russian-girl-near-the-trainIt was day 9 of the jaunt and I’d had enough to be honest. I was averaging around 10 approaches a day and closing at the usual rate, however I wasn’t getting any of them out on dates. They would either flake or ghost after a couple of replies. It seemed that all the girls in the city were satiated by other cock.

I wasn’t alone in believing this. I’d met another good wing (who i’ll call Mr Arr) through Krauser the previous week. We had been winging together day and night and we both concluded that the best or maybe only way to get laid in this city was to go for the same day lay. If you take a number someone else will approach her, the bubble will burst and she will probably flake.

I’d done 4 throwaway sets so far that day where the girl would accept the compliment and quickly excuse themselves.

I was standing on the main daygame strip waiting for Mr Arr when I saw a short girl with dirty blonde hair, a denim jacket, short denim shorts and a little boob tube top. She was a solid 7, maybe even 7.5.

I ran straight in and she hooked almost instantly. I found out she was Russian, 19, still at school and was very into her reading. She was very feminine and also very chatty, so much for the ‘Russian Minute’.

After a few minutes in set I started to probe her logistics. She told me she was just walking around and didn’t have any plans for the evening (It was around 4.30pm on Saturday afternoon when I approached). Perfect.

I invited her for a coffee and she agreed. After the coffee I suggested going somewhere for a real drink, she said that sounds good. Then she asked me if I had been to the park where you have a great view of the city. I hadn’t and it sounded quite nice so I relented the frame and let her show me where it was. On the walk there we picked up a couple of beers from one of the little mini-markets. When we got sat down I started the questions game and she was very introverted and shy initially. Before long I went in for the first kiss attempt (this was about 2 hours in) and she did not resist. I was surprised.

She mentioned that she was hungry, I said ‘how about we go to the supermarket and get something to cook back at my place?’. She looked at me dead in the eyes and said ‘ok’ then smiled. Again I was surprised, I’d heard that Russian girls normally take a lot more dates and are not really SDL types.

We started walking back and stopped at the supermarket along the way. As we are walking I get a text from Mr Arr asking if it’s OK to give my number to one of the local daygamers. I say, sure.

A few minutes later I get a message from the local asking me about the girl I was with. He’d seen me walking with her and wanted to confirm it was her. I said yes, it was.

He had previously approached her, which I obviously did not know. He messaged me again saying that he was supposed to meet her at 6pm that evening! So she had cancelled her date with him to stay with me. I felt bad.

When we got back to the flat I poured us both some champagne and put on some music. We started kissing and I threw her on the bed. She seemed very horny but was resisting every time I tried to remove any of her clothing. She repeatedly said ‘this is not right, it’s too fast’. I agreed, rolled off and started to cook pasta.

We ate and talked nonsense, she was a nice girl and I enjoyed talking to her. After we ate I escalated again, giving her a massage on the bed. She was quite aroused but still kept pushing my hands away every time I tried to remove an item of clothing. ‘this is not right’. I agreed. It was now around 9.30pm, she didn’t seem to want to go anywhere so I suggested a movie. I put on VCB and we ended up watching the full movie. I escalated again after the movie and I managed to undo her bra and suck on her little titties. Progress.

We fooled around for a bit and I got some dry humping. It was getting quite late now, around 2.30am and I was getting frustrated. She asked if I wanted her to go, I said ‘you are welcome to stay the night, but if you do I will not stop trying to have sex with you’.

‘so all you want me for is sex?’

‘no, but I’m a man, you are a woman, I cannot fight natural desire’.

She said she had to go home quickly to pick something up from her place but would come back within half an hour. I said ok and sent her on her way in an uber expecting never to see her again.

Sure enough, 30mins later I get a message from her saying that she’s down stairs.

When she returned she put up some token resistance, but within minutes all our clothes were off and we were fucking. I’d met her just after 4pm and didn’t close the deal until just after 4am. It was a lot of effort but it was definitely worth it  😉



6 thoughts on “Lay Report: Russian SDL

  1. She went home to shave/clean her pussy. Have seen this happen multiple times.

    Women worry about sweaty/smelly fanny, also vaginal discharge in their knickers. Gross, but true. You can see this when they take their knickers off and hurriedly try to get them out of your view asap, kinda goofy really. But a lot of lost or almost lays are lost because of this reason, she’s just worried that her pussy is gross

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