2021 was another year full of change. I became homeless went full nomad at the beginning of January, having moved out of my London apartment at the end of last year. I sold/gave away most of my belongings, packed everything that remained into a small suitcase and a backpack, and set off into the unknown.

My full-time 9 to 5 contract position finished early in the year, so I have had a lot of free time. I still work part-time in a free-lance role, so I haven’t thrown my career down the toilet completely. Yet.

I started many eCommerce websites and spent lots of money on coaching, subscription fees and advertising. All of it has failed thus far, but I’m not giving up on it, yet. I’ve learned a lot along the way, I’ve figured out how it all works, I just haven’t executed it properly. Yet.

I started daygame coaching having previously sworn to myself that I would never do it, and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the money sharing my experience and helping others improve.

I acquired the closest thing I’ve had to a girlfriend since my pre-game days. I say closest in its loosest fashion because she lives in Moscow, which is not very close. So that’s a bit of a complication.

One thing that didn’t change, is that I approached some girls in the street, and kept sad little statistics on every single approach. So, let’s jump straight into that…

1. The real number is more likely to be 2 sets a session maximum, I don’t record the days I don’t open, and there were MANY of them.

This year I organised everything into a nice little table, and instead of using percentages, I’ve used ratios for each data point. The first thing that may jump out, is that 269 sets is not a lot, and you’d be right, beginners should be doing that in a few months. But this ain’t my first rodeo, 2022 will be my EIGHTH year in the game – Jesus, that makes me feel old.

The second thing that may jump out (probably because I put in bold text), is that I banged 18 girls from this, a ratio of just under 1 in 15.

In years gone by, I never thought this would be possible from daygame, I remember 5 or 6 years ago, I think I even blogged about it, where I doubted the feasibility of even banging 1 in 30. I recall Tom Torero did an annual review where he posted 1 in 30, I was around 1 in 50 at the time and working my wee bollocks off, it seemed impossible. So let me try to explain how I achieved these numbers.

Keep Records

I produced another little table to help illustrate that, for the average man, success in daygame is not easy to achieve. Unfortunately, it will take a lot of time, and effort to get good at this stuff, if that’s what you want. But, if you keep records, even very loose ones, you will see progress over time, providing you stick at it.

Is 2014 year 1 or year 0?!

Keep Walker Walkin’

As you can see, it took me FOUR years to get to what is widely accepted in the community as “advanced” i.e. 1 in 30. I got to this point by gearing my entire situation towards daygame. Initially, I was in a small city, I moved, and kept moving. I was obsessed, I went out almost EVERY day when I lived in London. Previously I had a full-time staff job which consumed a LOT of my time, I went free-lance, which meant I could travel more. I worked on my SMV every year – gym, trying not to drink too much (that’s always been my weak spot), hair transplant, a wee bit of botox, teeth whitening. Gradually I made more and more “game” friends and my “normal” friends slowly dropped off.

Yes, speaking to girls is the most important part, but you have to put the whole package together to get good.

Spot the tells

With experience comes a knack for picking up on the small signs that girls give off when they’re horny. Almost half of my lays this year came this way, quick, fast sex. Nowadays I can quite happily walk around, get my steps in and not open. BUT, when I spot the set, I’m straight in.

They weren’t all stunners

I don’t like the concept of HB ratings, if you like her, then that’s all that should matter – some twitter armchair PUA troll should not come into your thinking. But I do agree that the higher your SMV, the higher you should be aiming, it’s not really game otherwise.

I’d say I’m a male 7, I used to be a 6 with chubby cheeks, I was skinny fat and blissfully content chodey. I’ve changed most of that. But every now and then I will take the low hanging fruit.  As the table below illustrates, there were a couple of 6’s, a lot of 7’s, and all the 8’s were in Russia.

Another table!

I started the year in Cape Town and ended up staying there til May due to all the COVID shite that was going on in Europe. This was not a game trip; I went for the good weather and to hang out with old friends. I did two daygame sets the entire time. However, I did bang around 15 girls of varying quality whilst there, all from tinder and bar game. As ever, I only count daygame lays.

After Cape Town, I took a flight to Belgrade, and I was chomping at the bit to speak to some white women. The day I arrived I did 21 sets! I stayed there til the end of May and banged 3 girls, only one of them was hot, the other two were gutter game 6’s.

I went back to London at the beginning of June for two weeks to collect my Russian Business visa, whilst there I banged a pretty Spanish girl that I had opened the previous year.

With my Russia visa in hand, I went back to Belgrade to try and close off a few of the leads from May, but I failed.

At the beginning of July, I boarded the flight to Moscow, and this is when things really started happening. It was the height of Summer and girls were horny, I banged 7 girls in the first month from 45 sets. Ridiculous.

In August I met my girlfriend and pretty much stopped approaching apart from the odd set here and there for August and September, I collected 3 more daygame lays from this period including my girlfriend, and a few bargame lays.

After this I flew back to Belgrade for a couple of weeks, which was a literal washout, then I went to Warsaw for a couple of weeks where I banged a hot Turkish long lead, then I went to Prague for a week. By this point, it was the depths of winter and I’d had enough of the cold, so in Mid-November, I flew to Antalya and enjoyed the last blast of Summer and picked up another couple of SDL’s.

So, what’s the plan for 2022, Roy?

Probably more of the same. Pre-COVID, my plan was for 2020 to be my last year of game. But I always knew that it probably wasn’t going to happen, it takes time for any relationship to work and there is always a good chance it will fail. I will try and make things work with the girlfriend, but I honestly haven’t figured out the logistics of how it could work long term. So, I’ll keep travelling and approaching, I do not see the point of putting all my eggs in her basket. My plans are very loose at the moment, but I’m thinking a month or two in Cape Town, then return to Europe in the Spring, and then back to Russia for the Summer months.

If you’d like some coaching in 2022, then give me a shout either by DMing on Twitter, or use the contact form on this site. Happy New Year Fellas!


8 thoughts on “2021 Review: Full Nomad

  1. How do you find so many girls you are attracted to to approach?? I’m not in a city like London but can walk around for an hour and not even see any sometimes. Maybe i’m too picky but I can’t control what I find attractive.


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