I’ve been here a few days and have been smashing it pretty hard despite the fierce heat and an infestation of (mostly shit) PUA’s.

I’m no stranger to blow-outs, they happen in every session in London. However, I didn’t get one blow-out last time I was here. I can’t help but feel that the place is burned as 50% of my approaches haven’t even got as far as the compliment.

A blow-out is never nice, how you respond to them is what separates the men from the boys. I try to laugh them off and get into the next set as quickly as possible.

Here are some stories of the ones that weren’t blowouts…

Day 1

I opened 20 girls closing 6 of them and had one idate. I set up dates for the next day with two of these girls (more on that below), I’m still texting two others and two flaked.

The idate was a strange one. I approached her, delivered the compliment, she eye spazzed, whipped out her phone, opened google translate, handed it to me and pointed as if to say type into that. After a few exchanges of google translate tennis I invited her for a coffee. We went to the nearest cafe and both ordered non-alcoholic drinks (it was 1pm). I tried my hardest to escalate over google translate, but it was hard. I found out she was 22, a local who worked in dentistry and was engaged to be married. I told her she was too young to be getting married, she agreed and said that ‘it’s complicated’. I set up another date to get ‘a real drink’  for the next evening at 8.30pm. She agreed. Jackpot, or so I thought.

Day 2

I started early as I had dates lined up for the evening, opening 10 girls and closing 2 of them. I was half way through my 10th set with a wog when a well known Geordie daygamer walked past and figuratively shot me down. I laughed, the girl wondered what was going on, ‘is that your friend?’, ‘I have no idea who that guy is’ said me. Anyway, she wasn’t interested and neither was I to be honest. I let her go and caught up with my would be assassin.

I introduced myself to him and his mate and he invited me to sit with them for a beer. It was cool to sit with the man himself and hear his thoughts on the city. He agreed that it was burned. I had to excuse myself to go and get ready for the dates.

Date 1  – 5.30pm

I’d approached her at around 8.30pm the previous evening. It was a good set, a local Czech girl, a solid 7. I arranged to met her outside the Palladium and she turned up looking even hotter than she did when I opened her (one of the many perks of daygame).

I walked her to an Irish bar for the first venue where we sat opposite one and other and got to know each other. I then took her to a lounge bar that was dark and had plenty of couches, it also had air-con which was amazing as it was now 6.30pm but still about 30 degrees outside. I escalated hard and got some passionate kissing and soon we were talking about sex. I excused myself to go to the bathroom at 7.30pm. I checked my phone and my second date was still on for 8.30pm.

Do I cancel the second one and carry on escalating all the way to sex? Or do I set up a date two and possibly get laid with the next girl. I was greedy and went with the latter.

When I returned from the bathroom I told her I would have to go and meet ‘friends’ at 8.30pm, she said that was fine as she was planning to leave at around 9pm anyway. I set up another date and we went our separate ways.

Date 2 – 8.30pm

After leaving the first girl I ran back to the flat, had a Portuguese wash and ran back out the door. I was 5 minutes late and when I got to the meeting point the girl wasn’t there. A few minutes later I saw her and again she looked much hotter than when I opened her. She was wearing a tight little black dress and her little boobs were bursting out of it. As I went over to greet her I saw her talking to a tall, blonde fat girl in a pink dress. She looked like Little Miss Piggy except she wasn’t little, and she definitely wasn’t a miss. She was grotesque.

This is a spitting image of her

I said hello to both of them with a perplexed look on my face. Piggy introduced herself and said ‘I’m going to be your translator for the evening, where is your friend?’

‘hi, hang on, Whaaaaat?’

I looked at my girl with a WTF face and she looked back very apologetically and almost looked embarrassed.

‘Your friend, we thought you were bringing a friend?’ said Piggy

‘I never said that, I invited your friend out for a drink, I never mentioned a friend’

‘Can’t you call him and tell him to join us?’

‘no, he’s busy’

‘Pleeeease, we want to go party!!’


I explained to Piggy that this was obviously a break-down in communication and I didn’t want to party, I wanted to take her friend for a drink and not the both of them. She pleaded for me to invite my friend. I relented and said ok, I’ll invite him and we can go for one drink. I tried to call him and he didn’t answer. It turned out he was on an idate with a girl I had also closed early that day.

I went for one drink with them anyway. We sat on a long couch and the pair of them ordered a bottle of white wine between them, I got a beer. I tried my hardest not to speak to the Pig but she kept butting in, I tried communicating with my girl but she was letting the fat heffer lead everything. I was well and truly cock-blocked. I quickly drank my beer and left.

I was absolutely fucking fuming. It was 9.30pm, if I wasn’t greedy I could have potentially been balls deep in the first girl by now.

I walked to one of the little stalls and bought a packet of cigarettes. I sparked one up when I saw a tall girl with black hair, a black boob tube, black hot pants and black heels storm past. I though ‘fuck it’. Ran in and opened, she enjoyed it but was clearly in a hurry. I enquired where she was off to, she said home, she’s exhausted and was still out from the night before. I teased her about being a bad bad girl and she laughed. I said something along the lines of ‘you’ve been out this long, what’s one more drink?’.

She agreed to join me for one drink, I pulled her to the nearest place which happened to be a burger bar. She had a cocktail and me a beer. I found out she was 17, a local Czech girl but had lived all over Europe. I tried to escalate but she could barely keep her eyes open, I took her number and let her go on her way. Hopefully I’ll get her out, I’ve never shagged a 17 year old.

It’s day 3 now and even though I’m surrounded by spammers, there’s still plenty to shoot at.





7 thoughts on “P(UA)rague Infestation

      1. local Czech dudes are into PUA now? Part of the reason E European girls are more amenable to daygame is because local men just don’t pedestalise them like in the UK, they are more demanding and have higher standards in their women. If local dudes are spamming it will drive local Czech girls (and any tourist girls) SMV through the roof meaning not only is your approach not a completely unique experience but the actual sexual marketplace supply demand dynamic has shifted. In conclusion … DAMN.


    1. I know that there is an active group of around 20 locals daygamers. A group of 3 of them introduced themselves to me after seeing me in set, they were pleasant enough but had that rabbit in the headlights look about them… It seems every hot girl here has been approached and probably by a guy who hasn’t got much game. It’s no surprise as you have the likes of Tom Torero telling people it’s a great place to come for beginners.
      More proof of this is that I’ve had girls tell me so in set and during dates.

      The quality is definitely higher than London. I’ve opened quite a few Russian, Ukranian and Slovakian girls coming here for holiday or to study and they are generally hotter than the locals.


      1. ok, thanks for the heads up dude. we were all there once with the rabbit in headlights look but got to say sounds like there are too many daygamers everywhere these days … all the London high traffic areas in W End have daygamers crawling along them now … often coaches with students are burning whole streets down on a Friday night all the way through to the Sunday.


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