A big beast of a review for a big beast of a book.

Why am I reviewing this book?

I first got wind that Krauser was writing this when I winged with him for the first time in Warsaw last May. As we wandered over towards the big Stalin building I asked him what his endgame was, he told me of his plans to finish the memoirs and how he had almost finished writing the “new mastery”. He carried on to explain how he had done a lot of game since he published mastery and that his style had changed, he wanted to capture all of this new material and present it in a well polished daygame magnus opus that would leave a lasting impression on the community. I was intrigued if not slightly sceptical that this was possible, surely if mastery taught you to master the art, what could the next step be? Was there even a next step?

Krauser was only in Warsaw for a couple of days and after he left the cogs continued to turn in my head as to what this new book would contain. The curiosity got the better of me so I pinged him a message asking if he would like another test reader. He was apprehensive at first given that I was a pikey and he didn’t know me very well. Only his inner circle could be trusted with his groundbreaking new material. A few days later he pinged me back saying that I could have a copy when we would meet again in Moscow in June. The day we both landed we did some sets, went for a drink and then he bounced me back to his centrally located high-class hostel bedroom using the “I need to give you the book” excuse, it was genius and it felt so natural at the time. Now I knew how all those girls felt.

The book looked like one of his memoirs and was still in a raw format containing roughly 2/3’s of the finished product. I skimmed through it as I waited for my uber of shame home outside his hostel, it looked good.

I proceeded to read a chapter or two a day in between daygame sessions. I was in quite a unique position where I was reading about things he would do on the street and then seeing it in action that very same day. I can verify that he does indeed still do all of the things he says he does in this book, except for the dating and bedroom stuff, we’re not THAT close. I recall walking down Arbat street with Ricky Roma and Krauser was walking ahead of us, he started shadow boxing and Ricky and I looked at each other before packing up laughing. But then Krauser got an IOI from a cute girl, he proceeded to open the girl and he might have even got her number.

We had a couple of feedback sessions, one in Moscow and then another in Kiev where we went through lots of notes I had scribbled down, I’m not sure how useful this process was for Nick, but he was kind enough to send me a free copy of the finished product at Christmas. It’s now April and I have finally finished it.

Why did it take me so long to read?

There are various reasons – I’d already read most of it during the test read, I’m quite a slow reader and the book is not designed to be a page turner, it’s a reference book. I’ve also been a rather busy boy with work, chasing skirt and changing circumstances in my own life. But enough about me…

What did I think of the finished product?

Five word summary: It’s a fucking great book.

Longer Summary;

You can tell that Uncle Nick has put a lot of effort in to this. As with most of his work it is very well written, he manages to keep what is fairly technical and dry content entertaining to read with good use of metaphors, analogies, intellectual mastery and humour. The layout of the book is a step above Mastery and the colour adds another dimension, it looks and feels like a quality product.

The aim of the book is to take an intermediate daygamer and orient him towards becoming “advanced”. Many people have different definitions of what an advanced daygamer is, some do it by notch count, others by number of approaches and others by the number of years in the game. Krauser says to be advanced you should have already mastered the mechanics of the skill set and be ready to take the next step.

He is now ready to move on from having mastered someone else’s art and to begin creating his own.

By Krauser’s own definition, you should be free-styling and coming up with your own material. So surely you shouldn’t need to read a book to tell you how to become “advanced”?

The best way to answer that question will be to go through each chapter and highlight the parts that I found the most interesting which I could perhaps apply to my own game, this blog is all about me, after all. Let’s dive in…

Section 1: Introduction

As with all good introductions, this chapter sets the scene well – explaining what distinguishes this book from his last hardback before explaining what the cornerstone of advanced daygame is: Vibe. You may be thinking, that sounds like something Yad would say, and you’d be right, but not once has Yad ever even attempted to explain (as far as I’m aware) how to culminate and nurture this illusive thing that they call, vibe.

He moves on to say a little on what he believes to be the key concepts of game, namely;


  • SMV
  • Forebrain/Hindbrain
  • Yes/No/Maybe Girls
  • Red/Amber/Green
  • r/k selection

Having whet the readers appetite with all this he gets stuck into the meaty stuff…

Section 2: Players World

Krauser sets out to rewire your brain so that you have a healthier mindset which will in turn make your daygame more enjoyable and hopefully increase your success on the streets. He opens with an in-depth analysis of r/K and advises against the perils of going full r and the impact it will have on your friendships. This is very good advice, I have seen a few guys I know go off the rails a bit when going full r.

He tells the reader how to identify and overcome addiction to daygame. I am guilty as charged when it comes to having periods of addiction. It’s ok if this happens at the beginning during your immersion period, but you will become a vacuous person if daygame is all that you think, do and talk about.

The most interesting concept for me was “Your notch count doesn’t exist“. I couldn’t help but feel triggered while reading this, I count every approach, never mind every notch and proudly display it on my blog for the world to see. This is an ego trap according to K and again he is right. We all have an ego and if you don’t realise this you are probably a sociopath. Every time one of your wings sends you a +1 message your immediate reaction is – Bastard! – before texting him congratulations, this is your ego being butt-hurt that your wing is banging more birds than you, it’s natural.

The importance of inner game is something which is not spoken about enough in the community and some coaches even actively discourage it instead choosing to fill our heads with mantra such as “the game is played infield” and “embrace the grind”. Krauser instead proposes that introspection-led inner game is essential and I couldn’t agree more. He explains how the danger of not introspecting can lead to becoming a full-blown narcissist and I was impressed that he avoided the temptation to name any names (in this section or throughout the book).

Section 3: Vibe

Nurturing vibe is still a personal weak spot. I’m generally a happy chappy but I frequently abuse my body on Eurojaunts with too much booze, cigarettes and not enough sleep. I still get results, but just imagine if I had even better vibe!

This chapter introduces three great metaphors; the daygame river, the birdsong and the Inca Trail.

The daygame river metaphor suggests that we should go with the flow and not try to swim against it. If there are no sets, there are no sets, so be it. It shouldn’t dictate your mood and you should not get upset that you haven’t hit your 10 sets for the day. This is great advice and something that I have taken on board since reading this book. I walked around Melbourne plenty of times without ever doing a set and I didn’t blame myself.

The birdsong is an r/k based metaphor where the k selected male birds build nests in the hope of luring a female mate. The r selected bird sings a song and lures the female out of their nest to bang them without having provided any other value. The advanced daygamer should be perfecting his birdsong.

The Inca Trail metaphor surmises that no-one ever remembers the tour guide, they remember the place and the experience of being there. A player should be letting the girl experience good game and providing her with adventure sex.

Krauser is an advocate of daygaming with a wing which was interesting for me to find out initially as most coaches say that daygame is a solo sport. In his Wing Work section he explains the many advantages of having a good wing and how to spot a bad wing. Having had plenty of both in the past I found myself nodding along to pretty much all of the advice given.

Section 4: Pre-Approach


In this chapter Krauser gives the reader many tips and tricks on how to stay in the vibe sweet spot, he tells you how to calibrate, how to take advantage of individual types of girls more suited to you, how to spot signals they transmit and how to get girls to give you IOI’s. However, the most important takeaway from this chapter is Calibration. There are far too many uncalibrated monkeys running around the Eastern European hotspots and spoiling the fun for the rest of us with their creepy uncalibrated approaches.

Perhaps the one phrase that sticks out most in the memory from last Summer’s jaunting was;

Well tha wez a victory fuh calibration!

Krauser would say this to me almost directly after either one of us was just blown out by a low probability girl.  I’d heard of calibration before this, but winging with Krauser and watching how he calibrated hammered this point home, it is crucial if you don’t want to burn a city and burn yourself out in the process.


Section 5: Street

Krauser keeps this section short on purpose and focuses on one thing –  triggering girls’ excitement mode. I breezed quickly through it as I pretty much do everything he explains already and have seen him do it many times over. One thing that I could perhaps add to my game is more physical dominance in set.

There’s a nice little interlude in this chapter where he uses the movie Groundhog day as a metaphor for purgatory and how it is analogous to the players journey. I thought that was very clever.

Section 6: Messaging

I hate texting girls, I’m still not great at it and I really hate it when other guys ask me for texting advice. I am a big believer in the mantra that if the set is good enough, the texting shouldn’t matter. I was very impressed by K’s mad skillz throughout this rather chunky chapter but at the same time I couldn’t help but find it all a little bit dull. This is not a criticism to K, if I don’t enjoy texting my own girls, I’m most certainly not going to enjoy reading other PUA’s exchanges. But I did and this is what I learnt about myself;

  • I rely way too much on having a good set
  • I’m not sure I could ever be arsed putting as much effort into texting as K seems to
  • I could keep more leads if I adopted K’s methods

K takes the reader through the various stages of texting and gives lots of examples of how he got a number of different girls in different situations out on dates and ultimately into the bedroom. There is lots of gold in there but there is one central theme throughout – What does this tell me about where she is at? By this K means at what point along the seduction dance is she at. This is what you should always be thinking when texting a girl and you should know your next move when you’ve figured it out.

I will promise to try to be more arsed about texting girls from now on.

Section 7: Dating Deconstructed

This is the biggest chapter in the book and in it K goes to great lengths to fill what is largely a gap in the market. There is plenty of material out there on approaching, but nowhere near as much on dating.

He explains how you should structure your dates depending on both yours and her circumstances, how to be dominant, how to filter girls over coffee dates and how to run an evening date.

By far the most useful part of this chapter for me was the coffee filter date. This is something I had never really done before and hadn’t even thought about until reading it in infinite the first time round.

There is also a great little section within this chapter called How to tell a DHV story. The main principle being that all good stories should have an intention plus an obstacle. When you tell a girl a story on a date you should be doing so whilst weaving in your own DHV’s.

One thing which K mentions is that all of his dates are run on auto-pilot and that’s the way yours should be too. You shouldn’t be thinking “what does it say in infinite on page 301 about what to do in this situation?!” whilst sat on a date. I couldn’t agree more with this and unfortunately this only comes with practice. However, this chapter is still very useful as to monitor his decision making and general tactics used, everything else should be your own.

Section 8: Bubble Bursting

We’ve all been there when we’ve been on a date with a girl, you think it’s gone tremendously well, you send her a message after the date and she appears to fall off the face of the earth. In this chapter K attempts to show you how to avoid this and how to keep her on the straight and narrow path towards your bedroom. As K shows through the medium of many examples, this is not always straightforward and there may be obstacles to overcome e.g. logistics, timing, maybe she needs more comfort, maybe she needs more excitement or maybe, God forbid, she’s just not into you. In all but the last obstacle, K guides you along the path to keeping them on the path to you putting your D in her V. Good lad.

Section 9: The Close Date

This is quite a short chapter as most of the work has already been done by this point. It details how to tell if it’s a close date, how to recognise the moment she’s decided to sleep with you – the Switch and how to take her home.

There is one example in this chapter called how to wear a girl down over time in which K displays the patience of a patron saint to bang a girl who he had overcooked on a date a few months prior. This is a lead I would have (and probably still would) binned but K has shown that a little message here and there to a girl doesn’t cost you anything and you may even get laid for sheer persistence alone.

Section 10: Bedroom

In this chapter K encourages the reader to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as a means towards dominating a girl in the sack. He explains a few moves that I found confusing to follow if I’m honest, but I won’t be losing any sleep over not following. I do just fine in the bedroom.

But, it is refreshing to see some guidance as again, this is an area that no-one in the community really talks about. If you portray yourself as the dominant, adventure sex guy then you need to be able to back that shit up.




Krauser set out to do something that I thought wasn’t possible; to teach someone how to be “advanced”. His own definition of an advanced daygamer is someone who is free-styling and creating their own new material. This book does a great job of trying to sort out your inner game as much as possible in order to make that stage seem more achievable. It is easily the most in depth piece of writing when it comes to doing everything apart from the actual daygame itself.

For large parts of the book I found myself nodding along in agreement, as if he hadn’t really said anything new. Maybe I’m already “advanced” or maybe Krauser’s style of writing is just so good that it all seems like common sense when he explains it in such a manner that you can’t disagree.

I would recommned this book to any daygamer, it most certainly won’t do you any harm if you’re fairly new to it and it will do you a lot of good if you’re already at intermediate level.

I for one think that Krauser has achieved his objective of leaving a lasting legacy on the daygame community. A job very well done.


3 thoughts on “Review: Daygame Infinite

  1. Great review. I’m definitely interested in the dates section. I gone on all kinds of dates but I don’t have a definite system. I should try that out in order to improve my results.


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