She wasn’t as hot as this girl
She was only a 6, 6.5 at best. I’m not that proud of it but I’ll quickly tell the story anyway…

It was day 4 of the jaunt and I was starting to feel the burn. On days 3 and 4 I only approached 8 girls on each day, closing 4 of them on day 3 and none on day 4 until this girl.

The weather had turned, the fierce heat had subsided and was replaced by cloudy skies and cooler air, it was nice. I did 7 sets outside getting mostly blow-outs and generally hating it. I moved inside the Palladium mall and then it started pissing down with rain so I couldn’t leave. I had no umbrella and was in a t-shirt.

I was due to have a girl (the date 1 from day 2) around that evening for ‘dinner’. So even though I wasn’t getting anywhere with my approaches, I wasn’t really bothered as I was pretty sure I was gonna get the notch later with a hot local girl.

At 16.30 I got a text from her saying she ‘I won’t be able to make it, how about coffee another day?’.

Damnit! It’s gone from a sure thing to having to start all over again. I walked around the mall cursing about the situation to my wing (Mr T) before he disappeared to go and meet a girl for a date at around 16.45.

I started to walk towards Starbucks to get a coffee and a sandwich. I saw a ratty looking girl with a back-pack, a duffel bag, pale skin, dyed short red hair, little shorts and a long black t-shirt. It looked like an easy set. I ran in and it was. She had just arrived from Slovakia for a 3 day holiday, was 19, a student, spoke good English and was killing time until 8pm when she was due to meet up with her friend.

On another day, I wouldn’t even have bothered, but I was that pissed off about not getting laid with the hot Czech that evening so I decided I was going to try and fuck this girl instead.

I bounced the Slovak to Starbucks with me, I got us coffee (I didn’t bother with the Sandwich, I still don’t feel comfortable eating in front of girls) and we talked nonsense. As we sat there talking about nothing I kept looking up at the sky light section of the roof trying to figure out if it had stopped raining. Eventually, it did. At this point I said ‘let’s go and get a real drink’. She had no objections.

I walked her to the same Irish bar, she had a vodka, I had two Guinness as she was a really slow drinker and we smoked some cigarettes. I escalated using the questions game and things got sexual quite quickly.

It was almost 7pm now, I told her ‘I’ve got some wine back at mine, let’s go back and you can show me that weird music you’re into’ (During our bla bla she told me she likes Korean music).

She agreed to come back but said ‘ok, but just talking and I have to leave at 8pm as I have to meet up with my friend to go to the cinema’. OK.

We got into the apartment, she asked if she must take her shoes off, ‘oh shit yeah, of course you do, how could i forget’. I took my shoes off too.

She dropped her bags at the front door and I showed her around the apartment. She didn’t want any alcohol so I poured us some water.

I gave her the laptop and she put on the Korean music. It was fucking terrible, even worse than Japanese heavy metal. I looked at her and laughed in her face. ‘I can’t believe you listen to this shit, look at these guys, they’re basically girls’.

At this point I tried to kiss her (for the first time) and she pulled away. ‘It’s my job to try, yours to resist’. She looked perplexed. I excused myself to go to the toilet. I returned and she was frantically flicking through the terrible Korean music trying to find a song that I liked.

At this point I text Mr T  ‘this isn’t going anywhere, where you at? I’ll come join’.

I sat back down beside the her and decided to try one more time for the kiss. This time I took the laptop off her lap, grabbed her around the throat and pulled her in. She was all in.

She asked me to turn the lights off and close the blinds (it was still daylight and there was a building right across the way). No problem.

She checked her phone, ‘I have to leave in 15 minutes so we have to be quick’. I was and she left jut before 8pm.

All very underwhelming, next.




4 thoughts on “Lay Report – My first proper Same Day Lay

  1. Sounds like a horrendously annoying day even though he notch count hyena was satisfied.
    With the girl from the first date on your Day 2- I’ve totally learned “a bird in the hand is better than two in he bush” so to speak. A good lesson. But annoying even for me to read.
    With the second girl (red notch), was it a let down in the end? Sounds like she was pretty logical in deciding for the lay and there was a lack of playfulness. That kind of interaction makes me think hard about going for the lay because I tend not to enjoy them…


    1. The second girl was a time waster let down in the end.
      I attempted to meet the first girl again two more times. She text to cancel on the first time, on the second time we arranged to meet she confirmed she would be there two hours before the date and then didn’t turn up, no text, no nothing. I was fuming.

      I have learned “a bird in the hand” is definitely much better. That girl was so on, I should have stayed with her. Oh well.


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