Like this except with straight hair.

I’ve hit somewhat of a purple patch over the last week or so whilst doing hardly any sets. Last Sunday was probably my most productive day in London this summer. I did 6 sets, closed four of them and have been on dates with two of those since. I also did some bar game that same Sunday with Xants and closed a hot Bulgarian 18 year old who I have been on 3 dates with already. I had a near miss with her on Saturday night whilst her friend lay asleep next to us on my bed after I unsuccessfully negotiated a threesome – I clearly need to invest in a hot tub. Hopefully the Bulgarian will get her own blog post very soon.

Last night I banged a girl I closed that Sunday after a filthy set on the street. Here’s the story…

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon and I was riding the crest of a wave having got a few strong leads over the weekend and still in a celebratory mood after my SDL a couple of days previous. At around 6pm I met up with the lads to go for burgers. Afterwards the four of us (Xants, Mr White, RR and I) took a walk down Oxford st, Mr White was done for the day and RR wasn’t doing any sets either so it was only me and Xants in the mood to open. Xants popped off to open a cute little brunette so the rest of us stood in a huddle nearby discussing what we’d do for the rest of the evening. I was chatting to Mr White when my spider sense tingled, I just about saw beyond his biceps to catch a glimpse of a black girl approaching behind him.

Mr White, yesterday.

Nicky was slim, a little shorter than me with shoulder length black hair. Her fashion was very outlier with a black choker around her neck, a black boob tube and a short yellow mini-skirt which showed off a very nice pair of legs and a pair of black heels. Her skin was dark brown, not full African and her hips were swaying from side to side as she paraded down the street with a cigarette in her right hand. “Look at that filth there!” I announced to Mr White and RR as I interrupted whatever he was telling me. I let her pass “See you boys tomorrow” I said before making chase.

I got in front, I don’t remember anything I said, but I will probably never forget the electric vibe of the set. Our faces were around 15cm apart and Nicky was purring like a cat as we eye-fucked each other the hole way through, I was seriously considering kissing her on the street but I aired on the side of caution. I found out she was English, but her mum was German and her dad was of African decent hence the lighter skin. She had just finished her shift in Topshop and was on her way to meet some friends so an idate was not on the cards. I took her number and rejoined the lads announcing “I’m probably gonna bang her”.

The texting was fairly simple, I probed her to see when she would be available for a drink and she suggested the following Sunday. I pinged her on the day and it took her a few hours to confirm, but once she did I knew I’d probably be getting laid.

Nicky turned up at Baker st tube on time wearing a bright red leather jacket, a black choker, a tight black top which her nipples were piercing through (no bra!), tight black jeans and black boots. She had definitely come to fuck. She immediately fell into my frame, latching onto my arm as we walked and asked where we were going.

I took her to two venues near my apartment and it was easy peasy to get her home and bang her, I probably could have taken her home after one drink if I was in a hurry. Nicky was 22, a solid 7 for me but I know a lot of guys don’t like the darker girls. There were no real revelations on the date but here are some memorable parts;

Do you get approached by men in the street often?

OMG, almost every day I go to work. But you were so different, I couldn’t believe how close you were standing to me and how confident you were, it was hot

How many boyfriends have you had?

Two, but I’m not looking for a relationship any time soon

How many sexual partners have you had?


There was absolutely no LMR in the bedroom and she was just as dirty as I expected in the sack. I banged her three times, all rawdog as she told me she was on birth control but I really need to start being more careful as I doubt she’s only slept with eleven men.

When did you decided you were going to have sex with me?

I was already considering it when you spoke to me on the street, I knew I would definitely do it when we were having the first drink

Nicky missed her last train home so I let her stay over and she let herself out early the next morning. She was my 56th daygame notch and 18th (including 5 bargame lays) of the calendar year. This brings me level with Mr S who shot way ahead of the back in July banging 9 girls in a month – The competition is heating up.


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