A very rare sighting in Melbourne

I’ve been back in the UK for a short while now and the first thing I have noticed is sharp spike in quality. In my first weekend back in London I was amazed at just how many sets I was seeing per hour (4 or 5) in comparison to Melbourne (1 an hour was a good day). This is despite it being almost freezing in London and Melbourne being at the end of it’s Summer.

I was in Melbin (that’s how they pronounce it there) for just under 6 months, despite all the doom n’ gloom I’ve posted on here about the place, I actually enjoyed my time there. It’s shit for daygame but the place has it’s merits. I enjoyed the coffee shops, the nice weather, the slower pace of life and the (slightly) lower risk of getting blown up or run over by a peace truck. The place grew on me as the weather improved, and as the weather improved I met more pretty girls and even had a few MLTR’s. Let’s jump straight into the stats which look pretty damn good at first glance, but as with all sets of statistics, they don’t tell the full story…

Sets Number FB Flake Date Flake idate D1 Near Miss Lays
79 31.65% 6.33% 30.00% 0.00% 1.27% 7.59% 2.53% 3.80%
2.72 25 5 9 0 1 6 2 3

I did 79 sets in 6 months. That’s 13.17 per month, 3.29 per week and 0.47 sets a day. Granted I didn’t spend all this time in country, I took quite a few holidays. One was back to the UK for 3 weeks via Hong Kong for a week. I went to Bali for the best part of a week and did a couple of shorter trips to Tasmania and Sydney. So I probably only spent 5 months in the city itself.

One statistic I didn’t track, which I wish I had to put these into perspective, was the number of times I went out intentionally to daygame and didn’t even see, never mind open a single set. It was MOST times.

The 79 times I did open was across 29 sessions. That’s 2.72 sets a session or approximately 1 an hour.

Why did I open so little? Surely in a city with a population of 4 million people there will be lots more girls to open? Are my standards too high?

The simplest way to answer all of those questions is with one word. ASIANS. The place is infested with them and as I have mentioned in previous posts, I’m not the biggest fan. I have banged my fair share of em’ and the ones that I did bang I found attractive. However, I will not shed a tear if I never bang one again. If you like Asians, Melbourne may be a city for you to consider.

I got 28 contact details out of 79 of these girls. That’s 1 in 2.63. I remember clearly only 1 blowout the entire time I was there. Once you actually find a set, they’re generally very friendly. I did get a few girls telling me that they always seemed to get hit on in the CBD, however, I didn’t see many daygamers.

Out of the 28 details, 9 of them flaked at the first message, all the rest responded, 13 of them I never got out for various reasons. 6 of them I got out on dates and I banged 3 of them. That’s 1 in 26.33, advanced level if you go by the 1 in 30 metric. One was a SDDL, one was a first date lay and the other took a lot of work.

I met and dated an Aussie/Lebanese girl which I have written a couple of blog posts about here and here. She was probably the hottest girl I met there but I never got the lay despite going on FIVE dates with her. She had only ever slept with one man before (she’s 28!) and her forebrain won the day. We did everything else, she enjoyed getting fully naked and messing around for hours, which was torture for me. I was very close to just forcing it in a couple of times, but I am not a rapist, so I didn’t. Rape is bad, kids.

As we said our goodbyes she got all teary and thanked me for restoring her hope in men, she hadn’t met a decent one in over 3 years. As a hardcore alpha player I tried my hardest not to feel some emotion as she told me this, I smiled and told her that I wasn’t that special, she just needed to go to London and take a walk down Oxford street, she’d meet lots of men like me. She had no idea what I was talking about. I really liked this girl and she is definitely the type of girl I would keep around as a regular or even see exclusively if I was ever that way inclined again.

I got a couple of lays from night game, one was a rotter so I didn’t even write a blog post about her. The other was actually hot and I saw her for a repeat. The day I left she sent me the following message;


In my early days I would frequently adopt the bait and switch technique for getting laid, nowadays I make it clear from the start that I am not boyfriend material and that I won’t be sticking around. It still surprises me that girls are fine with this and if you do it properly they actually thank you afterwards.


I got laid 5 times in 5 months in Melbourne, the quality was generally low but if you’re willing to put in the work you can definitely get laid. As I have mentioned before I would not recommend this city as a place to learn daygame. When you are doing so few sets you can’t wait to be “in state”, you’ll see maybe one hot girl a day and you have to be able to switch on right away. I look back fondly on my time in Melbourne but I’m glad to be back in Europe, Euro jaunt season is upon us and I have my first little jaunt coming up next weekend. I can’t fucking wait!


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