March statistics

Sessions Sets Number FB Flake idate Date Near Misses Lays
20 100 15.00% 5.00% 50.00% 1.00% 1.00% 0.00% 0.00%
Sets p/ session 5.00 15 5 10 1 1 0 0

Shite, right? These are embarrassingly bad statistics but there is no fake news on this blog. This is the reality of pick up, there are good times, and there are very, very bad times.

I closed at more or less the same rate as usual in March. Half of the girls flaked, the other half responded but were either “too busy” to come out or left town. I had one idate with an Asian which was going well but as we went to leave the bar she told me she just wanted to be friends. I lost the plot at this point and stormed off in a huff without even taking her number. I really need to stop bothering with Asian girls, I only open them because I think they’ll be easy and they always end up frustrating the shit out of me. Fools gold.

The date I went on was with a Lithuanian time waster who turned up, had a cup of tea and left after 45 minutes of her talking a lot about herself whilst rebutting all of my escalation and frame grab attempts. As hot as girls are, they can be very annoying if they don’t participate in the seduction dance.

Now, on to the topic of the click bait title.

I have been analysing my game a fair bit and I’m pretty sure it’s not gotten as bad as the statistics suggest. This leaves a few possibilities;

  1. My game has become stagnant
  2. I’ve been unlucky
  3. I’m opening hotter girls
  4. I’m not opening enough
  5. Daygame is getting harder in London

All of these are probably true. I game a lot, but I don’t spam. As you can see from the stats, I average 5 sets per session. I would have opened more if there were enough 7’s about, but there weren’t. Out of the 240 girls I opened in the first quarter of 2017, about 3 of them were 6’s, the rest were 7’s and up. I still closed 20% of these girls but getting them out proved difficult.

I’ve been discussing the situation in London amongst our little daygame rat pack. Xants is very smug, he’s done about 2 sets all year and gotten 2 notches. Ricky Roma also has two under his belt, one in Russia and one in London. I congratulated both at the time whilst inwardly swearing at them. Mr W is in the same boat as me as well as Gollum the Gamma (another wing with an Norn Irish accent but is actually looks Indian).

A daygamer by the pseudonym of Rafael Deangelo contacted me through the blog and told me of similar struggles, I haven’t met the guy yet but he seems genuine and I can definitely relate.

I gamed throughout winter last year and got a few notches in the process. I expected the same this year but all of my efforts were in vain. Why was it different this year?

I had more excitement at the beginning of last year, I hadn’t moved to London at this point but I was spending 3 or 4 days a week here, staying in Air BnB’s very centrally which made bouncing back a lot easier than my current situation. I think both of these factors made a massive difference, if you have enthusiasm and good logistics it’s a lot easier to get laid.

Despite that, gaming on the streets of London has felt a bit off lately. I get the feeling that most girls have heard it all before and they’re just a bit tired of it. Maybe they have all contracted feminism, maybe they have all been opened twenty million times, maybe they are all simultaneously actually busy.

I am a big believer in that no matter how burnt a place is, you can still get laid, my experience in Prague last year proved this. However, it wasn’t the case in London this winter.

This leads me to the lazy conclusion that my game is still amazing and that London is indeed fucked*. The best thing for me will be to get away. Good job I’m going on a big Euro Jaunt in a few days, hopefully, this will be my last misery post for a few months.

* If you’re an active daygamer in London let me know if you’ve had similar struggles, or even better, if you’ve been slaying it, if so, teach me, I pay top dollar.

10 thoughts on “Is Daygame Getting Harder in London?

  1. Good post. My opinion: combination of (5) and (6) it’s not yet hot weather. From my experience, definitely more successful for me when the sun is shining, and can bounce to park for cold drink in park idate. Re (5) it was definitely easier in 2013 I recall In London. Are Zone1/2 London girls and tourists becoming cynical and arsey? Where have all the good natured girls gone? However, I get the feeling that I aggressively filter more, even opening more of the girl who give IOIs – which gives another problem, I may get 2 numbers, but only approach 3 girls in a whole day 😦


  2. There is a London Daygame Coach by the name of Jason Spartan (Genald) that claims in 2017 to lay in average 6 new girls per month despite his awful logistics and not being tall, good looking. Is he a liar?


    1. In my prime, constantly out, every night, and every weekend, managed an average of 2-3 new lays per month (and to be clear, they were probably mostly 6s and v.occasional 7). I’d be astonished if anyone with as bad English as Spartan, and bald head could get 6 new girls a month! But the way to get credibility.., is to show proof, so come on Spartan, publish some photos!


      1. Actually, re-thinking there were plenty of 5s, and the odd 4. Not many London women shape up well on the SMV scale


  3. There are so many liars in this industry, it wouldn’t surprise me if he is telling lies. The problem is those liars often have good pick up skills but often shamelessly exaggerate their results (specially when it comes to quality). Even a guy like Tom Torero who has contributed a lot to the community raises suspicions as some people say he is mainly picking up 5-6s.

    Good on you Roy Walker for keeping it real.


  4. Hey mate I winged with you once and remember saying the same same kind of things. London is tough due to a number of reasons imo.
    1. There’s quite a few guys daygaming in central (more than most believe) and a number are spammers who give game a very bad name and put girls on the defensive.
    2. Not many hot girls which is dissapointing and frustrating in equal measure. I live in central and have been a bit pissed at the amount of walking /time it takes to spot a relatively attractive girl.

    I think those are the two main reasons london daygame is a bit of a drag but I’ve switched things up a bit recently and have been laid twice in the last month.


  5. It’s you. Take full responsibility for everything and then you have control.

    “I only open them because I think they’ll be easy and they always end up frustrating the shit out of me”

    To me that sounds like you’re not even interested in the girls your targeting. For me I can’t pick up girls I genuinely have no desire or attraction for.


  6. Are they investing enough? Tom Torero says be careful of “over attracting” the girl. If she asks a personal question, stop and time to do her work of talking. If you didnt entered in this hook point and rapport chitchat, majority of numbers will flake.


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