Everyone loves a yes girl.

It’s been a slow start to the year, I’ve only really done one solid weekend of daygame so far. Over that weekend I did 22 sets, closing 7, I have since dated three of these and banged one of them. The other two were right little challenging princesses and both have fallen off since. The girl last night was a breeze in comparison…

Two Sundays ago I was out daygaming and my good friend Xants even took a break from his value building hibernation period to join me. It was an unseasonably warm day out and the girls were stopping much easier than the previous days as a result, my vibe was also much better for the same said reason. It was around 5pm, I’d already done my sets for the day and picked up a few numbers. I was on my way home to get ready for a date with a hot little Moldovan I closed the previous day. I stopped off at Sainsburys to get wine and other supplies and ended with a big heavy orange bag of stuff. I’d underestimated the walk home, it was a good 25 minutes and the bag was bloody heavy, did I mention that?

As I pushed my way through the crowds switching the bag from my left hand to the right hand and back every 30 seconds or so I clocked a huge IOI off a little brown girl approaching me. I thought about it for a few seconds and as she got closer….

Hey, you!

huh, me? – She looked around to see if I was talking to someone else.

Yes you! Excuse me this bag is heavy. – I put the bag down and nestled it between my legs. She stood there looking bemused.

Well, I saw you looking at me, looking at you. I was trying to decide if you were cute and you were so I thought I would say hello

HAHAHAHA, OMG that is soooo random. – This girl had clearly not been daygamed before, a rarity on Oxford street.

Turned out Elanor was from the Philippines (new flag!) and had recently moved to London for work. Elanor was about 5’3″ with long brown hair and wore a big green eskimo jacket, she had a pretty face with big brown eyes, a low 7. She’d just been for dinner with her friends and was about to head home. I could have idated her but I didn’t have time so I took her number, pinged her my name and went on my way. A few hours later she messaged me first (always a good sign) saying how random but cool it was meeting me like that. Touche.

Our logistics meant that I didn’t get her out until almost two weeks later. Elanor suggested meeting at 9.30pm last night, Thursday as she was working late and would be flying out of London the next morning. I agreed to meet her at Bond street station and didn’t have much confidence in getting the lay as we met quite far from my place and I figured she’d probably just want a quick drink and then head off to get ready for her flight.

She turned up on time and looked great, having put on a bit of make-up and wore sexier clothing. I definitely wanted to bang her.

I walked us to a pub around the corner called the Lamb and Flag. We had a couple of glasses of wine each in there as we went through the comfort fluff. For the first glass I sat opposite and the second I moved beside her on the couch. Elanor was full of nervous excitement and was always trying to crack a joke, none of them were funny but I told her I admired the fact that she was trying. I actually enjoyed hanging out with her and wasn’t too bothered if I didn’t take her home that night. Eventually I pulled her in for the kiss by pulling her right shoulder towards me, she pulled her head away hard “haha not so soon Irish man!”

A few minutes later, I pulled her neck towards me and she thrust her tongue down my throat hard. That was the switch right there and I knew it was on.

As we got toward the end of the second glass it was around 10:45pm and most places were closing. We left the bar and I started walking her in the direction of my apartment, it was a good 15 minute walk away.

Where are we going?

I know a nice place up here that should still be open. – I knew nowhere was open.

As we walked I talked nonsense, most of which I can’t remember and before we knew it we were at my front door just after 11pm.

Oh, look I live here. Come in for one more glass of wine and then you can uber home.

I don’t know, I have to be up at 6am.

One glass.

In she came. She took her shoes off without being asked as we entered the apartment. I took mine off too and poured us both a glass of wine. She walked past my bedroom door as I was in the kitchen and shouted “is this your bedroom?” I told her it was and to make herself comfortable.

When I joined her in the bedroom she was sat on my bed, I sat at my desk and put on some music. We chatted for a couple of minutes, I then joined her on the bed and pulled her in for a kiss. Moments later all our clothes were off and I was banging her raw-dog.

She stayed until around midnight before ordering her own uber home.

So easy. I agree that daygame is harder in winter, but there will always be yes girls out there.

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