Kinda like this, but not really. Got bored of googling.

It was day 5 (Tuesday 18 October) of the jaunt and I was starting to feel jaded, I’d put the work in and wasn’t seeing any great results yet. I was walking down Kralja Milana with Mr Arr, he was complaining about all of his numbers either blocking him or flaking. I was trying to console him but I had no idea why this was happening as hardly any of mine were flaking. It could have been bad luck or he could have been giving off creepy vibe, either way I quickly stopped caring when I saw a tall, slim leggy red head walk in my direction across the road. She was well dressed with boot/heels, tight torn jeans and a brown, fitted fur coat covering her upper half. It was obvious that her hair was died red and she had bright blue eyes. She was a high 7, she’d be an 8 if she ate a bit more.

I don’t normally go for these types, I like them shorter with a bit more meat, but this girl was fucking hot. After I caught site of her I started walking towards her to try and force an IOI, I didn’t have to try very hard as our eyes quickly locked. I let her get safely to the other side of the road before I ran after her and did the front stop.

The Set

I teased her that her red hair made her look Irish, which blatantly wasn’t true, Irish girls can not look that good. It didn’t matter what the hell I was saying, she was eye spazzing and I could sense that she liked me. We spoke for 12 minutes and I found out that she was 24, studying economics and lived far outside of the city and travelled for 90 minutes every day in and out. Her English wasn’t great but it was possible to have a decent conversation without consulting google translate. I pushed for an idate at the end of the set but she said she was tired and her bus was leaving soon.

I asked for the number and she said she doesn’t give it to strangers as her mother has warned her about doing such things, oh the irony. I played the adventure/life is short card and she gave the number.


There was no ‘text game’ involved at all on my part. As you can see, I sent her the stock feeler and it was plain sailing from there.

Date 1

I met her at 4.30pm outside Hotel Moskva the next day; this would be my first of three dates back to back that day, the other two being at 6.15pm and 9.30pm. She had come straight from college and was planning to get a bus back to her home city at 6pm. Despite this she still made an effort compared to the previous day, she was wearing a bit more make-up and was wearing even tighter jeans and nicer boots. I liked it.

We went to cafe espresso around the corner and I could see she was nervous. She had so much energy bubbling out of her that I thought she was going to explode at one point. I told her this and she laughed even more.  She was very giggly and very chatty; the waiter in the cafe kept over-hearing our conversation and butting in. She was clearly struggling to speak in English and felt embarrassed. The waiter was starting to piss me off and kept talking to my girl in Serbian, we drank our coffees and I suggested we go somewhere else.

We walked down Knez Mihailova towards Iron Bar, which was a bar near my apartment. This venue was darker and had couches at the back. It was now 5.30pm, she said she would have to leave soon for her bus. I told her to get a later one and she agreed to get the 7pm bus.

I ordered a beer; she got lemonade before excusing herself to use the bathroom. I texted my second date asking if we could meet at 7 instead. She wasn’t happy but agreed.

When red head returned I started to escalate, I attempted the questions game but she didn’t like it so I reverted to weaving the questions into conversation naturally.

I found out she had only ever had one boyfriend of 3 years and only ever kissed him, no one else. She lived in her small town with family and she sometimes helped out on her granddad’s farm milking cows. She was so traditional and very feminine. I find this so refreshing compared to the ‘girls’ in the West.

I tried to kiss her and she refused on the first attempt. I did not react and asked her more about her grand fathers farm.

A few more minutes passed and I slowed down. I stopped talking as much and talked lower and slower. I would just alternate between looking around the room then staring at her blue eyes. I then grabbed her lightly behind the neck and pulled her in for the kiss. She responded enthusiastically with tongues and all. Afterwards she said ‘how dare you trick me like that?!’ with a smile on her face.

We carried on chatting and kissed a few more times. I asked if she was any good at cooking and she said she was and she loved to cook. I asked if she can cook traditional Serbian food and she said yes of course. I invited her to cook for me at my apartment and she seemed enthusiastic but would have to check her schedule and get back to me. Before we knew it, it was time for her to get her bus and me to run off for my second date.

Date 2

After further text game mastery I persuaded her to meet me again two days later. It was a Friday afternoon and I was due to fly back to London the next day so this was it, all or nothing (apart from a grotty 6 notch).

I met her in the same place at 15:45. It was pissing down with rain so I went inside the hotel. She text to say she’s running late so I sat down and ordered a coffee whilst listening to the classical Russian music in the background. Rock star life styles.

When she arrived she looked even hotter again, wearing all black. I immediately accused her of copying my fashion.

After I finished my coffee we took a walk to the super market near my place. I grabbed a basket and we got the ingredients she needed as well as a couple of bottles of wine (Xants and I had drank all the ‘bounce back booze’ the previous night).

As we walked to my place and I could sense that she was still very nervous. I jokingly asked if I could search her handbag for guns or knives. Flip the script, baby.

Once we got into the apartment I quickly showed her around the flat and after that she immediately went to the sink and started washing the leftover dishes that we hadn’t washed from breakfast. What a woman. I asked her if I could marry her and she giggled.

She then said nervously ‘there’s something I need to tell you’…

I started guessing all the worst possible things which was probably the wrong thing to do in case one of them were actually true. But I did it anyway…

‘You’re pregnant?’


‘You have a husband?’


“You have AIDs?’

‘No, no noooo. It’s not that bad but I feel bad because I should have told you this earlier’ said she.

She then asked me to add her on facebook and I would see what she was trying to say. I did and there she is in picture after picture with a man. He looked like a male 8, taller and better looking than me. I had a weird mixture of emotions go through my head. 1. Poor guy, 2. Why would such a lovely girl do this? 3. I don’t care, I’m just glad she’s here.

This is new for me, I’ve never, to my knowledge, notched a girl with a serious boyfriend before. I was very surprised especially considering that she did not mention the boyfriend on the street or on the first date where we kissed. I felt a little uneasy but proceeded as normal, trying not to mention him too much.

It took her an hour or two to prepare all the food. She made loads of stuff but what impressed me the most was the traditional Serbian bread that she made from scratch, however, I have already forgotten the name of it.

As she cooked I sat on a bar stool, drank wine and messed about on youtube whilst chatting to her.

We sat down to eat and after dinner we had a cigarette at the table and jokingly talked about getting married. I told her I’d take her to vegas and probably divorce her a few weeks later bla la…

I asked her if she liked massages, she said she did but didn’t want one as she knew what it would lead to. I played dumb and said ‘I have no idea what you’re talking about’.

Then I told her that life is short and we should make the most of it while we’re still young, you could get hit by a bus tomorrow. She agreed.

We went back to normal conversation for a few more minutes before I took her by the hand and walked her to the bedroom.

Sexy Time

I lay her face down on the bed and started massaging her through her clothes initially. I told her that they were getting the way and that I needed to remove them. She said no she didn’t want me to see. I got up and turned the light off, returned to her and told her to remove them. She obliged. I massaged for another couple of minutes and then soon after all our clothes were off and I was fingering her. She was very vet, I went down on her but she didn’t seem to like it and pulled me back up to say the magic sentence ‘Do you have a condom?’… Actually she didn’t know the English word for condom so she said ‘Do you have something for your penis?’. It was cute.

I put the condom on and we fucked. It was good sex and she has a very nice body despite quite small breasts.

Post-Sex Interview

She was running late for her last bus at 9pm, I was walking her to the bus station when I remembered I hadn’t done the post-sex interview.

As we power-walked to the station I asked her when she decided that she wanted to have sex. She said it was after dinner when we were talking about life being short and taking opportunities.

This lay proves that even though the girls there typically take several dates before any chance of getting laid, there are a few, even with boyfriends who are looking for adventure sex. You just need to turn up and show them the way.

10 thoughts on “Belgrade Bang

  1. Well done sir. Just goes to show that even when the hot girls have their K-selected boyfriend pulling out all the stops, the r-selected playboy always has the chance to come in and get the lay.

    I’ve been looking at Stefan Molyneux’s work recently and I’m basically convinced that relationships (K-selects) aren’t about the sex at all and only about the provisioning. That’s why women get all annoyed when boyfriends cheat- some other bitch is taking her man’s money. With r-selected game you can fuck who you like and she loves you more for it. Even when she has a boyfriend. Mind blowing shit.


  2. >> He looked like a male 8, taller and better looking than me.
    >> This is new for me, I’ve never, to my knowledge, notched a girl with a serious boyfriend before.

    Roy, from what I know from a few reads of your blog, you’re getting laid a lot. I assume you’ve had more lays than me, certainly more from daygame. With that said… I bet you have had many girls in your bed that had boyfriends. You were just so “R” about is, they never told you.

    I am amazed at the percentage of girls with husbands/boyfriends I end up on dates with. I have so many stories. I would say 50% of the girls I hook up with are married/boyfriended. I rarely know before I make out with her.

    Last night, was 2nd night of sex w/ a daygame girl with a boyfriend. She won’t kiss me… but sex is somehow fine. Actually, the sex was fucking great.

    >> 2. Why would such a lovely girl do this?

    This is *the* question I have about women right now. Not “why” would she do it… but are *all* girls basically capable of this? I’m assuming a clear YES to that. So the real issue is, can I handle that knowledge. That’s where I’m at.

    “Good girls.” I mean that. “Wholesome” as Riv would say. But yeah… they want experiences too.

    I don’t want to “guess” about the morality or inner workings of sexuality. I want to be a player, not a spectator. You’re on stage, man. You’re improvising in a very interesting game. You’re not a spectator. If not now, very soon, you will “know” in way that most people can only guess about.

    Congrats on a good trip. Yes to experience and experiences.

    Viva daygame.

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      1. I had a super wild night, last night… uncomfortable territory for me, she was a race car. And the amount of men in her life, how she feels about sex, hearing her talk about it… eye opening. I wrote about on my blog.

        I think “redpill” is learning to see. This thing “daygame,” will help you learn to see quickly.


  3. Great write up! I’m thinking for next eurojaunt, I should have a fake departure date, as a time constraint. Just tell her I’m flying out the morning after our 2nd date to hurry her along.


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