How hard is daygame?


I’ve decided to add a preamble to this to clear a few things up. First of all, I posted it when I was drunk. However, I did not write it when I was drunk, I hope that part is obvious.

I actually wrote the post a year ago and held off hitting publish as I knew it would trigger at least a small portion of the community and attract more haters. If it has triggered you, then I apologise, it is not meant to cause offense. This is just what I think has an influence on your daygame OUTSIDE of your actual daygame skills. It is aimed at the newbies just starting out. Despite what most coaches will tell you, most of these things DO matter and will influence how easy you find daygame. I know and am good friends with at least one daygamer who would score minus points on this survey but is still slaying it, this impresses me more and I have told him this frequently. He is getting laid despite a number of factors being against, he is playing the hand he’s dealt. You need to do the same. As you were.

  1. How old are you?
    • 16-18: You’re too young, enjoy being a kid. -2
    • 19-21: You’re probably at University, party, learn some things, try not to get in too much debt. -1
    • 22-32: You’re gaining valuable life experience. 1
    • 33-38: This is prime SMV display time. 2
    • 39-45: Start looking at the end-game. 1
    • 46+: Are you still here?! 0
  2. How tall are you?
    • < 5ft : Poor you. -2
    • 5ft 1in – 8in: You need to work on other aspects. -1
    • 5ft 9in-12in: You’re average height. 0
    • 6ft 1in-4in: This is a big advantage. 2
    • > 6ft 5in: You’re a freak. -1
  3. What race are you? This is highly dependent on the country that you’re gaming in. There are many studies claiming that intelligence, personality, social and reproductive skills vary with race. Here is one such study.
    • White: 2
    • East- Asian: 1
    • Indian: -2
    • Black: 0
  4. What does your hairline look like?
    • Full head of hair with no signs of balding: 2
    • Thinning/receding hair: 0
    • No hair: -2
    • A Bobby Charlton combover: -3
  5. What is your IQ? This is linked to race. High IQ is not a direct measure of intelligence. You can have an IQ of 150 and never read a book.
    • Under 85: -4
    • 85 to 110: 0
    • 110 to 130: +1
    • 130 to 145: 0
    • over 145: -1
  6. What is your body type?
    • Ectomorph: 0
    • Endomorph: -1
    • Mesomorph: 1
  7. Do you have any physical or mental deformities?
    • Yes: -5
    • No: 0
  8. Are you good looking?
    • 0 – 4: -1
    • 5 – 7: 0
    • 8 – 10: +1


  1. What is your profession?
    • High status (doctor, lawyer, stockbroker, executive, professor, business owner, successful artist or musician or writer, professional athlete, etc.): +1
    • Neutral status (engineer, programmer, accountant, salesman, mid level manager, scientist, military officer, well-paid tradesman, etc.): 0 points
    • Low status (low paid blue collar, admin, construction, janitor, struggling web designer, help desk, etc.): -1
  2. How much money do you earn?
    • £0 – £20k : -1
    • £21 – £50k : 0
    • £51 – £70k : 1
    • £71k+ : 2
  3. How many real life friends do you have?
    • 0 : -2
    • 1 – 5 : 2
    • 5 – 10 : 0
    • 11+ : 1
  4. How many girlfriends have you had?
    1. 0 : -1
    2. 1-5 : 2
    3. 6: -2
  5. How many women have you had sex with?
    1. 0 : -2
    2. 1 – 10 : 0
    3. 11 – 20: 1
    4. 20+ : 2


  1. What is your BMI?
    • < 18.5 : -1
    • 18.5 to 24.9 : 0
    • 25 to 29.9 : -1
    • 30+ : -2
  2. How many countries have you been to other than your country of birth?
    • 0 : -2
    • 1-10: 0
    • 11-20 : 1
    • 20+ : 2
  3. How good would you regard your story-telling?
    • Terrible: -2
    • Fair: -1
    • You have a couple of good stories: 0
    • You can entertain a group of people with a story: 2
  4. Have people beside your family called you funny?
    • Yes : 1
    • No: -1
  5. Do you have a defined purpose aside from chasing skirt?
    • No : -1
    • You’re trying to figure it out : 0
    • Yes : 2
  6. Do you have hobbies that you are passionate about aside from chasing skirt?
    • No : -1
    • Yes : 1
  7. Are you generally happy with your life aside from the lack of skirt?
    • No, if i can just get a woman everything else will fall into place : -1
    • Things are starting to come together : 0
    • Yes, my career, finances and social circle are great: 1

If you score more than 15, you’re doing alright.

Can’t be Arsed

Me, right now.

I’m going through a period of approach lethargy. I haven’t done a set since Valentines day, almost 3 weeks ago and I feel no apprehension, remorse or sense of scarcity because of this. This is not because there has been a lack of pretty girls around, Melbourne has pleasantly surprised me in that regard lately. This is not because I haven’t been putting myself in situations where I can open, I’ve been going out at least twice a week. This is not because my libido is dropping, I’m still as horny as ever. This is not because I have bad logistics. This is not because I am overworked, stressed, not sleeping enough or getting enough exercise. This is not because I have mouth herpes. This is most definitely not a period of daygame revulsion, I still love talking to girls and I don’t think I’ll ever tire of this activity.

I think this IS because I just can’t be ARSED. I have frequently walked by pretty girls in the past few weeks and thought to myself, “that’s a good set, I could probably get her number.” Then I carry on walking, see a nice coffee shop and think “ooooh coffee, I might have a nice cup of coffee, maybe I’ll even have a cake with it.” And I find that I have quickly forgotten about that SDL opportunity that has just walked off.

The big question on my mind has been WHY can I not be arsed. I have been pondering a lot on this phenomenon as it’s very unlike me. I wasn’t worried, but I thought to myself, I know who’s probably went through this – Nick Krauser. I pinged him a message – “Did you ever go through phases where you just can’t be arsed opening?” He responded warmly saying that of course he had, his last such phase was from mid-2016 to early 2018 and continued to offer some possible explanations;

  1. My “Climb the mountain phase may be over”
  2. It could be temporary apathy whilst waiting for daygame season to fire up
  3. Maybe I am the dog that has caught the car.
  4. It could be the isolation of being on the other side of the world away from family, friends and normal comforts.

I think it is a little bit of all of the above and perhaps a few more;

  1. I’m leaving Melbourne soon – This has curbed my enthusiasm to generate new leads as I know I have less and less time to get them out.
  2. I’m still getting laid on a consistent basis – I have just left the Fijian’s apartment after a wild night of sex and am now getting ready for date 3 with Mary where hopefully I’ll get the +1.
  3. I’m aloof and pretty content with my lot – I’ve banged 45 girls from daygame, and around 20 from other means since starting game 3 and a half years ago. Maybe I’m starting to get a sense of what the mPUA’s such as Jimmy Jambone and Krauser must feel when maybe you’ve simply just banged enough women. This may be the mountain that Nick was referring to… I’m not all the way there yet though.
  4. It’s the calm before the storm – “Daygame Season” has not begun. Europe is besieged by a beast from the East and with that many vagina’s are frozen across the continent. It must be very hard to get laid up there right now, except for this lad. However, all of that will change come 20 March, the first day of Spring. As the temperature rises girls will start to walk slower, they’ll wear less clothing and the extra vitamin D will make them more likely to stop and let you try to bang them. I am fully expecting that this can’t be arsed phenomenon will be well and truly gone by then.

So fear not my dear readers, there will be more tales of debauchery soon enough. Daygame season is almost upon us!