idnzayztviyzvjnjc2yw-f6d7bb75b3294920e0a79a3b8181b412I was at the airport reflecting on the trip and feeling reasonably happy, even a little bit smug. I was about to board the plane back to London when I received a stream of angry messages from the girl involved in my last lay report. I asked her what she was talking about and then she sent me a link to my own blog. Fiddle sticks.

I quickly took down the post and explained to her that both our identities were not revealed and that I genuinely like her. Everything I wrote was an honest portrayal of what actually happened. She seems to have forgiven me after being very upset initially.

Who would do such a thing?

Well, as I mentioned in the blog post itself, a local daygamer saw me walking with her after I approached her initially. He was supposed to meet her later that evening for a date.

Obviously, I did not know this.

He obtained my number from Mr Arr and then sent me a message asking if it was the same girl that he was due to meet. It turned out that it was. I considered ending the date but I thought, fuck it, I didn’t know he was supposed to meet her and she had clearly chosen me.

The local was butt-hurt and text the girl lots of abuse while I was still on the date with her and he also mentioned me to her. When she was at my place she brought it up and asked me if I knew him, I told her straight that I had met him through a friend but I didn’t really know him. She was weirded out by this but she believed me and it wasn’t mentioned again that day.

I bumped into the local again the following day (Prague is small) and he asked me how it went, I said good. He said there were no hard feelings, he was just angry at the girl that day. I told him it happens to all of us, I’ve had 2 or 3 no-shows where the girl confirms the time and place then just didn’t rock up without any explanation. I thought that was the end of the matter.

I saw her again the day before I left as I actually like hanging out with the girl. She told me that he had text her again begging for forgiveness and requested another date. She politely declined.

We enjoyed our last evening together and she even spoke about coming to London to visit me before she made her way home that evening.

So I was very surprised when I got the angry messages from her the next day as I made my way home. I instantly assumed that it was the local who sent it to her so I messaged him asking why he did so. He responded;

‘to make her angry, she make me angry all day’

I told him that was not cool and he quickly blocked me on Whatsapp. Brave man.

So not only did he want to get back at the girl for flaking on him, but he also wanted to expose me and ensure neither of us got the girl. Unfortunately for him, his tactics didn’t work.

I’m going to quote a couple of paragraphs from Krauser’s latest publication, Adventure sex, which seem quite relevant here…

It is said there is no honour among thieves. As you’ve seen from my story, there is definitely honour among players – but it’s a fragile alliance. We are drawn together; first to tap each other’s accumulated wisdom, then later as peers to keep us sane as we chart our way through an insane lifestyle. It’s an uneasy co-existence between ruthless egoists. Those who aren’t deeply selfish find themselves value-tapped, sucked dry, and cast away. Like the fabled Illuminati, this cadre of adventuring players is not a force for good in the world; our principles cannot be universalised for all men. Every chief needs Indians.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is, in the terms of moral philosophy, a universal code. If everyone follows it then we make the world a better place. It’s the bedrock of civilisation. In contrast, the player’s code works only if the numbers of wolves is limited and the sheep are unaware. If everyone is to covet his neighbour’s ox then chaos quickly ensues.

Players are coveting a whole new slew of their neighbour’s oxen. Sleeping wth women in industrial quantities is hugely disruptive to the special social order. After all, there are only so many notches to go around.

I win, you lose. The losers get angry

Chaos ensued on this occasion as one of the wolves made the sheep aware.

I can fully understand the local being upset that the girl flaked on him and I felt bad for him. But the simple truth is, she liked me more than him. Maybe it was because I was shiny, hell, maybe I even out-gamed him.

He displayed no honour or self-respect as he persisted to send her abuse and then ultimately try and upset the both of us by sending her the link.

The timing of his sending the link to her was very cowardly, he waited until he knew I would be out of the country and he wouldn’t have to confront me.

This behaviour is jealous and bitter and it is not attractive to women. I honestly hope he learns from this episode.



8 thoughts on “There is No Honour Among Thieves

  1. Hello mate,

    I have read your blog with interest over the last month or so.

    Please feel free to delete the following in moderation. Was looking for a way to contact you directly but I could not see anything obvious.

    I’m an intermediate based in central London and was wondering if you were looking for an alternate wing from time to time. I currently live in London Bridge and have done circa 600 approaches with reasonable success. I am day gaming in Kiev for the whole of September and am planning further euro jaunts before the season is out.

    I recently quit my city job to focus on this among other things and your writing has chimed with me so far.

    Let me know if you might be interested. No worries if not!

    Keep it up



  2. Good post. The problematic guy sounds immature, after he has read “Adventure Sex”, he should read “The Mystery Method”.
    What goes around… comes around. Good guys don’t sabotage others on purpose.

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  3. The terms you are describing this guy are very soft… This dude is indeed a bag full of shit. As long as he keeps texting the girl and abusing her, that’s just bad game and we all know how this is the most effective way to turn a chick off. But telling her about the blog… this is a whole new level of cowardy and stupidity. Really this guy would deserve to be exposed and given a lesson.

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  4. I wouldnt be surprised if he actually did you a favour. After the initial freak out your girl will now be even more attracted to you, knowing that your a men who is desired by and sleeps with lots of attractive women.


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