I’ve been back in London a few weeks now and have only done a handful of sets since returning, I just haven’t had the time for it. But here’s a story about me SDLing a girl on my last day in Moscow…

It was a Saturday afternoon, my last full day in Moscow and I was severely hung over from the night before, I’d hit the bars with Seven daygame and didn’t get home til 6am. As a result, I didn’t wake up until around 1:30pm and by the time I eventually got my shit together to go out for some food it was 2:30pm. I messaged some of the lads to see if anyone wanted to join me for a late breakfast. No-one did.

It was the start of a 2 day celebration for Moscow’s 872nd birthday, the streets were rammed full of people and there was a big event happening on Tverskaya which meant that the road was closed to traffic and it also made it a pain in the arse to cross. I was grumpy as I manoeuvred my way through the crowds to get to my favourite breakfast establishment on Kamergirsky.

When I finally made it to Kamergirsky I noticed that almost every restaurant was full and there was a real carnival atmosphere about the place. As I made my way down the street, I saw a short girl with dirty blonde hair walking towards me. She was dressed quite formally; a beige blazer, a grey blouse, pink skirt and some pink high heels. As she got closer, I noticed that she was looking straight at me. Elena was very pretty, but I was quite reluctant to open as I hadn’t even had my first coffee of the day. I let her pass and as I turned to check her out from behind, she looked back at me. “Aaaaah Fuckit!” thought me.

I walked briskly to catch her up and opened her from the side (shock, horror) as the street was very busy.

“Excuuuuuuse me, I couldn’t help but notice that you were looking at me as you past by. You’re very cute, but it’s rude to stare”

“ahahaha well I thought you looked nice too”

Elena gave me a compliment straight off the bat, so I knew I had to take this further. I asked what she was up to and she told me that she was just walking. I told her that she looked awfully formal for just walking around. She said that she always dresses well. Gotta love them Russians.

“Well, I was just on my way for some breakfast, would you like to join me?”

“Breakfast?! It’s 3pm!”

“I had a late-night last night, I haven’t even had my morning coffee yet”

“OK, well I was going to get some food anyway, so why not!”

I walked us to two or three venues, but they were all packed, so I walked us in the direction of my apartment and found a nice place where we could sit outside in the sun. We sat down, I ordered a black coffee, a glass of red wine (to take the edge off) and a burger. She ordered an aperol spritz and a salad.

I found out that Elena was from a small town in Siberia, was 24 and was a schoolteacher. We talked a lot about travel – she was amazed to hear about my years spent in Africa and I made sure to play up my bad boy/adventurous side. I told her how I’d been to jail twice, how I’d surfed in shark infested waters whilst never being able to swim properly, how I’d climbed the highest mountain in Africa without doing any training for it (all true). She was mesmerised.

I’ve come to realise down the years that playing up to the bad boy caricature helps massively when pushing for fast sex – she needs to know that you are capable of anything at any moment. This also gives her more plausible deniability when justifying it in her head “Oh it wasn’t my fault I opened my legs, it was the bad boy who made me do it”.

After the meal I suggested we go for a walk, she was in. I walked us in the direction of my apartment – she didn’t ask where we were going. It was now around 5pm and the streets were getting busier and busier as we approached my front door.

“I live here, lets go up for a glass of wine and get away from the madness of these streets”

“You live here?! It’s so close”

“Yeah, I like to stay in the centre of the city when I travel. Just come up for a little while, you can leave if you feel uncomfortable”

“OK, just a little while”.

As we entered the room Elena took her heels off by the door. Most Russian girls do this without being asked. I took my boots off and poured us a glass of wine each. Elena sat herself down in the kitchen, as far away from the bedroom as possible.

After a few moments I invited her to the bedroom to check out the view out of the huge bay windows. She was impressed. I told her how I was told off by my Airbnb host for smoking cigarettes out the window on my first night. I didn’t tell her that there was a half-naked girl stood beside me as I did so. I sat her on my lap as I put on some music on the laptop. I started stroking her hair and at this point she turned to kiss me. She was still very timid, so I got up and left her in the room whilst I went to the bathroom.

When I returned I asked her to sit on my lap again. We started kissing, this time more passionately. I picked her up in my arms (she weighed about 45 kgs so this wasn’t difficult) and carried her to the bed.

“No, no, no! No sex!”

“Ok, let’s just get more comfortable”.

We fooled around on the bed for a few minutes. I tried to rub her pussy on top of her underwear, but she kept pushing my hand away. I rolled off again, returning to the computer to play some more youtube videos. Then again 10 minutes later I picked her up and took her to the bed. I was on top of her fully clothed and she reached down to rub my dick whilst I was kissing her. I unzipped and pulled it out and put her hand on it. She tugged away whilst I reached underneath her panties and started fingering her. She pushed my hand away and again said “No sex”.

I got fully undressed and to my surprised she started sucking me off. I pulled off her skirt and underwear and returned to fingering her. She was getting very turned on, so I pulled out a condom and quickly put it on. Again she said “No sex!”. Moments later she jumped on top of me and I slid it in.

“Bad boy, bad boy, baaaad boy” She moaned as she rode my cock like I was a rodeo bull.

The sex was fantastic and after I blew my load, she lay there with her entire body trembling – she’d clearly had an orgasm. I asked her when she’d last had sex and was unsurprised when she said over a year ago. We got dressed and I told her I had to go meet my friends.  As we made our way back out to the street, she asked me “Be honest, how many girls have you slept with in Moscow this time?”

“Ask no questions, hear no lies”. I try to avoid lying to girls.

At around 7pm we said our goodbyes, just under four hours after meeting each other.

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