Value Building

Still wouldn’t open her.

I’m currently setting off on my first jaunt of the year and this seems like a convenient point to reflect on the madness so far. I’m only going to Poland for a few days, but anywhere has to be better than London right now, the grass is always greener as they say.

This year I’ve done a total of 72 sets and I’ve got one measly lay to show for it. 1 in 72!

That’s 13 sets a month or 3.25 a week or 0.46 a day. Obviously, the Chinese virus has had a large part to play in my lack of sets, forcing me to take all of March, April and May off. It was the longest break I’ve ever taken in my 6 years of game.

I’d like to report that I used this time off productively, reading lots of books, learning a new skill, starting an online business, working on my SMV, all that type of stuff that you read about on twitter. The reality is, I spent most of it playing FIFA 20 on my shiny new PlayStation 4. However, this was not time wasted entirely. I massively enjoyed beating 12-year-old Chinese kids online and I am now pretty fucking good at FIFA. I progressed from a division 10 player to a division 1 player whilst only giving up approximately 400 hours of my life in the process. Bargain.

On a serious note, I did do some productive things, and I did work on my SMV.

I had a hair transplant. My hairline has been receding/thinning for a few years now, as is common for many men in their mid-thirties. I have always planned to shave it all off Krauser style when the time came. But then one day in February, I was walking up Harley street in central London and I walked past two or three clinics all offering “Free” consultations. I called one of them up later that day, went in to see them and before I knew it, I’d paid a £1000 deposit for a transplant in mid-April. How did that happen?! In hindsight, I know exactly how it happened, the consultant was a REALLY good salesman, and despite my in depth knowledge of sales techniques, I remain excellent at parting with my hard earned money when a good salesman gets his tenterhooks on me. The onset of the virus lead to the clinic bringing my appointment forward and I got it done on the day lockdown started in the UK (24 March), they had to smuggle me out the back door and sneak me home in an uber so that neither of us got gestapoed. They’ve done a great job, and most of my mates and colleagues didn’t even notice any difference in my appearance, that’s mostly because I don’t look any different yet, apparently it takes 6-12 months for the new hair to grow through.

I lost 6 kilos of puppy fat. This was not intentional; I basically stopped drinking alcohol for three months as all the bars were closed and I’ve never been a fan a drinking at home, so I just didn’t. However, I’ve put a couple of those kilos back on since the pubs have re-opened.

I’ve started learning Russian. On another dangerously expensive walk, I passed Pushkin house in central London, and outside it was a sign saying that their Spring semester would be fully online and that registrations were closing the very next day! Scarcity, scarcity, they’re trying to get you with the old scarcity tactic! I told myself. I then quickly typed in the url of the website on my phone and parted with another £400 of my hard-earned dosh, phew, just made it!  I have since completed the 10-week course and have even signed up for a second semester which starts this weekend. My reasons for doing this were not game related. I would like to be able to speak basic Russian with the aim of getting a contract and living there for a year or so. I would dabble in a wee bit of daygame on the side.

So, has the time off doing all these value building activities improved my results?

Of course it hasn’t. I HATED IT.

I’ve never been a fan of taking breaks, no matter how much experience you have, any time off will make you rusty. Throw in a virus that makes girls even more scared of strangers, then you will find that the old daygame gets a lot harder, and so, that is what I have found. Here’s a rundown of the pre and post lockdown stats.


Sets Number FB/Insta Flake Date Flake idate D1 D2 D3 D4 Near Miss SDL Lays
25 16.00% 8.00% 66.67% 0.00% 0.00% 4.00% 4.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 4.00%
1.92 4 2 4 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 1


These numbers are for January and February. As you can see, I wasn’t exactly spamming, but I was still comfortably inside my 1 in 30 level of the last 2 years or so. My enthusiasm for daygame was possibly at its lowest ebb at the beginning of the year, I made the false assumption that things would be much better in Spring.


Sets Number FB/Insta Flake Date Flake idate D1 D2 D3 D4 Near Miss SDL Lays
47 12.77% 8.51% 50.00% 0.00% 0.00% 2.13% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00%
2.35 6 4 5 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0

I have been out and about pretty much every day since the shops have re-opened, which was 15 June if I remember correctly. I live just off Oxford street and I do like to get my 10,000 steps a day, so I don’t really mind THAT much if I don’t see many sets on my walk. But the past couple of weeks has been taking the piss.

Almost every day I’ve gone out, I’ve spotted on average 4 daygamers and one or two sets, i.e. there always seems to be more daygamers on the streets than actual sets, how do you square that circle?

I’ve stopped and chatted to quite a few of my fellow daygamers just to gauge how they’re getting on with the “new normal”. Most seem to be struggling, but a few guys have told me they’re still getting laid. Fair play to them. I also see several twitter bros posting +1’s on a regular basis. Fair play to them too.

I’ve been thinking over whether it’s me or whether it’s London that is fucked. Have I forgotten how to do a good daygame set? Have I aged rapidly during lockdown and now girls are repulsed by me? Have I turned into a reclusive creep??

Well, I can safely say, even though you can’t see it in the numbers, I can see it in the sets. My game is fine, maybe a little rusty, but fine. I look pretty much the same, and I always was a creep anyway. Girls still like me, I’m getting good reactions. My open to close ratio has gone to piss, but I’m putting that down to girls being a bit extra cautious due to our Chinese friends. I’m confident the results will filter through soon enough, I just need to keep tapping away.

Anyway, I’m just about to touch down in Poland, London can do one.


2019 – The Year of Meh

Example of the type of girl I couldn’t be bothered opening in the last few months of 2019.

This year was a strange one, I went full throttle until early September, when I returned from Moscow. In this period, I averaged just shy of 3 daygame lays a month and a handful from “bar game” [1], just under one a week total. Then BOOM – I descended into an abyss of nothingness, and I didn’t really mind.

There was never an intention on my part to take a break or hibernate. I still went out once or twice a week for the remaining months of the year for “a walk” but my heart was never in it. I’d leave the house purely just to get out of the house, and if I didn’t do a set, I didn’t give a shit, at least I’d still been for a nice walk. If I had to put my finger on what caused this, it could be one or all of the following;

  • I was travelling for work – a LOT. I spent roughly a third of the year on the road and not in places conducive to game. This was both mentally and physically draining due to the nature of my job. I was doing this when I was getting laid, but it ramped up towards the end of the year.
  • I’d banged enough birds.
  • I had some health problems – this genuinely shook me, so much so that I even quit drinking for a whole month. [2]
  • I dabbled in trying to convince myself that I could have regulars and/or a girlfriend [3] – and failed. This shifted my focus from getting new leads.
  • I tried to set up an online business – and failed. Admittedly, I didn’t spend very much time on this, so it’s not really an excuse.

For whatever reason, I just couldn’t be arsed anymore. It was like my fore-brain would see a pretty girl and think “Oh, I’d quite like to have sexual relations with that girl” and then my hind-brain would say “go home, you’ve had your fair share, you greedy little runt!”

I never really had a goal at the beginning of the year apart from “I’ll try and beat last year”. For me, goals and game don’t mix well and may even be counterproductive. It’s like you are trying to force something out of nothing. I am by no means a “go with the flow and see what happens” kind of guy, but I don’t think it’s good for your mental health to beat yourself up because you didn’t get x number of notches from y number of sets. There are many external factors outside of your control when it comes to banging birds consistently which make most statistics largely irrelevant. Now that we’ve established the irrelevance of statistics, let’s talk about my statistics.

July 2019 marked my 5th anniversary as “a daygamer”. However, I still do stats by the calendar year. So, this was my 6th year of logging statistics, and I have to say, I’m getting rather bored of it all. But I will keep doing it for the sake of science. As always, I will do a comparison to the previous year, and these stats are daygame only.


Sets Number FB/Insta Flake Date Flake idate D1 D2 D3 D4 Near Miss SDL Lays
566 22.44% 15.02% 20.75% 1.89% 3.53% 6.89% 2.83% 1.59% 0.71% 1.41% 0.53% 3.18%
4.01 127 85 44 4 20 39 16 9 4 8 3 18


Sets Number FB/Insta Flake Date Flake idate D1 D2 D3 D4 Near Miss SDL Lays
650 21.08% 11.38% 22.75% 1.90% 4.77% 5.69% 1.69% 0.31% 0.15% 1.08% 1.38% 3.38%
4.71 137 74 48 4 31 37 11 2 1 7 9 22

I ended 2019 (In September) with a total notch count of 27 (including bar game), up 2 from last year. 22 of these were from 650 daygame approaches – 1 in 29.55. A slight improvement on last years ratio of 1 in 31.44, the rest of the numbers were also very close to 2018’s apart from one – SDL’s.

This may lead the reader to believe that I was pulling harder or going out hunting for SDL’s. I wasn’t. I can’t decide if I got better at making decisions or if it was pure luck, but if I had to decide, I’d say the biggest improvement in my game in 2019 was making decisions. Maybe.

In 2019 I started following a bodybuilding program in the gym, although you couldn’t tell that from looking at me. This led me to start doing more research on the old lifting of the weights and I now follow a few bodybuilding personalities on youtube. There is a consensus amongst them that in the first 6 months of lifting you will get “newbie gains”. After this you need to eat well and continually put your body into “progressive overload” in the gym to see any further gains. And so it is with daygame, except the newbie gains phase probably lasts longer, for me this was about two years. To look jacked (naturally), it takes four or five years of consistent gym work and if you slack off you will lose those gains quickly. This is also true in daygame. I put in slightly more work (number of sets) and got slightly more gains (notches). Any improvement in my game last year was very incremental so much so that I struggled to notice any difference.

The increase in SDL’s probably means I got better at reading the signals that normal men don’t see when they’ve got a pretty girl sat in front of them. These signals can come in many forms – she may agree to a glass of wine after saying she doesn’t drink, she may just follow you to your place, or she might keep saying no before jumping on top of you. Whatever it is, you need to be vigilant, like a meerkat, or a lion… (yes, let’s go with lion, that’s more alpha) to spot the signal and have the balls to follow through, she’ll usually thank you for it.

Now for the run-down…

# Date Nationality HB Rating Location
1 01-06-2019 Philippines 7 London
2 02-08-2019 Turkey 7 London
3 02-17-2019 Taiwan 7 London
4 02-22-2019 Eritrea 8 London
5 03-23-2019 Azerbaijan 6 New York
6 03-30-2019 China 7 London
7 05-10-2019 Russia 8.5 London
8 06-02-2019 America 7 London
9 06-09-2019 England 7 London
10 06-09-2019 Brazil 7 London
11 06-22-2019 Iran 7.5 Belgrade
12 06-27-2019 Argentina 7 London
13 07-04-2019 Bosnia 7 London
14 07-05-2019 Russia 7 London
15 07-20-2019 Colombia 7 London
16 08-03-2019 France 7.5 London
17 08-09-2019 Serbia 8 Belgrade
18 08-23-2019 Russia 7 Moscow
19 08-23-2019 Russia 6 Moscow
20 09-04-2019 Russia 8 Moscow
21 09-07-2019 Russia 7 Moscow
22 09-27-2019 France 7 London
  Average 7.16  

The dates quoted above are when I opened them, 9 of these were closed the same day, the rest within a week, apart from the English girl. As mentioned above there were also 5 girls from bar game which I kept no notes on. You may have noticed that there are two daygame girls that I didn’t even do a blog post on. One was a cute little Brazilian girl with a huge mouth, nothing about her or the lay inspired me to write. Another was a 6 in Moscow, again nothing of note happened, apart from me coming after 2 strokes and spraying it all over her face and kicking her out a couple of minutes later so I could go for beers with the boys. Perhaps that was another learning point for the year – get your priorities straight.

So, what about 2020?

Despite my poo-pooing of goal setting, I do have one goal for this year, and by damn will I go all out to achieve it. 100 daygame lays (17 to go). Based on previous performance I think it’s achievable, but I won’t be hanging myself if I don’t hit it. These days I am more interested in finding a girl that I won’t be bored of after the first bang, which could potentially lead to a regular, then a pregnant regular, then a girlfriend, then a wife. If I find said girl before the magic number 100, I’ll gladly check out and all of this will be a fond memory.

Happy New Year to you all and thank you for reading my ramblings. All the best on your own journey in 2020.




[1] There is no nuance to my bar game, hence the “ “. I get a bit tipsy, talk to girls and sometimes I bang them, most times I don’t.

[2] I lasted two weeks.

[3] I even took one of the girls near the top of my list on a romantic getaway – and royally fucked that up.

Ketchup in glass bottles

CF6TX6Bit quiet on here innit? That’s primarily because I still only have one new daygame notch on the belt for 2019 [1] [2]. This is not due to my lack of trying, in fact I’ve been spamming in comparison to this time last year. Here are the not so impressive statistics for the year so far;

Sets Number FB/Insta Flake Date Flake idate D1 D2 D3 D4 Near Miss SDL Lays
Approach to lay count.. 1 in…
125 24.00% 3.20% 23.53% 11.76% 4.00% 4.00% 0.80% 0.00% 0.00% 0.80% 0.00% 0.80%
5.21 30 4 8 4 5 5 1 0 0 1 0 1 125.00

I’ve already done about 1/4 of the sets that I did for all of 2018 and so am owed at least 4 notches from the daygame Gods. If I include instant dates I’ve dated 10 new girls from daygame, more than 1 a week and I’ve only banged one of em. I usually average a new girl every two dates so I’m well below average.

Why have I done so many sets so far this year you may ask… The number one reason for this is that I was not exiled to Australia where the daygame was exceptionally poor in comparison to Europe. Another is that I did quite a lot of sets over a long weekend in Prague and another is that the winter has been relatively mild making it much easier to hit the streets.

Why are my stats so poor is another question you may ask… As much as I enjoy the ego-boosting validation when publishing my good stats, it is only fair to my dear readers that I do the same when they are not so good.  So has my daygame gotten worse this year? I believe that it hasn’t, it’s probably even better. I’ve been having a lot of fun sets and am closing at not much worse than my usual rate, I’m also getting quite a lot of dates and there’s generally plenty of action my phone. But I’m not getting my D in the V as regularly as I would like.

I am certain that this is just a dip that will even itself out over the course of the year. I heard a good analogy earlier today when Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (the manager of Manchester United) was quized by a reporter on the poor form of Alexis Sanchez (one of his players). The reporter asked him if he was worried;

“No, he’s a great player and he doesn’t become a bad player over night. I think it’s like a ketchup bottle, you hit it and hit it and hit it and none comes out at first, and then boom, you get LOADS of it!” – spot on Ole, spot on. [3]

I’m quietly confident that if I keep ticking along and picking up leads here and there that the notches will come.

So what went wrong on all these dates?

Out of the four proper dates I’ve had from daygame, 3 of the girls never came out again. This is much more annoying than a girl just outright flaking. You’ve invested time and some money on drinks and shown her what you’re all about, only for her to decide “actually, I’m not into this guy”. 2 of the 3 that ghosted even came back to the flat on the first night and that was the closest I ever got to banging them. I’ll never really know what it was that I said or did that made them decide against coming out again – it may be something totally out of my control. But I won’t be losing much sleep over these girls, if it starts happening more often then I’ll start dissecting my date game, but it’s too early to take any drastic action just yet.

I got very close to another Same Day Lay a couple of weeks ago in Prague. I got a girl back to my apartment and she was very horny indeed as we played around on the bed only for her to announce that her mum was calling her and that she needed to leave right away. Before she left we agreed to meet the next day. When I pinged her she replied saying “I don’t think my boyfriend would be impressed if I see you again”. The wee whore.

I’m off to eat some chips, hopefully with lots of ketchup.

[1] – I have had a couple of notches from nightgame since my last post, neither of which are much to write home about as they were both 6s, one Spanish and another Greek.

[2] – I got my second after writing most of this post

[3] – However, Sanchez is finished. He’s just not got it anymore.

2018 – A Year of Change

Wife Material.

What a year it has been, so much has happened that I barely know where to start. The start is normally a good place but that is probably the most boring way to tell a story. Instead, I will attempt to do this post like all the new TV Series [1] do – start at the end and then back fill the rest. Yeah, that sounds like fun, here we go!..

I ended the year with a total notch count of 25, my best to date. 18 of these were from 566 daygame sets – 1 in 31.44. In my 2017 review I wrote – My approach to lay ratio was 1 in 51.88. The pro’s say advanced daygamers should be aiming for 1 in 30. Guess I still have a ways to go. Seems like I’m getting there. Let’s give the stats the full treatment in comparison to 2017, as ever, these are daygame only;


Sets Number FB Flake Date Flake idate Date Near Miss SDL Lays
882 25.62% 5.67% 36.59% 7.25% 2.83% 5.10% 1.36% 0.23% 1.93%
5.13 226 50 101 20 25 45 12 2 17


Sets Number FB/Insta Flake Date Flake idate D1 D2 D3 D4 Near Miss SDL Lays
566 22.44% 15.02% 20.75% 1.89% 3.53% 6.89% 2.83% 1.59% 0.71% 1.41% 0.53% 3.18%
4.01 127 85 44 4 20 39 16 9 4 8 3 18

I did 316 less approaches in 2018 yet got one more notch than 2017, a significant increase in efficiency. So how did I do this? The short answer is, I don’t know, these things just improve with practice. But I’ll attempt to flesh it out.

There was never a conscious decision to open less, it just happened. One explanation could be that my calibration improved significantly. I had a much better of idea of what looked like a good set, even if all the usual pre-approach signals were bad – walking fast, looking grumpy, no hip sway, looks like she’s waiting for a date – I’d think, Ignore all that, she’s horny, GO IN, and more often than not, I was right. Krauser calls this your spider sense and it improves with practice – lots of it [2].

Another could be that the sets themselves improved. If there was one moment in 2018 when I realised, Hang on, I’m pretty good at this daygame stuff, it was in Belgrade the first time with Krauser. He was coaching a student one day so I went out for a solo session. Whilst I was mid-set I noticed him and his student appear over the girls shoulder… I continued my prattle on auto-pilot and I could hear Nick saying things to his student like “look how relaxed he is, completely loose, fractionating on and off with the eyes, the smile… oh oh, did you see how he just touched her forearm and she just took it, natural touch, not creepy…” and on and on. After the set I walked over to them and Nicks student was in awe “really impressive stuff man!” I said thanks and never thought much of it at the time.


There was no drop in work rate. I went out just as much, if not more than I did in 2017. The biggest difference was that I didn’t mind if I didn’t open. I never had a goal per session of x number of sets. I averaged 4.01 sets per session, in 2017 it was 5.13 per session. In 2018 I went out many times and didn’t do a single approach, this was especially true in Australia where the quality was generally terrible, and I never felt bad about it. Krauser calls this the river and advises that it’s never a good idea to swim upstream i.e. if there are no sets you don’t need to start opening sub-standard sets just to make up the numbers, so I didn’t.

My close rate (numbers and social media) improved from 1 in 3.2 down to 1 in 2.67. I took more social media this year and these are never strong leads. However, I still I banged two girls this way and dated 13 others. But numbers are always king.

Flakes reduced significantly, again, I put this down to better calibration and better sets.

Date flakes also came down, I put this down to not going to Moscow, where almost all of my date flakes came from in 2017.

Idates and dates came down slightly but are higher as a percentage, again this is due to doing less but better sets. This year is the first year I tracked second, third and fourth dates… I even had some fifth, sixth and SEVENTH dates.

Less near misses this year, but a higher percentage.

I got one more SDL than last year, everyone loves an SDL. The most of dramatic of which came in Prague when I went to visit another girl and she ghosted me. That was fun.

The most important stat of them all is of course the number of lays. This came from a date to lay ratio of 1 in 2.166, down from 1 in 2.65 last year. In 2018 I found myself doing less routines on dates. In the beginning I had a check list of things to do stored on my phone and I’d always check through it when I went to the bathroom. I never do this any more and I almost never play the questions game. Nowadays I am a lot better at figuring out where the girl is at, whether it be by her body language or the things she says and I act accordingly.

As mentioned in previous blog posts, I spent the first three months of the year in Melbourne. I really enjoyed my time there, but it is a hell hole for daygame. Despite this I got laid a few times and met one girl I really, really like, but didn’t bang. We’re still in touch frequently and she’s even talking about coming to visit me in London.

At the end of March my job asked me if I would like to stay in Melbourne for a couple of years, I politely declined citing reasons such as, I didn’t like the time difference and the beer was too expensive. All of these reasons were true, but I decided against telling them that the daygame was terrible there.

Back to Manchester I went. I worked and did daygame there for about a month or so and during that time I was headhunted by another company. They wanted me to join them as a contractor for more than double my salary, and more importantly I could be based in London. I thought about it for around three seconds and then handed in my notice. I left mid-April and wouldn’t start the new position until July. If only there was something fun to do between the months of April and July? I couldn’t think of anything, so I went on a two- and a-bit month Eurojaunt.

Whilst I was away Ricky Roma, Mr S and myself decided to get a place together in London upon my return. They did all the leg work whilst I was swanning round Eastern Europe and found a great apartment in central London for a reasonable price. Well done boys.

The apartment has been great fun and 99% of the time we get along great. There have been a couple of little spats between Mr S and myself. We’re both good at game and engaged in silly little competitions which led to some arguments. I guess this is to be expected. Next year there will be no such competitions, it’s not healthy and the only competition should be with yourself.

2018 saw me daygame in 10 different cities (London, Melbourne, Manchester, Prague (Twice), Belgrade (twice), Budapest, Krakow, Saint Petersburg (twice), Warsaw and Cape Town [3]). Whilst this was fun, I lost a lot of leads because I couldn’t stick around. This year I plan to do much less cities and more repeat trips to my favourite locations.

Now to the girls, all 25 of them in chronological order;

# Description Date HB Age Location Flag
1 The Kiwi 19/01/2018 7 27 Melbourne New Zealand
2 The Sudanese 02/02/2018 7 25 Melbourne Sudan
3 The Bali Girl* 11/02/2018 6 21 Bali Bali
4 The Fijian* 16/02/2018 7 28 Melbourne Fiji
5 Crazy girl in Melbourne* 01/03/2018 6 25 Melbourne  
6 A girl in Manchester 18/04/2018 6.5 23 Manchester  
7 Croatian Rock Chick 04/05/2018 7 21 Belgrade Croatia
8 Columbian Latina 07/05/2018 6.5 21 Belgrade Columbia
9 Italian K girl 17/05/2018 7.5 20 Budapest  
10 Horny Hungarian 19/05/2018 7 24 Budapest Hungary
11 Curly Serb 30/05/2018 7 21 Belgrade  
12 Cute Russian 13/06/2018 8 18 Saint Petersburg  
13 Huge IOI* 25/06/2018 7 24 Saint Petersburg  
14 Italian long lead 03/08/2018 7 28 London  
15 Saudi Sloshpot 06/08/2018 7.99 21 London Saudi Arabia
16 Latvian Bargame* 10/08/2018 6 21 Riga Latvia
17 English SDL 01/09/2018 7 22 London  
18 English Black Girl 09/09/2018 7.5 22 London  
19 The Bulgarian* 21/09/2018 7.5 18 London Bulgaria
20 Tits out – gash out 11/11/2018 7 30 London  
21 Tattoed Russian 24/11/2018 7 23 Saint Petersburg  
22 A Canadian 05/12/2018 7 22 London  
23 SDL in Prague 08/12/2018 7 23 Prague  
24 The Serbian 22/12/2018 7.5 22 London  
25 Girl That Opened Me* 26/12/2018 6.5 27 Cape Town  
  Averages 6.98 23.08    

I met some very special girls this year. The best in bed was undoubtedly the Saudi. I’ve upgraded her to a 7.99 as other friends have looked at pictures of her since I wrote the blog post and told me she was an 8. Unfortunately, she is back Saudi now and I will not risk being arrested by going to visit her. The cute Russian was the one I enjoyed hanging out with the most – she had a lot of banter and I will see her in the future if she doesn’t get boyfriended up. The Tattoed Russian also gets an honourable mention – she was both great in bed and a pleasure to spend time with.

Towards the end of the year the apathy was starting to set it. It had been a long one and I went through a lot of girls. As was probably apparent in my posts, I was getting fed up. I would frequently think about two things;

  1. What is the point of all this?
  2. What is my endgame?

The point is obviously to meet and have sex with new girls as we are apparently biologically programmed to do as males. I really enjoy meeting new girls on the street and dating them, the chase, it’s great fun. But then you bang them and then what?

In my earlier days I would bask in the glory of a new notch for almost a week. Now that glorious feeling lasts around 5 minutes. I wrote a drunken tweet [4] about feeling empty inside after a recent notch. I didn’t mean it in the literal sense. I am grateful to lead a life that most men would be jealous of; I have a good job, I have great friends most of which I’ve met through daygame, I travel a lot every year and meet some amazing women. The glass of life is certainly half full. What I meant was that the same buzz isn’t there anymore. I don’t get the same satisfaction as I used to from banging a new girl.

It’s a real dilemma – I am starting to enjoy the chase more than the catch. I consulted Uncle Nick about this hoping that he would say “ah just turn to page 323 of Daygame Infinite, it’s all in there mate”. But he didn’t. Instead he said these sobering words… “I certainly understand. I don’t have a solution, but I have an intimate awareness of the problem”. AH BALLS.

And so to endgame. How can one check out in the full knowledge that the urge will always be there to open (and have a 50-50 chance of closing) the next hot girl you see walking down the street?

I’ve decided I’m not going to tackle this conundrum just yet. I will carry on living in depravity and banging as many women as I can along the way. However, I’ll be paying more attention to the red flags for long term partners. I’ll keep a list of girls who qualify as girlfriend/wife material and attempt to keep in touch with them. This may mean that I end up with less crazy girls in the sack and consequently less girls in total and that’s fine by me. Eventually I’ll pick one of the best ones for a girlfriend which will hopefully turn into a wife and kid or two, maybe even a pug as well. I’ll live in a countryside cottage miles away from civilization to avoid any form of temptation and grow my own vegetables. But I’m getting ahead of myself, there’s still plenty in the tank yet and plenty more girls out there to be approached.

All the best for 2019, players.


[1] Referring specifically to The Sinner on Netflix.

[2] I am now on 3375 sets total

[3] I did one set whilst on holiday there

[4] Always a good idea



Lay Report(s): I’ve Always Liked Long Leads


I’ve been back in London for just over a month and it has been eventful to say the least. I’ve tried to get back into a healthy routine with better nutrition and more gym, however, booze has still played a large part. I’ve started a new job, which I almost got fired from due to sheer idiocy on my part (this may have something to do with the boozing). I’ve done some daygame and it has largely been terrible. 63 sets in total so far, 14 closes and two dates to nowhere from those leads. I went on another date to nowhere with a Serbian girl that I met on my most recent trip there, she bored me to tears with tales of her struggles to get a UK visa, I didn’t care, I just wanted to bang her and I think she picked up on this.

A couple of Sundays ago I was spring cleaning my old whatsapp chats and I got all the way down to March 2018. There was four girls that I closed when I was back in London for a couple of days between moving back from Australia and heading to Manchester. I read through the chats and realised that they were all keen and I was the one who stopped replying because of bad logistics on my part. I sent all four the exact same ping – “Hey trouble, Guess who’s back in town”.

4 out of 4 replied.

The first was a Romanian girl I closed on the street, she replied a few times but then ghosted when I invited her out.

The second was a lead from bar game, I got her out last week and banged her. She was English but her parents were from Hong Kong so she looked Asian. I had a great time with her and even had her around for a repeat. However, she was only a 6 and I probably won’t see her again, but a notch is a notch as they say.

The third was a very cute little English girl, 20 years old. She replied enthusiastically confirming a date for a Friday night. I thought it was on. However, when I pinged her on the Friday lunch time she replied quickly and then blocked me.

The fourth was a cute girl from Italy, here’s the story…

It was the most internationally celebrated day of the year – St. Patricks day, and I was out in London with the lads. I should have been jet-lagged having only got off the plane from Australia the previous day, but I was in great spirits. The quality of girls on the streets was much higher than what I’d become accustomed to in Melbourne, I was happy to see my mates and we’d had a couple of beers. It was around 10pm and most of the other lads had gone home so Xants and I decided to do a few laps of Leicester square and see if we could bounce a two-set or two into the casino. I saw a cute little girl with big pointy glasses and long black wavy hair walk towards me at a brisk pace. I peeled off from Xants and got in front. I can’t remember much about what was said only that she was Italian, lived in London studying biochemistry and was in a hurry to meet her friends. I took her number and off she went into the night.


After some texting back and forth I eventually got her out on Wednesday evening past. Giulia arrived a few minutes late looking hot in a figure hugging black dress, red lipstick and had nice legs on display. She was around 160cm tall – the perfect height for a girl in my opinion. Immediately she fell in to my frame, big smile, kiss on both cheeks and she latched onto my forearm as I led the way.

I walked her to Bok bar which is a nice pub in Marylebone where you can sit outside. We chatted about how we met and how exciting it was, she told me how she thought we would never meet again. Giulia was leaving town for good on Friday, she would spend her last night having a farewell party. The fact that she was spending her penultimate night with me was a good sign.

The conversation flowed and the drinks were soon finished, I bounced her to the next venue which I had pre-booked, an awesome little underground speakeasy. We sat on a big couch and she melted into it, hooking her knees up and leaning them against my leg as we played the questions game. Her first question was “why are you single?” and I told her the simplest answer “I haven’t found the right girl yet”… I babbled on for about 10 minutes on this subject. Her next question was

Do you talk to girls on the street often?

You weren’t the first, you probably won’t be the last, but I don’t do it all the time. I hate online dating and have had a few bad experiences with it. Nowadays, if I see a pretty girl, she looks in a good mood and most importantly I’M in a good mood, I’ll say hello. Someone has to be chivalrous in this modern age of tinder and love island bullshit.

Giulia was mesmerised and she told me that she loved my long answers, she probably knew that I’d had plenty of practice. We had two glasses of wine and spoke about all sorts before I eventually went for the kiss. There was no resistance, she was all in. I got the bill and said “let’s go”. I walked us to my front door, upon arrival I announced “I live here, let’s go in for one more glass of wine”. She agreed.

I took her straight to the bedroom and didn’t even bother giving her a tour of the flat. She kicked off her black plimsoles and lay on the couch with an expectant smile on her face. I poured the wine and picked up my guitar and blasted out Wonderwall, the hardest song to play on the guitar. She looked at me as I played as if to say “Will you just fuck me already?!”

I put the guitar down and put some music on, I walked over to her and she pounced on me. I had warmed her up so much that she was like a pressure cooker exploding when I eventually went for it. She pulled my top over my head as she frantically kissed me, I picked her up and threw her on the bed. All our clothes were off within seconds and she was sucking on my cock like it was as tasty as a twister ice lolly. She insisted I wore a condom but the sex was still great, I lasted an entire five minutes and she thanked me afterwards. “Wow, you’re really in good in bed!” She proclaimed. I wasn’t, I had got her so horny that even boring missionary would have satisfied this girl.

I rolled off and we cuddled for a few minutes, it was now around 11pm and I had work the next day. She wanted round two and I told her that I had no condoms left, which was the truth. I thought this would get me out of having to go again but Giulia enthusiastically announced “don’t worry, I have some in my bag!”. Great. We went again but I couldn’t cum. Moments later I lay there and yawned, she took the hint and said that she should get going. We got dressed and I walked her back to the tube. We both knew that we would probably never see each other again, but neither of us cared, we enjoyed each others company for one night. These type of nights are exactly the reason why I love daygame.

Belgrade – Part 2

Guess where this girl is from?… Bulgaria, maybe you should go there.

Let’s pick up where I left off in part 1… I had excuses a plenty to return to Belgrade; I needed to collect most of my belongings, I had leads from part 1 to follow up and new ones to collect. This was great incentive to go back for another 10-day jaunt. The events of this trip are nowhere near as blurry as part 1. I shared a pad with Krauser this time and even though he nearly died from alcohol poisoning, I felt like I a monk on a pilgrimage compared to part 1. Here’s the story… it’s quite long…

After what turned out to be a successful trip to Budapest I got the bus back in the opposite direction early on a Monday morning. This bus ride was nowhere near as horrible as the bus on the way out. I wasn’t hung-over; I was well rested, had fresh clothes on and was excited to get back to my favourite city. After giving CC a manly hug goodbye, I jumped on the bus at around 10am and arrived back in Belgrade at 4pm.

Nick arrived earlier that day and was already checked into the apartment. The bus dropped me by Kalemegdan and I proceeded straight to the phone shop to get a new sim. I pinged Nick to see his whereabouts and he was lounging at Boutique 2 finishing some food. I joined and he was sitting there looking rather frazzled with Juggernaut. This is our Canadian friend who I mentioned in Part 1. Nick settled the bill and then let me into the apartment to unpack.

I had a quick shower, donned my daygame uniform and was eager to hit the streets at around 17:30, I went to ask Nick if he wanted to join and he was passed out sleeping on the couch. Solo it was then.

I took a walk down Knez from our apartment and decided to have a look around the Studenski area as lots of students would probably be finishing classes soon. Within minutes I saw my first set. She had bright bleached blonde hair, brown eyes and dark brown lipstick, she was slender but with a big arse and had some tattoos on her arm. She looked ratty and classy at the same time. My perfect woman.

I opened and ran a rather weak set [1], but it didn’t matter, she loved it and was more than happy to give the number. Fuck – it was great to be back in Belgrade. Nick awoke from his slumber and joined in the fun, we walked for about another hour. I was supposed to have a date that evening with a girl I flaked on on the last night of part 1 (for the cluster fuck 9). But she text an hour before saying that she wasn’t feeling well. Instead I joined the latest motley crew (Nick, his new resi student, his former resi student and juggernaut) for dinner at Boutique 1. As we sat there catching up I saw a cute little tanned Serbian girl walk quickly by our table, she was wearing a blue dress that showed off bronze legs and high heels. Up I got and made chase, she too loved it and another number went into the sausage machine. 2 from 2, I returned to the table with a smug look on my face.

This first day was more or less the blue print for the rest of the trip. Nick would be busy most of the day with his student, I’d go solo doing hardly any sets and closing nearly all of them and then join up with Nick in the evening. I was determined to number farm hard early in the trip but the most sets I did in the first 5 days was 4, meanwhile, there were others (I won’t name names, you know who you are) that were spamming the streets up something rotten doing 50+ sets a day. I got a couple of eye-rolls from girls and I blame these entirely on said spammers.

There were a few reasons for my lackadaisical approach;

  1. I already had a few irons in the fire – from the first trip
  2. I had quite a lot of dates on my first few days – on my second day I went on 3 dates and did no sets
  3. I’m getting pickier/more calibrated – this is not intentional, it’s just happening
  4. I didn’t actually need to do a lot of sets – I was getting solid leads

The Stats

Sets 32
Sessions 7
Sets per session 4.57
Number 15 46.88%
FB/Insta 6 18.75%
Flake 1 4.76%
Date Flake 2 9.52%
idate 1 3.13%
D1 7 21.88%
D2 1 3.13%
D3 2 6.25%
D4 1 3.13%
Near Miss 0 0.00%
Lays 1 3.13%
Approach to Number / Social Media… 1 in … 1.52
Approach to Lay… 1 in… 32

32 sets across 10 days, 3 of which I didn’t do any sets. That’s an average of 4.57 sets per day that I opened, or 3.2 per day spread across the entire trip. This the first time in all of my trips that I saw so many spammers daygamers in Belgrade at once. 5 or 6 of the guys I knew, but there was another 5 or 6 who I saw regularly approaching. Luckily, this didn’t hurt my daygame too much.

I got the contact details of 21 of the 32 girls, 1 in 1.52. My average for the year so far is 1 in 2.59 so this was quite the purple patch.

I went on 12 dates; 4 of these were with 3 girls from part 1, the rest were new girls. I only got one lay from all of these dates. I was frustrated; I had dates pretty much every night of the trip but a lot of the girls would not even kiss me. I would frequently complain about this to Nick, he told me these were first world player problems before offering a possible explanation (I’m paraphrasing) [2];

Your street game might actually be TOO good. I haven’t heard or watched all of your sets but what may be happening is that you are getting “no girls” out on dates just because they enjoyed the set so much.

As much as my ego would like to believe this was true, I’m not entirely convinced that it is. I may have been quite lucky to have the sort of success I have had on this and previous trips to Belgrade. It is a notoriously difficult city to get laid in – the girls are hot, they’ve probably been daygamed before, they have busy social and academic lives, they normally take a few dates to get the lay and they have more than enough local alpha men to take their pick from.

The Dates

Blondie (three dates)

As mentioned above, this was my first set of this trip. We went on the first date not long after. It went well, the usual two venues and tried to bounce. She wouldn’t come up. I walked her to a park near our apartment and we rode a seesaw – the only riding I would get that evening. I tried to kiss her multiple times and she gave me a sob story about how she regretted a ONS with another foreigner and didn’t want to go through that again. Fine. I met her for coffee one afternoon a few days later and didn’t do any escalation and sent her on her way. The third date was at the end of the trip. I took her for one drink, tried to escalate and she told me overtly that nothing was going to happen. I ended the date.

A very Serbian looking Serbian

This was my second set of the trip. I got her out a few days later and she was a right little princess. As we walked to the first venue she told me she had to leave to meet “friends” in a couple of hours. She was shit-testing throughout the date, I smashed most of them, but I don’t think she was ever actually interested in me, she just loved the attention. I willingly let her go to meet her friends. The next day I checked her instagram story, it looked like she went to drink wine with another guy. Whore.

A set I wasn’t going to do

Xants pushed me into this one. We were walking down to the University area on the first trip when I saw a hot young thing dressed in formal business wear. I expected her to blow me out instantly but she really enjoyed it. She studied law and also worked part-time in a law firm. She was in her final year and if she gets her grades will be moving to London soon. I flaked on her on the last night of my last trip. This time I met her on my second night back. We did two venues but she was very K, I didn’t even try to kiss her – I knew it would be too fast. We are still in almost daily contact on whatsapp and she has just text me that it looks like she will indeed be moving to London. Another long lead, I’m turning into Seven!

Two more dates with the cute K girl from part 1

I met her one evening after I had finished another date and I was starving. I asked her if she wanted food, she didn’t so she watched me eat a delicious submarine hippy burger whilst we caught up. She was still massively into me, lots of kino and there was lots of laughter. I liked her company but she still wouldn’t let me kiss her and my cold sore was gone now. WTF?!

I had planned to watch the champions league final with Nick and the lads on the Saturday evening. She pinged me asking what I was doing and more or less invited herself along. I figured I had nothing to lose, a bit of social proof may do the trick. She came along, sat there in silence for most of the game and then I took her for a drink close to my place. I escalated and again she refused to kiss. Fed up, I sent her on her way. A few days later she messaged me asking when we will meet again. After consulting with Nick, I more or less told her that I wouldn’t see her again unless she put out. She said, “Oh boy, ok, well it was a nice time with you”.

Coffee date with a hot young thing

I was winging with Vic Vega when I closed this girl. She was walking up Knez looking at a map on her phone and going back and forth as she struggled to figure it out. I opened assuming that she wasn’t from Belgrade. She was, it turns out she was just an idiot (I didn’t tell her that). It was a decent set, although she answered her phone twice during it leaving me standing there like a tool. Nevertheless, I took her instagram and got her out a few days later. The date was pretty much the same as the set. Her attention span was akin to that of a goldfish, changing topics often and frequently getting interrupted by messages and calls on her phone. She seemed like a nice girl, just a bit ditsy. Her friend arrived soon after the coffee and I was quite happy to let her go.

idate with feisty cat girl

I was winging with Nick and it was almost 10pm, we were about to call it a day and head to the Irish bar with the rest of the crew. Then a greyhoundy girl walked towards us with her black hair tied back and dressed head to toe in tight black clothing, a high 7 (I found out later she was 28, so was probably an 8 in her early 20’s). We were both having a good look at her and she was actually closer to Nick so I was expecting him to go in, but then she flashed me the IOI.

I opened, accused her of being a spy and ran the usual patter. She purred like a cat as I teased her and escalated on the street using her folded arms to draw things on with my fingers (I can’t remember what I was saying but I remember doing this). She was on so I bounced her to the Irish bar instead, sorry Nick.

We had one drink there and the conversation flowed, I bounced her to boutique 2, which was closer to my place. We sat inside on a couch and this is where I kissed her for the first time, she was an aggressive kisser, which I liked and I told her this. It was now almost midnight and she didn’t seem to be in a hurry to go home. She asked me if I’d like to see a rooftop bar nearby. I agreed. We sat on a couch and I had her legs across the top of mine, running my hands up and down from her ass to her calf and back, she had a magnificent body. We kissed quite a lot here and I was sure she was going to come back. We left at around 1am and I walked her towards my place. She asked where were going and I told her. “NO! I will call a taxi”. FUCK.

Off she went and I only had two nights left after this, both of which she was working a night shift. Hopefully I will see her again on a future trip.

Coffee with the girl from the double date in part 1

She was leaving to go on holidays the next day so I met her at 5pm hoping to move her from coffee to drinks afterwards. She thwarted my plans announcing that she was going to the gym at 7pm (that’s twice she’s done this). We had a coffee, I tried to kiss her and she said, “maybe next time you come back”.

Long legged Serb-Londoner

I opened this one around 9-10pm one evening. She passed in front of me at 90 degrees, there was no IOI but I got a good look at her, she was easily hot enough to open cold. She was in a hurry to meet friends, I found out she was from Belgrade but had been living in London for the last few years, when she found out I lived in London she was eager to give her number.

I got her out a couple of days later meeting her at 4pm as I had another date that evening (which also went nowhere). We did coffee, then a cocktail at the rooftop bar then I bounced her to the bar closest to my place. She refused to sit beside me saying that she liked her own space and also rebuffed the questions game. In hindsight I probably approached this date the wrong way, I was going for the notch when I didn’t need to. We’re still texting and she seems keen to meet when I get back to London.


It was another great trip to Belgrade and it makes me want to go back again and again and again. I mean, what’s the point in going anywhere else? But, as most of the spammers there probably learned – it is not a case of open, ?, get laid. You need skill and a good dash of luck.


[1] I’d recorded it and watched it back with Nick. His feedback – “your game’s alright in this set, nothing special, but she’s massively into you’.

[2] I’ve learned a lot from Uncle Nick both through osmosis and little tit-bits of advice he’s given me here and there. He’s actually a nice chap when you get to know him, don’t be fooled by his alpha horrible bastard PUA front.













Can’t be Arsed

Me, right now.

I’m going through a period of approach lethargy. I haven’t done a set since Valentines day, almost 3 weeks ago and I feel no apprehension, remorse or sense of scarcity because of this. This is not because there has been a lack of pretty girls around, Melbourne has pleasantly surprised me in that regard lately. This is not because I haven’t been putting myself in situations where I can open, I’ve been going out at least twice a week. This is not because my libido is dropping, I’m still as horny as ever. This is not because I have bad logistics. This is not because I am overworked, stressed, not sleeping enough or getting enough exercise. This is not because I have mouth herpes. This is most definitely not a period of daygame revulsion, I still love talking to girls and I don’t think I’ll ever tire of this activity.

I think this IS because I just can’t be ARSED. I have frequently walked by pretty girls in the past few weeks and thought to myself, “that’s a good set, I could probably get her number.” Then I carry on walking, see a nice coffee shop and think “ooooh coffee, I might have a nice cup of coffee, maybe I’ll even have a cake with it.” And I find that I have quickly forgotten about that SDL opportunity that has just walked off.

The big question on my mind has been WHY can I not be arsed. I have been pondering a lot on this phenomenon as it’s very unlike me. I wasn’t worried, but I thought to myself, I know who’s probably went through this – Nick Krauser. I pinged him a message – “Did you ever go through phases where you just can’t be arsed opening?” He responded warmly saying that of course he had, his last such phase was from mid-2016 to early 2018 and continued to offer some possible explanations;

  1. My “Climb the mountain phase may be over”
  2. It could be temporary apathy whilst waiting for daygame season to fire up
  3. Maybe I am the dog that has caught the car.
  4. It could be the isolation of being on the other side of the world away from family, friends and normal comforts.

I think it is a little bit of all of the above and perhaps a few more;

  1. I’m leaving Melbourne soon – This has curbed my enthusiasm to generate new leads as I know I have less and less time to get them out.
  2. I’m still getting laid on a consistent basis – I have just left the Fijian’s apartment after a wild night of sex and am now getting ready for date 3 with Mary where hopefully I’ll get the +1.
  3. I’m aloof and pretty content with my lot – I’ve banged 45 girls from daygame, and around 20 from other means since starting game 3 and a half years ago. Maybe I’m starting to get a sense of what the mPUA’s such as Jimmy Jambone and Krauser must feel when maybe you’ve simply just banged enough women. This may be the mountain that Nick was referring to… I’m not all the way there yet though.
  4. It’s the calm before the storm – “Daygame Season” has not begun. Europe is besieged by a beast from the East and with that many vagina’s are frozen across the continent. It must be very hard to get laid up there right now, except for this lad. However, all of that will change come 20 March, the first day of Spring. As the temperature rises girls will start to walk slower, they’ll wear less clothing and the extra vitamin D will make them more likely to stop and let you try to bang them. I am fully expecting that this can’t be arsed phenomenon will be well and truly gone by then.

So fear not my dear readers, there will be more tales of debauchery soon enough. Daygame season is almost upon us!

2017 – The Year of Ups and Downs

Not quite this many.

Another year has passed and I’m still running around talking to girls. I thought I’d be losing the thrill of the chase by this point, but at three and a half years and 2,787 sets into my journey, it feels like I’m just getting to the good part…

Bitcoin level volatility. That’s how I’d sum up 2017 in three words, especially compared to 2016 which was more like an ISA savings account with slow and steady returns. I endured my longest dry spell of three and a half months at the beginning of 2017 before going on a 3 month Eurojaunt where I banged a new girl every 6.29 days. After this madness I returned to the home of daygame for a couple of months to rack up a few more before I was exiled to Melbourne (daygame prison) for the last quarter of the year. I carried on daygaming but to no avail claiming only one notch down under, granted I only did 38 sets, but that was across 20 odd sessions (I don’t tally the sessions where I don’t open, which was a lot in Melbourne). I found more joy when I visited Hong Kong for an 8-day last hurrah in December, adding two late notches to the tally. Despite a year of severe ups and downs and daygaming in 9 different cities, the overall results weren’t too bad; in fact they were pretty good, maybe not Bitcoin good…

Statwank – Daygame Only


Sets Numbers FB’s Flakes idates Dates Near Misses Lays
1000 18.80% 3.80% 10.70% 0.90% 4.30% 0.40% 1.70%
188 38 107 9 43 4 17


Sets Number FB Flake Date Flake idate Date Near Miss Lays
882 25.62% 5.67% 36.59% 7.25% 2.83% 5.10% 1.36% 1.93%
226 50 101 20 25 45 12 17

This post is my first time comparing 2016 to 2017 and I am pleasantly surprised to see improvement, especially since I was telling Mr W over dinner last night that I did better in 2016. However, every percentage is higher in 2017. The flake count is a false comparison as I only started counting flakes towards the end of 2016, I am certain I got less flakes in 2017. I did 118 fewer approaches in 2017 but banged the same number of girls as in 2016. The biggest difference is highlighted on the second column from the end.

Near Misses

8 of the 12 were on my Eurojaunt where time was not my friend. I would often get the girl to the precipice before her forebrain would remind her that I wouldn’t be sticking around. I eventually converted the near miss in Melbourne and the other 3 were girls passing through in London. Most girls have a line in the sand that they will not pass no-matter how good the seduction is. I think I took most of these girls further than they wanted and others not far enough, perhaps with tighter game I could have converted a few more. I can also clearly remember 3 other girls that I got back to my bedroom but I did not add them to the near miss tally as I never felt I was close to sex. I was pulling harder and faster than I previously had the balls to do in 2017. Most players will go through this stage before getting fed up of the near misses and looking to find a nice little K girl to settle with.

Now back to statwank;

My approach to close (numbers and facebook) was 1 in 3.22. This is bloody good if I don’t say so myself.

My close to flake ratio was 1 in 2.73. Not so good.

My close to date flake ratio was 1 in 13.8. This is horrendous, 20 girls agreed to dates and didn’t turn up, almost all of these were in Moscow and this is the reason I will never return there. EVER. Whores. Yes, I’m still fuming 6 months later. OK, OK, maybe I’ll go back one day for a revenge mission.

My approach to date ratio was 1 in 19.6. This is decent.

My approach to lay ratio was 1 in 51.88. The pro’s say advanced daygamers should be aiming for 1 in 30. Guess I still have a ways to go.

But Roy, you’re making my head hurt with all these numbers, isn’t it time to stop keeping stats and just go with feelz like all the top players do?

I find it easy to keep stats and so I will carry on keeping them. I don’t understand how others find it so difficult, perhaps it would hurt their ego (or business) if others knew the harsh reality. I haven’t seen many of the top players share ACCURATE statistics or lay reports throughout the year so I am always hugely jealous slightly sceptical when I see fellas pop up with stats up at the end of the year that are way better than mine. Especially when some report an approximate approach count that varies by a range of 200. TWO HUNDRED, I understand a range of perhaps 50, or even 100, but 200? This obviously makes a big difference to your approach to lay ratio, mine would be 1 in 38 if I rounded down by two hundred sets, that Ian fella in Poland would be at 1 in 4.38!

It’s fine to call yourself an advanced daygamer after 14 months in the game, kudos, you go for it, but the stats, if you kept them may tell a different story. Adversely, you may think you’re not doing so well and then surprise yourself when you look at your stats, like me in this post. Your perception of yourself probably doesn’t match reality, especially in the eyes of a hot young girl. I understand if you know your stats are shit and you’d rather bury your head in the sand, that’s fine. What grinds my gears is the charlatans that set false expectations for the new guys. That’s that little rant over with, back to me.

Here’s a run-down of the 22 lucky ladies in chronological order, with links to the relevant blog posts, HB rating, and age.

  1. Night Game Belgrade – 14/04/2017 – 7 – 23
  2. Girl outside Restaurant Belgrade – 20/04/2017 – 7 – 22
  3. 19 Year old Belgrade– 21/04/2017 – 7 – 19
  4. D4 Belgrade – 22/04/2017 – 7 – 29
  5. Night Game Warsaw – 30/04/2017 – 6 – 20
  6. Ukrainian in Warsaw – 02/05/2017 – 8 – 25
  7. Night Game Blondie in Warsaw – 12/05/2017 – 8 – 22
  8. The Witch in Warsaw – 16/05/2017 – 7 – 27
  9. J Cups Warsaw – 20/05/2017 – 6 – 24
  10. Night game in Moscow – 03/06/2017 – 6 – 26
  11. 17 Year old Moscow – 07/06/2017 – 7 – 17
  12. Violinist Kiev – 29/06/2017 – 7 – 20
  13. D6 Kiev – 06/07/2017 – 7 – 22
  14. Yes Girl Kiev – 08/07/2017 – 6 – 33
  15. Chinese/Indian in London – 24/07/2017 – 7.5 – 23
  16. Kuwaiti SDL in London – 28/08/2017 – 7 – 30
  17. Portuguese in London – 01/09/2017 – 6.5 – 30
  18. Scottish/Persian SDDL in London – 09/09/2017 – 7 – 22
  19. Vietnamese/Australian – Tinder – October 2017 – 7 – 27
  20. Indian in Melbourne – 06/11/2017 – 7 – 27
  21. Local Celeb in HK – 20/12/2017 – 7.5 – 23
  22. Period Girl in HK – 21/12/2017 – 6.5 – 30

Averages – HB 6.91 – Age 24.59

That’s 22 in total, one less than last year. 17 from daygame, 4 nightgame and 1 from Tinder. There are two girls that weren’t worth a blog post; The first was night game in Moscow. She opened me and asked me to take her home immediately, I obliged. The other was tinder in Melbourne. She was actually a really nice girl that I banged a few more times before she got super clingy, I should have saw this coming as she told me she was looking for a husband on the first date. So, despite one less notch than in 2016, I think my game has improved significantly and the stats back this up.

What helped?

Dry Spell

When Xants and I boarded the plane to Belgrade I was chomping at the bit to get there. I was hungrier than a refugee in Paris lion in the African bush that hadn’t killed in months and I was convinced there was nothing wrong with my game. This could have been sheer delusion but my results in Belgrade seemed to back up my self-assessment. Equally you could say that 3 months of hibernation may have helped, I may have had the hunger after such a long time off, but my game would not have been as sharp.

Taking Time off Work

12 of the 22 notches were during the Eurojaunt. So there is no doubting that if your main purpose is to go out all day every day doing daygame that you will probably bang a load of birds. Looking back though, there is no way I could have sustained this lifestyle and I don’t think I could kept banging birds at that rate if I did it for a whole year. I would need some sort of side job to take my mind off the daygame, and obviously give me some beer money. I still haven’t cracked this cookie yet, so 2018 will see me returning to the office and taking jaunts when I can.

Good Wings

As I mentioned in my Jaunt Review, a wing can make or break a trip. If you enjoy their company you will have a blast even when you’re not on the street. If they’re annoying you then your vibe on the street will be off and you will hate your time off the streets. I’ve been lucky in this regard, not just on jaunts but also in London, Manchester and Dublin down the years. I also know a weirdo when I see one and proceed to avoid them like the plague, this helps.

Enjoying the process

I have rubbished this idea in the past, you shouldn’t be enjoying it, you should be out there GRINDING, only with maximum effort comes maximum reward. Perhaps I have Krauser to thank for making me realise this, but you should never be walking down the street with a scowl on your face and then opening girls. They sense it immediately and you come across as a weirdo. Looking back at my dry spell, I was probably guilty of this stomping around freezing cold London demanding that girls be nice to me. If you have a wing, make each other laugh even if you’re bastardising a song or saying the same Father Ted joke for the 50th time. If you’re solo, do whatever it is that will keep you amused, speak to someone selling a dodgy iphone, listen to Joe Rogan, listen to heavy metal, click your fingers and point like a crazy person, whatever it is that will keep you out of your head.


It seems like common sense to me now that there’s no point opening a girl who is sprinting down the street with her phone in her ear, or a girl who’s crying her eyes out, or a girl on a bicycle. I have done all of those things in the past and guess where they went? NOWHERE. I now have a much better idea if the girl will stop, don’t get me wrong, if a 9 runs down the street, I’m still opening her. But there’s no point throwing yourself in front of every bus only to get another blowout, it saps your vibe.

Sets, Lots of them

This may seem to contradict my last point, but I have done the thousand sets of pain already and yes, you should open pretty much everything until that’s over and done with. But now when I go into set I have no idea what I’m going to say to the girl until I get in front. The idea of doing this used to petrify me. But as with any skillset, if you practice it enough you will pick up the nuances, add your own patterns and everything will start to feel natural. So go on then, DO SOME SETS.


  • 4 girls in 10 days (3 in the last 3 nights) in Belgrade
  • Banging my first 17 year old and she didn’t speak a word of English.
  • There were a few of the girls I really liked


  • I didn’t enjoy it when the D6 Kiev cut me off after I kicked her out post-sex. I actually liked hanging out with her and would have seen her again.
  • Moscow
  • There was one very fucked up moment when I got some terrible news in Kiev. I’ll keep that for a memoir.

What next?

Unfortunately I will be in daygame prison for the first quarter of 2018, I’ll do some sets but game will take a back seat while I focus on other things. So don’t expect much action from this blog.

Happy New Year, Players.

Game Over?

Nice tank

Things have been quiet on here and there is good reason for that, I haven’t been approaching. In fact I had a full month off, my longest break from daygame in the last two years. There just isn’t much to write about when you’re not approaching fresh girls each day, and I can verify that if you don’t approach, you don’t get laid. No matter how good you get at game, you have to keep approaching if you want to keep a rotation of girls; this is especially true if you are not fixed in one location.

I have several good reasons for my little hiatus, the main one being that I have moved to the other side of the world, more on this in my next post. For now I’ll update you with my Summer stats because I know you have all been itching to see them…

Summer is over in the Northern hemisphere and we are in the final stretch of the 2017 daygame season. Most daygamers are scaling back their approach rate whilst putting their minds towards hibernation, getting a girlfriend or working on other aspects of their SMV. Last year I turned my nose up at said daygamers for not “grinding it out” through winter. Instead, I endured the longest, coldest, darkest, wettest (and simultaneously driest) winter slogging it out on the streets with no reward. Should have done what the other daygamers did.

After this I took a very much welcome extended break from work to go on my longest eurojaunt to date. After that I did quite a bit of game in London between mid-July and mid-September. At the time, all I seemed to do was complain about how crap London was compared to my Euro Jaunt, it was utter crap, but the stats are actually quite decent when I look back at them…

Sets Number FB Flake Date Flake idate Date Near Miss Lays
167 21.56% 3.59% 40.48% 0.60% 4.19% 3.59% 1.20% 2.40%
5.22 36 6 17 1 7 6 2 4

I opened 167 girls over 32 sessions between 15 July and 9 September (the last time I did a set).

I took 40 of their details, a close rate of 1 in 3.98. Just under half of these numbers flaked. I idated 7 girls, took 6 on proper dates, had 3 girls on my bed and didn’t get the notch and banged 4 of them giving an open to lay rate of 1 in 41.75.

Here are some of the highlights that I haven’t already written about in near miss/lay reports.

Turkish Tease – I had two dates with a 20 yr old Turkish girl who was only in town for a few days. I pulled hard due to the time constraint; we were kissing heavily on the first date. On the second date I had her in the bar downstairs from my apartment, I had my hand up her top fondling her large breasts while she moaned with pleasure. I tried to pull her upstairs several times but she wasn’t having it. “I don’t normally do this type of thing”. It was classic forebrain/hindbrain conflict, forebrain winning on this instance. After our second date she sent me a long message thanking me lots, telling me how attractive and amazing I was. I sent her a short reply and she blocked me. BBC.

Mother-daughter two-set – I was out with GG one sunny Sunday afternoon and I saw this two-set walking very slowly down the street. On closer inspection I realised that it was a mother and a daughter, I turned to GG and said “jesus, I would bang either!” Every male head was turning in their direction so I had to go in. I opened and they hooked straight away. They turned out to be Brazilian and although the daughters English wasn’t great, they agreed to come for a drink with GG and I. At the end of the drink I took the daughters number and GG the mothers. Nothing ever came of either.

Rare gutter game close – I closed this tall, brunette English/Greek girl on a gutter game session with GG. It was a 30 second set at around 10pm at night so I didn’t expect anything to come of it. To my surprise she agreed to come out the following week. We had a great date, it was quite boozy, we smoked a lot of cigarettes and talked about sex a lot. I got her back to my room, tried all the usual tricks but she just wasn’t having it. I actually really liked this girl and wanted to see her again so I didn’t pull much harder. I text her the next day and she never replied. She clearly knew what I was after and decided that she was not interested. Coincidentally, I did NOT put this down as a near miss.

There we have it kids, this takes me up to exactly 800 sets for 2017. I doubt I’ll make it to 1000 again, but don’t you worry, I’ll keep plugging away. To respond to my own click-bait title… no, not quite yet.