Similar to this but not as tall.

I’m sitting in a quaint little café on a Saturday morning on a solo trip to Prague. There’s no particular plan, I came here to relax and see an old regular (this one). I took a walk around the city last night and couldn’t help but appreciate its beauty. I always think of this place as the Disney Land of Eastern Europe – it’s so picturesque that it almost feels fake. As I walked I couldn’t help but soak up the nostalgia. I walked from my apartment down Wenceslas square past the café where I had a date with a hot feminist – she walked out upon learning of my love for the Donald. I carried on to the bottom of the square where I recalled meeting a cute little thing for a date only to be ambushed by her little miss piggy lookalike friend. I walked down the main strip towards palladium mall passing the spot where I opened a 9 on my previous trip here. I idated her whilst she waited for her boyfriend to finish a meeting. As I walked further I passed the spot where I first properly met Krauser. He pretended to shoot me as I was mid-set, I binned it off and joined him for a coffee. As I passed TGI Fridays memories of the Russian I idated and SDL’d popped into my head. I learned after banging her that she was on her way to a date that day (you can read about that drama here). As I got to the entrance of the mall I remembered my first proper same day lay. I’d bounced a little Slovak for coffee, then a beer, back to mine and had sex, all in around 2 hours. I have a lot of good memories in this city and some bad ones. It’s funny how our brains work as I don’t think about the negatives much.

The other day was one that should go in the good memories box, it happened in London. Here’s the story…

A few Saturdays back I’d been out daygaming with my flatmate, Mr. S. It was my first all day session in a long time. Mr S was full of beans and telling stories aplenty in between sets. Despite my good vibe I didn’t get a single hook-point from 7 sets that day. Eagle eyed readers may say that that is not enough sets. Not to sound pompous – but it usually is for me. Long gone are the days where I “grind” out 10 sets a session. Meanwhile Mr S got around 4 numbers from roughly the same number of sets. We all say that the only competition should be with ourselves, but we all have a competitive edge, especially when winging with someone of equal competence. Mr S won that day and offered words of consolation as we went for a beer after our session. “Don’t worry about me mate. Tomorrow is another day”. And it was.

The following Sunday I woke up fairly early and hit the gym and followed it up with a big breakfast. I was ready to talk to some girls, this time solo. I enjoy both solo and winged daygame, but I always get more leads when solo, obviously because I don’t have to share sets. I did 5 sets in just under 2 hours, getting 3 numbers. One of them was a Canadian girl who was dressed head to toe in black with a big digital SLR around her neck. I teased Daria telling her that she was SUCH a stereotypical tourist. She protested vehemently, it was part of her masters degree, the pictures were for her latest project. Turned out she had moved to London a couple of months previous and was still finding her feet in the big smoke. We agreed to meet for a drink later in the week. It felt on.

We agreed to meet at Baker street station the following Thursday. Daria turned up a few minutes early and she looked hot, again in all black tight clothing which accentuated her nice curves. Here parents were Turkish which meant she had dark features and buxom lips, she looked very fuckable. I took her to a couple of bars and got her back to my place. “I don’t have sex on the first date”.

A couple of weeks passed by and I thought the lead was dead. I’d ping her and she would reply with one word answers a day or two later. I invited her out for Thursday past but she was busy and offered the weekend instead. I couldn’t as I was going away for the weekend. I didn’t counter offer, then she proposed Wednesday past.

We met at the same place at 7pm. I walked her straight to the speakeasy bar near mine, took her home a couple of hours later and banged her. No LMR and it all felt very transactional (no, I didn’t pay her). The sex wasn’t great, when I tried to do her doggy whilst pulling her hair and spanking her ass she would keep collapsing onto her stomach on the bed. I walked her back to the tube a few minutes later and I’ll probably never see her again. Whilst I was happy to bag my 16th daygame lay of the year, the next day all of the satisfaction was gone. If anything, I felt worse off as I yawned my way through a technically challenging meeting at work. “Roy, you look like shit, late night last night?!” asked my colleague. “Nah, just a bad nights sleep”. Back in the day I’d be in a euphoric state for a few days after a new notch.

I’ve been doing some introspection on this solo trip – what am I doing here? What is my plan? Is banging all these girls making me happy?

Anyone who has done game long enough knows that it is a Sisyphean sport. Yes, there are moments of extreme happiness, but there are equally, if not more unhappy extremes. I for one, love the chase and that’s what keeps me in the game. But with each new notch I get less and less gratification, this will probably be obvious if you compare one of my latest lay reports to one from a couple of years ago. I was listening to a Roosh podcast the other day and in it he compared girls and game to the NPC (Non-player character) meme craze. Girls are the NPC’s, always giving more or less the same responses no matter where in the world you are and gamers are the players. You can win as many games as you like but at the end of it all you will not feel any better off. All that you can gain is the red pill understanding of how the game is played. Roosh’s analogy struck a chord with me and from my own experience he is bang on the money.



4 thoughts on “Lay Report: NPC’s

  1. Does this mean you are going to start looking for a relationship and transition out of the player lifestyle ?

    I read BlackDragon’s blog and he mentions how open relationships with a girlfriend are a much more sustainable lifestyle more suited to long term happiness for players/PUAs since they are no longer capable of long term monogamy after the lifestyle they’ve lead.


    1. Hell no. Like I said, I still love the chase and I haven’t found one girl yet who I would settle with. Next year I turn 35, apparently that’s peak SMV age, so I’ll keep going for at least a year or two.

      I can’t see how an open relationship would work without feeling like a cuck.


      1. I guess if you want marriage and kids then stable monogamy is the best way to go.

        Many older guys from the community say they go for open relationships because it’s extremely difficult for them to be exclusive with a girl for years on end while having the skills to pick up other hot girls with relative ease.


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