I am sat at Luton airport waiting to fly out to visit my Turkmen for a long weekend. I was here a couple of months ago full of optimism as myself and Xants drank pints and waited for the flight to Belgrade. The mood is different this time, I’m drinking coffee and when I get there I won’t be doing any approaching, but I’ll still be getting laid. This is the life of a daygamer, I paid 90 quid for a flight to somewhere with more favourable weather and free accommodation to spend the weekend with a hot girl.

As I sit here I have been reflecting on what was largely a shit month. Here’s the numbers…

Approaches: 109

Sessions: 21

Numbers: 20

Facebooks: 3

Flakes: 18

iDates: 1

Dates: 1

Proper Daygame Notches: 0

Guttergame Notches: 1

“Nightgame” Notches: 1

However, it was quite eventful;

  • 2 notches – not that proud of either
  • Trump Presidency – still waiting on my money but I’m just glad I didn’t lose.
  • Met the Street Attraction lads – nice chaps
  • Passed out during a daygame session – idiot
  • Met Craig Cassidy – nice chap

My pussy slaying powers seemed to drop off as quickly as the mercury in the thermometer. This was despite the fact that I went out more than any previous month this year. As the fair weather daygamers began their retreat to relationships or went into “hibernation” I was determined to sarge on into the cold night. I was solo for roughly half of the 21 sessions, the rest I mainly winged with Ricky Roma and couple of other guys. Ricky Roma is probably the only one who gamed as much, if not more than me in November (that I know of).

The vibe on the streets changed significantly, the dreamy girls were hiding under big puffy coats and were no longer dreamy. They were now determined to get from A to B as quickly as possible and weren’t stopping for any charming bastard.

The numbers clearly reflect this. I got 20 numbers from 21 sessions. 18 of them flaked, they didn’t all flake straight away, some replied a few times, some arranged to meet then didn’t show, 1 came on a idate then flaked. I’m still texting one of them and I have been on two dates with the other. I stand a fairly good chance of fucking her so it wasn’t all for nothing, but it was a mother fucking grind. I wasn’t alone with the high flake rate, fellow daygamers reported similar stats but it was still disheartening.

You may wonder why I bothered. Well, I didn’t have much else better to do. I was invited to social events with my pre-game/‘real’ friends on several occasions but I politely declined so that I could go and walk the miserable streets by myself. Have I gone mad? Am I obsessed? Or do I just like pussy? I think it’s the last one. Obviously as men in game, we are all obsessed with pussy and we all have different methods and techniques of acquiring it.

I’m reading Scott Adams’ book – how to fail at almost everything and still win big at the moment. He’s a very funny author and there’s some great mindwank in there, a lot of which resonates with daygame. One concept that struck a chord was “Pick the delusion that works”…

He explains how people believe doing one specific thing will influence the outcome of another event. One of the examples he gives is a professional tennis player wearing his lucky socks in the belief that they will help him win his tennis match. In reality the socks should have nothing to do with the outcome, it should be his skills as a tennis player. But because he believes they will, he plays better and more often than not, goes on to win.

So basically, whatever you think works for you, will probably work for you.

My delusion is that if I keep approaching consistently without any hibernation/meltdown/girlfriend/value building periods I will only get better and slay infinite amounts of pussy. I realise this delusion could backfire spectacularly at any moment, but until then, you will find me roaming the streets of central London.

December can only be better, right?

P(UA)rague Infestation


I’ve been here a few days and have been smashing it pretty hard despite the fierce heat and an infestation of (mostly shit) PUA’s.

I’m no stranger to blow-outs, they happen in every session in London. However, I didn’t get one blow-out last time I was here. I can’t help but feel that the place is burned as 50% of my approaches haven’t even got as far as the compliment.

A blow-out is never nice, how you respond to them is what separates the men from the boys. I try to laugh them off and get into the next set as quickly as possible.

Here are some stories of the ones that weren’t blowouts…

Day 1

I opened 20 girls closing 6 of them and had one idate. I set up dates for the next day with two of these girls (more on that below), I’m still texting two others and two flaked.

The idate was a strange one. I approached her, delivered the compliment, she eye spazzed, whipped out her phone, opened google translate, handed it to me and pointed as if to say type into that. After a few exchanges of google translate tennis I invited her for a coffee. We went to the nearest cafe and both ordered non-alcoholic drinks (it was 1pm). I tried my hardest to escalate over google translate, but it was hard. I found out she was 22, a local who worked in dentistry and was engaged to be married. I told her she was too young to be getting married, she agreed and said that ‘it’s complicated’. I set up another date to get ‘a real drink’  for the next evening at 8.30pm. She agreed. Jackpot, or so I thought.

Day 2

I started early as I had dates lined up for the evening, opening 10 girls and closing 2 of them. I was half way through my 10th set with a wog when a well known Geordie daygamer walked past and figuratively shot me down. I laughed, the girl wondered what was going on, ‘is that your friend?’, ‘I have no idea who that guy is’ said me. Anyway, she wasn’t interested and neither was I to be honest. I let her go and caught up with my would be assassin.

I introduced myself to him and his mate and he invited me to sit with them for a beer. It was cool to sit with the man himself and hear his thoughts on the city. He agreed that it was burned. I had to excuse myself to go and get ready for the dates.

Date 1  – 5.30pm

I’d approached her at around 8.30pm the previous evening. It was a good set, a local Czech girl, a solid 7. I arranged to met her outside the Palladium and she turned up looking even hotter than she did when I opened her (one of the many perks of daygame).

I walked her to an Irish bar for the first venue where we sat opposite one and other and got to know each other. I then took her to a lounge bar that was dark and had plenty of couches, it also had air-con which was amazing as it was now 6.30pm but still about 30 degrees outside. I escalated hard and got some passionate kissing and soon we were talking about sex. I excused myself to go to the bathroom at 7.30pm. I checked my phone and my second date was still on for 8.30pm.

Do I cancel the second one and carry on escalating all the way to sex? Or do I set up a date two and possibly get laid with the next girl. I was greedy and went with the latter.

When I returned from the bathroom I told her I would have to go and meet ‘friends’ at 8.30pm, she said that was fine as she was planning to leave at around 9pm anyway. I set up another date and we went our separate ways.

Date 2 – 8.30pm

After leaving the first girl I ran back to the flat, had a Portuguese wash and ran back out the door. I was 5 minutes late and when I got to the meeting point the girl wasn’t there. A few minutes later I saw her and again she looked much hotter than when I opened her. She was wearing a tight little black dress and her little boobs were bursting out of it. As I went over to greet her I saw her talking to a tall, blonde fat girl in a pink dress. She looked like Little Miss Piggy except she wasn’t little, and she definitely wasn’t a miss. She was grotesque.

This is a spitting image of her

I said hello to both of them with a perplexed look on my face. Piggy introduced herself and said ‘I’m going to be your translator for the evening, where is your friend?’

‘hi, hang on, Whaaaaat?’

I looked at my girl with a WTF face and she looked back very apologetically and almost looked embarrassed.

‘Your friend, we thought you were bringing a friend?’ said Piggy

‘I never said that, I invited your friend out for a drink, I never mentioned a friend’

‘Can’t you call him and tell him to join us?’

‘no, he’s busy’

‘Pleeeease, we want to go party!!’


I explained to Piggy that this was obviously a break-down in communication and I didn’t want to party, I wanted to take her friend for a drink and not the both of them. She pleaded for me to invite my friend. I relented and said ok, I’ll invite him and we can go for one drink. I tried to call him and he didn’t answer. It turned out he was on an idate with a girl I had also closed early that day.

I went for one drink with them anyway. We sat on a long couch and the pair of them ordered a bottle of white wine between them, I got a beer. I tried my hardest not to speak to the Pig but she kept butting in, I tried communicating with my girl but she was letting the fat heffer lead everything. I was well and truly cock-blocked. I quickly drank my beer and left.

I was absolutely fucking fuming. It was 9.30pm, if I wasn’t greedy I could have potentially been balls deep in the first girl by now.

I walked to one of the little stalls and bought a packet of cigarettes. I sparked one up when I saw a tall girl with black hair, a black boob tube, black hot pants and black heels storm past. I though ‘fuck it’. Ran in and opened, she enjoyed it but was clearly in a hurry. I enquired where she was off to, she said home, she’s exhausted and was still out from the night before. I teased her about being a bad bad girl and she laughed. I said something along the lines of ‘you’ve been out this long, what’s one more drink?’.

She agreed to join me for one drink, I pulled her to the nearest place which happened to be a burger bar. She had a cocktail and me a beer. I found out she was 17, a local Czech girl but had lived all over Europe. I tried to escalate but she could barely keep her eyes open, I took her number and let her go on her way. Hopefully I’ll get her out, I’ve never shagged a 17 year old.

It’s day 3 now and even though I’m surrounded by spammers, there’s still plenty to shoot at.




June Review

maxresdefaultSessions: 8

Approaches: 73

Closes: 11

idates: 0

Dates: 2

Lays: 1…. plus 2 from “night game”

I didn’t do a lot of daygame, averaging only two sessions per week, but I have some excuses for this.

I spent a week of the month on holiday in Marseille. Another excuse is the bloody gays. One of the weekends was gay pride in London where I approached 16 girls that Saturday without a single close. This was obviously because they were all lesbians and had nothing to do with my shitty daygame.

On a brighter note, I did lay two new girls from “night game”. I’ve put the inverted commas here because there wasn’t any game involved from my side for either the Burrito Bar Bang or the girl in Marseille. I was just in the right place, at the right time. The night game gods were kind to me.

Out of the 11 closes 5 flaked, I went on a date with two, out of the two dates I slept with one of them.  The other 4 are still on my radar as I am still texting them and have a dates set up with two of them for the week ahead.

The first date that I went on in June was difficult for me. I’ve been daygaming for almost two years now but I still have a lot to learn when it comes to date game. In hindsight the girl was very R select and if I encounter a similar girl in the future I will escalate much faster. During the date she was telling me some crazy stories about how she’s had several threesomes, likes meeting new people, likes living spontaneously and in the now etc. I did try and get her home at the end of the date, but it was a feeble effort and she fell off the radar after that.

I’m much better when the girl is more feminine and innocent, it’s easier for me to play the bad boy in these situations and that’s exactly what I did with the 21 yr old virgin.

July hasn’t started great, I went out for 2 hours on Friday after work and didn’t do a single approach. I could try and blame the low quality on display (it was low) but there were plenty of fuckable girls about. I just had a bad day. From my experience, any daygamer who says they don’t have such dips is lying.

So what can you learn from my ramblings?

  • Don’t daygame when the the city is infested with gays
  • Be in the right place at the right time
  • Approach more, even English girls
  • It’s ok to have a bad day




May Review

Sessions: 15

Approaches: 83

Closes: 25

idates: 2

Dates: 6

Lays: 2

May was a strange month. There was only one really good sunny weekend, I think it was the first weekend of may. I did 20 odd approaches and closed 12 of them. That’s half of my total for the month. The rest of the month was pretty shit weather wise, not that I’m using that as an excuse.

I moved into a new place in London at the beginning of May which turned out to be a shit hole. It was in a great location and I had the place to myself for the month while the other tenant was away travelling, but I just couldn’t put up with the state of the place. One of the girls I brought back was so disgusted by the place she wanted to leave and asked me “how can you live in this?!”… several times.

So now I’m in a much nicer place that I am sharing with a gay guy who seems cool so far. Location isn’t quite as good but I’ll make a plan.

Back to May.

I did 15 sessions, this isn’t as much as it sounds. A few of those were when I went out after work, with shit vibe and did one or two approaches, got nowhere, and went home. At least I tried though, eh?

I didn’t manage 4 proper sessions per week and I am still not finding (making) the time to do so. I did a few long sessions at the weekends, some solo, some winging with some of the citydaygame crew. I enjoy the winged sessions, especially when my vibe is down. Just last weekend I was extremely hungover, if it hadn’t have been for Mr S keeping me chatting between sets, I’d probably have sacked it off earlier.

I had two idates to nowhere, I closed both of them. One was a Spanish girl I tried to kiss after 20 minutes. Surprisingly, I never heard from her again. The other was a cute Lithuanian girl who I never even bothered following up on because she was leaving the country the next day.

I had 6 dates. I got laid from 2 of them, lots of kissing on one (i’ll see her again) and a peck on the lips from the other 3. Not bad, but as I mentioned in another post, I need to improve on two key areas on dates;

  1. Escalating
  2. Dealing with Princess behaviour

I’m happy enough with the month over all. My target was “4 sessions per week, 2 lays”, I got the 2 lays and that’s the most important stat of them all.

The weather must surely get better in June, therefore I will be slightly more ambitious for the month of June.

Target for his month – 4 sessions per week, 3 lays.


Date with an Iranian Princess

Last night I had a first date in my new area – Shoreditch.

This is a girl I met a few weeks back in London. She cancelled on me once already (I replaced her with the German that same night and got laid, see Lay report: German Teacher).

She’s a blonde Iranian with deep brown eyes and is very much a girly girl with designer clothing and lots of make up (she would fail the too much make-up test miserably). Id say she’s a 7, maybe a 6.5 without all the make-up.

I opened her inside Oxford Circus tube station, it was a solid set and I’d kept the momentum going with some pings texts over the last week  or two until the date. 

I asked her to come to Shoreditch. When she arrived at the meeting place (Old Street tube station) she looked hot. Tight black leather pants, black heels and a tight top with a big jacket due to the cold. When she opened her mouth she immediately started complaining.

I’m cold, I’m tired, I don’t like this area. Where are we going?

This is going to fun, thought me.

I was winging it slightly as I had never been to any of the venues. I’d gotten some local advice from some of the citydaygame lads and did five minutes of google maps search about an hour before the date. Not the greatest planning, I know.
The first place I took her was called the bridge, it didn’t go to plan as the upstairs section I intended taking her to was closed and so we sat downstairs. She literally turned her nose up at this and I teased her for it.

The second venue, Hapinnes Forgets, was cooler but way too noisy. We sat at the bar on stools and I pulled her stool closer to me with her on it using the excuse that I couldn’t hear her.

The date lasted just over two hours. Most of the time I was sinking in comfort and I struggled to escalate this girl. She was quite masculine and shared some interesting opinions e.g. “I don’t like black people”, “I don’t like gays”. I did get a lot of kino in and made good, deep eye contact. The eye contact made her giggle with excitement and I could tell she was attracted. 

She kept telling me how funny I was. I said I thought it was my dashing good looks that made her come out, she quickly corrected me with “Nooo!”. I just laughed, she was obviously lying. 

I tried to kiss her a couple of  times but she kept saying “not on the first date”. 

This girl does seem genuinely interested in me and she even text me when she got home and has said she will bring me back a gift from her upcoming holiday. I’m just not sure I can be arsed seeing her again as it seems it may take a few dates to get anywhere with her.

I’ve had 5 or 6 dates very similar to this in the last month where I haven’t escalated enough and only got a peck on the lips at the end of the date. This could be down to their upbringing and nationality but it is happening too often for my liking. I think I need to go back to the drawing board on my date game. Time to dust off mastery.

Lay Report: Turkish Nymph


This one was especially sweet considering that she was resisting and giving me shit tests from the moment I opened her on the street, right the way through to the bedroom.


I saw a short brunette walking towards me down Market Street in Manchester. I forced an IOI, let her walk by so I could check out her ass. It was big and juicy with a tiny waist above it. I was gay if I didn’t open.

“Excuuuuuse me, it’s rude to stare and not say hello…”

She gives me a confused glare, I carry on.

“You do speak English right?”

She nods and signals, a little, I proceed…

“I think you look very cute, you seemed to be walking along in your own little bubble without a care in the world.”

Then came the barrage of shit tests.

“What do you want?”

“You can’t just talk to a girl on the street, this doesn’t happen in my country!”

“Do you do this to all the girls”

“You could be a murderer.”

I overcame all of them with a combination of ignoring them and turning it back on her. Eventually I got her laughing and into comfort.

I find out she’s Turkish, here to study and only arrived a few weeks ago and doesn’t really know anyone in Manchester. Perfect.

When I went for the close she said

“No, You are a womanizer”

I didn’t disagree.

“I’ll text you once, if you don’t reply, so be it” I said, with a cheeky grin.

I pinged her a couple of times over the last couple of weeks and set up the date for the next time I was back in Manchester.

Day 2

I was fifteen minutes late as I got stuck in the office. She arrived wearing tight blue jeans, a black leather jacket and she had put make-up on, no heel but she looked hot. When I closed her  I thought she was a 6.5, but now she looked a solid 7, maybe even a 7.5.

I walked her to the first bar (Affleck and Brown, in the Northern Quarter) where we sat at the bar. I did comfort for a while but she was still very sceptical and wanted to text her friends to let her know where she was. I told her that was rude, she was safe and if she didn’t feel safe she could leave whenever she wanted. She put her phone away. She told me a story where one of her chode boyfriends had planned to take a Chinese girl to the cinema that night, but this girl would only go with him if my date went with them. He told my date that she should cancel meeting me to tag along on his date to improve his chances with Chinese girl… I told her that her friend is a loser who can’t get a girl by his own means and that he was using her. She agreed and told me that she did not respect him. I feel sorry for him.

We walk to the next bar (Apotheca) where we sit beside each other on a couch. I escalate and try to kiss her. She pulls away. I tell her I will try a total of 5 times. She giggles. I did a bit more comfort and kino, giving her a shoulder massage, I tell her I’m an expert at massaging, I learnt everything I know from youtube. I go for 5th kiss attempt and she kisses me awkwardly.


We leave and I walk us in the direction of my place. She tells me she doesn’t like kissing in public and that she didn’t like kissing in the bar. I talk nonsense as we walk towards my apartment, it seems to do the job as she is not protesting. We get to my door and I say “come up for one more drink”. She agrees.

I show her around my apartment and pour us both some Baileys. We sit on the couch, I put some music on, we chat a little, have one sip of our drink each before we are kissing quite passionately.

I pick her up (she weighs about 45 kilos), walk her to my bedroom and throw her on the bed. We carry on kissing fully clothed and i rub her pussy over the top of her pants, I can feel that she is soaking wet. She pushes me off and says “I want to sleep, no more”. However, she proceeds to strip down to her underwear, she rolls over and pulls the covers over her head.

I get up, switch the light off and get undressed. I get in the bed and spoon her, she pushes her big ass in to my boner. Within seconds I’m inside her and she is wild!

My condom comes off half way through, and I raid my drawers, no more condoms… fuuuuck. She says, no problem and goes down on me to finish me off. What a nice girl.


I ask her when she knew she wanted to have sex with me, she says “when you started touching me in the second bar”. She proceeds to tell me that the reason she was so sceptical at the start is because she finds it difficult to find a man who will put up with her problem. Inside I’m thinking, shit, what problem?!

I ask her “what problem?”. She says “Once I start having sex, I never want to stop, I think I have a problem, and previous relationships have failed because of it”.

I tell her it’s natural but she disagrees.

We doze off and I wake at around 4am, she’s rubbing my dick. We start playing around again, before I know it we are fucking (bare back). This carries on for 3 hours before I get up, shower and go to work. Work was tough the next day, but it was worth it.

Turkish flag captured.

Abundance or a Purple Patch?


I had a good couple of sessions in the Sun over the weekend (spending some time with Xants). I agree that it’s better in the Sun, there are more women out, they’re wearing less clothes and the extra Vitamin D makes everyone happier. It’s the first time I felt “on” in a while. I got 11 numbers and 1 facebook from 28 approaches.  9 of those replied. I’ve since been on a date with one of those, I’ll do a separate post on her.

Good Vibrations


My phone has been vibrating quite a bit the past few days from those closes. It’s nothing to do with my text game, because I don’t have any. I believe it’s all in the quality of the set. I’ve re-watched all of my sets (recorded on my gum cam) and although they weren’t perfect, I managed to get through most of the model on each one.

Be a Seedy Bastard

I complimented, teased, challenged, built comfort, found out their logistics and tried to seed a day 2 (if the SDL wasn’t on) in each set. I think the last step makes the texting easier. E.g. with a Russian I teased that she probably just drinks vodka all the time to which she responded “No, I love red wine”… See example of shitty text game below… however, this chat ended up with us setting up a date for next week.


I went out on Monday after work in the rain with a big umbrella. In hindsight I should have went to Westfields, but I persisted in the rain. It was much harder to get girls to stop, the 3 that I did get to stop were in a massive hurry even if they were stood under my umbrella. I gave up after about 45 minutes.

SDL Fail

I did another session after work today and the first girl I opened at Piccadilly Circus hooked. She was a tiny Spanish 7 who had just finished her shift. We chatted for about 10 minutes before I enquired about her logistics. She told me she was about to go home to watch series, I told her I have a better idea. I took her for a drink. We walked to the bar, I said “I’ll get the drinks, it’s your job to find us a good seat”.  She got us a couch where there was only space to sit beside her… cha ching!

I started escalating straight away, I was using the usual gambits to touch her hands, legs, arms and got her to kiss my hand… we were about 20 minutes into the idate before I tried to kiss her. She pulled away and said “noooo, I don’t kiss strangers from the street”. I went back to comfort, suggested she buy me a drink at the next place. She said she had things to do at home. We finished our drinks, I tried to kiss her again and she turned her head and laughed. Things ended on good terms, I walked her to her tube, got her number and gave her a big hug before seeding the next date. She seems keen to come out again but I won’t be surprised if she gets buyers remorse. I’ve never tried to escalate that fast before.

Turkist Delight

I have day 2 set up for tomorrow night with a Turkish 7 that I closed a couple of weeks back. She was very very sceptical of my approach throughout the set, saying things like, this is weird, I don’t know you, you could be a murderer bla bla. But she’s coming out and I’ll run the model as per usual.

Abundance or a Purple Patch?

It’s both, from my experience, abundance it temporary unless you keep approaching. I haven’t been laid in a few weeks, but this is the first time in a while where I’m texting more girls than I have days free in the week to see them. I may have lots of phone numbers and they may be texting back, but as Torero and Krauser say, you can’t fuck a phone number, all you can do is keep shoving the numbers in the funnel and see what comes out.

April Review

Sessions: 12

Approaches: 83

Closes: 16

idates: 1

Dates: 2

Lays: 1

Not quite 200 lays from 200 approaches, but better than last month. I also had one near miss on a THIRD date with a girl who was on her period, I very kindly offered to lay a towel beneath her buttocks, I even had a red one, but she declined… I’ll give her one more go in May.

Obviously my target for the month was ridiculous, but my main idea was to get out a lot more. I averaged 3 times per week which isn’t bad considering work has been mental, i was ill for best part of a week and I made the big move daawn saaf.

I’m going to be more realistic this month. 4 sessions per week, 2 lays. Game on.


Good things/Bad things


I was going to call this post peaks and troughs, but there haven’t been many peaks since my last post and not too many troughs either. Just some good things and some bad things.

Good things


I’m clean. 

Nothing kills your vibe like thinking you have AIDs or some other STI/D. I genuinely thought I caught something as a result of my stupidity in Cape Town. I waited 4 weeks, (which is how long it takes AIDs to show up in your blood stream) before going for the check-up. It was a very long 4 weeks. I was still approaching (and sleeping with) girls whilst I had this little niggle in the back of my brain. I was frequently having thoughts such as “what’s the point in all this chasing women if I’ve got AIDs?”… “No more daygame if I’ve got AIDs”. I went to the clinic, told them I had symptoms to make sure they took a proper look down there and tested me for everything. It was horrible. To make things worse, I got a woman doctor and she was quite fit. She looked all around my ball sweaty ball sack (I’d been at work all day), scrunched up her nose and told me everything looks fine, I’m imagining the symptoms. She then did all the tests, 6 days later I was found out I was completely clean. YES!


I went on a date

I approached a Hungarian 7 in Manchester a couple of weeks back. It was a warm approach, she IOI’d me as I was standing talking to a couple of mates in Piccadilly gardens. I opened, talked for 10 minutes, bounced her to a bar just off Market street then another bar. I told her there are three things that I really like in a woman; 1. nice smelling hair, 2. not too much make-up and 3. nice high heels (I stole that one from Torero’s Badass Buddha, I use most of his stuff from this seminar on my dates). Before she left I set up a day 2 for a few days later.

Low and behold, she turned up with nicer hair, not too much make-up and sexy  heels. I took her to two venues. The first one was busy and quite trendy, the second was dark, quiet and a bit seedy. This is where I escalated hard. I got lots of making out and groping of her very nice ass, but she refused to come back to my place. However, she has agreed to come round to my place next week for “dinner”.


I met up with Xants from

I’ve been a follower of Citydaygame since Krauser put me on to them at the beginning of the year, it’s a great blog with a few different contributors. They all seem to be getting laid left, right and centre at the moment all over the world.  Frankly, I’m jealous.

I met up with Xants at the weekend and winged with him for an hour or so. He seems to be a very good daygamer and more importantly a nice, normal person. I’ve met quite a few weirdos on this journey!

5 in  a row

I just did a quick session after work today and closed every girl in my first 5 approaches. They were all solid sets apart from one which lasted about 3o seconds. I still went for the number, she was happy to give it and now after lots of back and forth texting, she seems to be the most solid lead.

I then approached a 6th girl who was clearly standing waiting for someone. She was dressed in black high heels, tight, ripped black leather pants, a black boob tube and a tight black leather jacket… “I know you’re probably waiting for someone, but you caught my eye, you look very pretty in this outfit. You remind me of…. catwoman, where are your pointy ears?”… She loved it, was hooking strongly until her friend arrived to cock-block and whisk her away. I should have went for the close but I just said hi to her friend, told her it was nice to meet her, and walked off with my tail between my legs. There went my 100% record. I did one more which resulted in a blowout, the daygame rollercoaster is relentless.

Bad Things


Russian Flaker

I’ve yet to capture the Russian flag. I opened this one in Covent Garden, she was standing looking amazed at one of the floating Yodas. She was an 8, maybe a 7 for not understanding floating Yodas… I opened, but I didn’t spoil it for her and explain how it actually worked. It was a solid set, she’d only arrived in London three hours earlier, didn’t have great English, but I got very close to her, gave her a lot of eye contact and she was purring like a cat, not resisting any of my advances. I took the number as she was on her way to do some touristy shit and I didn’t want to be her tour guide.

Numbers flake all the time, it’s part of the game. I’m usually sad about this for about 30 seconds and then I get over it. However, when you have a good set followed by solid enough texting, the least you can expect is the girl to turn up or if she isn’t going to turn up, have the decency to tell you before the time of the date! I arranged to meet up with her the other day at 8.15, she messaged me at 8.25 saying her battery had died and that it was now too late to come out. I was fuming at the time and sent a douchebag message which I now regret. Thats that one dead.

I’m not on track

I’m nowhere near achieving 200 lays this month. I’ll be happy with one!






March Review


Daygame Statistics

Sessions: 16

Approaches: 76

Closes: 11

idates: 3

Dates: 0

Lays: 0

Disappointing. That’s how I would sum up my March in terms of daygame.


I spent most of the month either on holiday, drinking, being hungover or a combination of all three. I genuinely only felt “on” once and that was the last day of the month, I may do another blog post about that, if it comes to fruition. My vibe* was way off maaaan.




Less Sex

I got laid twice from night game, which reminds me, I still need to go for a check-up. I’ve also been shagging a couple of my regulars since I returned. I am not bragging, but I think this negatively affected my libido when on the street. I wasn’t hungry enough.

Say no

For the month of April I’m going to say no to all social invitations. My social life took too much of a front seat in March and I didn’t do enough game. There needs to be a balance, but this month I will tip the scale more towards maximising my time on the street.

Go to bed earlier

I think I averaged 5 hours sleep per night and half of those were boozed up. Not good.

Get to the gym more

I hate going to the gym. I like walking out of it. I averaged 2 days per week in the gym, after each session I’d get a little endorphin buzz and felt all nice. I’m going to try and do more of that this month.

Go to London

There’s no better place for daygame. Manchester can be good, but I’ve accidentally re-opened two different girls in Manchester this month (I didn’t remember either of them, awkward). I’m hoping to be in London full time very soon. Surely this won’t happen there?

More Daygame

I’ve kinda already covered this, but the days are getting longer. Most of my sessions in March were after work, in the dark. I can now finish work and still get a good 2 to 3 hour session in during the actual daylight. Happy days.

More Solo

Half of my sessions this month were solo. On reflection, I did better when I was solo. If i’m honest I still find the solo missions harder. When I did my initial boot camp back in July 2014 I met my wing at the end of the session and daygamed with him pretty much every day for 6 months straight. When he wasn’t there I felt like Oscar Pistorius without the prosthetics (no, not a murderer). But these days I am doing more and more solo and I am starting to enjoy it more. I can walk at my own pace, I don’t have to call dibs on a girl or run in without my assumption/opener in the fear that my wing will beat me to it.

More approaches per session

I normally do 5 or 6 approaches in 2 to 3 hour session. I know that’s not enough, but I am a fussy weasely bastard. Then I watched this infield by Tom Torero, it was inspirational. I went out and did 10 in two hours twice after this. My results weren’t much better but I could definitely feel more of a buzz. I’m going to try for at least 10 in every session this month.

hank moody

Goals for April

Sessions: 20

Approaches: 200

Closes: 200

idates: 0

Dates: 200

Lays: 200

Should be easy enough, eh?


*I used to despise the word vibe. There was a really annoying fat girl that used to hang out in my social circle. I didn’t like her, She said the word vibe or vibes in almost every sentence and it irritated the shit out of me. E.g. “Let’s go to the beach for some good vibes”, “Hey, I totally love your vibe”, “This place is vibing”… SHUT UP!!!

I promised never to use the word. But the more I have immersed myself into daygame, the more I have come to appreciate the word and its importance. Hell, I’ve even started saying it.


5 things to do to get laid

If you think I am going to tell you five things that will get you laid then stop reading. The title is a reference to a blog post of Krausers’ a while back. Here is that blog post.

I read Krausers blog regularly and when I first read this I thought it was a good idea but that I didn’t have time/ couldn’t be arsed. So I created a Twitter account instead (@Roywalkerpua if you’re on Twitter), then I got lazy and didn’t tweet much. I don’t think a Twitter account encourages you to reflect on you progress hence me starting this. 

I have been daygaming for just over a year and a half. I have done over 1000 approaches (1038 to be precise, yes I keep count) at present and have had sex with 12 different women out of these 1038. You might think that a 1% success rate is not a great return for all that effort but trust me when I say that it has been worth it!

Why should you bother reading this?

If you’re a beginner you might learn a thing or two. If you’re intermediate/advanced then you may have similar stories and it would be great to bounce ideas around in the comments section.

I’m in Cape Town at the moment where they are having their last blast of Summer. It’s model season and there are a lot of hot women around. I have been approaching as many of these as possible (with minimal success) in between drinking copious amounts of alcohol. I will post a proper report on this city when I head back to London. Hopefully that report will have some lay reports within it!