brunette-with-fringe-iron-railingsAugust has been fruitful in London, I bagged my fourth notch of the month [1] on the last night and it was my first same day lay of the year; all I had to do was turn up. Here’s the story…

I’d been working from home all day and was eager to get out of the house and speak to real people. It was Friday evening so I text all the lads to see if anyone was up for winging and/or beers after. Xants had a date, Mr White was on a jaunt, Ricky Roma was boxing then staying in and Mr S was ill in bed. Solo it was then. My mantra was – fine, more sets for me, I’ll just have to go out and get my same day lay knowing full well that the odds of doing so were very low (0.37% or 1 for every 269.25 sets, to be precise).

I hit the streets at around 5.30pm and got my first set out of the way quick sharp – blowout. I saw another hot girl twenty minutes later – blowout. My third set was good but she had a boyfriend. I closed the fourth, which was a hot English girl with huge breasts and no bra. I did two more sets after this getting mild interest but boyfriend rejections. It was now almost 8pm and I decided to call it a day. As I was walking up Oxford Street in the direction of my apartment I spotted a cute longhaired brunette with a huge fringe walking slowly towards me. It was getting dark now so I waited until she got closer to get a better look. She was dressed like a tramp with a big baggy jumper over the top of a stripey shirt, black jeans and dirty trainers. But she did have a very pretty face with big blue eyes and prominent cheek bones, Melanie was a low 7 who could probably dress herself up to be a solid 7. I was about to let her go, then at the last second she threw a sly glance in my direction just as she assumed she was out of my peripheral vision. Fuck it.

I got in front and told her she looked cute in an alternative hippy sort of way, I guessed that she was probably listening to the Arctic Monkeys (She had headphones in before I opened). She giggled saying that she wasn’t but that she did in fact like the Artic Monkeys. Hook point. It was quite a long set in which I found out she was English, from a small town just outside of London and a philosophy student who had just finished her degree. She would be leaving London to go back to her hometown for good in two days. PERFECT!

Melanie told me that she had been out shopping all day and was now about to go home. Booooooring, come on it’s Friday night, let’s get a drink

Oh I don’t know, I need to get up early tomorrow and pack my life up… Where would we go?

I know a nice bar just back up that way

Well, I guess we can have one

I walked us in the direction of my apartment stopping off at the Lamb and Flag bar, just off Oxford Street. The bar was packed so we stood outside drinking a pint of beer each. The conversation was flowing and she was actually a very interesting girl. I suggested we go to another place where we could actually get a seat and she agreed. I walked us to a bar very close to my apartment and we sat at a table outside. Melanie asked for a gin and tonic this time, so I got her a double. I asked if she minded if I smoked and she said, “Only if I can have one”. If they smoke they poke.

I told her about all my travels and she asked how old I was. I told her my real age and Melanie told me she had just turned 22. She said that she didn’t care how old the guys were she dated, only how they behaved. It was refreshing to hear this from an English girl. The double gin was doing it’s job nicely as Melanie was getting a little tipsy now. I suggested one more drink at another bar just around the corner and she agreed.

We sat on a big couch and I got her another double gin and myself a beer. We started discussing what we like in the opposite sex, there was no need for the questions game. Then she escalated me;

Loaded question, but, what do you think of gay people?

Couldn’t give a shit, people can do whatever or whoever they want, as long as I don’t have to watch

Interesting, because I like girls

You’re a lesbian?!

Haha no, I like both

Oh, so do you like guys or girls more?

It’s not that simple

Have you had sex with both at the same time?


Have you had more girlfriends or boyfriends?

Only one of each

Do you enjoy sex with men or women more?


I mean how do girls even have sex? Scissoring?

Scissoring is boring, we just finger and lick each other out normally

Well that’s not real sex.

Image result for that escalated quickly gif

Soon after this I pulled her in for the kiss and she was all over me. I pushed her off after a minute or so telling her that I didn’t want her to get us thrown of my local pub. As we got to the end of the drinks I suggested that we go for a walk and she followed. We got to my front door and she was reluctant to come in at first. “Just one drink, you can leave whenever you want”. In she came.

The rest was easy, the clothes were soon off and we had some grotty sex. Melanie had a nice little body – small breasts with a big ass and a small waist. I took great pleasure in spanking this shit out of her pale white ass cheeks and admiring the warm red glow as I banged her doggy style. I let her stay over and then kicked her out in the morning before joining the lads for breakfast at our local café with a smug grin on my face.


[1] I banged a girl from night game on a stag do in Latvia. I don’t remember much about it to be honest.

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