Where was she?!

I was really trying to put a positive spin on this Moscow experience, but I wrote the post, re-read it and realised that I’m not Willy Wonka, I can’t sugar-coat shit. Enjoy the misery…

I’ve recounted the events of the past month and I am still wondering how the hell I only got ONE daygame notch considering the volume of daygame I did. I heeded the warnings from other gamers that it wasn’t an easy city to get laid in, but I’d heard the same about Belgrade. I was quietly confident before I arrived that I would get at least a couple of new notches on the belt. Moscow had other ideas.

As I mentioned in my first impressions post, I was highly optimistic after a week here despite not seeing much to encourage this optimism. Unfortunately, things did not get much better. I’m still massively underwhelmed by the quality that was on display compared to what I was expecting. This mixed with the expense of the city, its shit weather and the high flake rate made it difficult for me to enjoy my time there. If the lads weren’t there to hang out with, I may have had my first meltdown.

If I had to rank the 4 cities I have been to so far in terms of how much I enjoyed them overall it would be as follows;

  1. Belgrade
  2. St. Petersburg
  3. Warsaw
  4. Moscow

The numbers will help explain how I have come to this damning verdict;


Sets Number FB Flake Date Flake idate Date Near Miss Lays
128 36.72% 1.56% 28.57% 10.94% 2.34% 4.69% 0.78% 0.78%
6.74 47 2 14 14 3 6 1 1

As always, these numbers are daygame only. I opened 128 sets over 19 sessions, 6.74 sets a session. I closed 49 of these giving a close rate of 1 in 2.61, slightly better than I did in Warsaw. As I mentioned in my first impressions post, closing is not the problem. The next few columns are where it gets painful. 14 flaked without replying to the feeler. 14 girls agreed to meet but then either cancelled on the day or just ghosted. This number increases to 25 when I include reschedules; this is ridiculous considering that I was in Moscow for 26 nights. One day sticks out in the memory very clearly when I had 3 dates lined up, all three flaked, I managed to get one replacement and she flaked as well. I genuinely thought the city was trolling me; it was as if all the girls had gotten together and colluded to foil my pussy slaying crusade.

I idated 3 girls. The first one was just a coffee in the mall and then she flaked. The second was on my second last night when I was SDL hunting. She was 18 and had just come out of a relationship which she would bring up every time I tried to escalate, so I didn’t get anywhere with her despite spending 4 hours with her. The third was on my last night, a very cute 22 year old blond who I opened as I was about to wrap it up for the day and the trip. She asked ME if I wanted to go for a coffee, I thought I’d hit the jackpot. We got takeaway coffees, went for a walk and then to a shisha bar where I kissed her. She was very into it but resisted the bounce to my place. I walked her to her door, she lived nearby, but she wouldn’t let me come up either.

I only had 6 first dates. I didn’t convert any of these to a lay, however I did bang one of them on my only second date in Moscow.

I had one near miss where the girl was gagging for it, got her to my front door and her ASD kicked in. She said it was too soon after agreeing in the bar to come back. She said she would come back next time and then ghosted.

Night Game

I don’t keep stats on night game, but here are a few stories;

I got laid about a week in after an evening in a bar that would become affectionately known as the dive bar. There was zero game involved on my part. Ricky Roma asked me to wing him on a two-set. He wanted me to distract the obstacle so I went in and said hello to it. Immediately she asked my name, where I was from, where I lived and whom I lived with. I explained that I have my own apartment. She suggested that we get a taxi there right away. I looked her up and down, looked at the time, it was around 2.30am and said to myself “fuck it, a notch is a notch”. She was giving me a strip-tease dance in my bedroom within half an hour of meeting her. She was 26, a low 6 and not what I flew all the way to Moscow for. Why can’t the hot ones be that easy?!


I took another girl out who I number closed on a different night. She was blond and in her late 20’s. It was a dull date, her English was terrible and she turned up in jeans, trainers, a jumper and a sports jacket. The perils of night game, you are opening them when they look at their best so when you meet them for the date they will probably look worse, especially when you take the beer goggles off. I kissed her a few times but she was having none of it when I suggested we go back to mine. I never heard from her again and I didn’t bother messaging her either.

I had a near miss, which I have already written about here. I was certain that I would get the notch from her but then I received this message a few days later…

One evening I went out with GG, Mr Arr and Krauser. We went to the dive bar after what was for me, a fruitless daygame session. Nick announced that one of his leads would be joining us and would be bringing a friend. Before they arrived he reiterated the usual wing rules in night game, DHV him, don’t hit on his target etc. Nicks girls arrived when Mr Arr and I were outside smoking, I opened them thinking they were just random girls then they immediately said “are you with Nick?”. I told them we were and that we would walk in with them. We all did introductions then I more or less blanked the girls, this wasn’t on purpose, my phone lit up with messages from other girls. Krauser and Mr Arr talked to the two girls, I saw another two-set sat at the bar and I went over and opened them, GG kindly winged me for a little while and I took both of their numbers. At the end of the night both of Nicks girls ended up in a cab with me back to my place. I’m still not quite sure how this happened as I didn’t try to pull them, I’m assuming either they just fancied me or they wanted to come with me as I lived closer to where they wanted to go. I got them both on to the bed and I thought I was about to have my first threesome, but only one of them was into it. We kissed while the other one lay on the end of the bed awkwardly. I tried to pull her towards us then the other one triumphantly announced “we’re not having sex with you!” I couldn’t be bothered trying to beat the LMR as I didn’t find either of them that hot. So I decided to trump her triumphalism and kicked them both out at around 4am without taking either of their numbers. Take that, whores.

Why was it so bad?

It wasn’t bad for everyone, Krauser and GG both got on better than I did. There are a few things I may have done wrong in hindsight. Potential explanations could be;

  1. The girls there just don’t like me
  2. My texting may not have been tight enough
  3. I may have been too “r” in set and/or dates
  4. The girls may have been too “K”
  5. I may have just been plain unlucky
  6. The stench of pussy repellent may have been overpowering for the girls
  7. I could be suffering from burn-out after more than two months on the road doing solid daygame
  8. I’m no good at daygame
  9. The girls only put out for the local guys and pretend to be holier than thou for the foreigners in the hope that we are their ticket out of their boring lives
  10. I may have gotten more than I deserved in Belgrade and Warsaw and the Daygame Gods are now levelling things out

I could be delusional but I don’t think it has anything to do with numbers 1-9 and the only possible explanation is number 10. However, I have heard number 9 from a couple of different sources, a girl I dated in Poland who lived in Moscow for 2 years, and Mr Arr said one of his Russian friends said the same.


  • I banged a hot 17 year old
  • I enjoyed hanging out with the lads
  • I read an advanced copy of one of Krauser’s upcoming books. It’s very good. There is a lot of new content in there on vibe, inner game and pre-approach. His game has changed since Mastery and I can verify (at least the in-street section) that it is an accurate reflection of what he is currently doing. I’ve started incorporating some of it into my game already, particularly the texting. I have given him my tuppence on it and we will be going through it again at a later date.
  • I have 2 solid long leads, but I doubt I’ll ever go back for them
  • St. Petersburg was good… oops wrong post


  • The high flake rate. I thought Warsaw was bad, but this was outrageous
  • I spent a lot of money
  • The girls weren’t as hot or as plentiful as expected
  • The weather was shit for more than half of my time there


It is possible to get laid fast in Moscow, Krauser, Ricky Roma and GG all proved this. However, this is the exception to the rule. From my experience the hotter the girl, the more typically K selected she will be and hence the more dates will be required to get the notch. Most girls I dated obviously realised that I was not sticking around even though I was there for a month and could have easily seen them multiple times.  The only reason I can ever see myself going back is for revenge, I can’t help but feel that I have been mugged.

14 thoughts on “Moscow Misery

  1. >> 14 girls agreed to meet but then either cancelled on the day or just ghosted. This number increases to 25 when I include reschedules

    That is a shocking statistic. And you have enough experience to know that is, in fact, ridiculous.

    I think it was the Daygame Gods. That… or you got lazy/forceful after so much success, and it was starting to show in something like “flash game.” Flash game would give stats like this.

    I have no doubt about your abilities… that would frustrate the hell out of me.

    >> One day sticks out in the memory very clearly when I had 3 dates lined up, all three flaked, I managed to get one replacement and she flaked as well.

    I would lose my mind. That is some serious “inner game” test.

    Again… given you had so much time there… the fact that this wasn’t a one/two day thing… I’m guessing something was going on in your vibe.

    I maintain that “girls/players are the same everywhere.” I know for me, Japan was almost identical to my home city in the US, with the difference being I liked the girls better, and there were more of them.. not that their reactions were different.

    I have read posts like yours (or Krauser’s books) and I have heard otherwise. In general, I believe “biology trumps geography.”… but this post would scare a lot of guys away from Moscow.

    Excellent notes, man. Viva daygame.


  2. Just discovered your blog. Too bad Moscow has treated you harshly, with all the flakes and bad weather. Believe me, it’s not always that bad.

    It is a surprise though to hear that the quality was underwhelming.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. curiously when were you in moscow? as I will avoid that month if its bad weather. I was in st peterburg in late july/aug but the weather was mostly shit, rained about 70% of the time. also the quality wasn’t as good as I hoped I thought it would match or better Ukraine but definatley not as I found out.


      1. Cool you prob already know but if you dont if you go in pik mall 5th floor. Where the cinema is. On the left some stairs go up therecn on your left the reception thats the best view/date venue in spb. They got an outside balcony hidden too. Sometimes you have to reserve the sofas. The name of the place is barashki. It means alot of sheep.


  4. “Most girls I dated obviously realised that I was not sticking around even though I was there for a month and could have easily seen them multiple times”

    Exactly. The only girls who are going to go for this are the most R selected girls and / or girls with much lower SMV than you as you’re essentially offering sex with no strings attached. Youll get number closes but the girl goes home and considers whats on the table and flakes pretty much most of the time. Its pointless to do Eurojaunts for even a month as you expend a LOT of time walking the streets and get very little in return. I realised this myself after doing a series of Eurojaunts over the Summer. Ive compared notes or found out stats through the grapevine of some of the name daygamers privately and from what I can tell the experience seems the same across the board. Don’t believe the hype coming from commercial pickup guys.

    On what you said about quality in Russia, I have to say I think the game community has created a false idea of claiming Western girls aren’t hot and FSU girls are. After spending time there I realised that the girls make MASSIVE effort to look good in the FSU ALL THE TIME. So they’ll do their hair like they’re going to a wedding, wear a nice dress with heels with full makeup even to go to the supermarket! This creates a mirage where you assume the quality is generally much higher than in other places. Problem is you’re not comparing like to like as a casual observer. You get in close to a lot of these girls (just like in a London bar for instance) and see through the makeup etc. and realise the quality just isnt as high as you thought most of the time. A lot of the daytime guys are seeing what they want to see a lot of the time. I still think FSU girls can be some of the most attractive girls out there but its grossly exaggerated, German girls, Scandanavian girls, Thai girls and in likelihood probably a host of other girls are equally hot. Actually even Irish girls are equally hot in my opinion (I know your from Ireland yourself).

    Additionally the fact you can’t speak Russian can be a massive issue. The daygame guys like to say just speak in English as girls often like English speakers which is true. However it misses two important points

    1) Many girls in the FSU just aren’t fully conversant in English
    2) You lose a lot of nuance not speaking another language. You can’t understand nuance in communication.

    Thats why some of the day gamers who have lived there for longer made a point to learn Russian e.g. Roosh.


  5. Having been to both Kiev and Bangkok to daygame, I can tell you from firsthand experience that the quality in Kiev is in an entirely different universe from what you will see in Thailand, or even in my homeland of USA. NYC and London simply do not compare to FSU talent on the whole. The “rumors” of the grass being greener with the women in FSU as far as SMV is concerned are on the money.


  6. my friend was recently in thaiand and said a lot of Russians go there for vacation now as its cheap and hot weather as they use to go to sochi but the prices went up so its cheaper to leave Russia for a summer holiday.
    Thialand is prob good for daygame if you like thia girls and tourists English, americans etc. some guys just love Asian girls. I’m looking for cities with hotter girls than in kiev. maybe Moscow, Belarus and Medellin Columbia have hotter girls, wel see.


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