The closest I found when I typed half Chinese/Indian into google… She’s hotter than this.

I’ve been back in London for just under two weeks now, the daygame has been tough and my vibe has generally been shit as a result; I’ve done 86 sets, got 12 numbers, 9 of these did not respond to the feeler and I’ve had only one date (apart from the near miss). These stats are as thoroughly depressing as the quality on display compared to my jaunting days. However, it only takes one set to turn everything around…

Last Thursday I was walking down Oxford street at around 4pm. I saw a cute Asian girl on the other side of the road dressed all in black. Unlike GG, I very rarely open Asian girls, I just don’t find them that hot. This one looked a bit different though, maybe Kazakh said my pre-calibration.

Open – Thursday 20 July 

I ran across the road and opened her whilst I was slightly out of breath, she noticed this and giggled as soon as I opened. It was a very solid set, lasting around 15 minutes, I probably could have idated her but I decided against it as she lived in London and had plans later that evening. During the set I found out she was 23, had just finished a degree in ‘fashion history’, was born in Hong Kong but her Dad is from Nepal, hence her different look. She looks Asian, but her eyes are bigger and her hips and breasts are curvier than your typical Chinese girl, she was hot. A high 7 in my book.


There was some back and forth over the weekend, we both had plans so I set the date up for the following Monday. She agreed to it but tried to snatch the frame a few times over text. First she asked if I could come to her area as she was low on cash. I refused telling her that I don’t know her area, I was inviting her out so I would get the drinks. She agreed to meet me in from of Top Shop on Oxford street. A few hours before this she texted asking if we could go to a sushi place she knew which was half way across London from our agreed meeting point. I refused again telling her that we were just having a drink and that there was a nice place I wanted to take her to near Oxford street. She stopped with the shit tests.

D2 – Monday 24 July – 19:30

She turned up looking very hot in black shiny plimsolls, tight denim blue jeans, a racy black boob tube which had rips in it, almost like Wolverine had clawed at it, under this you could see her lacy black bra which was showing off her surprisingly perky breasts. Over this she wore a black lacy blazer and a leopard skin scarf. She had a bit of makeup on but not too much and had made a real effort, I really wanted to bang her.

The first venue was a Sam Smiths pub called the Cocks Tavern. We did the usual comfort fluff as I drank a beer and she had a double vodka and orange juice. She would mention a few times that she was working in the morning and could not have a late night. We spoke about her family, her work and her hobbies. As I was shifting from 1st into 2nd she decided to go straight to 4th asking “what type of girls do you normally date?”. Prior to this point I was thinking this girl would probably take a few dates to get the notch, now I decided to go for it on this one.

I walked her to the second venue which was another Sam Smiths pub called the Horse & Groom. It was now 20:30 and I was already planning the bounce to my apartment which was not even a stone’s throw away. The bar was empty so we got a couch at the back, perfect for escalating. As I ordered the drinks at the bar I pinged the guys telling them that I would be bouncing back to the flat after this drink.

I started the questions game and things got sexual very quickly, her first question was “have you ever had a one night stand?”. I told her I’d had a few and she told me that she had never had one. Yeah right. After a couple of sips of beer I went for the first kiss attempt. There was no resistance on her part, but she was a terrible kisser, she kept biting me.

Soon after this I invited her up for some wine and again, there was no resistance to this idea. I gave her a little tour of the flat, both the boys had their bedroom doors shut so I poured us some wine and took her straight to the bedroom. By 21:30 she was on my bed, just under 2 hours after meeting. I gave her about 15-20 minutes to feel more comfortable, I played a couple of tunes on the guitar and showed her some pictures. Before long all of our clothes were off and I was banging her raw-dog. I came on her stomach within about 2 minutes. She asked “we’re gonna go again, right?”. It was now around 22:00 and I was getting tired, she seemed to have forgotten about getting up early for work in the morning and wanted more.

I banged her again on the bed, against the wall, on the desk in my room and she also mounted me as I sat on the chair. As she was on top I leant back on the chair so that it went onto its hind legs. As I did this the hind legs buckled and we both ended up on the floor! This debauchery went on for quite a while, we finally finished banging at around 00:45 and I was exhausted and dripping with sweat.


She told me that she knew she wanted to fuck as soon as she agreed to come upstairs to the apartment. She asked me how many sexual partners I have had, I gave her an honest approximation (50-60). She told me she had less than 10, I don’t believe this for a second.

At around 01:00 she asked me if I could order her an uber as the last tubes had now gone. I’d already spent £20 on two rounds at the bar so I was reluctant to spend the same again on getting her home. I offered that she stay until the morning and get the tube home, she agreed and we banged again in the morning.
Will I see her again?

Maybe, she is hot and is great in bed. On the flipside, she is a bit princessy and doesn’t seem to have much going on in her life, I’d probably get bored of her very quickly. When she left this morning she didn’t mention seeing each other again so maybe I won’t get the choice.




5 thoughts on “Lay Report: First London notch of 2017

  1. Nice one mate. Girls never give an honest answer to how many guys they have slept with. I popped a virgin, a year later was still banging her and she told me she hadn’t slept with anyone else during her stay in NZ. Then another day gamer showed me a pic of them standing naked together in his room hahaha girls! love them


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