Not far off.

I haven’t been doing much game lately, life has been getting in the way at exactly the wrong time of year. But I did get myself on the streets on Friday evening and out of nowhere I banged one of the hottest girls I’ve ever banged with minimal effort. As a friend said to me afterwards, this is what happens when high skill meets a lot of luck…

After a long day at work I’d finally got myself onto the streets at around 7.30pm. The sun was shining and my vibe was good despite having spent most of the day commuting. I popped off my first set on Oxford street and closed a feisty little Italian girl only to have another daygamer open her straight after me to intentionally sabotage my set. That’s that one dead thought me, I’ll just have to find some more.

On I went, opening another two girls but getting no joy. I quickly got thirsty, so I pinged Mr. White to see if he fancied a beer. We met on Carnaby, got a drink and fished at our usual spot. There wasn’t much about so we got to talking about Euro Jaunts and how much we missed Russian girls. Our friend, Mr. S had recently banged a Russian NINE and had another hot Russian that he’d been on a few dates with.

“Where is he finding all these Russians?! I haven’t met any lately” protested Mr. White.

“No idea mate – he must be paying them” I reasoned.

At around 10pm Mr White was as responsible as ever and departed for home. I wasn’t ready to go home just yet. As he got on the tube I spotted a slutty looking blonde girl dressed all in black with knee high boots, she was a high 6 at best but looked bored.

“I’m gonna open that whore over there” Said me as Mr White descended the steps at Oxford circus.

Turned out this girl had been waiting for a “friend” for almost an hour. I spoke to her for a good 20 minutes trying to persuade her to come for a drink with me then just as she was coming round to the idea, a big black guy arrived and gave her a kiss on the cheek before pulling her away from me. BALLS.

It was now around 10.30pm. I popped off another couple of sets only to get quick blow outs. Time to go home. I ducked into Wasabi to get some food before doing so. I sat at the window and devoured a katsu chicken salad whilst listening to Youtube videos on my Bluetooth headphones. A guy to my right tapped me on the shoulder…

“Excuse me, where did you get your headphones? They look really cool, were they expensive?” Asked the gentleman.

As he was speaking to me my spider sense tingled, I saw a pink silhouette with a ponytail in the reflection in the window…

“Amazon mate, Amazon, they’re only cheap, around 40 quid” I explained.

I turned my back to get a proper look at the girl in pink behind me. HOLY FUCK, a proper stunner had just walked in on her own, she browsed the remaining items on the bare shelves before turning to walk back out again.

“Oh, can you send me the link?” asked the gentleman.

“I’m sorry mate, I gotta go!” said me as I quickly got up, threw my rubbish in the bin and ran out the door after the girl in pink. I looked left and right frantically searching. She was walking very slowly in the direction of Selfridges, I didn’t have to chase very fast.

I sauntered over to her;

“Excuuuuuuuuuse me, this may sound a little cheeky, BUT, I saw you in the shop there and I thought you looked veeeeeery pretty. I had to say hello….”

“ooooh thank you” she cooed.

Sasha had brunette hair tied up in a ponytail, she was slightly shorter than me, had big green eyes, high cheek bones and full pink lips. She wore what looked like expensive clothing – a bright pink leather jacket, a white boob tube which showed off her washboard abs, tight yellow pants and a pair of expensive trainers. I knew instantly that she was Russian, a solid 8.

“there’s no way you’re from around here, Eastern European?”

“No… well kind of”

“Definitely not Russian”

“Yes I am, I’m from Moscow”

“I knew it, I’ve spent some time there. I didn’t like it if I’m honest, St. Petersburg is a much prettier city”

“I agree, but my work is in Moscow”

Sasha was practically purring as she stood there with her legs crossed.

“so what is a pretty girl like yourself doing walking the streets at 11pm?”

“Walking, I like to walk at night, it’s more peaceful”

“I see, I was about to go home, but I have a better idea…”

“What is that?”

“Let’s go for a drink!”

Sasha hesitated for a couple of seconds…

“OK, where?”

“Well this is Westminster, most places are closed now, let me check my phone to see if this place up the road is open”

I pulled out google maps to check what time the Lamb and Flag pub was closing – midnight. Thank fuck.

“Great, there’s a place just up the road”

As we got to the pub Sasha told me she only drank alcohol on special occasions. It showed, her figure was very athletic.

“This is definitely a special occasion”.

We got a glass of red wine each and sat at stools in the window. I found out Sasha was only in London for the weekend and staying in a posh hotel down the road. She was originally from Siberia, worked as some sort of administrator for a big oil company in Moscow and was a gym freak. She loved to travel and London was her favourite city in the world, this was her 7th or 8th time visiting.

Sasha didn’t have a strong Russian accent; she was having lessons to get rid of it.

“Why would you do such a thing? The Russian accent is hot!”

“I don’t like it. I’ve been told I’m an angel phone”

“A what?”

“Oh, maybe I’m not saying it right, I like everything British”

“Ooooh you mean an Anglophobe!”

“hahaha, yes that”

We exchanged travel stories for around 30 minutes before the bar called last orders and told us it was time to leave. We stepped out of the bar.

“What are you doing now?”

“I don’t know, maybe some more walking”

“OK, let’s walk this way”

I walked us in the direction of my apartment and she didn’t ask where we were going. When we got to the front door I offered her to come in for one last drink.


Sasha took her shoes off on entry without being asked, I quickly took my boots off and poured her a glass of water and myself a glass of wine.

I showed her to the bedroom, she took her jacket off and sat herself down on the couch with an expectant look on her face. I still hadn’t escalated.

I picked up my guitar and played a couple of tunes… Sasha stared at me as I played, enjoying it but her eyes screaming “Will you just fuck me already?!” at the same time.

I put the guitar down, put some music on and moved over to her on the couch. I grabbed her by the throat as I sat down beside her and pulled her in for the first kiss. There was no resistance and she was moaning as the tension in the air dissipated. My hands roved all around her tight body. I picked her up and threw her on the bed. Soon all our clothes were off and I was licking out her soaking wet vagina whilst fingering her. As I looked up I could only admire her near perfect body writhing around as I did so.

“Fuck me!” begged sasha as she grabbed my rock-hard cock and pushed it into her rawdowg.

I came after about 2 minutes; this was easily the hottest girl I’d banged this year. I rolled off her in a sweaty mess and gave her the debrief when I recovered my breath. Sasha told me that she’d decided the sex was on when we were sat in the bar. There was no particular thing I said, she just liked listening to my stories.

It was now around 2am and we had sex for another two hours, I came two more times, the last in her mouth after face fucking her hard. The sight of her gagging on my dick as my cum dripped down her face is one I won’t forget in a hurry.

Sasha got an uber back to her hotel at around 4am. I met up with her the next evening and took her to a blues bar before taking her back for round 4. She’s a very sweet and feminine girl, one which I will hopefully keep on rotation as she visits often. Only in daygame is it possible to get this calibre of girl.







7 thoughts on “Lay Report: SDL with a Russian Stunner

  1. Nice report. I am writing up a Lay Report as we speak of a French girl who was eyeing me in the same way after getting back to the apartment – the equivalent of a “can you just get on with it and fuck me?!”

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