She was not this hot…
The Euro Jaunt started with a bang but it didn’t seem likely at the beginning of a very long day…

Myself and Xants touched down late the previous evening and went to directly to Wurtz place for our obligatory Euro Jaunt kick-off beers, after dropping our bags at our centrally located apartment.

I got deja vu as we stood at the bar, turning to Xants and saying “So, how do you night game again?”. We tried to get some social proof so I opened a male two-set, they were nice chaps and they told us that we had come to Belgrade at the wrong time as the city would be empty due to the Easter holidays. Fuck. We drank our beers and got a relatively early night so we could be fresh for our first full day on the streets which would be Good Friday.

We started the day with a late breakfast at around mid-day. There were no omelettes at this eating establishment, as usual in Belgrade. It was a warm day and there seemed to be plenty of sets about. After breakfast we started rolling some off and after about an hour I had collected a few leads and was highly optimistic for the coming days. Xants’ vibe started very high and seemed to drop with each set he did. After around two hours he proclaimed “i think the girls here just don’t like me” and flirted with the idea of fleeing Belgrade to join Nick Krauser at another euro jaunt location. I didn’t try and dissuade him, I just told him it would be fine and things would get better. Sure enough, they did and he started closing lots of girls, they seemed to like him after all and I was right. I’m such a gamma.

I finished the first day having done 12 sets and closing 5 of them. I was happy enough with this so we started drinking at around 8pm. We met up with Garzero later that evening for food and hit some bars to attempt night game. We went to a little square with lots of bars and they seemed busy, not all the girls had gone back to their villages it seemed. We took turns opening up sets. I opened one 3-set and it was going quite well, Garzero and Xants both came and went during the set but all three of the girls seemed to be into me and didn’t really talk back to my wings. I was in this set for about 20 minutes before eventually going to number close my target which was a tall blond wearing a choker. She seemed keen when i suggested we meet another time for a coffee, i pulled out my phone and as I did this her friend leaned in and whispered something in Serbian into my targets ear. The target then turned to me and said “I can’t, I’m actually engaged”. I tried to hide the rage from my face before looking at her friend with what must have looked like a death stare and said “OK, no problem, you ladies have a nice evening”. All three of them said it was really nice to meet me and they were sure I would meet a nice girl in Belgrade. They didn’t know the half of it.

I ejected and went to find the lads, they were in another set and when they finished we went to another bar.

We were about 4 or 5 beers in now before I opened another 3-set. The lads joined me after a minute or so after I had introduced myself to all 3 of them. My target was a curly haired brunette in a black and white striped top with tight white jeans, she had a very nice back side. I teased her saying that she must have just escaped from prison. She bantered back and seemed keen. The lads talked to the other two and we all got on well. All 3 of them had gotten a bus from Macedonia for an Easter holiday. I now really wanted the notch as I did a mental check of the flag tick list, I hadn’t got the Macedonia flag, in fact I didn’t even know what it looked like.

We bounced the 3 of them to Wurtz place and had one more drink. We all stood near the bar and I moved my target across the bar a little and we sat beside each other on stools. It was around about this point that the girl which was Garzeros’ target started complaining that she had a sore leg and started suggesting that all 3 of the girls go home. It seemed my attempts to get laid were about to be foiled by another cock block! I then suggested to my target that her friends should go home and that she should stay and have a drink with me. She liked this idea and went over and had a little team talk with her friends as I did the same with mine. Xants said that they would leave me and my target to it and they would go to another bar having done a sterling job as wings. They did so and her two friends departed the bar closely followed by Xants and Garzero. I had my target isolated and all I had to do now was not fuck it up.

I ordered us both beers and shots, she joked “you know you don’t have to get me wasted to seduce me”. I replied “Its not you love, I’m Irish, I just like drinking”. This is and was genuinely true.

We finished the drinks and I bounced her to my place. She put up some token LMR as I moved her from the lounge to the bedroom. But before long our clothes were off and I was riding her bare back. In hindsight I’m a little disturbed that this didn’t seem to bother her.

She didn’t want to stay over so we got dressed and I walked her back to her hostel. I’m a nice bad boy.

The next day we bumped into them again and arranged to meet all three of them that evening. We did so and I banged her again on the Satruday night. Sunday would be her last night and was day 3 of our euro jaunt. It was raining all day so me and Xants decided to sack the daygame and watch football and drink beer. By about 10pm that evening she was texting me wanting to meet up. I attempted some bar game with Garzero in a very inebriated state before we joined up with the girls again in Wurtz place. My girl looked very annoyed at me for being drunk. I didn’t give a shit and proceeded to tease her for the next hour or so before bouncing her back to the apartment. I was very, very drunk by this point. I woke up the next morning, fully clothed on top of my bed. The girl was gone. I text her “I’m guessing you’ve gone back to Macedonia?!”. She said “Yes, and I’m very mad at you, you got so drunk on my last night.”. I said “Oops, alcohol does that to me sometimes”. She replied “You are such a bad boy, but I like it, nice guys are boring”. And there you have it kids, just be yourself.

I got her HB rating adjudicated on my whatsapp wing group. They mostly said 6, Xants agrees with me that she looked like a 7 on the night I closed her. For me, she is a low 7, but I was tipsy when I met her so that could easily knock a point off. However, a notch is a notch and it was my first fresh one in 3 months. Hopefully that damn has now burst.



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