It’s a question I don’t hear often amongst the daygame fraternity, I can think of two reasons why;

  1. Most guys aren’t getting laid enough to worry about it – #playerproblems
  2. Most guys are too proud to admit that they aren’t a magician in the sack

Well I’m getting laid pretty regularly and I am not too proud to admit that I struggle to make them cum. If I look back on my lays this year, i’ve made maybe 3 out of 16 orgasm. My Turkmen who had never cum before in her life was adamant that I made her cum, but I don’t think I did because from my experience, their hole body normally vibrates uncontrollably.

I got another notch last night. It was a girl from a two-set I opened on a gutter game session with Xants on Saturday night. I opened (very rare for me to open two-sets), it was the Saturday before Halloween so all the girls were dressed up in slutty costumes. This particular two-set was little red-riding hood and an evil queen (I still don’t know what she was meant to be).

They both hooked pretty quickly, Xants did good wing man duties and spoke to red riding hood, I spoke to the evil queen. It was around 3am and all the bars were closed except casinos and night clubs. We bounced them to the Hippodrome after a couple of failed attempts to enter we eventually got in and had a couple of drinks. I got some kissing from the evil queen, red riding hood was having none of it and poor Xants didn’t get anywhere with her. It turned out red riding hood was staying at the evil queens place. She then proceeded to cock-block me and the evil queen saying that she wanted to go home. I took the evil queens number and off they went.

I invited the evil queen for a drink in my area last night. We did two venues then back to my place and it was easy sex. She is two years older than me so there wasn’t really any game involved. However, she had a great body, big tits, big ass and knew what she liked in the bedroom. This was a refreshing change as my 19 year old Russian that was staying with me for a week previously was the opposite in every way.

Getting back to the point of this post, I didn’t make the evil queen cum. She told me that she was very close and i just needed to keep going. This is often my problem.

My typical sex routine is as follows;

  1. Kissing
  2. Move to bedroom
  3. Massage
  4. Rub pussy over her jeans/pants/tights/whatever she’s wearing
  5. Remove jeans/pants/tights/whatever she’s wearing
  6. Finger
  7. Remove more clothes, hers and mine
  8. Go down on her for 5 to 10 minutes until she pulls my head up or I get bored
  9. Fuck her

I’m pretty sure I’m going wrong at step 8.

Xants once explained his method for making a woman cum quite graphically to me over a romantic candle lit dinner in a bustling London restaurant.

I’ve read several lay reports from the top PUAs, most recently Krausers in adventure sex book. He doesn’t stipulate if he’d made them cum and I’m not sure he even cares.

I care because when I fuck a 9, I’ll probably want to keep her around.

So daygame brothers, I am reaching out to you for your guaranteed pussy exploding sex methods. All thoughts and suggestions welcome in the comments section.


17 thoughts on “Can you make her cum?

  1. What race was this girl? Big ass and tits so guessing ebony or Arab? Rating?

    What occurred to me from your description is that it sounds like you are going through steps in a linear fashion. Go back and forth between steps. This will help penetration to last longer too (as it’s spaced out by other things).

    To try and make her cum use your fingers as well as your knob (unless you have a lot of stamina / use viagra). You’ll have to work it out through practise a bit like daygame itself to work out best technique 😉

    Good luck!


  2. Good point on absense of info on the back end of game. I think it’s mainly because of the awful truth that most guys in daygame aren’t getting laid.

    I have a seperate but related question which perhaps others could help me out on, do you guys use condoms with all the girls you hook up with or do pu sometimes trust them if they say they are on pill? Do you ever get the Morning After Pill? The issue is a funny one in daygame as you are picking up new girls on the street, often these girls are more promiscuous that the average girl (from the fact she is up for adventure sex in the first place) and you don’t have lots of time to work out their full backstory and lifestyle.

    Perhaps regulars guys have a different policy with?

    I know the easy answer is to say bag it up a 100% of time but condoms really are shit and make the experience exactly 76% less enjoyable.


  3. Is making a girl cum mutually exclusive to keeping her around? I know Krauser doesn’t go down on girls and like you said I don’t think he cares if they cum or not. In theory making her cum seems like a good thing but is it necessary?


    1. From my experience, it’s not necessary as I’m still seeing a few of the girls I who haven’t. It would just be nice to be able to do it on a consistent basis and can only benefit you with future girls, which girl wouldn’t want to cum?


  4. Good work on the lay. Another notch, another reference experience.

    I’d like to say I make most of the girls I fuck cum but its partially because I spend a lot of time in the gym so I’m ripped and have a pretty ideal body type, and I’m happy with my size so to speak. Still, you can’t see sex itself as just step 1, step 2, step 3 etc. Play with her. Tease her. Make her beg for it. Just like you make her chase you and want you with game, your sex session has to be an extension of that. So kiss her and warm her up with some dominance, strong eye contact, push her up against the wall, choke her etc. Then play with her body as if it is your play thing. That’s what a dominant man does. Make her submit to your will. I love to control her by taking hold of her hair while she sucks me, and I tease her by putting my bits *just* out of reach of her mouth. Then when she sticks her tongue out to suck it, I bend over and whisper something dirty in her ear about her wanting it, and how she has to “say please”. I fucking love doing that. They’re always defiant that they won’t, so I tease them some more until they do. Or you can play with the love button (not sure what I can call it on here, clit, etc) until they’re *just* about to cum, then you stop. Then warm them up again and get them to that point. That technique takes patience. And it will probably get you punched in the process because bitches get cray cray when you don’t let them cum. Then ask her if she wants to cum. Obviously she’ll say yes. Then make her beg for it. Do the same with your cock when you fuck her. Put the tip in and ask if she wants more. If she’s ambivalent, then just keep fucking her with just the tip. If she doesn’t relent, give her one full thrust, then go back to fucking her with just the tip. Drives them crazy. Every. Time. You need real self control for that. The point is that it is the power trip that gets them off. They love being dominated. The only thing is, that kind of teasing suits my game since I’m very controlled and calm when I’m in flow. If your game is more “passionate” or “hard and fast” then my type of teasing will be incongruent. You have to find the right blend.

    One last addition. Interesting article about female orgasm. Found it when I had all my existential questions about whether porn stars really orgasm, or whether people have orgasms when they get raped. Answers are yes to both by the way…https://www.psychologytoday.com/articles/199612/the-orgasm-wars

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    1. Good points Surgeon. I think my hastiness is mainly due to a combination of the notch hyena wanting to get the notch and old beta traits in the bedroom, being too nice, not being dominant enough… Cheers for the feedback.


  5. Interesting post, Roy. I love the realness of it.

    I am used to making women come, but I tend to date girls where the sex is “right,” so I have more time in bed with them than “new girls.”

    For daygame… I’m not making most of those girls come. I was in bed 4 times with Miss Taiwan, I know she got very close, but I don’t think she came. I talked about it on my blog too. Miss Firecracker… I’m not certain. Maybe. She is a very happy in bed, ecstatic, but I’m not 100% certain. I don’t ask girls this anymore, BTW. Miss NYC… I don’t know. I don’t think so. Very close… but then she really, really squirted, that I’m certain of, but that’s not quite the same.

    I like to make girls come by going down on them. And I’m happy to eat pussy for hours. That is for me… not for her. But most girls seem to want to come from cock… and I can rarely pound them long enough to do that. I often use my fingers too… a lot of girls like that best… I ask girls that question all the time.

    I think you’re right that making them come is a good idea… but you might find that that they can’t relax enough on the first night/two. Repeat offenders should have more fun with you… as they relax.

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  6. @Zat

    >>do you guys use condoms with all the girls you hook up with or do pu sometimes trust them if they say they are on pill?

    Condoms. Every single time. This guy I know just told a story about his “moment of weakness.” You do not want to be that guy.

    Condom recommendation: Okamoto 003. These condoms are so good, I have to check over and over to be sure it’s still on. I mean it. These condoms made me love condoms. I order online, from Okamoto.

    >> Do you ever get the Morning After Pill?

    3 times… but only for blownout condoms or the times I’ve finished and the condom ended up inside her. Don’t fuck around.

    >> The issue is a funny one in daygame as you are picking up new girls on the street, often these girls are more promiscuous that the average girl

    Some of that is probably true… Miss NYC was a promiscuous girl. But I think fast-sex from daygame says as much about the strong approach as the sexuality of the girl. As I believe you know, a good interaction will bring out a side of her that other boys do not.

    BTW — when are you going to start blogging? I want to hear more from you. I am thinking about some comments on JJs blog you made that were very good… I think about them all the time. Start writing, man.


    1. I use condoms most of the time and it’s normally the girl that asks. If they don’t ask I just try and raw-dog em, it’s better and it’s actually quite difficult to catch AIDs. The biggest risk is getting them pregnant. I remember when I fucked the black tattoed girl (see one of my very first blog posts) and the condom burst. I took her for the pill the morning after, but I was more concerned that I’d caught AIDs.


    2. hey sorry mate, I know this isn’t a condom discussion blog but I just took a look at Okamoto’s product range. They look good in terms of thinness but they only come in one width and one length so wondered if that’s an issue? Also, you recommended the 003 but they also do 002 which is supposed to be even thinner, is there any reason for your preference?

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      1. 003 is so thin, I check constantly to make sure it’s still on. The girl I sex with on Friday, was the latest example. I checked 3 times to be certain it hadn’t come off. And I haven’t lost a condom in years… but they’re that good.

        I don’t know if I mentioned that some of my friends think they are “too tight,” but those guys all claim to be hung like donkeys. For me, they are perfect… amazing fucking condoms.

        And while I’m on the topic… I bought a few carrying cases for condoms on Amazon recently. Black, fit 1-3 condoms, curved so they warp around your thigh a bit when they’re in your pocket. After my NYC date when I didn’t have enough condoms to get laid, I now carry 3 when there is any chance of me getting laid. The cases were like $3 on Amazon… highly recommend them.


  7. Thanks for the heads up on the condom brand D.O.G! I’ll take a look and check them out.

    Roy, if you do rawdog, how would you do to handle the pregnancy risk? Its a smallish chance on a one off but the downside is potentially enormous. Just think … you might have to take the stroller out on a Saturday afternoon instead of daygaming 😉

    Ps Cheers D.O.G, much appreciated. I’ve thought about writing a blog, I’m sort of at a stage where the last few months I’ve been experimenting and developing my own ideas and techniques infield and its all a bit up in the air as I work out what’s going on. Once it all comes together I may well start a blog to describe what I see going on.


  8. 3b. Put your leg between her legs, and your thigh will rub her pussy through her dress. She’ll not push it away like she might with a hand. Credit to Torero from Daygame Outlaw event for this.


  9. I also do a lot of (step 5) with both of us standing up kissing. It’s far simpler than trying to get her delicate zip dress undone while lying in the dark on bed.

    To get her to stand I’ll suggest a dance to some music, or tell her “she’s overheating” (because I whacked the heating up – all credit goes to Casanova, who used to throw logs on the fire when the girls came in the room)


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