She looks slightly older than this but with prettier face

This was by no means an easy feat, I put a lot of work in and I actually really like this girl, so much so that I will probably see her again. Strap yourselves in, this is a long one…

It was day 1 of the jaunt and this would be my third set of the day. We were walking down one of the side streets off Knez when I saw a short girl with long black hair wearing white converse, tight ripped denim jeans, a black blouse and a denim jacket hugging her friend goodbye as she left a restaurant. As I walked by I turned to check her ass out as she reached up to hug her friend, it was very peachy. She was a high 7, I had to go in.


As she left her friend she started walking very fast so I ran to catch her. I opened and delivered the compliment, she immediately told me she was in a hurry. I ignored this and continued with my stack for about 30 seconds before she hooked asking “where are you from?”. I challenged her to guess and she said “no, I am bad at that”. I just told her as she had already told me she was in a hurry (calibrate). I asked what she was doing and she told me she was leaving the town at this very moment for the Easter weekend. All of this was done in the first minute of the set. I made sure to get in some stock teases of her living in a little village with no internet or running water and this got a laugh.

At 1m30s I said “I forgot your name”, and she rightly said “I didn’t say”. She told me her name, but lets call her Nyssa.

At 1m40s I went for the close asking for her number and she said facebook is better as she had a bad experience giving out her number in the past.

We exchanged pleasantries and went our separate ways. I walked away thinking that she wouldn’t even accept the friend request as the interaction was so short (it was 2mins 34s).


I sent her a stock feeler as there was nothing to go off. To my surprise, I got a long reply from her the next day where she actually used callback humour. Good sign.

We text a couple of times over the Easter break before I set up a date with her the following Tuesday. Nyssa would be my second date after the D2 with the 19yr old.


We met at 8pm on Republic Square. She arrived about 5 minutes late, but when she did, she did so in style giving me an instant boner. She was wearing heels, tight white pants, a black laced top and a black leather jacket. She would have been an 8 but I would later find out she was 29.

I fucked up a bit next as I didn’t have any proper date venues in mind, I winged it. I took us to the closest place which happened to be Boutique on the corner of the square. We walked inside and almost everyone was eating, it stunk. I should have turned and walked out, but I was stubborn and I insisted we stay after she gave me a funny look. We sat at a small table between a couple to my left and chubby dude eating alone to my right. She sat opposite me and I could barely hear her. We struggled through the normal comfort fluff as the annoying fat chubby dude kept butting into our conversation every 2 minutes. I kept my cool, being nice to him but giving him short, closed answers to his questions. I think she was impressed. Amongst the comfort fluff, Nyssa told me she was driving that evening and couldn’t drink much or stay out late. I started to drink my beer quicker, asked to taste hers and proceeded to drink most of it ensuring to leave her a sip. I got the bill and told her we were going to one more place. She asked where and I said “you ask too many questions” with a cheeky smile.

I started walking her to the Irish Bar, on the way I told her “you can’t go on a date with an Irish man and not go to an Irish bar”. She giggled and started to relax as she knew where we were going.

We walked in and there was a loud band playing shit Serbian music, how very Irish. She asked me “don’t you want to go somewhere quieter?”. I said “no, it’ll be fine”. We got a couch downstairs and sat beside each other. We ordered drinks and as I started the questions game she began shit testing me “you only want to play this sort of game so you can ask me hard questions”. I just laughed and said “and?”. She giggled and played along. We had to lean right into each other as the music was so loud (the reason I persisted). After about another hour of this I leaned in and kissed her, she responded with full tongues. Afterwards she said “I’m surprised, I thought you weren’t going to do it”.

The shitty band finally stopped, we chatted some more and I invited her back to my place about 10 times, not in a row. She laughed each time and said she admired my persistence but she doesn’t do this type of thing on a first date. Amongst our chit chat she told me she was good at pool. I challenged her to a game on our next date and if she lost she would have to do whatever I wanted. She said “No, you will say I have to come to your place!”. I said “no, if you lose, you have to cook for me”. She agreed and we arranged to meet the next day. It got to midnight and she had to be up for work in the morning so I walked her back to her car in the rain. I’m such a chode!


We met at the same time and place and I walked her to the sports bar across the square. We played pool almost straight away and I beat her easily. She said “I didn’t tell you when I would cook for you!”. I didn’t react.

We took a seat on a couch near the pool table and the waiter came over and told us in Serbian that it was reserved. Nyssa talked back to him for a few seconds and he walked away. I asked her what she said to him “he said it’s normally reserved for VIP’s, I asked who and he said never mind, you can stay”.

She was all over me and didn’t seem to mind that a lot of people were looking as she was practically riding me on the couch. After the second drink, I paid the bill and said lets go. She offered up the same resistance and I, the same answer.

As we were walking down the steps out of the venue she was behind me so I grabbed her legs, pulled her onto my back and gave her a piggy back down the steps, across the square to the entrance of my apartment. Location is everything. She said she wasn’t coming in. I said “let’s just have one glass of wine, you can leave as soon as you feel uncomfortable”.

I led her in, gave her a tour of the apartment and then we sat in the lounge and drank wine. After a while I led her to the bedroom and threw her on the the bed. I got on top of her and started kissing her, she pulled away and said “how did you do this!?”. I said “let’s just blame it on the alcohol”.

She giggled and we kissed passionately. I was groping her and dry humping her for about an hour whilst trying to get her clothes off. Every time I undid her buttons or bra she would re-do it.  She eventually told me she was on her period. I told her we could put a towel down and she did not like this idea one little bit. No sexy time tonight.

I walked her back to her car (she drove on both dates so far so couldn’t drink a lot) and set up the D4.


It was Saturday, my last day and she insisted I do something touristy with her (I told her previously that i’m crap at being touristy). Due to my line of work, she thought it would be nice for me to see the Tesla Museum. She bought the tickets in advance and was quite excited to take me, I was even excited to go.

We met at the usual spot at 5.30pm and hopped in a cab to the museum. I decided to switch off all game whilst there and appreciate all of Teslas fine achievements in Engineering history, he was quite the lad.

After the museum we took a slow stroll back towards the city and she told me she wasn’t driving tonight and wanted to get a little bit drunk. Good sign. We had a drink in the craft beer place, then another in the Boutique just across the road from it. From there we went to another bar behind it that I can’t remember the name of. It was quite a fancy place and when the waiter came to serve us I asked for a beer, obviously in English. He then started speaking in Serbian to her, she started blushing and giggling and then ordered a drink. I asked her what that was all about. She said “he just told me that I am very beautiful and asked what I was doing with an English man”. What a wanker, calling me English!!

From here I bounced her to my place and there was no resistance this time. We had a glass of wine in the kitchen and as we sat there Xants and his girl came in. They all introduced each other and all got on fine. Shortly after I bounced her to the bedroom and there was no LMR whatsoever, the sex was fantastic. This was the first girl of the trip that insisted I wore condoms, I ended up using 5 of them as we went at it through the night and again in the morning.

I left Belgrade later that morning with my ball sack completely drained. I doubt I will ever have that much sex with different girls over three days again. My love for Daygame is fully restored.

4 thoughts on “Lay Report: D4 with a 29yr old Serb

  1. Great FR.

    Every now and then I start to think I am pretty good… And then I read FRs like these and realize how “intermediate” I am.

    I linked to your last one in the post is did last night.

    >> you can leave as soon as you feel uncomfortable”.

    IF! IF… She gets uncomfortable. : ]

    >> My love for Daygame is fully restored.

    Yeah! Viva daygame.

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