1000 sets, 23 notches, a couple of eurojaunts, no meltdowns, a little bit of burnout, swallowing the red pill, it’s been an eventful year and definitely my most progressive year in game.

I moved to London this year and that was the single biggest push forward in my game. Anyone who is complaining about living in a small city, start saving and get yourself to London. Not only are there a lot of girls (even if most of them are 6’s) but if you’re not a weirdo, you can meet some like minded guys who are on a similar journey as I have done this year.

I more than doubled my total approach count this year (its now at 1905). In 2014 I did 364 sets, notching 4, in 2015 I did 541 sets, notching 5. It was never my goal to do 1000 sets in 2016, I was quite close to it with a few days of the year remaining and decided to push through and go for it. I really don’t see how people find it difficult to track their sets. I don’t tear a train ticket, I don’t transfer a coin from one pocket to another, I finish a set and I add them up in my head, I’ve never got it wrong and I’ve never lost track.

If you are not tracking your progress, how do you know if you’re getting better? Feelz?

Here’s a rundown of the lucky ladies broken down by city approached, Nationality and (conservative) HB rating, and the * means “night/bargame” notch;


  1. Black beauty -English – 8
  2. Aussie Sheila – Australian – 7
  3. Thai fake titties – Thai – 7
  4. Naughty Teacher – German – 7 
  5. English Virgin – English – 7 
  6. Mauritian Beauty – Mauritian – 8
  7. Turkmenistan Girlfriend Material – Turkmen – 8, almost a 9
  8. English Paki – English – 7
  9. Japanese Outlier – Japanese – 7
  10. Greek cougar – Greek – 6
  11. Silly Spanish – Spanish – 6/7
  12. Burrito Bar Bang – Polish – 7*
  13. Hungarian Restaurant worker – Hungary – 6*
  14. French Racoon – French – 6/7*


  1. Canadian Challenger – Canada – 7
  2. Turkish Delight – Turkish – 7 


  1. Slovak SDL  – Slovakian – 6
  2. Russian SDL – Russia – high 7


  1. Filthy stairwell girl – Serbian – 6
  2. Girl next door cheats on her bf – Serbian – High 7 

Cape Town

  1. Cute coloured girl – South African – 6 *
  2. Crazy tattooed girl – South African – 7 *


  1. Holiday Romance – French – high 7 *

I don’t really like adding the bargame notches to the tally, but several of my wings have told me I’m mad not to count them. Those included, that’s almost two new women a month for 2016, if you had told me that at the beginning of the year, I’d have bitten your hand off. However, it was a grind to there.

I honestly don’t think my game is any better than that of the peers I wing with. I’ve listened back to my sets, watched theirs and if anything, they’re better than me. Maybe my sub-communication is better than I give myself credit for, but I think the biggest difference this year is that I have been out there consistently when perhaps some of the time I should have been at home with my feet up.

Let’s look a bit more closely at the stats…

Sets Numbers FB’s Flakes idates Dates Near Misses Lays
1000 18.80% 3.80% 10.70% 0.90% 4.30% 0.40% 1.70%
188 38 107 9 43 4 17

I’m still averaging a number close for just over 1 in 5 of my sets.

Of the number closes I’m getting 1 in 4 out onto a date.

Of the dates I am converting every 2.5 girls to a lay.

I had 4 near misses this year as well, where I had the girl on my bed, but could not overcome the LMR.

My stats were actually a lot better than this prior to November. My flake rate seemed to increase in the winter months and fellow players reported similar results. Daygame is definitely easier in Summer, you can still get results in winter, but it’s more of a grind.


This year is probably the first that I got caught up in the manosphere, I don’t read and comment on forums, but I have taken more of an interest in red pill bloggers such as Heartise, Black Dragon and Rollo Tomassi. Reading too much of this can fuck up your vibe, however, it is essential to know the biology of why women do what they do. Understand the feminine imperative, but don’t let it make you bitter.

One of the side-effects of becoming red pill aware is that you start to want to rebel against the system that you have been a pawn in all of your life. This is already happening to me and next year I am planning on hitting the eject button, at least temporarily. I’ve already saved enough cash to quit my job for at least three months. I’ll do this from April onwards and I’ve put a couple of draft itineraries together. I’ll be hitting up all the usual suspects in Eastern Europe, so if you’re going to be travelling, are not a weirdo, and would like to team up for a trip then send me an email to roywalkerdaygame@gmail.com.

I’ve been advised that jaunting alone can be tough, after all, we are social beings and I have never travelled for this long alone before, so I would welcome the company.

My plan is to daygame even more in 2017 as I will not have a job holding me back for at least three months of the year. See you on the streets…



14 thoughts on “2016 – The Year of 1000 Sets

  1. Wow, amazing breakthru year man. Nicely done. If I were you, I’d be crazy proud of myself. I’m inspired.

    And your numbers are great. 1 in 5 approaches = number (I think I am closer to to 1 in 7 or 1 in 10, I have my 1 in 3 days… but they’re rare). And laying 1 in 2.5 dates. You’re doing something right.

    Looking fwd to hearing what you’re up to 2017. Keep going, man. Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thinking about your post some more, I am curious…

    What is the Euro trip about for you? If the girls you sexed in Europe weren’t any “higher quality” than the UK girls, what is the point? I’m not picking at your quality in any way (“my cock is my CEO,” and my cock gets turned on by girls at all levels)… why not stay in London??

    Is it that you like their “style?” Their facial features? More feminine?? (that would make sense to me)

    Is it just the sport of it? That’s it’s “harder” in many ways, being an outsider, not know the good date spots, etc.

    Is it the lower cost lifestyle in Eastern Europe?? An inexpensive place to hunt?

    Is it that they are easier, as you have more “value” as a London man??

    I’m curious as to your POV.

    I am off to Tokyo in two days, for 5 weeks. It’s about girls, for sure. And I do especially like the flavor of Japanese girls… even if I won’t fuck “hotter” girls there, than at home.

    I typically argue that we should get good “at home,” as that is were most of our lifetime lays will be, that is our territory, it should be “easier” in terms of logistics, certainly. We also have more opportunity for “recurring revenue” in our home towns… I am about “recurring good sex” as much as “new sex.”

    Not judging any of this… curious about the “why” of it all.

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    1. Hi Days… You’ve pretty much answered your own questions already. But I’ll list my main motivators;

      1. To escape the monotony of the 9 to 5, for a while at least
      2. The standard of girls in London is significantly lower than that of some of the European cities I’ve been to and heard about
      3. The girls are more feminine the further East you go as they have not been poisoned by feminism… yet
      4. It is partly for the sport of it. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to do this full time
      5. Cost of living is a big factor. I reckon I can survive comfortably for 3 months on 1/4 of the budget I’d use for the same time period in London.

      I agree that you need to get good at home first before trying it abroad, I think I’ve proved myself on home turf 😉

      Good luck in Tokyo, let me know how you get on.

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      1. Thanks for the comments, man.

        >> It is partly for the sport of it. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to do this full time

        I hear you on the full time, bit. If you had that many dates, I can only imagine how many attempted-dates you had. Plate Spinus Maximus.

        This Fall… it was an incredible amount of work to date as much as I did. The last week before Christmas I dated 8 girls in 9 days. The coordination alone was a tremendous effort. I hear stories of Krauser or Tom having 2 dates per day… I think of all the messaging it takes to make that happen. All the cancellations and reschedules… unbelievable “sport” to play.

        Full time job, indeed.

        Thanks again for sharing, man. I’m hoping to be in your footsteps in 2017.


  3. Cool blog, glad I found it.
    You’ve banged a load of girls this year so congrats but was expecting more Eastern European girls on the list. Would you say the black, Asian and indian/Pakistani girls are easier?
    Plus where did you meet your wings bro, 6 months into approaching solo in london and am finding it hard!


  4. I hate to sound pro-diversity here, but I don’t think Nationality is the main factor in how ‘easy’ the girls are. E.g. I’ve SDL’d a hot Russian in one day, but then it took me three dates to bang a black English girl…

    A lot of it depends on circumstances e.g. how much they like you, how tight your game is, what your logistics are etc.

    Funny enough, I met most of my wings through this blog. Maybe you should start one.


  5. These Stats are remarkable! Inspired me to get closer to 1000 this year. Particularly the fact you really didn’t fuck anything below 6 night game included. Tip my hat to you, sir.


  6. I can’t shake the feeling what your approach to game is very wrong on some fundamental level with such low lay count %. Even online success rate is higher than 1,70%. Most guys wouldn’t even want to put so much efforts to get this amount of results.


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