Lay Report: Another Turk

This girl is very similar neck down, mine had a big tooty smile.

I collected my third daygame notch [1] of the year and 64th of my players journey last weekend. Only 36 to go [2] before I take up my pew in Mount Olympus along side Zeus, Apollo, Poseidon and co. I’m most looking forward to hanging out with Dionysus, the god of wine – he seems a proper baller [3]. But I digress, here’s another story…

8 February 2019

It was a Friday evening and there wasn’t much about on the streets. I was out with one of my original wings from Dublin. We were walking down Carnaby when I spotted a short brunette throw an IOI my way as we got to the bottom of the street. She wasn’t stunning – dressed quite plain but with a pretty face and nice curves, a low 7. “Aaaah fuck it”. In I went.

Sara was Turkish, had moved to London a few months back for an internship and was on her way to meet some friends for dinner. It was quite a fizzy set and towards the end I threw an old school neg at her and she bit hard;

You are pretty, I like your big brown eyes, you could get lost in them… but you should get rid of the resting bitch face, you’d be much prettier and more guys would approach you – She’d already told me this was so strange for her.

Hahaha, I don’t have a resting bitch face! I’m normally smiling, I’m fun, you’ll see!

I guess you will have to prove that me, Sara.

I took her number and we agreed to meet another time. As I walked back to rejoin my friend I told him I had a very good feeling about that one.

15 February 2019

After some back and forth over text I got her out the following Friday. We met at Baker street, she turned up on time looking much prettier than when we’d met on the street wearing tight black jeans and a tight white top which made her big breasts almost jump out at me, they were hard not to stare at.

I took her to the pub and she gave me a full on interrogation; how often do you do this? why don’t you just do tinder like everyone else? how old are you? why are you single? are you some sort of player? It felt as if all girls were given the same script in their girl game manual, not us, the PUA’s. I swatted the same questions away with the same answers – but it was unusual to get them all one after the other without us barely touching our drinks. As we walked to the next venue she announced…

OK the interrogation is over now, you can relax.

Oh thanks! But can I? How do I know you’re not a serial killer?

We got a couch in the next place and I ordered us a bottle of wine. The conversation flowed and we were soon kissing. Afterwards I walked us to the front door of my apartment and she wobbled. As I walked in the front door she just stood there…

I can’t do this – not tonight.

I grabbed her hand and tried to pull her inside assuring her that she could leave if she felt uncomfortable.

No – I should go home.


I walked her back to the tube and as I went to kiss her goodbye…

Come with me.

To your place?

Just come with me.

I wasn’t sure if she just wanted me to walk her to her front door, or if she wanted me to come to her place and I’m sure her subconscious kept this detail sketchy on purpose – so I forced her off the fence…

Where do you live?

4 stops away.

I’ll come if you invite me in when we get there.

You know what, never mind.


As she walked off I wasn’t sure if I’d made the right move. Did I just burst the bubble and pass up a notch? Or was she just trying to tool me so that she would have company on her tube ride home? I slept on it and when I woke up I was sure it was the former.

Friday 22 February 2019

I got her back out the following Friday. Sara had been ill all week and told me that she had just about recovered. We met at 8pm at Bond Street this time and when she turned up I was not impressed. She was dressed very casually in trainers, jeans, a jumper and a big coat. Straight away she told me that she still wasn’t 100 % and was feeling tired.

We had agreed over text to go for food, something I never normally do, but I’d agreed on the basis that this would just be a time filler until she felt more comfortable to bang on the next date. I walked us to the nearest honest burger and when we sat down I ordered a beer and she declared that she wasn’t drinking. FUCK! I wrote the lay off fully now. Despite this, I enjoyed hanging out with her and constantly took the piss out of her without her realising until it was too late. For example, after she took 10 minutes to chose a burger from the very limited menu I asked her if she thought she was a decisive person…

Yes, I’m very decisive! Well, sometimes… I guess it depends.

I looked at her as if to say “Really?” and she packed up laughing after she’d realised what she’d just said. I went on to explain to her why men climb the corporate ladder faster than women and deserved to get paid more as a result. At first she was outraged by my “sexist, chauvinistic opinions”, but by the end of the meal she was agreeing with me.

As we finished our food I text my flat mate asking if he was keen to go for a few beers, this wasn’t going anywhere and it was Friday night after all. I paid the bill (£30) as Sara had paid the bill at the speakeasy (£50!) the previous week and we left the restaurant. I went to walk her back to the tube and she asked where we were going.

Well you’re not feeling well, I assumed you were going home and I’ll just go meet my mates.

No! Let’s go for a glass of wine.

Oh – OK. – Clearly I’d gotten the wrong end of the stick.

I walked her in the direction of my apartment and she must have been conscious of this as she had been to my front door the previous week. We stopped off at a bar not far from my place and sat beside each other on a couch. Annoyingly she happened to know a couple of girls on the table sat next to us and so she spoke with them for the first five minutes… I called it out early on…

How am I supposed to kiss you now with your friends sat right next to us?!

You’ll just have to be discrete, won’t you!

I got the wine in and she took her jumper off to reveal her impressive boobage, I wanted to motor boat them. The boner was instant so I pulled her in for the kiss expecting her to pull away but she was all in with tongues.

What about your friends, what will they think?!

Ah, I hardly know them, it’s fine.

Well they’ll most likely only jealous anyway.


Not much longer after this I took her home and banged her. The sex was average despite her curves in all the right places – she didn’t like it when I was rough with her and she smelled a bit as she had been working all day prior to meeting me. Odds of seeing her again – 1/10.



[1] – 5 in total including the two night game lays

[2] – my only real goal in daygame is to get to 100 by the end of 2020.

[3] – Yes. I read a book, about Greek mythology, it was fascinating. Well, it was an audio book.

Lay Report: You all look the same

1-68I was out daygaming with Xants on Sunday past and we decided to make a rare turn by Trafalgar Square. It was his turn to open and we both spotted a stunner walking slowly through the middle of the square. “THERE’S A SET!” hollered an excitable Xants. “Yes it is, you bastard!” I confirmed.

Off he skipped as I looked on with jealousy. I lurked nearby as he gave his all and it seemed to be going well. I was happy for my mate but I couldn’t help but think “I could probably be doing a much better job on that bird” thus confirming yet again that I could never bare to be a daygame coach [1]. I turned my back to Xants’ set and scanned the square once more. My spider sense tingled and out of the corner of my peripheral vision appeared a short little curvy thing walking down the steps away from me. I didn’t catch her face but she looked great from behind – about 5’5″ with long black hair down to her ass, a black leather jacket and tight black leggings which showed off a peachy little bum. It was worth closer inspection.

I got in front and was disappointed to see that she was Asian [2], I looked her up and down again before deciding that she was still a good 7. In I went and hook point was more or less instant;

Where are you from?

Ireland. – I said, after making her guess a while

Ooooooh cooooooo. – I assume she meant ‘cool’

And you, you’re obviously Asian, but your eyes are too big to be Chinese, I like them.

Ahahaha thank you! I’m from Taiwan.

Taiwan hey? I’ve never been there but I’m pretty sure that’s where my alarm clock comes from.

Ahahaha you’re funny!

Helen lived in London, was a marketing student and had just started working in Selfridges. She was on her way to meet a friend for dinner so I took her number and off she went.

I returned to an even more excitable Xants as he gave me the run-down on his set. “I think the SDL’s on mate, she’s going to the gallery then we will probably meet for a drink!”

I hadn’t seen Xants this giddy after a daygame set in well over a year. “Well done mate, she was stunning, I’m very jealous” I congratulated.

“Where’d you go anyway?” Xants asked.

“Closed some gook. Seems keen” I explained.

“ah” Offered Xants, clearly still coming down from his set.

I pinged Helen later that evening and she replied quickly so we set up a date for the next day, Monday.

We met at Baker Street station at 7pm. Helen had come straight from work dressed in black high heels, black tights, a black mini-skirt, a white shirt and a black blazer. She looked great.

I walked us to the pub across the road and to my surprise she asked for a full pint. As we sat down she took a huge gulp of the beer.

You must be thirsty!

No, I’m just very nervous, I never do this before, especially with a white man.

Ah, well relax. I don’t bite. 

Helen proceeded to ask me loads of hair dresser questions and I responded to each in turn with a wry smile on my face until she started to relax. She then asked for a favour and pulled out her phone to show me an email she’d drafted and asked me to check her English. I raised an eyebrow and asked if she thought I was giving out free English lessons.

Noooo, please, this is just very important to me and I need to send it now.

I scanned it quickly and fixed one typo, it was more or less perfect.

Your English is good, no lessons required from me!

Haha thank you.

Helen proceeded to ask me if I talked to girls in the street often and I gave her the usual spiel (better than tinder, chivalry, bla bla). She told me it happens a lot and she always gives her number to guys. This was a big red flag! Helen pulled out her phone and showed me her whatsapp… sure enough there were loads of unread messages from thirsty guys. I quickly scanned their profile pics to check if I knew any of the guys – I didn’t.

Why haven’t you replied to any of these poor guys?!

I don’t like them.

Why give them ALL your phone number?!

haha not all, but I don’t like to be rude if they are nice to me.

Just lie to them, tell them you have a boyfriend. – Sorry future Helen approachers.

Ooooh that’s a good idea! I’ll do that next time.

I bounced Helen to the same speakeasy I always take them, I had been there only a couple of days before with a different girl [3]. As we entered the host looked at Helen, then at me with contempt and said “Oh, you’re back so soon!” I asked him for the usual couch and he said I couldn’t sit there, even though the place was empty. The cock blocking white knight sat us down at a table which made it almost impossible to physically escalate. I finished my drink quickly and polished off the remainder of hers… “Let’s go!” We left after 5 minutes and I made a mental note never to go back there.

We got a couch in the bar next to mine and I ramped up the escalation fast as it was now almost 9pm and it was a school night. Within a few minutes we were kissing and she was surprisingly unreserved about doing so in public, but she did have reservations about doing it on a first date…

Wow, this is my first time on a date with a foreign guy and I NEVER kiss on the first date.

It’s perfectly normal in London, you only live once so why wait if you like the person?

I guess you’re right!

Helen was really opening up now and I was pretty certain the lay was on.

I need to tell you something.


When I was waiting for you at the tube I forgot what you looked like!

We met yesterday, how could you forget?

I don’t know, I walked over to some guy and said hi, he didn’t know who I was!


Don’t laugh, it was embarrassing! YOU WHITE GUYS ALL LOOK THE SAME TO ME!

I LOL’d for about two minutes. I wasn’t sure if she was trolling or if the irony was truly lost on her and I didn’t care to find out. A few minutes later I walked her back to my flat and she came in with no resistance. I poured some wine, played some tunes on the guitar and she watched on mouth agape.

Wow, you’re really sexy when you play the guitar, you should play that on the street, you would get more girls.

I pulled her onto the bed and we kissed heavily. Helen grabbed her wine and knocked back the full glass.

I need this, otherwise I will run out the front door!

Oh, ok.

I’ve never done this on a first date!


You have condom?!

Yes. I. Do.

After successfully navigating Helens’ relentless LMR I proceeded to smash her tight little pussy. The sex was amazing, my best ever with an Asian girl and she was fantastic at blow-jobs.

I did the usual debrief and she told me that she only decided that she wanted to fuck when I was playing the guitar. She’d only had two sexual partners before (she is 24), both long term boyfriends and my penis was by far the biggest that had ever been inside her.

As she got dressed to leave Helen asked if we could see each other again. “if you want to” I said, and I think I actually meant it, she was fun to hang out with and great in bed.

This ketchup tastes good.






[1] – Please stop asking. If you need coaching Craig Cassidy or Street Attraction are the go to guys in London and if you have a bit more to spend and are willing to travel, Nick Krauser does week long residentials in Eastern Europe.

[2] – I don’t typically open them, but if they’re hot enough I will

[3] – This girl still seems keen so hopefully is a future post

Ketchup in glass bottles

CF6TX6Bit quiet on here innit? That’s primarily because I still only have one new daygame notch on the belt for 2019 [1] [2]. This is not due to my lack of trying, in fact I’ve been spamming in comparison to this time last year. Here are the not so impressive statistics for the year so far;

Sets Number FB/Insta Flake Date Flake idate D1 D2 D3 D4 Near Miss SDL Lays
Approach to lay count.. 1 in…
125 24.00% 3.20% 23.53% 11.76% 4.00% 4.00% 0.80% 0.00% 0.00% 0.80% 0.00% 0.80%
5.21 30 4 8 4 5 5 1 0 0 1 0 1 125.00

I’ve already done about 1/4 of the sets that I did for all of 2018 and so am owed at least 4 notches from the daygame Gods. If I include instant dates I’ve dated 10 new girls from daygame, more than 1 a week and I’ve only banged one of em. I usually average a new girl every two dates so I’m well below average.

Why have I done so many sets so far this year you may ask… The number one reason for this is that I was not exiled to Australia where the daygame was exceptionally poor in comparison to Europe. Another is that I did quite a lot of sets over a long weekend in Prague and another is that the winter has been relatively mild making it much easier to hit the streets.

Why are my stats so poor is another question you may ask… As much as I enjoy the ego-boosting validation when publishing my good stats, it is only fair to my dear readers that I do the same when they are not so good.  So has my daygame gotten worse this year? I believe that it hasn’t, it’s probably even better. I’ve been having a lot of fun sets and am closing at not much worse than my usual rate, I’m also getting quite a lot of dates and there’s generally plenty of action my phone. But I’m not getting my D in the V as regularly as I would like.

I am certain that this is just a dip that will even itself out over the course of the year. I heard a good analogy earlier today when Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (the manager of Manchester United) was quized by a reporter on the poor form of Alexis Sanchez (one of his players). The reporter asked him if he was worried;

“No, he’s a great player and he doesn’t become a bad player over night. I think it’s like a ketchup bottle, you hit it and hit it and hit it and none comes out at first, and then boom, you get LOADS of it!” – spot on Ole, spot on. [3]

I’m quietly confident that if I keep ticking along and picking up leads here and there that the notches will come.

So what went wrong on all these dates?

Out of the four proper dates I’ve had from daygame, 3 of the girls never came out again. This is much more annoying than a girl just outright flaking. You’ve invested time and some money on drinks and shown her what you’re all about, only for her to decide “actually, I’m not into this guy”. 2 of the 3 that ghosted even came back to the flat on the first night and that was the closest I ever got to banging them. I’ll never really know what it was that I said or did that made them decide against coming out again – it may be something totally out of my control. But I won’t be losing much sleep over these girls, if it starts happening more often then I’ll start dissecting my date game, but it’s too early to take any drastic action just yet.

I got very close to another Same Day Lay a couple of weeks ago in Prague. I got a girl back to my apartment and she was very horny indeed as we played around on the bed only for her to announce that her mum was calling her and that she needed to leave right away. Before she left we agreed to meet the next day. When I pinged her she replied saying “I don’t think my boyfriend would be impressed if I see you again”. The wee whore.

I’m off to eat some chips, hopefully with lots of ketchup.

[1] – I have had a couple of notches from nightgame since my last post, neither of which are much to write home about as they were both 6s, one Spanish and another Greek.

[2] – I got my second after writing most of this post

[3] – However, Sanchez is finished. He’s just not got it anymore.