a lay.

I had 4 near misses this year as well, where I had the girl on my bed, but could not overcome the LMR.

My stats were actually a lot better than this prior to November. My flake rate seemed to increase in the winter months and fellow players reported similar results. Daygame is definitely easier in Summer, you can still get results in winter, but it’s more of a grind.


This year is probably the first that I got caught up in the manosphere, I don’t read and comment on forums, but I have taken more of an interest in red pill bloggers such as Heartise, Black Dragon and Rollo Tomassi. Reading too much of this can fuck up your vibe, however, it is essential to know the biology of why women do what they do. Understand the feminine imperative, but don’t let it make you bitter.

One of the side-effects of becoming red pill aware is that you start to want to rebel against the system that you have been a pawn in all of your life. This is already happening to me and next year I am planning on hitting the eject button, at least temporarily. I’ve already saved enough cash to quit my job for at least three months. I’ll do this from April onwards and I’ve put a couple of draft itineraries together. I’ll be hitting up all the usual suspects in Eastern Europe, so if you’re going to be travelling, are not a weirdo, and would like to team up for a trip then send me an email to

I’ve been advised that jaunting alone can be tough, after all, we are social beings and I have never travelled for this long alone before, so I would welcome the company.

My plan is to daygame even more in 2017 as I will not have a job holding me back for at least three months of the year. See you on the streets…