Pussy Paradise

I’ve been in Belgrade a little over two weeks now. I arrived on a Sunday afternoon, the sun was shining, the sets were plentiful, especially in comparison to Cape Town [1] where there was no daygame to be had. I was in my element, there was no approach anxiety or rustiness, the girls were still girls, and I was still me. I finished the first day with 8 numbers and 4 instagrams from twenty sets. I was full of beans, “THIS IS GOING TO BE GREAT!” I thought to myself. Well, my beans were very premature.

As you can see from the stats, I’ve been “closing” almost every other girl I open. But, as I and the other lads [2] have discovered, getting a number/social media is the easy part, getting them out on a date is a whole other kettle of fish.

Sets #’sSMFlakeDate FlakeidateD1D2D3D4Near MissSDLLaysApproach to lay count.. 1 in…Approach to number/SM… 1 in …

From the 75 sets and 33 contact details I’ve managed to get TWO of them out on a date so far. TWO.

That is awful, no matter which way you look at it. It’s been raining for most of the last two weeks, girls are doing exams, and there’s COVID. The demographics in Belgrade also seem to have changed drastically. You see a lot more lesbian couples now, trannys and mixed-race couples. I never saw any of that the first time I came here.

Most girls have been happy to text back and forth right up until the date request, where they either ghost or come up with an excuse – “it’s raining”, “I’m studying for exams”, “oh I forgot to tell you I actually have a boyfriend!”. Slags.

But, last Friday I did manage to pull a lay out of the gutter. I’ll be straight up and say she wasn’t that hot, a high 6, low 7 at best. I’d been on a date with a very pretty girl, it went well, a couple of venues, some kissing but she wouldn’t come back to the flat. I’ve since been on a second date with her, where she did come back to the flat, but she will take at least one more date to get the lay.

Anyway, I finished that date at around 10.30pm, curfew here is 10pm. So, most people were on their way home. I found a hole in the wall that sold big fuck-off slices of pizza. I walked down knez for a final lap or two, whilst I mauled the mammoth slice of pizza. I saw a tiny blonde girl walking towards me in a white tracksuit and white over ear headphones. As she got closer I noticed she was dancing and smiling. I looked her up and down, about 5’ 2”, slim, face was a bit mousey, but she was definitely bangable.

I shoved the last morsel of pizza down my gob and made chase. She loved it, I asked her where the party was at, and she said nowhere, she was just in a good mood after a very good day.

“Let’s go for a drink then!” said me.

“Where? Everywhere is closed!”

“I’ve got plenty of wine at mine”

“Where do you stay?”

“Just down there…”

“OK! Let’s go!”

It was that easy. We walked straight back to mine, she drank a full bottle of white wine in just under an hour and we banged, rawdog. I passed out and awoke the next morning to her prodding me and then screaming “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!!”

I emerged from my slumber to see that she had my antiretroviral drugs in her hand. Now, to the best of my knowledge, I don’t have AID’s. But when I was in Cape Town, some lads tried to mug me and a pal. We got in fisticuffs, I ended up with bloody knuckles and a busted face. I went to see a doctor there and he recommended I take ARV’s as a precaution in case in blood was exchanged with the scum bags who tried to mug me. I’m still finishing the course.

It took me quite a while to calm her down and explain this to her. I also explained to her that I didn’t cum, and that even if I did, her chances of getting AID’s were basically zero. But she wasn’t having it. She’s since been to see a doctor and has been messaging me. The doctor told her more or less the exact same thing I did, so she seems happy enough now. One part I didn’t tell her, is that I rawdogged quite a lot of girls when I was in Cape Town, the last one was three weeks ago. You need to wait 28 days before you can go for an AID’s test, so I’ll be doing that this week. Fingers crossed.

But it’s one more daygame lay on the road to one hundred. Nine to go, boys.

[1] I will still do a write-up on Cape Town.

[2] There’s a right motley crew here, Nick, Jimmy, their pal Jason and a few other daygamers.

2 thoughts on “Lay Report: Belgrade, the Gutter, and AIDs.

  1. Ha! Reminds me one sexual adventure where I was not blind for once: a shabby rock music club, the billiard room, dunno how I opened her but ended up in her supertiny student dorm room, my very first SDL (although LDM was yet a few decades away to be invented back then :o)
    I was so drunk of the beer AND of my newly acquired player capabilities (or so I thought) that my horniness went through the roof and…
    again, a first time, I went down on her. She was not shaved and I had my first taste of BRUT taste, think champagne.
    We did it a few times more and one day she told me she‘d leave town, to go in rehab. What, do you have back pain? No, I have to get rid of my heroine addiction. She said she smoked it but I dunno… and true, I didn‘t see any needle hole traces, nowhere. Maybe because I was BLIND?
    Anyway, after the most nervous week of my life, I stood in that phone booth and heared the doc saying „the result is negative… which in turn is positive“, so after 10 seconds of processing, I made air jumps in the street.
    So will you, big boy—I have the popcorn ready for the 100, keep rockin


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