She’s not this hot but the body was similar

This will be a short, unenthusiastic post as that is how I felt about the pick up from start to finish…

It was a typical post work session, a Tuesday evening, not much about and I was generally pissing into the wind. I bumped into Ricky Roma and decided to wing with him. We were walking up Oxford street towards Tottenham Court road when a girl walking towards us gives me a heavy IOI, she stares at me for a good 4 or 5 seconds before passing. Ricky said something along the lines of “you have to go”.
At that moment I was torn, I really didn’t fancy her, she was a 6 at best. Relatively short, Spanish looking, with some acne on her face, but it’s not like there was much better about.

I jogged to catch up, forced a smile on my face for the open and proceeded through the motions. Then I got a whiff of her breath, It was terrible, I almost gagged in her face it was that bad, she must have eaten some funky shit for dinner.

I forced myself through the set thinking to myself that bad breath is only temporary, I can always offer her a gum. We got to the part where she tells me her job. She’s a personal trainer. This piqued my interest. I grabbed her bicep and squeezed it, “no you’re not” I challenged. She laughed hysterically.

We were about 5 minutes in now so I took the number and let her go.

A few hours later she text me first saying that it was nice to meet me. Keen. I examined her Whatsapp pic and decided her body was quite nice.

I tried to set up the date for Thursday. She said she was busy and proposed Saturday night instead. Always a good sign.

Saturday rolls along, I ping her at around 3pm to confirm the date for 8pm. She reads it, two blue ticks and then her profile picture disappeared. She blocked me, Spanish girls are weird.

It gets to around 7pm then I get a message from her saying that she’s just seen my message and proposed to meet at 8.30pm instead. I agreed.

I meet her and she’s scrubbed up nicely, she’s wearing black heel boots, tight black jeans, a tight black top and a leather jacket. She’s put some make-up on to cover the acne and her breath doesn’t stink. She’s just about scraping a 7 now.

I took her for a drink near Oxford Circus then onto a second venue in Kingly street. I kissed her in the second venue and then suggested going for a drink in my area. She agreed.

We took an Uber which took over 30mins and it killed my momentum. When we got there she announced she was hungry so I took her to a pizza place. She ate it then I suggested a glass of wine at my place. She said no, not on the first date. I smiled and said “just one glass”. Ok.

We get to my place I show her around. I pour us some wine, she uses the toilet, then I go. We chit chat for 5 minutes before all clothes are off and we’re fucking in the lounge. Candy from a baby.

She stayed over, we did it again in the morning before I walked her back to the tube.

Least satisfying lay of the year, but I guess a notch is a notch.



5 thoughts on “Lay report: Silly Spanish

  1. good job. giving the girls what they need.

    “she’s wearing black heel boots, tight black jeans, a tight black top and a leather jacket. She’s put some make-up on to cover the acne and her breath doesn’t stink.”

    good little details!

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  2. > Least satisfying lay of the year, but I guess notch is a notch.

    Ha. I appreciate this, man. I just got a notch from a mom 2 nights ago…

    >> and did not look back in repentance.
    — Daygame_In_Shitsville

    Shits posted that on a related topic on my blog, and I like his attitude too. He is talking about older girls, but this is about no regrets.

    This girl I had on Friday was not my favorite, but the sex was still good and… a notch is a notch.

    I am as into female psychology as any other part of the game, so a notch is indeed a notch, in that you walked another girl into your world, and accumulated a new round of reference experiences of what it took to get her there, and how she reacted as you pulled her across the threshold.

    Good for you, man. And hope your trip to visit your Turk was fun. Cheers.


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